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Cashmere's the bomb isn't it.  Damn u that suit is nice 
    you're always super-solid Tactical.   that tie's a bit 'counter-intuitive' IMO,  but works great off the plaid and pencil stripes
Hi guise- Monkeyface, Spooky, HC I like your fits a lot. Cashmere POWPoplin banker's stripeGrenadine Silk squareFlannelCordovan   Deet [[SPOILER]]   
DC that is a hell of a suit. Nice firnishings too.
Diaz that jacket is something else!  beautifyul andthat square-  Capelli?   also, the cut of those trews is pervect for that jacket, but agree about the contrast
??? Thanks i guess. Im guilty of a lot of sartorial faux pas, but fun socks is not one of them.
Hi guise, Some great stuff this page.   pre-challenge try-out from me          
New Posts  All Forums: