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nice fits Flyswatter and Monkeyface thanks for the likes 10 pages back ! [[SPOILER]]
    Kai nice look.  u'd need a tash n goatee to look like the Colonel IMO.  Hows the Dupioni feel? HRH wears it quite a bit when he's visiting the colonies, but a lot of peeps say it wears warm.  
thanks man.  working in A/C it just don't matter what i wear
    This is - fresco linen broadcloth and  raw silk up top + cool wool and boxcalf   Holdfast that jacket rox and the fit too- seems to suit your style. 'Paisley'- lgreen jacket
thanks for the ratings, very kind   [[SPOILER]]
sandals, socks, shorts together is like a trifecta of sartorial-challengedness   cashmere POW SC Drakes tie Hober linen H&H shirt Flannels Vass        
rocking it like crazy Derek and hey thanks for the vibes! ..         [[SPOILER]]
    Hi guise-  nice work Kai, Org and bernouilli and congrats on the loud tie challenge   Me channelling  Fred-  where is he BTW?   PRL Drakes Hober Vass
    pazzion your PS shouldn't fill the whole pocket like that. And  angle it down towards the lapel side.  nice tie
New Posts  All Forums: