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      nah man-  commonplace-  bright colors look good against a dark background. ask any painter.  Light skin can look washed out.  not saying color's the only thing. I love the out-there kind of stuff that Ethan and T and TTO etc do, but it's more disaster prone and  no accident that those guys know what they're doing.  If you're saying 'hey look at me' u better know what you're doing.   So much harder to stay the rite side of tasteful.   One of the tricks to  FU is to...
  agreed.  shirt has potential.  and (linen?) square.       good time for the Vox  'country to city' primer
  +  different tie, socks. and sans boutonnière  oh hell   thing is AAS, you're city of London up top (and not in a good way) and 1980s schoolteacher down low.  sall messed up
  yep.. that's that rite word for it HF.      I think the OP has a point.  When i got into StyFo I didn't mind that look; but now i jus see train wrecks .  No Fs is rarely done well.  And when it is done well, context and natural attributes have a lot to do with it.      I think Barims and T tap into a black sprezz-   and not coincidentally peacocking works better with darker skins- bright saturated color and high contrast just works.     but average size +  light skin +...
or this.
          great fit &  beautiful tie-  Vandasr something spesh 
    no worries-  imo it's a question of degree.  If the matchiness is obvious because the elements themselves are shouters it's distracting-  Yr loud watchband and loud tie, for example.  On the other hand, I was going to check u for the gold buckle - silver bezel mismatch, which is a bit of a no-no imo.  I like it when the matching is more or less subliminal- so it's okay to match items if each is subtle, but not okay if any is a feature item, of which there should only...
      that's what matters.  i'm okay tho 
    If the suit's invisible shouldn't NYI be appearing nude ?   my understanding of physics is limited
I think this is very nice, very Summery AAS. prob the only day u'd double on the bold stripes tho
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