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No worries.   weell, the 'batch' part worries me  (I was just reflecting on some old Hobers I don't wear much now.)
  Kudos to you for being open to other people's opinions, Isolation, it's a rare (and good) quality IMO.   So here's mine:  Take a breath and stop commissioning clothes.   I'm certain that you can do so much better. (speaking from experience. cough)    But u have to b patient -   observe and absorb.    If you're in  the grip of a buying frenzy, stick to classic ties  +  squares and decent shoes for the moment. You have a tricky morphology.  I'd look for and settle on a...
 luke warm on tie, square, shirt and suit, but it's all neatly put together. Gestalt jacket Cleavo, difficult color tho. Darker with the trews imo or go navy  digging your color themed fits lately. nice tie
even the 300 is on the pale side, for biz. IMO Goes well as odd trews tho -  here's Butler's
oh they'r coming back
 not from Italy but AFAIK merchants aren't obliged to charge you only what the carrier charges them. Often include a handling fee.  Maybe Cappelli doesn't e.g. Rubinacci charges > €50 for shipping ties
 i guess it's a matter of taste-  to someone who likes the roll I'd say go PTB or Norweger .   A brogued longwing or captoe will minimize it but IMO the quirky roll is the reason to go cordo in the first place.   Box calf carries a better shine and I think the cordo glow is overrated a little-  I mean, it's different but not better than box.  I know it's supposed to b more water repellent, but i just wouldn't want my shoes to get that wet whatever they're made of.
 kool, def my fav color for suits.  Would u go lighter than 511?  I considered the 546: had trews made up in it, but decided it's too close to a bone white for a full suit. 
 yes.  No more Oxfords in shell for me tho-  IMO inherently a casual leather, it 'beef rolls' on the vamp.  better with PTB's and in shades of red-brown.  I still like these, just don't wear black shoes unless i want a really formal look. .
New Posts  All Forums: