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 +1  I get mine half lined and sure, a little conscious of it for the first few wearings but  then it's fine.  All cloth gets softer with wear. Fresco fact:  Had a motorcycle accident in a Fresco suit (10 oz) recently.  Busted up my knee.  Apart from a little blood that washed out the pants were undamaged. 
 I was lucky enough to be part of Slewfoot's run:
 good to know FM.    I can imagine a suit cut in R&T but in a modern style would really rok- high gorge, low buttoning, open quarters,  flat front
  Man I would love to get me some of that old Reid & Taylor stuff-  in a solid, as lite weight as possible, but with  that signature  R&T hatching  -  'drape beautifully, wear like iron, feel like silk'   That's really nice SB, IMO.  Thanks for the comments about the tan suit   I'll invest in some tan colored socks.  I like the fact that that one is not a very saturated color-  which works best for my skin tone. I'm thinking of getting another in the wheat or sand Fresco,...
 Nice FH  -  Bit of cuff showing would lift it up a level iMO
thanks EFV, and yes grey. Pity. But snap, I was just this second admiring your SB SC on your site  
Hi guise, getting on a roll with simplicity. Tan & navy.  
 The Jermyn II was the grail shoe when I joined the forum.   Because they're essentially whole-cuts I think monks can sometimes look shapeless on the foot.  Right now I'm going thru a love (single) monk phase.
confused again Connery or Gert Frobe? or possibly this one on the right?   [[SPOILER]]
 +1  Uh..I misread Spectre's post.  Spectre I don't know what you mean by lack of contrast- surely there's a lot of difference between darkish browns and lightish grays?And to complicate things u post a mid-gray chalkstripe suit with  mole suedes & a gray tie. Or am i crazy? Edit:  I like those fits u just posted Spectre, that light jacket in the firs pic looks like a great fit from that angle. 
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