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thx Dave.  trews at a 2000 pounds discount -made by Brioni ..with gold thread perhaps?
Does anyone have experience of Avi Rossini gear?-  in this case made by Brioni or St Andrews and a few others.  Malford's selling AR stuff at discount
 I haven't seen them but I'm guessing it's that they're not in a  Blackwatch design. Would throw the your whole fit outta whack. 
 i should take up judo then-  I was in a bike accident a couple months ago.  Banged up my knee (not broken ) and a few other things, but amaze!!!!-  apart from some blood my fav (Fresco) suit was undamaged.   
  those squares IMO aren't in the same league as Rubinacci or Drakes etc.    +  they're mostly 12".  I like some of the KW designs.
 Vintage Crusty     love the sheen on the Dormeuil    apropos Ed's post, it scares me to think what I would have done with $20-30k if I had it so spend on clothes when I started out.  
 seems to me the low pockets add length to your torso and  balance your long legs.  terrifically low button stance.   i like the flaring at your right cuff - dunno if that's deliberate FWIW it all looks great IMO I've got one on the way in a Minnis too, same color Thanks for posting.
 to quote Bill Murray 'I think we're getting into a weird area here'   okaay I'll take it as a compliment   [[SPOILER]] wish i knew 1% of that guy, butWTF Coxsackie/Sexton??  
not me. b good to see it tho.
 no not u RTC u like it, the Italians?
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