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  Makes sense  ^^^   and re:  the historical formality of white shirts I know FM could give the history better than me, maybe he can chime in.  But I'm thinking  'white collar' and 'blue collar' are class expressions  for a reason. I also  think white shirts just provide too much contrast with most SCs, and are less likely to complement other colors in the fit, compared to blues
 Now I remember u explaining that earlier.  I for one would be interested in either that gray above, or  the bluey-gray in the pic of yours I posted above.   Super  versatile suit cloths.   Tchoy, what weight is the LL Mistral?
Very nice ties.   How do you find the unlined?  There's been some discussion in  another thread about lined v unlined in terms of making decent knots, drape.
  I don't understand your not understanding.   But really, no-one's saying they dislike white shirts in any  context-  For me it's just that they r quite formal and so need to be used sparingly. For most of the casual fits in this thread blue's better. IMO
I'm looking for an approx 11oz  suiting (in a bluey-gray) like Tchoy's awsm LL mistral (below). Recommendations would be appreciated.   [[SPOILER]]     just in- 12 oz cashmere pron
noice everyone this page  ^^^^  
  I think basic-ally very good Sander
  This is true.   Nobody has ever accused u of pattern disease (solidophobia?) Stitchy have they?      IIRC u  got quite a caning in Whnay's a couple of years ago for posting fits that  Spectre would probably have liked quite a bit....   Also IIRC the most recent multi-pattern trend in this thread (I can't speak for pre-2009)  stems back to the 'Fooniversity'  era in Whnay's:    that was all about complex dynamics of contrast, palette, saturation and texture; tone...
  Cheers all, I appreciate your input.    More or less equal spread between the three:  4 votes for #1, 3 votes for #2, 2 votes for #3.    The dark Choc at the bottom is already happening, and if Igo ahead with one of the others I'll post a comparison pic and ask for your input on the flipside.    Kulata, interesting u don't like windowpanes in blues generally.  I can understand your aversion to that particular sky blue, but blues in general of course tend complement the...
 I'm concerned about this too-  It might just work tho with mid-gray flannel trews, solid blue shirts matching the check + a solid darkish ties, no square.   Disclosure: I'm getting a jacket in 3, just undecided on the other 2. 
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