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 thanks man    all too much IMO, Sander. (sound like a hypocrite I guess, as I've posted lots of  my own 4 pattern explosions   )  Nice elements individually .    
  nice fit, as per usual EliodA.  I hesitate to put reds and greens together for about 51 weeks of the year.  This doesn't look too Xmas-y to my eye tho, but perhaps there would be more harmonious square  choices given the sombre jacket/tie/shirt. On the thread-  it's a great read, epecially Foo and Manton.  Those guys are not afraid of expressing an opinion, and despite the brutality of it (hats off to the people who kept posting fits) or maybe because of it,  I guess I...
Hi guys   New SC
You should have just told us your fit was awsm.
[[SPOILER]]   nice proportions C-dog.I need some browns in my lower half.   I'm on the lookout for light tan flat front RTW in a 10-12 oz flannel or a coarse plain weave.  Hard to find. 
 pics a few years old, so, err,  because my waist was more suppressed back then  
 good memory, thanks 
Vanda make some wonderful ties-  softest hand I've ever touched    
  My 2 cents, FWIW Mr 6, is ditch all those squares, none of which is particularly attractive or useful,  and go white linen.  Or invest in some decent squares that don't look like you've got the hanky your G'ma gave u for Xmas in yo pocket. Great suits, nice ties n shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: