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[[SPOILER]]   you're not wrong
thanks guys-  yeah agree.  i think too much blue in 1-  square 2 gives it more balance
any thoughts on what works better? ties is challis, square is linen, then silk, gunclub SC, oxford spread collar    [[SPOILER]]    
interesting Permanent Style post on color coordination todayhttp://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/12/how-to-wear-colour.html#.UsHujLTcP3U Really clap?  .. really?  I've not had any other horn buttons break.,  + broken at dispatch is not  a button problem, its QC.  [[SPOILER]]  You're really putting it out there lately DC.  This is a bridge too far tho IMO - 2 houndstooths.    [[SPOILER]]  plain herringbone looks great CP  re: length -  patchy = casual, so the shorter length...
   I've heard it's a tough gig.  The fit battles with the FNB crew can be brutal.
 know what u mean.  their sewing is incredible for the price.    get your measurements rite and they're as good as anything I've seen. (full disclosure -  my trews arrived with the  exposed closing horn button split in two -  quality control isn't perfect)
full-length this is a really nice color combo IMO Stitches-  tan + leaf green mediated by some gray
   i c what u mean-  i.e. the 'waterfall' effect when a the top of the sleeve is fitted into a slightly smaller armscye, requiring a series of tiny pleats  
    striking color those trews.  Like them a lot.    Cleav- do u know anything about this tweed?  make a nice coat IMO.  go the suede BTW      cheers Holdo   same to u
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