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 I thought 'Stitchy'll probably like this' when I was putting this together this morn.  How weird is that? 
  That looks better-   Nice fit.
Jerry is that a Vanda?  whatever, it's a beauty
 Love this look, and that I usually learn something about sacred music when u post.
white shirt today  
  i was referring to the appearance-  sorry JR but i don't think the shoulders r flattering- but as i sad b4.  could be the angle   [[SPOILER]]
Love the SC MF
   want to compliment you on the lapels and the high gorge, which I like. But from  the other shots-  (could be the angle)  IMO the shoulders don't suit you as well as a natural would- hell, I don't think pagodas suit anyone much unless they are tailored really well.   AAS that jacket doesn't give u  enough contrast IMO .... your micro check gray ( right)  would be a better look, although that for a fit that casual even better sans tie and with a slimmer watch.  Apart from...
   If we could only pick fits from one another's wardrobes  -  and just  for the sake of argument pretend we're all the same size  -  I'd love to see what you'd put together from Spectre's.     I hope I'm not coming across as condescending.  I really think I'd learn a lot if some of the posters here tried my wardrobe. I  like your one or two color fits such as the one you posted earlier in the week.   +  one of the dialed-back shots from Detroit. That one was very nice.  
  nice to find a journalist who at least professes objectivity    classic.  I really like that tie.
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