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  Mafoofan never crossed your radar? (In a worsted 'city'  tweed: Minnis Alsport 12 oz AFAIK 
  thanks guys.  Congrats Cleav.  (youngster )  Wasn't sure about puffed silk PS with a wedding/formal tie. What's the deal there, anyone?
Hi Guise-  b4 my daughter's engagement party this afternoon      
 Again with the cashmere suiting?     John G Hardy worsted Alsport has Donegals in 13 oz.  That woulf b my choice. Smoother harder finish than the P&H .   Depends whether you're planning on wearing it to the office, or shooting grouse.
So ~B~ -  You've been test-wearing for five  years.
  Nice greens  and browns up top,  nice fit of the jacket (look at those arm holes!) on a good physique.   But that's it,  the rest is .   Illustration of the importance of figure and fit.  If u have those u can get away with a lot.
I like the fit. No prob with the tie, and can't tell much about the fit of the jacket, but the BD collar is frankly pretty bad IMO Cox.  Can I recommend Kamakura BD's?  Best of the RTW that I know of
  Stuart Weitzman's Italian venture, I thought they went out of biz.  So they'd probably be Blake/Rapid construction, less waterproof but sleeker than Goodyear welted they make in Northampton. @Cox  awsm jacket -  bit more roll on the shirt collar would make this next level IMO
 Wonder who makes them-  I find some of the styling appealing. @heldentenor I'd watch it again i a heartbeat
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