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  sounds good jr.   IMO the patch chest pocket isn't a great option.  Two probs- 1.  They don't take a square well.  Because it's a casual jacket you're going to go puffed silk, and most squares (Kent Wang's  an exception because they're 13 by 13) )  won't sit in there without unsightly bulging.2.  Square in, it looks like you have a flower pot pasted to your chest.    That's a Foo observation, but once u see it u can't forget it.  
     +1 Ian  you're bursting outta that thing,  need to cut back on the benches 
 As u were .    is good ETB wow the blue and the linen work well together
  sounds pretty good if it's a bespoke process.  I don't have Crystal Springs but some of them look fantastic.   She is a cruel master, the @menswear.  However, you already have an exemplary wardrobe to play with.   I'm also feeling inclined to slow down and limit myself to occasional really special pieces.  You really surprise me.     I don't rate that one all that highly in your generally stellar repertoire.
 more's the pity   I really like that ^^.    You've gotta lot of really solid basics that come together well.     Rubi Villa Lucia square
 about ?   you're in the best position to judge re your tailor
  nice tie SB
@clarinetplayer @DC  awsm
  the rite gray with the rite blue   CD, Eliod, Clags, HF, Cleav-  rockin it with very diff fits      more than SF rules Calypso.  I think for anyone's $s,  FU tie + FU square + plain everything else =  verboten  ..   it's a contrived look.  solid tie and no square'd be more tasteful.  Nice jacket, and collar
Hi guys, feeling green today  
New Posts  All Forums: