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Hi guys.  More Henry Carter. Suit in Harrison's Oyster.      
@DiplomaticTies +1   for don't change   @justinkapur  looking good.  What cloth did u choose for the SC?
Hi guys love this Henry Carter tie.    
Tailoring is dodgy imo -  lapel button-hole stitching, spacing of the sleeve buttons.
  He's German.. unless there's an English Düsseldorf too, with a Dennis Walter, menswear nerd and blogger with the handle @kleidamtweets  Vintage AAS
i think he  stole it from Ma Fu Tze the ancient Chinese mystic
  Solid grey jacket.  They're the mirage of the menswear world.  You see them on the rack 'Hey, looks great  .. I know grey's pretty conservative, and it's a neutral, and it's so versatile!  It'll go with anything, too! Sold!'     CB supplies SuSu? That's impressive.  Love the suit itself.  I'd like to see such an FU item with even duller furnishings, say black Oxfords + navy solid tie, but then, that wouldn't be you.. 
  I guessed u meant opposite of 'subtle and sober' i.e. loud.   Is that ^^^ POW ?  Hard to tell, but looks like a box check.  I have two grey POW suits, and the lower contrast, smaller scale gets more wear.   I like the 'pattern up close, solid from a distance thing'.
  It's a question for the ages, sure. I believe Aristotle dealt with it extensively in his Optics and his advice on POW boiled down to (and I agree)  'Sports coat go loud, suit go subtle'.
 Love your style Gerry.  Your clothes look 'lived in'  Classic Crusty.   I prefer the cuff-less (and pleat-less) look.  It's cleaner, less fussy & more contemporary imo, but in practice I generally go for cuffs because the extra weight helps drape.  In heavier cloths I go without, but for some cuffed odd trews I reserve for balancing gunboats.      The DM and the Norweger are two of the half-dozen or so classic men's shoe styles, so so I don't think either's going to...
New Posts  All Forums: