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    and/or want the best for their children-    it's not exactly the same but about 90% of women choose to abort foetuses that thru amniocentesis in the 2nd trimester  have been identified with  chromosomal abnormalities  eg the one associated with Down's Syndrome -  and that proportion has climbed steadily over the last few decades.  Not saying it's not a tough decision, and I'm not judging them, but does make me uneasy.   we're rolling down that slippery slope.   If it...
    Variation on a theme:  waiting in line at the supermarket checkout.  Long queue.  Operator scans  items of person up front who's had minutes to prepare for the transaction.  Operator says  'That'll be $x please' .   Customer  looks at operator like she's just been asked to whistle dixie and hop on one leg - 'Say what?  oh  yeah, i'm in a shop!  whaddaya know,  I gotta pay money here'  and proceeds to rummage thru handbag, find purse, go thru 50 credit cards...
    While there's plenty of evidence that there's a general correlation between stature and success in life it's only a statistical correlation and not at all inevitable.  So there're plenty of anomalies; plenty of people of shorter stature who are wildly successful, and plenty of taller peeps who are .. not.    I guess the things that sometimes bother me about my own children's life chances-  level of intelligence, lack of confidence, for example  -  tend to be my...
  Narrangansett Leather  custom belts -  google them
      ...   inferno, burn baby burn.     I can see a brown revival coming the world over
It was this pic i posted here in March. Vass-ish shoes at the AS factory in Northhampton.  The trees look like Vass/Berta. the Norweger, 2nd bottom row, left, looks a lot like the Vass style.   still curious about the provenance and/or arrangement AS may have with Vass, and I was surprised when G mentioned Vass was moving to Goodyear welting.   I checked my own recent Vass and they're all hand welted FWIW    
+1 WTF  How many people have gotten beneficial outcomes from carrying, as opposed to a devastating ones for themselves and/or others?  just dumb.
    Hard to believe but DL the guy has some kind of out there IQ.  Like super - genius or summat.   they shld give him better lines
 ^^^ mixed colors  metaphors- not so much 
      Best not to mention them-  Neapolitan tailor/wizards who mysteriously mess with the set of i-gents' sleeves
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