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Pinstripe DB + pennies =  bawz  ^^ 
You're thorough. I tend  to be a bit more half-assed-  take a wild stab and hope for the best when it comes to purely aesthetic choices.  I really like the 57 plaid and the 18 birdseye tho.Your Tonik looks fantastic.
 Care to tell us your favs?  That hopsack? u posted ^^ looks good, but I'm tempted by one of the bidrseye's
  yes it's tricky.  Ive used Totally Buttons in the UK for horn, and havve been satisfied (took 1-2 weeks IIRC) , but I would like to know more sources for heavy  thick buffalo.
 A lot of it is luck.  Just a hunch, but I think the KW block works best on smaller quite slim guys. You're large  with a big drop I think.   Seems to happen too with MTM shoes: the sizing up isn't always proportional.Another shot.  Gorge looks low because of the position.   Slightly open front.  The pocket flaps are slightly larger to go wit the lapels.   [[SPOILER]]
 thanks,  ..'normal'.  It's taken me quite a few jackets, but normal shoulder considerably sloped seems to  work best  for me.
Hi gentlemen   Bijoux colors   Carlo Barbera for H Lesser gunclub x Kent Wang, Hober cashmere, Kamakura and Drakes
crusty awsm, Cox also
 okay saw it, looks good in grey.  Is a blue sharkskin a thing? Oyster has them, ut  I seem to see mosly greys
  SF member Montesquieu.  LL shetland SC by Steed AFAIK
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