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@EliodA   What Aren't You Wearing Right Now  
Why stop at SB peaks?  Dude wore clothes..  I'm going naked.
  ^^  Go down well in Italy I reckon.  Elegant.  (but that fancy-stripe is a bridge too far for me, and PS matchy-ness)     All very nice IMO, but r u wearing suit trousers?  I could be mistaken but those look worsted Love the shoes.    you're a stylish mofo  
I knew there was a reason not to like them.
  hope it was a solid at least
SB peaks seem to be used more formally. Often combined with jetted pockets.  With patches they just look weird IMO   
Nice GMMcL-  What's your feeling on SB peak lapels? thinking of doing it.   @heldentenor  with 11 different posts per page options,  your page 100 will be someone else's 60, 70, 80, 90, 110, 120 et etc.     Fully agree with the sentiment 'tho', awsm fits.  @Coxsackie @Caustic Man Murl etc
 3.5" wide!  I've been looking for a wide silk knit like that since the Jurassic.  Must try.
  like the tie
  +1 to the accolades.  Suit with attitude  Shoos are perfect too. 
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