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 fewer than most IMO      more salesman than hitman  
 I'd like the 16" option. It looks awsm.  BTW I just found these squares by Ikire Jones  aka SF dude 'Woe.is.me' -   the actual pics are not necessarily my cup of java, but they're wool/silk, quality work = some would look great in the pocket IMO    
One of your best IMO GMMcL.  BTW u have the 'great Wave' square I'm guessing, any comment on the quality?
 love those shoos.  go with anything There's a Mr Kuti at Vass in Budapest who can sort u out.  u need to send him-1. style (e.g. 'Adelaide' or 'Old English II" etc)2. last  e.g. F, U, P2 etc3. color  e.g. cognac, antique cognac etc4. your size  in European or UK eg. '43.5' or 'UK9.5' No need for measurements, they make the shoes to the standard sizes, but u need to be aware that the lasts are different widths and fits.  thanks! It's Cappelli-  a challis, which IMO is his...
 @EliodA  kind of u to say so, I know u not a fan of pencil stripes
  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
  Sweet Jesus have u no mercy?  I think u positively revel in provoking me.
 Much as I admire your fit SB I can't help thinking this 
  The Prince Charles knot looks great-  I can't get many of my ties to do that-  I'm guessing u need an unlined ?And for the record that Groucho head is disturbing    my bad, I assumed that UC's was a button down.   For a non-BD that's a helluva roll then.  I have no ideas.    Those pleats? look great there IMO  (They r pleats aren't they?)  You don't usually go for them IIRC
  bewilderingly ....? T&T  the extreme collar roll is an i-gent conceit.  but cool.
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