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RD-  I particularly like the tie-SC-pants blues n yellows.  I can't tell the color of the shirt.  My feeling tho is that u could have a bit of a color bomb going up top- mebe drop one?  The tie and square are so nice on their own but bit shouty together.  I really like what your reaching for here. 
probably my thick neck is the prob.  yes, flannels.
Hi guise-  Clags you're smacking it lately. Spooky that it nice.   the button-down collars gotta be like the greatest American contribution to meanswear am i rite, not that this one here's great, but they really do work with well with some kind of SCs.   Casmere tie Cashmere SC button down BB of course! linen Flannels          
Clags fantastic sky blue dk choc combo. Butler- Timeless. Classic. Thx to SB's fit for the idea Burgundy knit tie and shirt by H&H KW unicorn hunt square- BB SC EG Dovers 82 last deets
SB I agree with other comments on this fit.  I really likie the SC cloth-  is that a Fresco too?  also nice color                       +1-  very James Bond.  Or something  CBD like a straight black sheeny repp
Thank you  for the thumbs on the suit   Camel SC Woven tie, linen PS wholecuts              
qualify:  'deeply disturbing' in an @ menswear kinda way, not deeply disturbing in a say, terorism, kind of way  
#1, #3 & #4 , esp  the ties, tho of the 3, #3 is outstanding.       but  deeply disturbed by the square angle in #1-  'if it's a folder, up to shoulder'- except for barchettas, which take a little origami sail
u could knock me over with a feather!  you're that guy?  
New Posts  All Forums: