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your gotta burn to shine lol  Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Blackmore  -  but did they wear Vass?
..  ++1  coming from the guy who's seen more Vass than anyone outside Budapest ^^
    I would go for plain.  Looking at the recent Kolecho pics my reaction to many of them is 'too much going on'.  Less is more -  I know it's easy to be tempted by all the amazing MTO options, and to try to pack lots of features into one shoe, especially when I'm talking a 7-800 dollar shoe, I wanna get my money's worth, and mebe I've got half an eye on what kind of reaction my creation will get in a thread like this ..  but in the end I ask myself 'will I be ok  wearing...
    or a 'phumpher-nickel' ???  lol but yes it has a little bit of green, I don't know why, because I ordered black cordovan.   Yes, Demeter-Halmos.  Do u have any info on these makers?   I understand the Halmos are a father and son team working in Budapest.  The shoe seems to be of good quality and I was told it is hand-lasted and welted, with Freudenburg calf.   The sizing is generous in these, so unfortunately they are too big for me.   The last is made by the guy who...
  I couldn't help posting these to show that even the best of us -  and EG finishes are unsurpassed IMO  -  get it wrong sometimes.  The good the bad and the uuuuuuuugly.  That light beige or what is it? -  pewter? is a travesty.  
Thx for the comments all.  Credit to the unknown AH shoemakers of course.   Why Green G?   I'd feel like an elf.       Patina on old AH  ^^         2 AH Norweger styles ^
      thx guys,  makes sense.    The makers that tick all the hand-made boxes need something else to value-add, and exceptional leather does that.  On a different note tho, Vass uses 'Italian polish' and I wonder what they add or subtract to get the glossy finish.  Some kind of glossy resin perhaps.
love Knit ties . for a casual look IMO, and if worn with a shawl collar cardi or jacket the square end isn't visible if that's an issue.  Yes, popular in the eighties, but so were regular ties, and wearing shoes for that matter.  Warm, casual, textured look, what's not to love?
  thanks G-  hey in this pic below the shoe is very shiny all over.  Any idea how this is achieved? thx    
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