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Than you to everyone who gave me a thumbs up.         re- an earlier comment about similar size patterns being a no no, I see it differently-  to me the overcheck (on GDL's tie at left, on Foo's SC at right) is enough to distinguish tie and jacket patterns even tho the base patterns are similar.  .  
      Bengal can u shed any lite on who AS might be producing these Vass lookalikes for?   the trees appear to be by Kiss; the Norweger on the 2nd bottom left is all but identical  to the Vass classic  
Gotta hand it to u guise- GMMcL, Spoo, HC some very nice fits here.   Opinions about chocolate and caramel/Sienna together appreciated-  too close?.  Hober, Drakes, Vass - the usual suspects.               
    cognac is a yellow, and 6319 is chestnut.  Antic Cog is a red-brown, 6215 is a dark red and the most versatile shoe color, period.  Contrasts nicely with trews in greys, browns, and navys whereas shoes in browns look too similar to tan and brown pents.   6319 is a good Summery color.     Cognac     6319 Cognac-           l to r-  antique Cog, Dk Brown, 6125 Cog, Red Cog
Keepin it light. 6 fold tie in a  light Japanese wool-linen, dry and crisp.    Blazer is 120s wool, half-lined.    EG Chelseas, chestnut on the 202, lightly antiqued.   Pents are  part of a suit in a sienna/caramel  8oz merino   Square is a Kelim from Drakes, wool-silk, a nice blend for squares-  doesn't bunch, flat light reflection, beautiful dessicated feel.  I'm a bit iffy about pairing this tie/PS,...
Ozark Mountain Daredevils -  thats rite   The Eagle Rock-  groooooves.  Daddy Cool  
    I thght i was looking at a pensive young Jerry Sienfeld for a sec   Southern Style-  that sweater's just not Cricket man.  Otherwise, keep it up, your fits are audacious, and fun.   TTO  killing it
  yeah - as someone else said, I guess he means the current POW.   Vox for showing what can be done with good taste and seemingly limitless resources (and a sense of the ridiculous)   Foo for his ability to explain why some things combine well and some things don't.  He can be abrasive but he knows his stuff.  There's a few others on this forum but these two are standouts IMO
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