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qualify:  'deeply disturbing' in an @ menswear kinda way, not deeply disturbing in a say, terorism, kind of way  
#1, #3 & #4 , esp  the ties, tho of the 3, #3 is outstanding.       but  deeply disturbed by the square angle in #1-  'if it's a folder, up to shoulder'- except for barchettas, which take a little origami sail
u could knock me over with a feather!  you're that guy?  
^^^   there's a guy online who sells rep stripes that reverse direction around the knot so that all the stripes go in a uniform direction rite thru.   no judgement on obsessive-compulsives but that's a small market niche
I really like this Timo-  rise, length of tie (ahem, ignoring the back-b), length of jacket complement one another, and really suit your proportions.  especially like those pants.  the knot of yr tie works so well with the cutaway.  shirt-jacket sleeves perfect. supa-nice           cashmere roks doesn't it?  i think my cashmere SC is my fav.  so lite and soft.  everything should be make out of it.  okay maybe not shoes.              
AC is a brown. 6125 is a dark red.But there's quite a bit of variation within any one Vass color IME.To be sure of a clearer difference u could consider straight dark brown, a nice versatile colorl to r. .. AC, Dk Brown, 6125 Dark Cog, Red Cog.
1st page / thread man. These r mine- U cap Oxfords forget the Cognac. The leather is red. Ferrari red.
Hi guise. Nice shoes Macarthur. Old timers have seen these, but i just took them outta mothballs and discovered a new appreciation for them. Made by Demeter- Halmos in Budapest. Hand welted- pegged. Norwegers- with a small lake like the JL Bordor or the iconic French shoe - forget the name. Freudenberg calf. I wanted something solid but dressy, that i could wear with a suit. So went for a dark brown and three guarter goiserer in the same color to maintain the formality....
IIRC the issue of SB's quarters was discussed and settled here sometime in '11.
[quote I think that's the nicest overall KW suit I've seen. I do think that his suit proportions would benefit from some shoulder padding. [/quote] cheers HF- could be wrong but i think this is a Wang spalla. There are more struxtured options. Devil. Butch, Choc, Nuts absolutely smacking it.
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