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You've sold me on the cut. It's the pattern I don't love. Of the recent ones on that site I love this I mean where do they get cloth like that? So awsm.And just to show that it's not just the model, here's Beppe in a cool raglan sleeve.
 Tell us what you  love about it, and maybe we'll learn to love it too. 
 greys in flannel, donegal, brushed cotton-moleskin or  corduroy at a pinch for cooler months. greys in lite flannels, fresco or other open rough plain weaves for warmer months  No smooth worsteds.
   Can't see what's to like aobut this.  Kale PS aside, the jacket cloth is IMO bad for an SC + bad for a suit too.  Not a fan of high contrast box checks.  They look comical.  Suity box checks work in low contrast IMO pref with  slightly fuzzy grid lines, like Claghorn's navy Fresco.  I don't mind them on a  dark flannel, low contrast . 
@EliodA   What Aren't You Wearing Right Now  
Why stop at SB peaks?  Dude wore clothes..  I'm going naked.
  ^^  Go down well in Italy I reckon.  Elegant.  (but that fancy-stripe is a bridge too far for me, and PS matchy-ness)     All very nice IMO, but r u wearing suit trousers?  I could be mistaken but those look worsted Love the shoes.    you're a stylish mofo  
I knew there was a reason not to like them.
  hope it was a solid at least
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