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 great! i always liked your fits 
 not directed at me I know, but if I understand you rite I think a jacket in Fresco will work with cotton or linen trews.  In general,  textured jacket with less-textured trews works IMO.  It surprises me that textured loose weaves like Minnis Fresco isn't used for casual odd jackets more really.      thank you!    that a good or a bad thing?    Diaz I saw somewhere that your avatar gets more visitors than a real Old Master.  World's a funny place
Pings-  u post awsomness like that and leave us hanging on deets? shoes- cloth - shirt?
Hi guise-  thank you for the likes   Pings and VE I didn't notice the worsted, but I agree that a rougher, textured worsted such as yours works.  cavalry twill or flannel or corduroy I like too   ME- you've gotta hell of a drop.  That DB fits u like a 2nd skin.      .. Trying out another blue on grey combo-   Henry Carter plum grenadine (fina, i think) on Kamakura OCBD in the Tokyo Slim fit.  Their Oxford cloth is their thickest, but  not as heavy as BB's standard...
  another Kamakura 'minus', but I also noticed another 'plus'-   nice shirring at the cuffs,     so's the DB .  classic
It fits u perfectly.Lol I've had to come to terms with every right sleeve doing an Agnelli
that houndstooth ^^^ is just beautiful, classic. Who made this up Pings? (BTW I see u seem to have a dropped right shoulder like me)
thanks for likes yesterday!   navy Blazer and grey   Madras tie raw silk square (Hober) OCBD     Drakes and Kamakura roll close-up     Vass singles
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