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  Superb-     I'm just too  clumsy to wear expensive suede -     BTW how would u rate EG's?
        I think so too-  looks a little bit longer and sleeker, but it's not a deal breaker IMO  (^^  on the 82 in dark oak willow)
      Geez, don't tell the Hobers.     Great reading Foo-  seriously, u should team with Vox and send a manuscript to Harper Collins-  your words, Vox pics
      lol - had a feeling u guys know each other well.  great poster, he's missed
      search functions the way to go man     -   been covered at least a billion times.      if ur willing to spend $600  just go straight to the top and get a pair of hand made -  lasted, welted -  Old Englishers from Vass.   There's simply none better-  these are in U, F  lasts respectively         if u don't want to wait for hand made, try Carmina RTW-  , in the Simpson last      
  I only have two Vass in suede, and one other decent maker (C&J) to compare it with for wear, so it doesn't mean much-  but I'd say the wear on the Vass suede is about on a par with the C&J.     Suede stretches, but unless you're getting a boot I don't think it warrants a size up.
-  snap,lol I have exact same style and color Gdl   nice look 
    Weell, this is what happens when u smoke rite? premature ageing   Srsly tho,  a belt  visually shortens a tall guy like you.  Trews are cut too narrow, exp at the hem FWIW
    Good last shape-  which style?
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