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Hi guise. got a copy of Flusser a couple weeks ago-  like his stuff on pattern mixing-some nice pics of Barbera and Agnelli and a few other masters.   I've  been experimenting but need some help  Preferences?        Ties are Henry Carter 7 fold, Hober Macclesfield and Harvie and Hudson.  Squares are Hober Challis.  Suit is a Huddersfield POW by Bookster.  Shoes Vass Oxblood Old English II +...
    Fidel FWIW  what I do (results below)  is 1. hold the square out flat 2. pinch the dead center between forefinger and thumb 3. pull down the sides so it hangs like a deflated parachute 4. with the other hand grab the bottom and give it a bit of a twist so u get some vertical grooves spiralling down 5.  fold vertically in half so u maintain the grooves.    This gives u the scalloping effect in the pics.  6.  carefully tuck into pocket so the grooves are visible....
  Weight, cloth and color up to you and depends on what u want no?  but navy's versatile.  Cordings makes a  decent vest in merino.  -Have u considered a sleeveless 'slipover' instead?  Easier to get the fit rite.  Vests are tricky           Me, long-Sam Hober & another guy doin lunch  
    Aaaah I see, were u referring to the grenadines in the pics?  If yes, they  definitely soften and thin with use.  I like the texture of grenadine squares, they're a nice contrast to say a linen tie.
      I am also UK 9-9.5 in EG 82 and UK9.5/European 43.5 in U   my feet are not especially wide, so you may be 43.5           sounds like good advice, but it may be tricky to get consistency across different feet/sketching abilities
    you know I mean  all squares, not just all silk squares
    Please clarify which sizing systems for the EG and CJ
  cheers M Stitches   not sure who u asking, but FWIW all but the finest silk makes a humungus bunch for the first few outings. really comical.   Seems to settle after a bit, and especially after cleaning/ironing
oh yeah              
  .    Brown's not as versatile IMO.  Most versatile is Dark Cog, then Ox, then Brown   Dark Cog is a deep dark red, a burgundy-  goes with anything, including greys and navys, which brown doesn't always. Ox is a very dark purple, looks fantastic with greys and dark blues too.
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