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    Good question, even if it's more of an SF pre-2009 or AAAC kinda discussion.   I don't need to dress particularly well for work or otherwise so it's not that.   For me it's a bit of art and a bit of play; a bit of Freudian fetishization and transference- and a visceral thing for shiny new stuff. And my Dad was a bit of a dandy.              
I was thinkin 'FUGLY as hell' until I saw that little shin.   then I thought 'So Cuuuuuuute'  
                                     ^^   really  ?
+1 thanks for this Nutcracker
Very nice.  Shoe driving lessons?  
Butch-  said it before, but such elegant proportion and harmony of texture and color, never a discord.  Love the pale blue stripe .                   Steedy Gent:  Ain't so bad-  what r they?      
Achilles I have a swatch of this- it's quite hairy (and heavy).     
  Depends on a few things-  humidity, hairiness of the Tweed e.g. Harris can be.  Jackets aren't a prob IMO, but even fully lined trews can itch.  
  The force is strong in you.         
New Posts  All Forums: