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MIP shoos -  and rest of fit apart from the white buttons  -  look great-  Kielman?  
    light blue and chocolate 
  cheers -  and snap,  for Summer neckwear they're hard to beat.  light as air
guy needs a hobby eh?   nah, put it in perspective.  Forum member who hasn't posted in a while has over 150 pairs of shoes.  In EG alone.
  Thanks man.  -  stripes are fine so shirt looks light blue from distance but matches the blue of the DC  up cose.  Went for  the solid tie/PS with patterned jacket/shirt rather than the other way round. The shantung's raw silk, yes- from Vanda.  nice ties 
Hi guise-  nice work as always Jason, Tirrailleur and others   me: chocka shantung, District Check, Bengal stripe and raw silk Ps         the low down- Vass Italian-Oxford      
    this rates!  POWs don't often look rite to me, but this is very elegant.   LL doing any more runs?             Holy mother of God,  I heard something here on the other side of the planet as u put this on.  Beautiful cut. 
AFAIK we're pretty much all celebs on the QT in WAYW.    But white shirt, no PS' and shiny pinstripes is a  at best
    nice consultation.  errrr...   comment, Dr H        yeah RD if u stick with this u can't go wrong-  looks great
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