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^^^  outstanding tie- square combo    oh so u don't want my 'like'?
   agree the socks r not rite-   black shoe'd be a def no-no tho -  the fit has casual elements- OCBD, brown tie, puffed square, blazer that aren't compatible with the formality of black shoes. suede's rite here IMO but with blue socks.
Hi Journeyman - answer depends on the width, but if the cloth is a standard  5 ft /156 cm width I have been advised to get   2m for a jacket and 1.5 m for trousers.  I'm a 40 Reg, so I'd guess 4m for your size for a 2 piece. hope that's of some use
DC your fits r just getting better and better. and BTW the English competence of Germans never ceases to amaze me- figures i guess given u kind of inveneted it way back rite?. last fit from me for a while, going into the jungle.BB SC, Kama BD, Drakes wool-silk, Carter 7 fold, Vass suede Deet  [[SPOILER]]      London 5-eyes  [[SPOILER]]
 cheers. Foo TM  @ RD    I know I'd kill for more lite weight tan-based checks​
 Hi guise, thx for likes Chocosa your girl really is super- cute. mine is painfully stubborn also- but mebe it's not a bad thing. Citan I think that is an awsm jacket, so going with that stylin..nothin new here cept the  Kamakura shirt-Paisley Madder, silk square, district check with blue overcheck   long shot + shoes  [[SPOILER]]
Amaze. was browsing Capelli madder yesterday! Quality of lining v Drakes? Drakes dimple is tough to beat
bring on the Madder -  what square is that Diaz?
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