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 'sup Spectre    Looking good IMO CM.  The flap patches r a nice touch, but apart from the square and socks I particularly like your color choices  here.
  I came to no break because I want ppl to see my awsm shoos.    I'm dead against stasis.  It disturbs me to see ppl trying to replicate Cary Grant or Fred Astaire - typre looks.  I'm simplifying, but I prefer a lower/med rise, no pleats, high hem + minimal shoulder padding and chest structure.   But I don't want to get ahead of the curve either. (And no-one ahead of the curve posts on SF anyway).  The posters I admire most are the ones who r right on point. Vox,...
[[SPOILER]]   +1  Cloth merchants IME  will send anywhere u want.  But perhaps you could use one of Luxire's less expensive stock cloths to start with rather than running the risk that they mess up a cloth you really love. 
 trews, sure. I have MTM Luxire trews and have been pleased with the workman-like result.  But a jacket is an entirely different animal.Have you seen a Luxire suit jacket that you admire?  I haven't.   It'd be like taking a Ferrari to your local foundry and saying 'Here, replicate this".  I don't want to rain on your parade E, but I don't like it. I don't like it at all. 
 Question is, are the Rick Owenses and the Thom Brownes just contemporary versions of Edward Sexton in the 70s or Armani in the 80s?   i.e.  abberations in the force, if u will..  culs-de-sac that no-one will venture down ever again.   Or are they  part of general move forward?  I suspect they're a gimmick, while true MC keeps on keeping on.  
 ?  haven't heard these expressions Yes altho I think MC formality is seeing a bit of a resurgence.  Bespoke (&MTM) shopfronts run by young guys like Oscar Hunt and Patrick Johnson here in Oz, for example.  StyleForum.   linen square here, IMO
 More consensus on what looks good in MC. When I go to the Sartorialist I find I react as much to the facial expression, the context, the body language of the women as much as I do to the clothes, which  defy objective critique.    Fan here too. I'm in love with Cecilia Bartoli.  Did some light opera but never serious.  Being a working tenor is my dream career.
No offense of course, T&T. All power to ya.
 Merry Xmas Braddock.   awsm  I kind of imagine T&T as a genial elder statesman sitting quietly in his Florida bungalow, surrounded by classic bespoke  Henry Poole, A&S, Huntsman etc that will, alas, never be worn again, his passion for fine craftsmenship channelled into on-line menswear critique.   That's a really interesting assertion. Makes sense to me too-  women's fashion is much bigger biz with a higher and faster turnover of merchandize demanding constant renewal....
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