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    point of clarification: do the size 8 oxfords look anything like this? -  
    too matchy RDiaz IMHO, but if u use this square as above (same square placed differently?) u can pick up that feint burgundy-red in the tie. Great look.
Wonderfully English TTO-  audacious colour, looks fantastic
                                                                                                                                                                                    ToF thx, and perhaps you're right, but as wiser men than me have pointed out many times in these pages, the trouble with the DW is that it looks a. like a coconut, or  b. too symmetrical and contrived   I'm really disturbed by the Lagerfeld comment.
Hi guise, some awesome stuff here lately.  sos about the pics   Porter & Harding Glenroyal 13oz   BB OCBD Henry Carter 7 fold Drakes  Vass London 3 eye        
  Superb-     I'm just too  clumsy to wear expensive suede -     BTW how would u rate EG's?
        I think so too-  looks a little bit longer and sleeker, but it's not a deal breaker IMO  (^^  on the 82 in dark oak willow)
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