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 to quote Bill Murray 'I think we're getting into a weird area here'   okaay I'll take it as a compliment   [[SPOILER]] wish i knew 1% of that guy, butWTF Coxsackie/Sexton??  
not me. b good to see it tho.
 no not u RTC u like it, the Italians?
 There's plenty of context that says Ed's a real authority -  not just clothes either .  What's bizarre is posters who give all sorts of advice but still post fits even a bum wouldn't wear.
 One of us has an aesthetic blind-spot a mile wide.     retro and costumey IMO I do appreciate your posts tho AAS    Elegant 
 err thought u meant 52 in USA.  As u were.  Dandy alert lol   Looove the tie  Clags that dark choc + grey pents combo back there is 
 gdl has a very nice SC in it.  AFAIK Scottish cashmere club is superior to that of Italian mills, who select shorter fibres for a softer but less durable cloth.
  52?  u must be a huge guy- never noticed it in yo pics  now that's  a collar.  nice fit
 need a few more steps to get there I think.  PS can be a neutral or fill a contrast gap between SC, shirt and tie.  Dk brown wouldn't do this  +  it'd be matchy.  Re: the shoes- the tie's darkness isn't enough to balance the  dark bottom side.  A good cas fit will be coherent and balance all elements so the easiest fix IMO is lighter pents, blue shirt, non-white square .
New Posts  All Forums: