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    Good last shape-  which style?
    stylin le T-homme  ...     sure, your look is @Pitti, but in a good way     MC can look retro, which is fine if that's the look we want, but not you.  Colors are awsm for your skin tone.
    +1 but as long as the revers ain't peaked-  that's more flair than I can stomach
    Beautiful tie- great texture and character.  I have one just like it, but a little narrower, and I love to wear it with a fawn shirt and other tans/browns, but would feel a little uncomfortable wearing it so close to blue.  Whenever I'm tempted I hear that rhyme 'Red and green should not be seen except upon an Irish queen.   Blue and green should never be seen, unless there's a colour in between'.... along with a few other lesser known sartorial bon mots I've picked...
  ... my comment was tongue in cheek       and more a reference to  the same point unbel made-  that pink isn't a masculine color.    A guy who's sensitive to other people's perceptions and insecure in their masculinity isn't likely to wear it.  Or maybe they just don't like it cos it doesn't suit their skin tone, or it's hard to mix n match.  From a quick image search of WAYWRN pink shirts appear rarely-   bout 1 in every 200 fits -  but  stand out in a good way IMO when...
  No great pretension to expertise here Claghorn but my guess is that it has something to do with the thickness of the line in the check and the color combo.  The thinner the lines and fewer the colors the more formal the shirt. The classic rustic line check (as opposed to ginghams or micro or pin solid checks) is the tattersall.  All kinds of fancy checkerboards, madras, plaids and houndstooths sit in between, depending on line thickness and color combos, and the fine...
Uunottaja very nice   +  Malford, damn.  You've really hit your stride with your last few fits. 
But u have to be secure in your masculinity.   That, or gay. 
  In my defence, standing next to a 3D scrapbook prolly doesn't help 
Merry Xmas guys-  a pic,  good or bad taste, u decide, to get things back on track.  Taken after the ballet last night, family tradition at this time of year for us.  Happy I didn't go black tie, would have stuck out like the proverbial.    
New Posts  All Forums: