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crusty awsm, Cox also
 okay saw it, looks good in grey.  Is a blue sharkskin a thing? Oyster has them, ut  I seem to see mosly greys
  SF member Montesquieu.  LL shetland SC by Steed AFAIK
 I think Janeway would appreciate this.  Say Hi to 7/9   Outstanding IMO.  Cappelli madder? seen it in other colorwaysNice combo ns, what are the shoes?
 Love the tweed.
Cheers, I like it a bit rough, the sharkskins particularly, and the birdseye  looks good too.
   it has that vibe-  industrial, institutional, lifeless 
  This guy prolly didn't know any better at the time.  I like it tho.  It's 'wrong' but with the rite sprezz anything's possible.
Harrison's Oyster - someone whose judgement I appreciate has recommended it.  Any thoughts on look, performance v others favs in the similar weight?
cue Kulata 
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