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ScBrown - only because u ask my friend- Jacket too tight suit needs a press Tie is not good:discard shirt likewise Those socks should never be worn with suit. boss or no boss ps fail. Fold it narrower and angle down towards lapel. Forgive my honesty (:
  Hey nice suit.  not sure about the red silk- little bit Xmas.  like the tie     lol -  square tilts the other way tho
Like it ^^ Tactical-  nice blend of colors that reminds me of Manton's good taster below.   is the jacket part of a suit?   [[SPOILER]]
  lol they're pretty out there.  I ordered them in a cognac color, but the maker couldn't source it so I settled for this, which I'd only seen in pics.  I think of them more as a nite-time shoe   Your fits are always well thought out (and well-cut) and they gotta a real 'working wardrobe' feel from u.  
  thanks for your kind words   How bout Hober tho? David Hober'll sort u out with a linen-  and u cld grab some of his awsm madders and grenadines and twills and...   Frankly, you just can't get off that train 
Chocosa looking great Mr Jester I like that combo-  square it up with plain white linen?     BB Fitzgerald Plaid SC- in the Saxxon wool, feels mebe a little bit smoother, not sure Drakes ancient madder tie and Rubi square Marcoliani & Vass-  U last with the U cap              
The tie bar's at a higher level of affectation than the square IMO not a fan of jewellrry on men, no offence to anyone, I know a lot like it. And a square is just exponenentially hsrder to get rite. I like that challenge
From what I can make out on the cell screen Red Devil thats pretty great. Trying out a 'feature' item- orange tie challenge: BB SC H&H tie with super thick inter Rubi 'goes with everything' Victory Marcos EG Chelseas
New Posts  All Forums: