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 I find that depends somewhat on the size of the shoes I like to wear with the suit.
Nice Tchoy.  Which cloth?
 With your moniker the slightly thinner tie looks about rite IMO.  Wonderful fit overall too.      All a bit much, A, I think.  And green + red (even lime green)  =  Xmas, by association.  The proportions look nice.  I'm inclined to say an FU SC like that wants pretty tame accessories. I like the Michael Drake thing, great fit, but those loafers ... I just dunno. Trouser hem may be just a fraction too skinny? Could be just this shot.  Looking good as always CD  
Navy plain weave + challis
i voted for all of u.  Outstanding from everyone, altho AAS I was a bit confused -  only 2 Blackwatch? ... ok 3 if I count both socks
 SW&D fit there Spectre?   u mean light gray of course   good stufff IMO
  No doubt it'll be awsm.  The other thing I love about the their fresco, apart from texture, is its stiffness, which seems to enhance its drape out of proportion to its weight. 
 I'm thinking u haven't noticed the pane on Clags' on the occasions when he's posted it because it is so feint-   and being navy overall, hard to pic.    Definitely not a loud FU check if that's what you're looking for, so it'll be more of a mid-grey solid that will resolve into  a fine check up close.   The more I think about it the more I'm drawn towards only solids in Fresco tho-  I don't want anything to distract from the texture, which is what it 's all about, and a...
 I'm more and more  inclined to think boring's best
Cleav- noice     Any thoughts on this suiting?  I like Clags' Minnis tattersall in the navy; this is the mid-gray, same weight.  I might get more use out of the solid version tho- 
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