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QFP  lovin the shoe pics     
Those things are smoking  
on my screen too.  dunno what's up
cheers,  they have A-H character   
yr name is 
Hustler v Playboy     For me it's not so much that his posts diminish the quality of the thread-  some of the vintage shoes are well-constructed, and some (very few)  wouldn't even look odd on the street in the 21st C.   It's more that they just don't fit this thread-  they're off-key, they're not reaching for the same idea.  That's no judgement per se, just an observation that they're out of place here.       'Costume and 'shoes to wear'  aren't mutually exclusive, and...
  I come from a similar place B-     The acid test is whether a shoe makes a strong but cohesive contribution to a fit.  I wear all my shoes, and I'm  not interested in costume- shoes that dominate, that  jar, or look like they're there for their own sake.       The fundamental split here lately-   shoes for history, or make or maker  vs shoes for the way they look.      
Thread could use some pics  
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