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   Nice. those patch pockets look out of proportion tho  JR-  smapper and less rounded be better, if u can IMO
  from his site- E G Cappelli-  I have that tie, lined, and love it
  Cappelli does this lined if u prefer it that way.  makes a better knot IMO  
   change out the buttons to a contrasting brown horn may help dD, but really, a solid charcoal odd jacket, even when it fits as well as that one, is prob  the least wearable u can have.  Be good as part of a suit tho apart from that it works with this tweed, this paisley's a two-tone.  Narrow spectrum, matte, muted +  paired with sedate fit =  IMO
  +1 my own way of thinking - the blazer suit.  I have a straight navy Fresco coming, with brown horn buttons.  That's the attraction of the box check Fresco-  SC + suit too.   maybe not the trews separate tho. That SS with the contrast buttons and the texture would work as an SC as well.  I'm wary of a top patch tho- my squares get claustrophobic
Clags that looks great in that pic- suit or SC?   We're looking at the Fresco?
  CD-  your judgement is usually spot on, but this is a tough-love situation.  That green's just not gonna make it.  Let it go, or give it to AAS.convo'd with YRR earlier in the week about green SCs- they don't play well IMO. The one's that seem to work usually have quite a bit of moss or olive + other colors in tweedy patterns, but even then.. I'd like to see a good one.    
that suit b4 roks Stitches  
  those lapels r fabuloso.  crazy, but they work on u    i don't have to tell u he's super-conservative, & a different aesthetic to WAYWN.  he benchmarks the rules and that's awsm, but train-wrecks aside it'd be a dull thread if we all conformed . I like faux tweedy Italian jacketings too much, for one thing     the cut of that jacket's great.  A personal thing, buit the purple with the blue (more than with the white) not sure about
thanks !   Vass P2 last, 3-eyelet blucher dk brown scotch grain
New Posts  All Forums: