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love Knit ties . for a casual look IMO, and if worn with a shawl collar cardi or jacket the square end isn't visible if that's an issue.  Yes, popular in the eighties, but so were regular ties, and wearing shoes for that matter.  Warm, casual, textured look, what's not to love?
  thanks G-  hey in this pic below the shoe is very shiny all over.  Any idea how this is achieved? thx    
  CLICK TO ENLARGE          
cheers, b good to see some group shots of your collection-  I've posted all these b4, and more than once, so scuse the repetition, but I find the leather and color in different lights interesting. there's something about the shape and structure of A-Hs.     yes there's 4-  black, dark brown pebble +  dark & antique cognac   another 3 eye u might like Rikod-  Dincks cordo  
          cheers, it's a pleasure.  F you've always said it's a great shoe, and I agree.     you know, I like the Vass monk style a lot.  Is this a trad AH thing or not?  I'm surprised the single doesn't get more love on the Vass thread.            
    I have a number of unlined linen jackets-  half-lined really, most of them-   lined sleeves, a very lightly structured and lined shoulder and floating canvass chest panel.  the rest is unlined, with taped seams.  Tremendously cool -  linen is a loose weave, and I  like the texture.  If there's a disadvantage I don't know of it, other than  a little more likely to crease at the tail when u sit.  I wouldn't recommend as a substitute for a city suit tho, but if you're...
    ??  have they run out?
    Have the same shoe, but in smooth not grain, and they're my most complimented shoes.   It's the handy 'lake' stitching that catches the eye, I reckon.     Character shoes.               I jus realized the EG chelsea at the left looks insipid up against the AH.  Deflated, weak.  Oh well.
        A picture's worth a thousand words- Goodyear welted shoes, long may they live.  Chelsea in Antique Chestnut  from EG, and and a 2 eye from JLP.   Every shoe-maker uses glue, every shoemaker relies on machines in construction.  It's a question of degree, and for any one shoe I'll  weigh up shape and style and materials and finishing and construction.  Construction is important, but not more  important than the appearance  -  especially re  posting in a shoe pron...
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