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  White cords?  Now I've seen everything.  I think it's a very nice fit, maybe even better if the trews were just a little off-white, in a coolish color to off-set the grey.   Or, go with a slightly lighter jacket. +1 
 And back at ya Sando (+  Braddock)
more grey    
@lawyerdad  You're derailing. Let it go.
  cheers Andy, looks great.   The argument (Foo's) IIRC is that Fresco is a City weave. Period.  That it was designed to allow men to continue to wear their City solids and pinstripes etc in a cool cloth. For browns/tans you need linen or cotton.   Also IIRC Foo was the only one taking that position, but WTH he made me think about it. 
  hmmmn, I love  it ^^  Got that grey/blue ambiguity like Tchoy's LL
I want a casual around the office suit in Fresco 'wheat'.  Mafoo says crazy, Fresco's too City for browns.  Sartorial faux pas ?
I third that, Awsm Gerry.
  You use your PS for that? .. & at the dinner table? [[SPOILER]]
 I wouldn't ride to hounds without one-   [[SPOILER]]   
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