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Cheers, I like it a bit rough, the sharkskins particularly, and the birdseye  looks good too.
   it has that vibe-  industrial, institutional, lifeless 
  This guy prolly didn't know any better at the time.  I like it tho.  It's 'wrong' but with the rite sprezz anything's possible.
Harrison's Oyster - someone whose judgement I appreciate has recommended it.  Any thoughts on look, performance v others favs in the similar weight?
cue Kulata 
Silk knit (those funny ones with the flat bottom), grenadine silkm  as TP says, slubby raw silk aka shantung, wool, challis (wool or silk/wool) and silk with a madder print r all going to have a reduced 'cheap poly-satin shine' factor.  Kent Wang, Conrad Wu, Sam Hober & TM Lewin have decent ties in that price range.  If you think u might really get into ties, go Hober straight up. Doh!
 Wouldn't a DB have  to be longer than an SB, all other things being equal, because a DB is usually slightly broader (or appears to be) and needs more length to look proportionate? On jacket length in general, again, I think it's about overall proportion.  That's why 'half of the length from bottom of collar to heel'  works better than '2nd thumb knuckle' .  I feel I can get away with a slightly longer suit jacket than SC-   the suit jacket runs into trews in the same...
Spando is awsm,  brown on brown combos r the bomb.  But Gerry's DB is just a perfect suit IMO  
2 + 3  too.  Darker is more versatile; green is tricky against a blue (shirt) ground but everyone should have one or two green ties IMO. beautiful ties!
 Not too boxy IMO.  Blackwatch is a Highlands regiments, but u knew that.  Music and art, eclectic.  But I've said b4 and I'll say it again, I love Cecilia Bartoli   Newsflash:  AAS-  this just in. You prob already have one, but just in case-   Blackwatch brolly with whangee handle at Drakes
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