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   FYI  good article on Fresco just released on the NMWA sitealso FWIW-  Fresco pro-  presses beautifully, like linen almost so nice crisp look off the board Con-  i find the pants slightly scratchy, so don't rec going tight with them
 Minnis 511 with the jacket half lined it wears pretty cool
     Those chalk stripes (that's how HFW describes them)   look much more subtle than I expected them to be from the  thumbnail.  I think  they're perfect for a suit, but I'm still attracted to this cloth  for a conservative SC if that's how you intend to wear it too Claghorn.   The pattern matching is superb -  e.g.  the back of the collar.  The  sleeve head is beautifully even and I love the way the collar rolls over the  shoulder.    From those shots you've got nothing...
 aah cheers, useful answer, better get a swatch then.  Have been wary of mohair for its rockstar connotations but this looks tempting. 
Anyone familiar with this Yorkshire maker? I love the look of it.  this mohair is around 8-9 oz, curious to know where in the formality spectrum a standard 2B SB would be in this cloth  
   damn those Milanese jerks wear nice loafers  Not a loafer fan, but I'd get these    Prince Michael (the real one) doesn't bother.   his prerogative as a Windsor.  fair enough 
  pics or it didn't happen 
   Better than Stichy, Claghorn and SB in ball gowns, I'll give u that.    AAS I was thinking 'Is that even possible??' Mind blown.  bit flat perhaps, you could throw in a white bar to amp up the contrast   HRH uses a WhiteOut TM pen on his
  Makes a nice blazer       hem looks okay but alteration can throw the pocket balance out a bit, all depends. Awwwwwsm look BTW  u can edit ur post to spoiler for a few days yet.  little pencil icon, bottom left of post 
I really like this ^^^^ well paired combo- the yellow tie and the navy, Sotiris.  Maybe the best pairing for yellow.   Seajen, to my mind that fit would look just as good, perhaps better sans neckwear.  Very nice casual jacket, with sunnies you're good to go on the Riviera.    @Sander, you're so tall I guess that was the only way they could get all of u in the shot. Great fit.
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