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Love the coat, tie's a bit .. scary 
 Luddite here- so  uploading 'small' 'med' or 'large' determines the size it looks on your monitor or the quality (pixel density?) of the picture?  cheers!
Meanwhile in the bathroom  
Damn nice Noodles
  I don't like, cept maybe #5.  #1 = ridiculous point collar, #2 = tonal dissonance, #3= shirt is too lite, #4= don't like mauve, #6 needs fuller shirt collar, #7 is a good eg of bad use of a bold striped shirt,  #8 = horrible PS  #9 = tie color doesn't work Loud jackets IMO take textured solids best .. neutral shirt, solid casual tie (textured, knit, that picks up on a minor in the jacket) and  plain puffed PS.  great post K
  That's very sad, I'm sorry. My Dad was stationed in Hiroshima in Sept 1945 with former POWs from the Burma railway, Changi etc. Terrible stories,  some were unhinged -  what's called PTSD now.   Every nite one of the guys would disappear & Dad sent a detail to see what he was up to.  They found him in a side street, in full-dress,loaded rifle, with a bunch of local civilians, herding them like they were on a parade ground.  Made them pick up 44 gallon drums and carry...
HT I didn't see those flecks-  maybe same square then with a solid tie.  It's the square and tie that don't work together IMO
 I don't think I've seen you in anything this good before Heldo -  love the shirt (make?) love the tie.  Square doesn't gel IMO  -  a little too casual and colorful) but otherwise really terrific.   Always enjoy seeing your posts MrC-  great taste    @Betelgeuse great fit-  what r those trews? I love to see shades of brown in fits
  Beautiful cut.  Luke warm on the coth.
I've had double instead of single, rubber taps instead of metal, oxford instead of blucher, and red cog instead of cog.  Not complaing tho
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