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I think this is very nice, very Summery AAS. prob the only day u'd double on the bold stripes tho
    thanks man-  linen's da bomb for comfort.   cheers for the thumbs-   awsm stuff these last pages from Clags, Betelgeuse, TTO (the strong rep tie balances the POW so well), Clarinetplaya, Spoo, Tiraleur, Albert Hal i salute u, Billionairef (yr square could be folded narrower and angled up and awy from centre)  and HF rocking the very nice DB
    awed and kind of appalled at the same time-  but no doubt Suzuki-san is is the Masamune of shoes
This rox Pingson-  very very nice       .. and snap from me on the linen-   linen, linen, grenadine, silk (H&K, H&H, Panta, Hober)   + EG Oxfords in chestnut.            
    nice rock of the 3 and a half patterns SB.  a non-blue non-plaid square might take it up a notch-  say an ivory or fawn linen or silk              knot's a real 'Prince Michael' -  thumbs up,  but again a diff square would relieve the 2 color hegemony
      guess u know Rubinacci's?  I like that one,  lite blue with gold and brown acents
Than you to everyone who gave me a thumbs up.         re- an earlier comment about similar size patterns being a no no, I see it differently-  to me the overcheck (on GDL's tie at left, on Foo's SC at right) is enough to distinguish tie and jacket patterns even tho the base patterns are similar.  .  
      Bengal can u shed any lite on who AS might be producing these Vass lookalikes for?   the trees appear to be by Kiss; the Norweger on the 2nd bottom left is all but identical  to the Vass classic  
New Posts  All Forums: