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  thanks!  Salut!  Whoever said a  tux trumps everything was on the $s  I have that square, but the colors r less saturated lol.  Looks great.  
   [[SPOILER]]    Navy hopsack blazer (MJ Bale), Cappelli Challis, Kamakura shirt, Hober linen, EG Dover
 I am understanding the words, but having trouble processing.
 cheers, but nope.  That shirt's not made anymore.  Pattern is a bit loud, but good for brightening grey solids. @ericgereghty    green?  grey, my fav.  thanks
Holy moly that's a smashin good deal on the GB
Good lord AAS r u riding to hounds?
  Cheers, his wikipedia entry tells an amazing story, particularly re his becoming 'human again' after Auswitz      thanks! Some grey hairs?  I wish.  But they do complement the grey socks
Hi gentlemen Northern lites- dk brown odd trews      BB cashmere SC, T Lewin silk knit, KW linen square, Kamakura shirt, Vass cordo brogues
320 k bricks in the Chau Chuk Wing 
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