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                                ^^ Sugar on Tits-    
Everyone ^^^^^^^^ above looking fantastic beautiful fits
Hi guise, SB, Betelgeuse, Henry C, Pings great fits.  Victor,  I'm a little bit scared after those pics- partly the knife, partly your expression, and a touch of 'has Urban Comp gotta sinister Russian alter-ego?'    Macclesfield 6-fold - Vanda  Broadcloth BD  BB SC -  BB Silk square - Rubinacci Vass      
  thx!   someone once suggest that that Hober grenadine become official Styfo neckwear 
Hi guys, factory-issue StyFo uniform today       
Wonderful Victor:)
e.g. Loud explosions in space lolLaurence Krauss ' The Physics of Star Trek' warp drive is possible. kind of
Cheers GC Yr a mountaineer Diaz? i just had a week climbing in New Guinea. Beautiful.Liked it. But i'm a sucker for any Sci-Fi. n Clooney was a hoot.
CD, GMcC, Conrad, DC love your stuff today/yesterday   Camel Angora SC today. FU enough on its own, so took a lead from el Stitches and went with texture n plain accessories Grenadine- Drakes w/ Ecru stripelite blue Kamakura & lite blue linen (Henry  Carter)flannnelsOxbloods- Vass       deet [[SPOILER]]   
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