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  thanks guys.  Congrats Cleav.  (youngster )  Wasn't sure about puffed silk PS with a wedding/formal tie. What's the deal there, anyone?
Hi Guise-  b4 my daughter's engagement party this afternoon      
 Again with the cashmere suiting?     John G Hardy worsted Alsport has Donegals in 13 oz.  That woulf b my choice. Smoother harder finish than the P&H .   Depends whether you're planning on wearing it to the office, or shooting grouse.
So ~B~ -  You've been test-wearing for five  years.
  Nice greens  and browns up top,  nice fit of the jacket (look at those arm holes!) on a good physique.   But that's it,  the rest is .   Illustration of the importance of figure and fit.  If u have those u can get away with a lot.
I like the fit. No prob with the tie, and can't tell much about the fit of the jacket, but the BD collar is frankly pretty bad IMO Cox.  Can I recommend Kamakura BD's?  Best of the RTW that I know of
  Stuart Weitzman's Italian venture, I thought they went out of biz.  So they'd probably be Blake/Rapid construction, less waterproof but sleeker than Goodyear welted they make in Northampton. @Cox  awsm jacket -  bit more roll on the shirt collar would make this next level IMO
 Wonder who makes them-  I find some of the styling appealing. @heldentenor I'd watch it again i a heartbeat
 Nice, lovely SC.  As PCK says, the white shirt's not optimal with tweed.  They're formal.  What's the quality ofthe Rubi shoes?   Loved  JK Simmon's performance, did u?. And the other guy too.  My fav movie this and last year. As a study of a messed-up masochistic relationship, Whiplash  beats Gone Girl by a country mile. One of those movies that restores my faith in cinema.
New Posts  All Forums: