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?         to be fair yeah-   when he says thread's 'Shoe Porn Central'   not 'Shoe That's Historically Interesting or Well Constructed -but You Wouldn't Dream of Wearing them With a Suit Central'  
absolutely C&J have incredible variation in lasts, and from bitter experience I'd never assume that because one fits another will also.  
    u welcome to think that -  but doesn't change that the Fosters don't fit the intent of this pron thread, which is the most awsm in men's dress shoes.  I even wonder whether those Fosters would have made the cut back in the day-  I'm sure there were sleeker shoes on offer.   (and again, not dissing them, but u got to call a thing a thing)   lol  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh No      
 cross purposes here-    .. point is  nobody but an enthusiast (or peeps w lotsa $'s)  is going to buy a shoe like that Norweger you posted at the retail price they would have to set to cover  manufacturing costs.  We're talking about an American Co here, not Hungarian.   Now that's not me saying the shoe is bad, that's just a fact of the market.   Second, only an enthusiast would care whether the shoe is hand welted or hand lasted.  To survive in the quality shoe biz the...
Incredible!   Surfing and found these Balint (Wein)  bespoke   ( courtesy of member)      
  u tried it?  Respect.       My experience is that good coffee =  good barista +  good roast n grind + good machine  All 3  r essential
? see my pic a few posts above. + cheers, nice to know what I'm looking at.  Can c why  Howard and Fosters aren't in biz anymore if that's their typical style.  Only a niche market for shoes with that combo of look and construction.     cheers G - Top stitching same as Vass norweger above (more otto bartkiewiecz, thx Sleevehead)       Apropos of nothing-   Clip showing EG construction         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_0hczSirzY   +     Cliff Roberts -  SF Bespoker...
It took awhile, yes, but it's not aesthetics only, but history, authenticity, and construction.   way to keep the post count down BTW
^^^  clarification-  I'm one of those enthusiasts    
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