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 ^^^ mixed colors  metaphors- not so much 
      Best not to mention them-  Neapolitan tailor/wizards who mysteriously mess with the set of i-gents' sleeves
  Doh   but cheers-  will ask tailors/cordwainers to rush current orders
    Worth a requote ^^     Citan you've got a slim shape, that's obvious, and u don't need yr clothes to wear like a wetsuit to sho it.   IMO soft-structured jackets don't need a pinched waist to look good, and a decent physique shows without the supression because minimally structured clothes are more responsive to 3D movement.
good look ^^   tobacco suede bluchers would lighten the mood
    nah  AFAIK  F Corbera is the Ecuadoran porn star ...  'El Pistolino'.   Him, or the natural son of the DOW and Jackie O- they were both in Boston at times in the early 60s and he had a thing for Americans.
    Spoo yr jacket looks shorter because of the contrast with the color of your pants too.   And cos Vox is Vox 
    noice-     but kilt would look better cuffed
Suit's linen from Gieves and Hawkes via Stephen. Linen tie., shoes Vass again.         
          OMG  best SF ever     (apologies guys, but this is gold)
New Posts  All Forums: