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thanks for the ratings, very kind   [[SPOILER]]
sandals, socks, shorts together is like a trifecta of sartorial-challengedness   cashmere POW SC Drakes tie Hober linen H&H shirt Flannels Vass        
rocking it like crazy Derek and hey thanks for the vibes! ..         [[SPOILER]]
    Hi guise-  nice work Kai, Org and bernouilli and congrats on the loud tie challenge   Me channelling  Fred-  where is he BTW?   PRL Drakes Hober Vass
    pazzion your PS shouldn't fill the whole pocket like that. And  angle it down towards the lapel side.  nice tie
I like the belt-laces-floor combo Nobd
nice proportions and presentation Pings ^^^^^
      nice suit MF.  IMO the brown and caramel's too much cos brown's such a dominant color it's going to need something pretty strong to balance it.   Have u got a navy neat tho  rather than a solid for this? and then go solid with shirt and (linen) square.   the ecru or cream comment's spot on. (edit:  jus noticed SB made the same suggestion)  you know, have u gotta pink bengal stripe?  could go jacket and shirt stripe, tie and square solids, very nice   already posted...
    thanks man-  nice work in the challenge   loving the DB there
Tough tough tough to call, but I'm liking yours Sugarbutch-  you, V le V and Butler are neck and neck but what stands out for me is that you've got the fit spot on, great color and it's something I'd feel comfortable in 
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