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I don't have the satin one, but my guess is that it's a lot softer.  Good news is that the shot silk squares def loosen and soften with wear and pressing, and they have more character.  the satin tends to look synthetic.  best avoided IMO  
 it's a class thing.  busmen, janitors etc wear navy.  just one of those 'it is what it is' things in MC.  
  totally agree.  perversely, I like my job and enjoy choking on my ties.  (edit: okay,  I don't enjoy it that  much)  I've been known to do a yoga class in a tie.  Not hot yoga -  Hatha, and it was outside, and kinda cold.   cheers man 
   Beaut jacket-  patch flap u don't see too much of. nice  OD/OT  yr back!  ..  wait  
rite on Mimo-   Hi guise, thank you for the recent likes  some ole faithfulsBBSCKamakura BDPanta tieRubinacci PSVass Norwegers   Deets\  [[SPOILER]]   
Luv2b I get where IS n SB r coming from but I like your gray suit just as is. i like the modern sleeker look of a cuffless hem especially on gray. For me it's part of staying on the rite side of the blurry line between cool and costume. Hard to tell on the trouser width without seeing u in motion but i think the current width is consistent with the loose and relaxed silhouette. Nice look
Cheers. I've added a shot with a decent camera instead of the Samsung Galaxy's. Should be better. And yes i guess they both work althp i'm liking black on pink. 80's sprezz
Our very own Henry Carter. Linen is Hober.
Hi guise, was going to post one of these in the Challenge but missed tje deadline. Any thoughts on which tie looks better with the choc Fresco and pink windowpane- the plum grenadine or the black linen. . ? Same square worn differently.
Thx, i went thru the now defunct Bookster, and Mears did a lot if not all their work. The jacket was a bit of an experiment for them and not their usual hacking jacket house style. All moot now tho ):
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