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know what u mean.  I had a suit made in 8oz, and altho it feels lite and wears cool it doesn't so drape well either. Especially the trews.   FYI i think yours looks fine, but  I'll stick with > 10 oz/300gpm for everything now.  Getting jackets half-lined really helps, as does having the trews slightly loose-   even if it means sacrificing sillouhette a little.   Just a thought- If only Minnis would put a bit of cashmere in Fresco.  that would be awsm
 Light weight flannel is on a par with the i-phone in terms of utility IMO.  I don't wear worsted odd trousers-  smooth shiny finishes are for suits IMO,  so  linen and cotton for summer, and flannel, donegal, and brushed cotton/moleskin for winter, lighter flannels or heavier cotton for the tweens.
   You're nailing every fit lately.
 I've not had a bad Drake's, but then really Drake's and Vanda are different animals don't u think?  Vandas are very lite with their minimal or no lining-  they float at the chest, not sit. Perfect Summer ties.  I wish GnD would apply their skills to making something more robust  tho.
  really appreciate the comments and input -  the fit's another go at the Brioni (island, that is) look- Fresco and lite-weight flannel.  I really love that combination of materials. The shirt's one of those lite-blue Kamakuras that photograph white.  Agree that white dont quite work.The tie's the Wu 'maroon' shantung,and  this one has the most asymmetrical blade I've ever seen on a tie, which is fine for a casual tie IMO TD I can't get enough of rust, but it's hard to...
thoughts on plum and tobacco?   
  thanks man-  MC guise doin the elements. rustic-sprezz
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