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 depends if there's a lot of sniggering and laughter.  Or worse, commiseration
The fit looks good IMO nss +noice shoes- Carmina or Vass?
yeah very  dated  
   the top works better imo.  On the bottom the smooth texture (Harrison's Cachet?) and gunclub pattern look outta context & 'MC' for jeans
   I always like your shoe choices Kulata,  These have a nice front profile. Where from?
^^ at least there's still navy, midnight etc
I vote for a birdseye in 11 oz.   No way no how would it be too loud IMO unless ur thinking of going with ultra wide peak lapels n 2 ticket pockets. 
yeaaaaaaah, No.   Killer ensemble Don 
Hiya guise    
  Greg's the expert.  IDK if 9oz is too lite, but AFAIK sharkskin is very durable.  Bear in mind it may be a little shiny, have u gotta swatch?  Also have u considered getting  another Fresco in that weight?  Now that stuff is  bulletproof. looking back, that H&S pick and pick and the sharkskin I linked  r almost identical.  I think the names are interchangeable. 
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