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cue Kulata 
Silk knit (those funny ones with the flat bottom), grenadine silkm  as TP says, slubby raw silk aka shantung, wool, challis (wool or silk/wool) and silk with a madder print r all going to have a reduced 'cheap poly-satin shine' factor.  Kent Wang, Conrad Wu, Sam Hober & TM Lewin have decent ties in that price range.  If you think u might really get into ties, go Hober straight up. Doh!
 Wouldn't a DB have  to be longer than an SB, all other things being equal, because a DB is usually slightly broader (or appears to be) and needs more length to look proportionate? On jacket length in general, again, I think it's about overall proportion.  That's why 'half of the length from bottom of collar to heel'  works better than '2nd thumb knuckle' .  I feel I can get away with a slightly longer suit jacket than SC-   the suit jacket runs into trews in the same...
Spando is awsm,  brown on brown combos r the bomb.  But Gerry's DB is just a perfect suit IMO  
2 + 3  too.  Darker is more versatile; green is tricky against a blue (shirt) ground but everyone should have one or two green ties IMO. beautiful ties!
 Not too boxy IMO.  Blackwatch is a Highlands regiments, but u knew that.  Music and art, eclectic.  But I've said b4 and I'll say it again, I love Cecilia Bartoli   Newsflash:  AAS-  this just in. You prob already have one, but just in case-   Blackwatch brolly with whangee handle at Drakes
AAS is a cool dude
 Cheers. I don't rag on AAS because he's/your a good sport and helps keep the thread interesting, even if I sometimes think that he/you looks like he got dressed in the dark at a vintage thrift store in the Scottish Highlands.  I liked the restrained color here, but it's still  Postmodern IMO - a camel DB SC with leather buttons + lapel pin is FU and casual;  a white shirt with FC's is unequivocally formal.  The matching tie/PS looks studied.  AAS isn't going for 'good...
 In what sense, Synthese?
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