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  Looks great IMO-    shoulders are a fraction on the wide side, but I don't think they look  too extended.   The rule of thumb is that the sleeve should drop in a straight line from the shoulder edge:  neither a deltoid bulge (too narrow) nor a cavity at the top of the sleeve (wide).  Nipping the waist isn't necessary IMO
 You may feel like you've developed an undeserved reputation as the thread's curmudgeon, always playing a tune no-one wants to hear, but IMO there's been a slight but positive shift towards more understated fits since you started posting regularly-  for example, Gerry Nelson, deservedly, gets a lot of love for his quiet elegance.   Question:  so where is a grenadine more optimal than a silk knit?  I love grenadines but there's no substitute for a silk knit when you really...
 guess there's lots to say about what's wrong with that paisley but you've got some sprezz going:  so I'd like to see more
  Auberon Waugh on suede shoes- 'Only a shit would wear them'.  As for me, big s**t (sorry, suede lover) here.
Noice GN-  What's not to like about a well-cut gray suit and a white shirt?   I could be happy right now with a work wardrobe consisting entirely of:    5.suits in different shades of gray   5 blue and white spread collar shirts 3 silk knit ties in black, navy and bitter chocolate Oxfords in dk brown, light brown and black  infinite pairs socks in melange gray  a white linen square.   okay +  all Rubinacci's PSs
very lite flannel if I understand rite  -  texture without discomfort
 Only a cad would wear them.  Fine if they're light in color I guess.   
 It's the dandified look (no judgement)  I want to avoid.  truth   I had to give up on GYW shoes-   no fun wearing a couple of ticking time bombs-  the gemming could explode any second     Wouldn't most of us have  between say 10 and  50 pairs of dress shoes?  so not even a favorite shoe gets worn more than a couple dozen times a year.   Chances of gem failure are pretty remote.   Even Blake/rapide is fine if it's a nice looking shoe, IMO-    Mind u, I'd be howled down if...
this is it.    Has to be low contrast IMO.  Did a search and came up with these. hope Vox doesn't mind-  they all look great.  I have a suit like the first, but the hem is just a fraction too tapered on mine for the round toe. 
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