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thx.  shoes r great!      perfect for Vegas
        deets on the shoes n neckwear E ?
Guys.  Not for the challenge    [[SPOILER]]  
  there are varying paternal age effects associated with different genetic abnormalities.  The effect for Down's Syndrome is  small compared to the maternal age effect      but the effect for bipolar is significant  Just a thought-  what about all the clothes and style advice u could pass on to EFV Jr ?  
 this was my experience.  I almost feel like a big brother to my son  (I don't think he sees me that way) but definitely a Dad to my daughter altho she's the younger of the two. you give me the chills SeaJen.  I kinda like to think I could go again .  The upside of your situation is that  you probably have a lot  more smarts and wisdom to give them as an older Dad.
 It's not at all bad, but this is one the few fits of yours I'm not feeling -  the collar on the shirt, the shoulders and chest on the SC, and of course the color of the ties/shoes.   Like it a lot DC.       just walk away, Spectre.     I like the first one apart from the  sprezz.  Fills the contrast gap between tie n shirt?-  check.  Different scale design?-  check.  Adds  life to the fit?-  good.    I find that a patterned tie and  square against solids (or patterns that...
   lol. sorry guys was drun
[[SPOILER]]   awsm.  ths s turnng nto a grey sut and brown te chalehnge
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