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Hi guys         Excuse the rumplification-  been in this suit for loooong time today
Xmas in July?  I like the cut & festive wintery look Tchoy.  I sourced some Johnston's cashmere  in a similar color but with a blue box check (no HB)  recently & can't wait to have it made up.   Yours looks super-comfy
  njt-  general rule I go by is 'If the pattern could be a tie it shouldn't be a square'  (altho he's awsm in lots of other ways, I think Kulata's view on this is objectively wrong, sorry dude)  and if u must use a  pattern square at all  it really must be on a different scale to the pattern on the tie, and for a solid aesthetic  reason: similar tie/square patterns look matchy and contrived. It's especially noticeable when shirt and jacket r solids.  A shouty tie like that...
   damnee that's good.  
 my bad.  I was thinking of the Formosa suit in Drapers linen.  yours looks great tho.    There are many refinements u can make to this-  e.g. tie knot, square placemen  -  but not a bad start         Can't tell anything much here.  Not egregiously bad  
 One of the nicest roped jackets I've seen Foxx.   usually look too mannered for my taste but this one really works IMO
  The polka square here njt  is a tie pattern. Best to avoid.   - a silk PS ideally shouldn't have a small-scale pattern at all- that's a tie thing.  Best silk squares r solid white or cream or have a large scale pic -  some kind of picture print is ideal so that the large scale swirls and designs contrast with the tie's regularity of pattern, or solidity.  With that tie I'd like either no square or a loosely plopped white silk.  Collar could use some roll too -  it looks...
  really like the jacket- definitely FU.  works with the solid tie IMO  seriously, amaze.  could have sworn you're 6 ft +tie and jacket combo r   Is that the NMWA SC?  love it
 that's a dog of a tie, but also a piece of history rite there EliodA. I say keep it and who knows, style might come around again in a couple of decades.  
FWIW at first it reminded me of an Omaha Beach bunker,  and still I feel uneasy about the practicality of it e.g. the pool's not one I could  imagine anyone spending much time around, or in. But I like it as pure visual statement. This image of it in the surrounding space makes more sense of the house to me         Baeza calls it a podium..  Nature on a travertine platter
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