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    i know rite..  what the hell's going on over there?   nothing really new other than the DM strapping.  Some are execrable-   'shark combo'     Most are regular styles with  fancy stitching and odd leather combos.   I mean odd.   can't get with shouty 2-tones-  Melton 133 is least offensive
    Can't speak for what 'lots seem to say' but  IMO it's 6125 'Dark Cognac' which is most versatile & most like a generic burgundy.     In this pic  Dark Cognac is in the middle, Antic Cognac is on the outside.  Antic Cognac has a lot more brown in it.  Click and enlarge pics for better look.       ^^ Antic Cog   Dark Cog
      ^^ Photo itself is strong in compositional elements suited to the purpose, and I guess that’s why you chose it? -  shallow depth of field and complementary colors blurred in the background draw the eye to you; perfect  for a shot that’s all about the subject's clothes.  Look-wise, the subtle mix of patterns and colors and the impromptu  way you’ve thrown things together-   messy collar,  throttle-cinched knot (at the table?)and shy PS -  is full-sprezz , yet the mix...
Holy sh_# Butler, that's a Brando-level performance rite there!  have no clue what it's selling, burt you're a natural.     For anyone interested, he's wearing a 'Gala' Cheviot from the Lovat mill, 16 oz AFAIK-   G&H  has used it for odd jackets.
    UK10.5 in AS  =  44.5 on F  I agree   But FYI  u can just order in UK size 
  Oxblood in that style is up there with the nicest shoes in all Christendom.  BTW re: sizing-  I've definitely noticed some settling and stretching over time, so if you go too tight you might be okay if you're just patient.  On the other hand if yo go too loose it's usually nothing that a nice leather insert won't fix.  I have 3 Vass lasts in 2 diff sizes and am quite happy with the variety.  When I want something smaller, with a sharper suit, I'll use the smaller shoes,...
    damn,  some nice shoes rite there, thanks for posting             Like these too-  they seem to work quite well without the heel counter.
    Gyasih, great choice, don't think you can go wrong with those in Oxblood, which BTW in office lighting comes across as a very dark, almost black, and in bright sun kind of purplish or aubergine.   AFAIK Bordeaux and Burgundy are the same thing, and also have quite a purplish/red tinge, tho much brighter than Oxblood.    The closest Vass color to a  traditional burgundy, like say a shell No 8, is 6125  'Dark Cognac', which doesn't come across well in those otherwise...
thread?   there's already a whole site for this
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