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  Think u may have 'pattern-mania'.  As a fellow sufferer (in recovery)  I know the signs.  I wouldn't try to go cold turkey.  Better to gently reduce by say one pattern for a couple weeks, see how you get used to it.  If okay, drop it back again.  Don't rush it, and try to avoid 'triggers' that'll tempt you to fall off the wagon-  SF meet-ups, scrolling thru early Whnay's good taste thread, posts by members like Crusty,  or Southern Style.  Remember to block AAS.   ...
Move on, nothing to c here      
 As good a casual fit as any I've see, IMO
 You're getting mohair shoes?   I think your mohair suit may look great with contrasting tobac brothel creepers. Very louche.
 Brown shoes with a black suit  - fairly confident this is not a good look.
damne that's good Cox
  Supposing that I have good taste (admittedly highly theoretical) I might demur that your tie choice robs the fit of the piquancy that contrast provides and that your linen hank would be more properly angled up to the shoulder than to the lapel.
It is fugly.  There is def a rule against that. 
 shoos with a bit of red in them, perhaps
yeah what's up with that ^^^ Cox?  You're not supposed to do that.  I do like the suit.  Brown suits'r tricky with shoes, but a cognac/tan oxford or tobacco suede might work well. 
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