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  thanks for the info. there's good vintage and bad vintage, and FWIW i think u make that work.  I have a jacket in the same cloth, different pattern (a gunclub) Terrific dry cloth with a bit of texture  very very nice Cleav.  I'm feeling pedantic I guess, but that square bothers the heck outtame.  Needs some pizzaz,some rakish angling.    fit GMMcL. i admire yr adventurousness.  Camera could go higher IMO makes u look chesty there  IMO u do very well considering your...
cashmere + madder  [[SPOILER]]
 Looks great, and thanks..   I'm looking for that design in a lighter  wool-silk or wool-silk-linen +  with a blue overcheck.  
 Stencil's on the $s IMO- Minnis is coarser but I don't find it uncomfortable at all 
Some terrific fits last page     GMMcL I third that sentiment-  Those suits  deets: Dugdale/Kent Wang MTM Kamakura Henry Carter grenadine Simonet-Goddard cotton Bresciani Vass
  I think the gorge looks  .....    nah, not going there. Love the pinstripe shirt.  
 same year my daughter was born  
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