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don't bother with cutting the welt.  It will wear and compress.  And it protects the leather. It's Vass.   It's not subtle.  First is a burgundy.  second is muddy red.    suit your fits nicely     
this is the Glenhunt navy-   I really like it. So versatile.  
this fabric is nice, and the cut looks great on you, congratulations    
  I find the C&J lasts to be enormous-  and the 348 most ginormous of all. I take UK 8.5 in 348 and UK 9 in the 341 and 337.   UK9 in Vass F, UK 9.5 in P2 and U.   You may be UK8 in Vass F, and maybe UK 8-8.5 in U.  
  I run for about half an hour, stretch, then go to bed an hour later.  Steadily losing weight for 4 yrs (about 20 lbs).  I have no clue about the science, but I know it seems to help me sleep, if not metabolize faster.  
        cheers-   re: heel shapes ...  the pointy toe takes a tapering-to-ground trapezoid -  like a cowboy boot, or women's heels  -  for balance and even distribution of weight. A broad rounded-toe  takes a broad heel  tapering-to-top trapezoid for the same reasons.Acc to Vass a slight asymmetry in the heel is most comfortable for shoes in between.     l to r: F dble; P2 pebble; F single in antic cognac, but IMO it's a very dark one.          so many shoes, so little...
+1  Damn!  very nice Prestosmp, and the Kid     Gieves & Hawkes linen,  (cheers Stephen)     linen tie                
How could they not post on FNB ?
Great shoes above, congrats.   nerd alert, Vass heel shapes-   l to r from top:  U last single sole, U double, F single, F double, P2 single, P2 double   and just for point of comparison EG Dover   Pointy lasts like U take a trapezoidal wedge shape tapering down in single, but AFAIK the rest are slightly assymetrical but identical
    +1  but failing that-  
New Posts  All Forums: