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   Flusser talks about the diff between Spits and Maccs in Dressing the Man, and IIRC they're the same basic design-  neats  - but one is larger than the other. Not sure which tho.  He describes them both as formal-ish and has some great pics of Grant and others wearing them.  FWIW IMO they both look better narrow with a small knot.  edit: The Spittalsfield appears to be a smaller denser pattern (tho that's opposite of Manton).  Found this one of Grant in a Spits (from...
  u have some nice repps YRR.. but a repp like that with navy (blazer?) should take a quieter square. Patterned square + tie in a 2 pattern fit is  sub-optimal-  esp when they're so colorful. 
lol thanks but err  posted that fit then checked out Vox today             
   [[SPOILER]]   Crusty a DB + bow?  that's sprezz Clags, beautiful
  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]  
Cleav it's a classic English repp i picked up from Harvey & Hudson IIRC. cheers
Morning guys.  Timo nice tie. David (Reeves- ^^^ )  that's fantastic.  Super high arms am i rite?    [[SPOILER]]
Feel like I dodged a bullet there, u had me second guessing YRR.  Interesting and informative (for me) comments.  SC is a worsted so not entirely rustic, and tie, tho neat, is a warm flower dot in 4 colors, so a little more countrified than most. edit: yeah linen square + shirt is (sky) blue 
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