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  bewilderingly ....? T&T  the extreme collar roll is an i-gent conceit.  but cool.
  Madder is the  tie with tweed amirite? perfect combo   re: hanks and faces-  A gentleman wants cohesion .. nothing louder than anything else, so the fit doesn't distract from the visage  [[SPOILER]] pulling out the Blue Steel there Cox
 imagine some sunny boardwalk   [[SPOILER]]
   never has a pair of those cognac Budapesters been put to such good use. IMO  Sublime.  
    I need me some of that ^^^^^^^  real bad.   Suede loafers r classic-  the missing piece in my shoo collection. Those look awesome. What's the $ ballpark TBBW?  [[SPOILER]]
   Good call.   I covet that Panta.   CB's is a teal or turquoise.  Tricky to find.
That LL crimson on brown is unreal.   will buy.
 So the trews r Panta, or the shirt?  Perhaps white slacks-  the prob at the moment is that bifurcation  from top to bottom.  I agree that this is close to  to being very good/different
 Would grenadine work as a sock?  Grenadine silk doesn't work as a square, I'll tell you that much. Edit:  what is  grenadine cotton?  just a loose weave I'm guessing. What's your go-to for ties ep?  Side bar:  I want a tie like this: 
  Nice fit from what I can see.  Do u have distinctive shoulders?  I mean, such that ppl will recognize u by them..    Hi there Jfrater, I was wondering what had happened to u.  It's a weird thing...  I can understand that brand cachet lets Rubi charge more for their squares, but I don't understand why no other menswear specialists  AFAIK do 16 by 16" silk screens.  BTW Sam Hober has some new 'Impressionist' squares.  Some of them look fantastic. Can't speak for the...
New Posts  All Forums: