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Hi guise- new madder today- Cappelli      [[SPOILER]]   
 Hi Berob,  there won't be any one tie width that suits all your fits.   Appropriate width depends on the width of particular  lapels and collars in your wardrobe, and secondarily, on your own stature.  Happy experimenting. 
   yeah nice hand on the heavier Oxford cloth and the collars have that little bit of extra length.  not quite yr Mercer I guess, but the sizing is great off the rack.   the slim is just a bit slimmer than say the BB extra slim    
whooooooa!  what a line-up of awsmness  Betelgeuse, Pingson, Caustic, Spoo, Crusty & Timo, apologies if I've left out anyone.Pings, love those colors.  The tie especially-  cashmere?   And the pants-  moleskin? Me-OCBD Kamakura Silk EG Cappelli neatwhite linen (Hober)BB cashmere SCFlannelsC&J cordos      Deets  [[SPOILER]]     
I don't have the satin one, but my guess is that it's a lot softer.  Good news is that the shot silk squares def loosen and soften with wear and pressing, and they have more character.  the satin tends to look synthetic.  best avoided IMO  
 it's a class thing.  busmen, janitors etc wear navy.  just one of those 'it is what it is' things in MC.  
  totally agree.  perversely, I like my job and enjoy choking on my ties.  (edit: okay,  I don't enjoy it that  much)  I've been known to do a yoga class in a tie.  Not hot yoga -  Hatha, and it was outside, and kinda cold.   cheers man 
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