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Hi Guise-too early?   something Summery  BB button down pencil stripe BB District SC Henry Carter 7-fold Drakes Kelim  Vass              
^^^^^props on that- i used to play goal and there's nothing scarier thatn a striker pounding towards u with boots flying and a mean look in the eye
Moo  ^^^  ditto HC, suit is really something. HC-  lovely tie, and nice fit   Hi guise- more terrible pics- same fit, diff locations   PRL Camel SC BB  Hober Rubi Vass      
  4 users thought this was helpful. Betelgeuse mimo RDiaz clapeyron     thanks for da thumbs guys
this is good ^^
did u do Bayreuth?   damn. 
Awww shucks .. so cuuuute  ^^^^^^^        
      nah man-  commonplace-  bright colors look good against a dark background. ask any painter.  Light skin can look washed out.  not saying color's the only thing. I love the out-there kind of stuff that Ethan and T and TTO etc do, but it's more disaster prone and  no accident that those guys know what they're doing.  If you're saying 'hey look at me' u better know what you're doing.   So much harder to stay the rite side of tasteful.   One of the tricks to  FU is to...
  agreed.  shirt has potential.  and (linen?) square.       good time for the Vox  'country to city' primer
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