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 Question is, are the Rick Owenses and the Thom Brownes just contemporary versions of Edward Sexton in the 70s or Armani in the 80s?   i.e.  abberations in the force, if u will..  culs-de-sac that no-one will venture down ever again.   Or are they  part of general move forward?  I suspect they're a gimmick, while true MC keeps on keeping on.  
 ?  haven't heard these expressions Yes altho I think MC formality is seeing a bit of a resurgence.  Bespoke (&MTM) shopfronts run by young guys like Oscar Hunt and Patrick Johnson here in Oz, for example.  StyleForum.   linen square here, IMO
 More consensus on what looks good in MC. When I go to the Sartorialist I find I react as much to the facial expression, the context, the body language of the women as much as I do to the clothes, which  defy objective critique.    Fan here too. I'm in love with Cecilia Bartoli.  Did some light opera but never serious.  Being a working tenor is my dream career.
No offense of course, T&T. All power to ya.
 Merry Xmas Braddock.   awsm  I kind of imagine T&T as a genial elder statesman sitting quietly in his Florida bungalow, surrounded by classic bespoke  Henry Poole, A&S, Huntsman etc that will, alas, never be worn again, his passion for fine craftsmenship channelled into on-line menswear critique.   That's a really interesting assertion. Makes sense to me too-  women's fashion is much bigger biz with a higher and faster turnover of merchandize demanding constant renewal....
 The 'Silverback'.    CP there's a brown  and purple cashmere Cappelli on clearance at Exquisite Trimmings with your name on it.  nice turn-out A
I just bought it.  Your work is done. 
cheers Cox-  Actually this is a bit of a 'Cox's hlelp me make up my mind to buy it Thread' type deal.   You know, the tie is very you when I think about it.  Earthy, textured.
Opinion about this tie anyone? (it's cashmere)
I like that GC YRR.
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