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 don't feel too bad-  if it's at all like the earlier run (and it looks like it is but with less in the red spectrum) the cloth is a saturated color.  Odd trews should be a bit dull and secondary IMO .. Unless u have an equally saturated summery SC ul they'll pop too much. 
Fresco offers texture like no other:  a 15 oz is good for that if u don't mind being unseasonal.
 Impresionante !!!  those trews r the bomb  Frankly I think you're waaaay off the mark Roycru.  rules?  I see posters setting up a straw man and claiming that there's too many rules much more often than I see people insisting on rules themselves.   Nitpicking is the real problem  IMO     love the SC and the fit SJ u got it rite IMO keep everything else simple, monotone
 Hi Cleav, great look .. What're those shoos again? theyre a perfect dk brown Oxford. C&J?  noice!  superb colors.  How do u get that narrow depth of field GN?
  Do u know what cloth that is SS?  looks very much a Barbera for Lesser I'm having made up
  great jacket Don. Willkommen  
thanks CP!    I was a bit leery of the specs.
I cuff acc. to the shoes size/style/mass:    Chunky shoe = broader cuff and hem ::  sleek shoe = narrower cuff and hem.
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