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damne that's good Cox
  Supposing that I have good taste (admittedly highly theoretical) I might demur that your tie choice robs the fit of the piquancy that contrast provides and that your linen hank would be more properly angled up to the shoulder than to the lapel.
It is fugly.  There is def a rule against that. 
 shoos with a bit of red in them, perhaps
yeah what's up with that ^^^ Cox?  You're not supposed to do that.  I do like the suit.  Brown suits'r tricky with shoes, but a cognac/tan oxford or tobacco suede might work well. 
 I'm sure he is a terrific fella, but I am disappoint, u could have fit battles with Braddock/Sander.
By AAS standards -  which I feel I've come to appreciate, if not love, reasonably well -  this is an outstanding fit IMO  There's no part of the visible spectrum unrepresented, it has Blackwatch, and a contrasting vest too, so what's not to like?
 For a billionaire, you're well-dressed.  I'll give u that   So now I'm speculating who on these boards is your partner.  Patrick Booth or Film Noir Buff don't seem likely.   Beautiful  It's (loafers + DB) an off-point look, IMO. But knowing that Crat knows his stuff I just put this down to awsm sprezz.  Great look steffen  ^^^  In fact all the last half dozen r awsm, cept mebe Clag's Steve McQueen   Not yr usual brilliance C dude
Pinstripe DB + pennies =  bawz  ^^ 
You're thorough. I tend  to be a bit more half-assed-  take a wild stab and hope for the best when it comes to purely aesthetic choices.  I really like the 57 plaid and the 18 birdseye tho.Your Tonik looks fantastic.
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