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     Hey EliodA-  who did the POW?   I'm loving it, and most of the gray POWs posted here recently.  Thery're so versatile-  suit most complexions, dress up and down, and pair with any accessory u throw at them
  For the love of God jk take better pics!   It's frustrating cos your fits r pretty awesome .....      
  maybe-  but isn't too close in color to the SC?  You could try something in the color of the Deco.  
  Shanks it is, then  .    Solid silk knit would be perfect IMO,  burgundy or navy, say, depending on the color of your shoes  + no square, or maybe linen or plain ivory silk jammed in there.  Be a cool look.
 Longshanks-  if I may call u that -  my opinion, FWIW, and I mean it constructively,  is that there's too much going on here.    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.  Dial it back some, and then dial it back a little more.   A Db SC on its own is  FU even in a solid.  I ask you-  how often do u see a guy strolling down the street in a DB sports jacket?   True-   Not often. Maybe 1 Db for every 10 Sb SCs, and even those aren't common.  But throw in an orange tie +  red square...
terrific HC do they CMT?
 congrats on the one of three  
 I've been wanting to see this fit -  navy suit, yellow neat -  for quite a while.  Looks good!  Did someone already say this needs solids, solids, solids? IMO
Hi guys         Excuse the rumplification-  been in this suit for loooong time today
Xmas in July?  I like the cut & festive wintery look Tchoy.  I sourced some Johnston's cashmere  in a similar color but with a blue box check (no HB)  recently & can't wait to have it made up.   Yours looks super-comfy
New Posts  All Forums: