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  Cheers, I got lucky on that one-  It's Brooks Brothers-  prob 9 oz & with a half lining so it's quite lite.  If u want to go MTM or bespoke there's patterns like it at Huddersfield Fine Worsteds in  wool-silk.
sprezzing it up a bit for Gianni        
  Couple easy fixes for this Robs-  first, u could change the buttons on the SC to make it look a little less like an orphaned suit jacket; 2nd, if u really want to keep the tie a double FIH knot might deal with the excess back length, but better would be to ditch the tie and  avoid the schizo formal top-half, casual bottom look. Nice shirt, and  pic  
  wow, those rok.  A true wholecut's such  rare gem.   Nice curves and the finish is great too.
 This would be fine in an upmarket nite-club (-'s the chain) Isolation-  is that what you're going for?   Take the square from #1, angle it the other way in pocket of #4 and you're good to go azwildcat
@ ImtheGroom-   Howard Carter     Southernstyle-   congrats on the big step 
no no !  not bad.  Could b the up-angle.  I don't think super-slim waists do anyone any favors is all.-  no commensurate awsmness of look to compensate for what's lost  in comfort and wearability.
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