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i just like dogs... 
  Well I'm assuming a Coolidge original -   half a million bucks now google tells me
 Are those dogs watching some other dogs playing pool? Love the pic.
 I do like that coat.
 Summer = lighter weights +  lighter colors.  The pic's overexposed.  Of course, you're entiled to your opinion, netbro. 
Nice Kent  ^^^  n  shout out to Kent for my SC today
It's a Summer weight cloth up top- so I have to disagree with u there AAS. 
He looks nice here but it aint always so ..
uh okay-  All solids need  a near-perfect fit IMO cos there's nothing else to distract. With a solid brown tie perhaps a non-brown shoe.  Foo's great on MC styling in that broader sense IMO and could learn MR (and Luca) a thing or 2
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