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Nice Kent  ^^^  n  shout out to Kent for my SC today
It's a Summer weight cloth up top- so I have to disagree with u there AAS. 
He looks nice here but it aint always so ..
uh okay-  All solids need  a near-perfect fit IMO cos there's nothing else to distract. With a solid brown tie perhaps a non-brown shoe.  Foo's great on MC styling in that broader sense IMO and could learn MR (and Luca) a thing or 2
 Really?  u don't find it drab and boring?  Not enough contrast IMO.   Looks 'school boy', and I'm not a fan of cutaways worn with SC.  + Jacket lapel needs to hug the shirt collar more. Trews have no shape.I like your fit of course. +1  Frumpy.  He needs a stylist.  Mafoo could give him some tips.
To be fair, as it is with watches 'waterproof' is a relative term.  Goodyear is more waterproof than Blake, but not even hand-welted cordovans are waterproof in a downpour, as I know from bitter experience
 I see Don's given you a tick, but IMO your comment is patronizing and offensive.   Dressing it up as friendly advice is what I'd call passive - aggressive.  HNY to u.  I've seen the label a lot around the forum.  Looks to me like the kinda thing maybe Jackson Pollock would've worn while he splashed out 'Blue Poles' , which we (Oz) got  for a steal back in the 70s.    IMO SEH Kelly has a similar retro working man's aesthetic. - Mind u, Streetwear novice here.
   Wasn't clear on my screen-  I've tried to be constructive and I hope helpful.
 Don't be absurd.  An improvement, but u were starting from a low base.   A white or ecru repp stripe on navy is a versatile tie, but IMO is too formal here against your brown SC  (which is quite nice).  The big problem is below. Are you wearing smooth worsted odd trousers?  If so, they belong with a jacket in the same material i.e. a suit. Just about anything else would be better.  Lite grey light weight flannels would be my choice.
New Posts  All Forums: