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    did not know-  r these the 'carter'-   with 3 eyes?             ^^  repost for awsmness-  from earlier in the thread             oh is this like when I was looking online for the address for 'Wet and Wild'  theme park  and had to tell the children to look away?       well-spotted!     on the 82, willow calf.
          yeah cheers-  had a feeling as i was posting that it wasn't. Goysering    Still, very  nice stitching 
very very nice- immaculate Goysering!   The ghosted split toe and pie-crust vamp are an ode to the EG.   buty hey, 4! kinds of stitching-  Gerd, avert your eyes
The Demeter-Halmos version is a nice variation-  no heel counter, but the longer toe, which to my mind balances the front of the shoe.   Those Vass in dk brown Cordovan are just amazing    
  true it covers yr ass-  it may be your muscularity +   long arms in proportion to yr body?             worth a requote 
  I don't find this David.   UK 9.5   Slickman-  FYI a google image search will get u most shoe pics u want, inc these    
  feeling 90% frustrated and hostile-  /autistic?
  ex KGB, Victor?
  +1 Holdfast-  even over the phone it's nonverbal  -   tone, rhythm, modulation etc  -  are what matters.  They set the emotional pitch of any call.
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