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 don't forget modest too   very nice IMO   Monkeyface, Chocosa, Betelgeuse, SB  killing it.  (a'pink challenge'? -  pink is the most dandified color IMO )  Tweedyprof  
Hi guys    
 Very nice MF.   Is the SartPart the suit?  I'd love to see a full-length if it is, I've seen oldstock at reasonable prices on the Sartoriale site and often wondered about the general fit.          Now that's collar roll.  Nobody does Trad like u IMO CP  
  'Damn bird flew right into it'  (Seinfeld)    going a bit far isn't it?        very nice-  Don't tell me they're the C&J Weymouth, cos mine never looked that good.
 thanks man         Keep posting P/P -  your fits r cracking.   Great use of a BD-  u might even convert some of the  Americans.   re:  Tchoy's jackets:  I'm not speaking for you Tony, but I get similar comments, and it's because I've put on weight around the middle, making me pear shaped.  I am thinking of trying this Paleo diet as there are Paleo cafes everywhere now. 
Spread >  BD most of the time I agree, but for a bit of variety I think a BD is a groovy option IMO, especially with a more casual look where the shape of the jacket lapels and the tie allow it..  Agnelli loved them anywhere, anytime.           I don't follow the no tie with BD tho Musquy.   
 I thought 'Stitchy'll probably like this' when I was putting this together this morn.  How weird is that? 
  That looks better-   Nice fit.
Jerry is that a Vanda?  whatever, it's a beauty
 Love this look, and that I usually learn something about sacred music when u post.
New Posts  All Forums: