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 Only a cad would wear them.  Fine if they're light in color I guess.   
 It's the dandified look (no judgement)  I want to avoid.  truth   I had to give up on GYW shoes-   no fun wearing a couple of ticking time bombs-  the gemming could explode any second     Wouldn't most of us have  between say 10 and  50 pairs of dress shoes?  so not even a favorite shoe gets worn more than a couple dozen times a year.   Chances of gem failure are pretty remote.   Even Blake/rapide is fine if it's a nice looking shoe, IMO-    Mind u, I'd be howled down if...
this is it.    Has to be low contrast IMO.  Did a search and came up with these. hope Vox doesn't mind-  they all look great.  I have a suit like the first, but the hem is just a fraction too tapered on mine for the round toe. 
 Thanks Greg-  great ideas.  I was thinking with something like Adrien Brody's wearing here.  the trick is it has to be casual enogh for the cognac, but formal enough for the bal     MF thanks.  I think the pic is asm
 need some ideas for these cognac bals-  I bought these ages ago thinking they look great on their own,  but I don't know what to wear them with so that they don't dominate a fit.  LIte grey summer  suit with matching belt perhaps and  casual tie?      
Amazing!  thanks for sharing 
   I like this FGU  -   on the one hand kudos for matching color in square and neck support, and on the other not so much blue, red purple and green together in the one fit, IMO.      But if u want to sell the sax shouldn't u have gone with something understated?  .....      I thought u were Leo DiCaprio for a second.  IMO a nice casual fit   Gorgeous wedding attire Betel. I love the suit, and love the tie.  (I'm not endorsing those exotics, but that's just a personal...
hi all -   blues, missed the challenge  Such great entries this time!    
covers are about to come off Fran Gehry's Sydney project-  320000 bricks        
 I'll check them out-  heven't even heard  of them,. altho' I'm not sure how a tie could be objectively better than some of the Vandas and Cappellis I've seen.Those loafers are IMO the perfect shape and color  for tassels.  deet?
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