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Hi guys   [[SPOILER]]   
 Eliod really?  Reaaaaaaly?  Friedrich altho blue and purple are adventurous this looks great IMO  the pents there are mid to dk gray IRL  Don't know what's happened to the color in that pic.  But then Taka would look good in a burlap sack and a black leotard.    i'd love to get me some of that fullness in the sleevehead-  it's a cut that works well with skinny guys. Butler, the length in that DB is extraordinary -  Defies  the half-half convention -  but  
 You won't find much love for a Windsor in any iteration here-  they are symmetrical and look mannered.  The size of the knot is going to depend on the tie too, and there's no reason a four in H cant fill a collar notch like that.  e.g.    [[SPOILER]]         huh, I've used that same shot of Barbera  IIRC to make a similar point.  But really, it's not a great fit of his IMO.   +1 very dark grey odd trews can work if textured  not a smooth worsted which looks like 'I have...
  Have u got the trews for that jacket?  I hope so, cos a smoothish worsted solid grey odd jacket with peak lapels is a  strange beast.   Not very useful.  On the other hand the whole suit would be baller with that white shirt (the collar of which is perfectly in proportion with the lapels of the jacket) and say a black silk knit rather than that tie..  .  The Windsor knot looks bad here IMO  Go the 4 in H.    
 I don't recall travelling with a Fresco, so I can't give u informed comment there, but  I have taken an iron to the trouser knees after a long day's wear and been pleased wi'th how responsive it's been.  As I said b4, it's a bit like linen the way it crisps-up under a bit of heat (cotton cloth in between of course).FYI  HFW  sells online if you're having trouble sourcing Minnis.
 I think it was Gdl who vehemently dislikes the heavier weight, and IIRC a few others have chimed in with similar opinions in the past.  If u don't like warm why bother with it?  The mid-weight drapes well +  it has a stiffness about it like linen when pressed  -  and the see- through is not an issue IME  (I have some souits in the mid)  as long as u don't get a lining in a bright color. Thats important.   To an aficionado  Fresco says Summer, but to me the unique texture...
  GOAT of Kung Fu movies     Thanks for posting, Vasiliev is the Man  I voted for all of you cos You're all Winners.     (ok, Sienfeld ref, but I really mean it )
 Wouldn't this be uncomfortable Kolecho?  Prolly too hot and heavy.  Lots of ppl say the mid-wt is best.
   I like a soft shoulder. It's hereditary-  I have a pic of my GGrandfather in 1870 wearing a suit with the same soft sloping shoulder.     (Apart from the very high buttoning point and low gorge it's not that different from the one I'm wearing in my pic)
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