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    I'm curious about these AS Budapesters.  Some of them look extraordinarily like Vass, especially the upper stitching on the Norweger, and the shoe trees appear to be made by Vass' maker, but are badged differently.  The soles are different too, prob not Rendenbach.  Anyone know where they're sold, and as what?     The bottom left shoe appears to be a Peal and Co for Brooks Brothers.  
  This Rose  on the top right is my fav AS color-  unique AFAIK
wow looks great    
extraordinary tie and nice jacket Anden, but not too sure about the pairing for obvious reasons-  love the challis-style square too  
cheers but nah-  I mean both sides of my family.  My father and maternal g-mother both had bowel removed, but Dad's still going strong 10 yrs later.  Brother and sister have both had a  colonoscopy and say it's no big deal.   I'm glad u brought this up tho -  I need to arrange for one myself.
              In Stitches has gas And now rough winds do shake the Darling buds of May    
I have colon cancer on both sides, so I know the scope is round the corner for me.  Others in my family say no big deal.  And 1. however weird it might feel for us it's all in a day's work for the medicos. 2. It's better than having 2 ft of gut removed, or worse.  
  'Hippos'? -   it's a false analogy.  Would you contract 'physics' to 'physic'?  If you did, you'd get an entirely different noun referring to something about which Einstein knew very little.   It's 'maths' in English speaking countries, including England of course.  'Math' is an exception used only in English-speaking US.   'Mathematics' is a singular noun ending in 's', of which 'maths' is a contraction.          
            Harrisons of Edinburgh Worsted 13 oz
New Posts  All Forums: