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      nice suit MF.  IMO the brown and caramel's too much cos brown's such a dominant color it's going to need something pretty strong to balance it.   Have u got a navy neat tho  rather than a solid for this? and then go solid with shirt and (linen) square.   the ecru or cream comment's spot on. (edit:  jus noticed SB made the same suggestion)  you know, have u gotta pink bengal stripe?  could go jacket and shirt stripe, tie and square solids, very nice   already posted...
    thanks man-  nice work in the challenge   loving the DB there
Tough tough tough to call, but I'm liking yours Sugarbutch-  you, V le V and Butler are neck and neck but what stands out for me is that you've got the fit spot on, great color and it's something I'd feel comfortable in 
Cross post from Friday Challenge- the last one was so awsm we've got the likes of Butler and V le V  upping the ante.  Going for another Summery theme so hauled out the Fresco and linen - and yep  forgot to clean the lens Diaz been AWOL?  good to see u back                  
Hi guise-  once again a pleasure to be a part of this. So many good fits here.  My bad on the pic quality, but this is:   Fresco suit  Poplin  Linen  Grenadine PS Goodyear Wholecuts        
  thx -  district check is cool       yeah i know-  don't go down well with the ladies IME.  But useful on a boat. ...   big boat where they don't get too wet.
Hampton ^^^ lol   Mossrocks u rock- .  Kappelan - disco loafers man.      
Shameless plug for the new Henry Carter 7-fold repps.     +  Brooks Brothers Cordings Vass    
    well cheers, coming from you that means a lot.    hard to decide who to go with on this, so many great 4 pattern fits in so many different sprezzs.  Tirrailleur  stands out to me for his sheer audacious peacockery-    that works.   ...wouldn't dream of wearing a single thing in his fit but I still dig it.  okay, maybe the watch    congrats TTO on the comp and your outstanding fit .
Betelgeuse DerekS Pingson sugarbutch Claghorn     thanks a lot guys
New Posts  All Forums: