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 3.5" wide!  I've been looking for a wide silk knit like that since the Jurassic.  Must try.
  like the tie
  +1 to the accolades.  Suit with attitude  Shoos are perfect too. 
 maybe the 16" great wave then.  the IJ's a very saturated, but some have some nice blues in the middle right where u need them
  Roycru,  master of understatement. @sugarbutch  background prob solved ^^
Paint daubs-  For context, it's important to retain at least some of the sense of the light and shadow of the original background, because that's of a piece with the light and shadow of Butch himself in that pic. And it makes your knick-knacks look painterly and arty instead of just nasty.  The other methods don't do this at all, making you look like you're in poorly executed 1970s blue-screen dream sequence land.   
 fewer than most IMO      more salesman than hitman  
 I'd like the 16" option. It looks awsm.  BTW I just found these squares by Ikire Jones  aka SF dude 'Woe.is.me' -   the actual pics are not necessarily my cup of java, but they're wool/silk, quality work = some would look great in the pocket IMO    
One of your best IMO GMMcL.  BTW u have the 'great Wave' square I'm guessing, any comment on the quality?
 love those shoos.  go with anything There's a Mr Kuti at Vass in Budapest who can sort u out.  u need to send him-1. style (e.g. 'Adelaide' or 'Old English II" etc)2. last  e.g. F, U, P2 etc3. color  e.g. cognac, antique cognac etc4. your size  in European or UK eg. '43.5' or 'UK9.5' No need for measurements, they make the shoes to the standard sizes, but u need to be aware that the lasts are different widths and fits.  thanks! It's Cappelli-  a challis, which IMO is his...
New Posts  All Forums: