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Cappelli challis.  I like their challis best. .. really substantial ties; deep rich color & no sheen
 sleuthing!   That back-brace's gotta bad rap ....also gets the blame for preventing him from ducking the 2nd (fatal) bullet.  So you're saying he's short ?    like the lapel - tie - collar - shoulders here  great job on the waist fitting IMO Betelgeuse   those shoos, classics  A jacket with that tie cloth would be     beautiful  Cox, u have a thing for earthy colors amirite?
  thanks!  It's navy-  part of a blazer-suit.  With charcoal trews here, so maybe not enough contrast  I had the jacket made with contrast buttons, and it's in a Fresco for texture, but perhaps I should also have gone with patch pockets and a 3 roll 2.  I think it's kinda borderline as a separate, but all I can do now is change out the buttons - a lighter mottled brown might work better..I really like the strong earthy colors you've been using, and hte natural lite is...
EliodA-  whichever, color's awsm, batik, the Kampung.. maybe it influences u?       [[SPOILER]]   
 u look vaguely familiar, but regardless, great outfit beautifully photo'edThere is something Indonesian about your colors EliodA-  very rich    u guys are all matchy today.   nice spring look   i hear u.  Pretty much on conservative grays and blues since clawing  back from rock bottom.  Every now and then I see a trigger and have to go to my higher power ( Manton)
 Sansimeon really nice colors. This would slso be awsm with loafers & sans tie    Wait a minute... Tommy?  nice Fez TTO     u guys look great    
Mossrocks nice    Ça va, SA?  
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