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   yes- I mean the one where you're wearing a hat.  Took a moment to focus but that suit fits you pretty much perfectly, IMO.  and it seems to slim you, which isn't true for most DBs you see . BTW  is the color a kind of aubergine? Very unique.   You poor bastard you've gotta helluva high standard to live up to now after that awsm first fit-      IMO the white shirt looks too formal in this context +  what others have said re the jacket. Love those loafers.  You're an...
Hi guise- lotsv awsm lately.  The DB looks stunning, Stitchy.          
  hmm, thanks! had a look around n David Reeves swears by it.   Apparently Tonik's what Michael Caine wore in Get Carter.  badass
Anyone have an opinion on  Tonik versus  William Halstead's  Explorer- which is a 60/40 Kid Mohair/wool
 Noice CBD.   That color-  is it a steely blue-gray-  slightly shiny, maybe a touch of mohair?  There's a color that was popular in movies from the 1950s   (or was it just the film process? i dunno)  u don't see much anymore.  That slate-ish blue  that to me  is so adult. Kinda like the color of Cary Grant's ventless classic in 'North by North-West'.   I think SButch you've got one or two in that color?  Love it.   Awsm!  Those white? pants look great with that jacket....
  well then , when u put it that way  [[SPOILER]]   Crusty,  dayum
 Okay, no need to insult people you know.  I like the Ivy thing a lot.   awsm, and nice pic
Other than the wool and mohair there's a synthetic (polyester) component. 'Trevira' is a trademarked name for a bunch of polyesters- make in Germany I think. 
That's nice Cleav. Someone's gotta have a green suit with blue tie  amirite?  
New Posts  All Forums: