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 I haven't really followed the fit saga upthread Noodles, but IMO that's not bad.There's always funerals, touch wood.
 I always understood PhDs can perform small operations. Q.   How do you hide a C note from a surgeon?A.   Hide it in the patient's chart.
  For the record guys - I cited Cary Grant, Fred Astaire,& other greats as examples of guys who have valid opinions about style.  Nothing to do with white shirts..   Here's a white shirt with linen-  I like this kind of look.  Today
  Nice loafers.  BTW What's your feeling about loafers with a casual or formal suit? (not suede)
Anyone had anything in Aimbry?  like the designs, not sure about the drape. It's 8-9oz  
 You mean re: the navy pants?  As long as it looks like a Summery fit, as opposed to biz-cas in worsted or flannel that says 'Suit' .  Something with a wider hem and lower waist, say, in linen or light cotton.  
      that question cp reminds me of the 'Cerulean sweater' scene in The Devil Wears Prada  ^^^
  I think that's key- they generally look like the lost & lonely bottom half of the the wearer's one and only suit.  He does look pretty good tho IMO even tho dk gray would be more distinquished
  I'll take your word for it HC, but to my eye not enough contrast there, looks like a mismatched suit.     white shirt + linen SC + no tie is 
  Both you and Pingson missed my point, which was that about the only place navy pants are better than gray is when grays provide insufficient contrast i.e. with mid-gray SCs.  For charcoal to work the jacket would need to be lighter IMO
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