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  FYI  Cox.  ^^^^^
 Can't b a coincidence.  the Fox-tooth has a video
 lulz@Foxtooth-  recognise this guy?   Grey SC's r tricky IMO.  Well done.  @Newcomer That NMWA?  Great SC
 Choc is 6 and a half feet plus.  2" cuff is pretty standard for average height guys.   +1 on others' comments, this is really a beautiful fit IMO.  Don't often see a a hard 3 that looks this good. Deets on cloth and make would b great.Edit_  Sart Part huh?  nice cut
  Think u may have 'pattern-mania'.  As a fellow sufferer (in recovery)  I know the signs.  I wouldn't try to go cold turkey.  Better to gently reduce by say one pattern for a couple weeks, see how you get used to it.  If okay, drop it back again.  Don't rush it, and try to avoid 'triggers' that'll tempt you to fall off the wagon-  SF meet-ups, scrolling thru early Whnay's good taste thread, posts by members like Crusty,  or Southern Style.  Remember to block AAS.   ...
Move on, nothing to c here      
 As good a casual fit as any I've see, IMO
 You're getting mohair shoes?   I think your mohair suit may look great with contrasting tobac brothel creepers. Very louche.
 Brown shoes with a black suit  - fairly confident this is not a good look.
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