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Gravity-  good movie   Sandra Bullock rox
I've been drifting along, happily believing that my socks r no different to anyone else's- and even smugly thinking, if i'm really honest, that my socks are 'in good taste'
Cheers - it's Brooks Brothers. A plaid in Saxxon wool, which they say has a superior hand to the usual stuff. Feels a little smoother i guess but I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell the difference blind.Like your suit today Timo i think the complementing shirt and jacket patterns with a plain tie, as u have here, is often more elegant than patterned tie n square, or tie n jacket
 apparently yes ..  i like this tidbit- January 1925, United States president Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933) declared that he "wouldn't be caught dead" wearing Oxford Bags. That spring the John Wanamaker department store began marketing the trousers in the United States/..more: http://www.fashionencyclopedia.com/fashion_costume_culture/Modern-World-1919-1929/Oxford-Bags.html#ixzz2hO7hPMFd
more here..   http://www.ivy-style.com/dateline-1929-princeton-invents-brown-tweed-grey-flannel-combo.html    'Princeton guys essentially wrote the rulebook for dressing Ivy. Here they are credited with popularizing the wearing of brown odd jackets with grey flannel trousers in 1929. It’s from an April, 1935 passage in a publication called the Fashion Group Bulletin'.  
 thanks ! CD -  great square. what make?  
Cord likes brite color ties n squares IMO. its so flat and light absorbing.Pings. Thx for the comment. Shout out to RD for the Cappelli madder rec:slayer:
Hi guise- new madder today- Cappelli      [[SPOILER]]   
 Hi Berob,  there won't be any one tie width that suits all your fits.   Appropriate width depends on the width of particular  lapels and collars in your wardrobe, and secondarily, on your own stature.  Happy experimenting. 
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