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  Cheers all, I appreciate your input.    More or less equal spread between the three:  4 votes for #1, 3 votes for #2, 2 votes for #3.    The dark Choc at the bottom is already happening, and if Igo ahead with one of the others I'll post a comparison pic and ask for your input on the flipside.    Kulata, interesting u don't like windowpanes in blues generally.  I can understand your aversion to that particular sky blue, but blues in general of course tend complement the...
 I'm concerned about this too-  It might just work tho with mid-gray flannel trews, solid blue shirts matching the check + a solid darkish ties, no square.   Disclosure: I'm getting a jacket in 3, just undecided on the other 2. 
   fits u perfectly 
 Maybe your brown jacket's okay as an SC then, but the lapels are a problem IMO  I have a large-ish head, and from your pic it appears that u may too.  Narrow lapels, collars and ties don't do me any favors..  Thx for your opinion on the cloth .  I'm going to get that one.
 cheers!  poor pics.. 3 is a dark chocolate ground with navy check IRL I'm worried that 1 is a bit too bold, but at least it's bold that'll work into a fit okay
Quik poll.  Which of these  for a cold weather SC? I'm liking number 1      
  oh so what have u got against the Scots? bit hypocritical isn't it? [[SPOILER]]
  Clags now am I? I agree wit u in general LA Guy.     To be fair, this is WAYWRN, not a taste or fit-crit thread.   There's always been a ton of train-wrecks here (many of them are the offerings of regular posters who are completely impervious to advice, no matter how blunt ).    And you have to read between the lines, because although for the most part it's pretty civil it's also clear that many regular posters show a lot of forbearance in not  trashing every other fit.  
  I'll give u my opinion, but it's not pretty:    [[SPOILER]]     You are swimming in that.  Right call on the exchange     It's entertaining, Spectre.   Braddock's always been @menswear.  (That's how he and Sander and a few others make a living. ) I've posted lots of pattern fits like it-  not as successfully -  and I know that most of my 4-pattern fits have been more about visual impact than 'good taste', which you'll find more of in this  thread. Having said that:...
New Posts  All Forums: