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I'd change just the black (on my screen) and the red to, say, buff and a shade lighter than navy blue, although I just wouldn't wear a waistcoat outside a 3-piece. I don't remember your shoes. re bolded That's valid, not knocking your approach.  But I don't feel I can make any valid comment on your fits now.  We share no common framework (Kulata might say 'rules') for judgement.I think it's also relevant to say that IMO the price of faltering from good taste is higher in...
  Everyone does get a trophy- We all live in houses and respond to them aesthetically.  I'm not pronouncing about the design of 1st century Roman cloaca or Faberge eggs.  So a  house that's 'all fur coat and no knickers', then?  There's a wrecking ball at the end of every architectural cul-de-sac.
i can't tell if you're having a lend of me.  Red SC, black vest -  they're for livery, uniforms and other one offs.  But after 2-3 years on this board u can't not know that. Do you think they're in good taste?
I don't.   But architects don't design just for architects, surely, so my opinion is valid if not expert.
The rug is good to look at. The rug is the only difference between this place and a basement car park, but the rug is rucked.  A rug that rucks is risky.
   Sterile, institutional.  Lacks warmth or home-ness.  Hard to tell without being there, but IMO the ceiling is too dominant.   Wants tiering, pitch, a secondary ..    Living space has an oppressive  Underneath feel. Rug's gotta go b4 someone faceplants
  What StC does best IMO.  The simple stuff.  Not a fan of their house styles.
 IMO perhaps ur pics would be better with a diff camera position GMMcL.    If what SB says about your height is correct, u should look different than u do.   Your shoulders  less square, your chest less full, your thigs also.  Camera about a foot, foot and a half higher would stop that foreshortening that happens when u look up at a thing-  mountains, people etcVery nice fit IMO anyway. In different colors this wod be terrific IMO .  Everything is a good fit.  S&&& ...
  lawlz no.  I mean, the fit's as good as it gets with a 4+ decades old jacket and a red PS  outta da park, again, as u guys say  Holy Tom o' Finland. noice  that's pretty classic Cleav.  I also have a (beige) tweed with a fine black and thicker red overcheck, from Gieves and Hawkes.  Different, but not by much.  Is this a 'thing' in the English tradition?
@Coxsackie that's classy photography
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