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  Nice.  Are those on the 82 last?    Brown white & gray         I like navy trews with a mid-grey SC.  Good shot.
  This one of Mathew Singer at NY Fashion Week's  pretty cas IMO or this guy, a DB no less Key is to go lite-ish EDIT:  Spectre, surely u mean 'shouldn't ever see an informal dark gray suit'?
 Something like this:    Black > Navy = Charcoal  > Mid gray > Mid blue > Brown = Light gray > Tan/beige   What I meant but didn't say very clearly was that  (cut and options aside) I find that I can take a mid-grey (hey, I'm  versatile AAS )  suit most places I can take a navy, but not vice versa
   Cleav roks. Another thing I like about gray is its versatility. Navy's invariably formal with limited application outside law, business and politics, but with the rite acessories a simple gray suit can go places navy will look overdressed
  In that shot u could be wearing a paisley kaftan for all I care  
 Looks good IMO Derek.  Gray's my fav suit color by a mile-  Feels like a blank canvas to me, to which I can add a few brush strokes of color and contrast.  And I find that a gray is better than blues for bringing out the texture of the cloth .   I have those shoes and I've never thought of wearing them with a suit, probably because the Norweger is not really a suit shoe, and the color is to lite.  The origin of the Norweger is pretty rustic AFAIK -   sewn up from scrap...
NP's a clothng desgner from ltaly.  Loafers w sult ls compulsory there  
Cox - awsm.  Playing Russian classics to Russians takes chutzpah I'd say   Piccolo-  love that Summery fit.  So they're KW loafers?  perfect context for them   CP  looking good!, 
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