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  Both you and Pingson missed my point, which was that about the only place navy pants are better than gray is when grays provide insufficient contrast i.e. with mid-gray SCs.  For charcoal to work the jacket would need to be lighter IMO
  There is no 'white shirt rule'.  There is a variety of fit combinations where a white shirt is optimal-  black tie, many CBD fits in grays and blues, and sometimes more casual fits in those colors worn at night.  And as I said b4 a white shirt looks good with a tan linen SC without a tie -  Vox above is a good example.  And there is a variety of fit combinations where blue or another color is optimal, such as with tweeds and most SCs.   It's not a matter of us all having...
. Astaire's shirt there is probably a light blue, as is Boyer's above.  Agnelli is in jeans and his look doesn't apply to this discussion.  the Duke appears to be wearing yellow.  the guy in the middle at top is wearing a formal fit and white is appropriate.  the Cary Grant shot is at night, and he's wearing grays- so white's correct there too. Bottom line: for most wearers, a white shirt should not be considered a regular go-to shirt, and should not be mistaken for easy...
 To be fair, HCs fit demands navy trews, but it's a one-off.  There's no gray pants that'll give sufficient contrast to a mid gray jacket like that.  Gray trews r still going to better with most every other SC.
Hi guys.  Vanda shantung in the wild  
 I wan't being that literal, just pointing out the class and formality association with white shirts.  
  ??  Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, the Duke of Windsor, Agnelli, Bruce Boyer, Vox, Whnay   weren't/aren't designers or tailors either.  You're saying they have no influence on men's style and no valid opinions?  The designers who do contribute here don't indulge in your kind of hubris.
  I'm paraphrasing Manton + Foo-  there's nothing I've said that they don't agree with.  You may not like it, but that's how it is. 
Yes Yes Yes
  Sweeter words .. White shirts are citified, formal, upper class. Definitely not a country color, so white with tweed is a noob mistake.  White's almost never good with an odd jacket- blue shirts are invariably better. White shirts r fine with most CBD, especially with  blues and grays.  Not with brown suits 
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