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    nice consultation.  errrr...   comment, Dr H        yeah RD if u stick with this u can't go wrong-  looks great
  Patterned odd trousers are okay for a dandified look i guess     better minus the Summer square              It's  not the rope and pagoda per se, but the combination of the rope, convex shoulder and aggressive lapels (mitigated by the blue tie and more appropriate square here)     It's a statement jacket-  industrial-  flat planes and angles and bumps, and IMO won't  play with informals like those trews etc
    Diaz gotta agree -  way below yr usual stellar fits.  The silhouette is more  morning-dress-at-Royal-Ascot than 2013 Madrid.  The roped and pagoda'd shoulder is mannered; the  baggy-legged plaid could be from my grandfather's closet; and worse still the  black oxfords and white shirt shouldn't be in the same room with that beautiful summery Drakes? square.
    Long yes-  altho yr armsr hitched up-  but not too long IMO
lol c what u mean-  hopefully  not phrphetic given recent events  
        yeah nice pic-  like from the Last Supper-  'Jesus gives Peter the keys to sartorial heaven' 
      like yr new digs man 
     nice play with warm colors- bravo       relaxed and comfortable HF          RD -  why is across the pond a problem?   Ed offers free worldwide shipping for a lot of his stuff, tho i don't know about the jacekts . 
      The jacket and especially the Vanda tie are outstanding, square not so much.   4 patterns is the toughest gig in MC (see some of my own combos for others that don't work).  IMO fit's overloaded with eye-catching elements that don't work so well together. Valiant effort tho  
New Posts  All Forums: