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Vanda make some wonderful ties-  softest hand I've ever touched    
  My 2 cents, FWIW Mr 6, is ditch all those squares, none of which is particularly attractive or useful,  and go white linen.  Or invest in some decent squares that don't look like you've got the hanky your G'ma gave u for Xmas in yo pocket. Great suits, nice ties n shirts.
 I already have one ( suit in a tobacco Fresco )-  great idea tho      [[SPOILER]]
 I like its coarseness
   Great look l2br, but SartPol* has asked me to pass on  a warning about claiming Bingo on a  3.5 pattern fit. *Sartorial Police
   I like this look on you AAS-  browns and blues.  Even better without the tie, IMO, which seems superfluous when you're not  bothering with socks. .  
 Noice pic ! 9-fold?  amze. You know, if u had Tiraleur's photographer you'd break the net with your wears jk.  Awsm jacket    sweet loafers
   the ladies love a man in uniform  horses for courses IMO  My inclination has gone 2 pleats > 1 pleat >  none -  Pleats look frumpy on me.        bangin wears  SS   I was going to thumb u but I scrolled down too far.
Good to know ^^
 To Sir with Love ?      I like the square a lot.   IMO the jacket is really very loud with a strong 'pattern' and  it's rustic... so it wants to be paired with sedate, countrified partners.   A smoothish tie, say a solid repp for a little bit of contrast with the SC rather than that rainbow (bordering on)  novelty tie, or no tie at all,  and a solid shirt in a darker blue or even a yellow.  
New Posts  All Forums: