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@jfrater I hate to tell you, but the spotty squares ones are a mistake IMO  Go for big pics-  Yu want them to contrast with your ties, not compete with them.  Since you're in a spending mood, check out Rubinacci's PSs
 thanks . Shantung from Vanda in Singapore.  Summer tie specialists.
  spoilers pls ^^ just to b clear, shoo sobriety-   I can see you're well and truly off the wagon       specs here
 uh huh- I was going to say the same thing... but  was referring to flat-ended  silk knits, not grenadines, which work formallly.  I agree with the second bold. U mean dark grey? I don't think it's funereal
          clean and sober 3 years now.  I agree that u need maybe 6-10 well chosen shoes.  Less is more... but I know that doesn't help when your in a shoe frenzy J-Frat
 IMO the trick is to go for as little lining as possible in the heat.  Fresco's coolness depends on air flow, and lining is obstructive.   I'm not a particularly hairy guy and  don't find it scratchy once it's worn in.  In fact, I find it comfortable.  For a hot weather suit in Fresco I'd also give some thought to wearing both sleeves and cuffs on the shorter side.  A bit more sleeve/sock exposed - I'm talking at most 2 cm here  -  helps with air circulation and is fine...
 Knit ties are more casual and rustic than ordinary ties, and though Bond wore his with formal city suits they’re more appropriate with tweed and the like. I wear silk knits with suits too.  With a navy suit I'd go with a different color than black-  not enough contrast.   Just terrific, as always.    So it's true!   AAS is your stylist?  [[SPOILER]]
there's Russian calf and the  Russian calf from the sunken Danish brigantine, the Metta Catherina.  The former is a hatch grain style that's been around for decades, long before the rediscovery of the brig.    They're both legit.
  J-Frat for a derby I'd go for their blind split-toe with the pie-crust apron  (1st pic)  It's a sublime shoe.  I see you don't have any Norwegers -  think the EG Dover   -  in your collection.    ..  and u may enjoy a plain captoe oxford.  A bit like pic 2, but without the brogueing.  You've got variety, but IMO u could go for nicely finished shoes - EG, G&G or Lobb -  or if you're a construction purist go for more Vass.   Avoid black-  IMO u need one sleek pair of...
Is that thing bowing at the lapels?   Otherwise -  all i can suggest is that you delay gratification and place an order that fits even better for something similar with P Johnson or BnTailor
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