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   I just did something that reminded me of one of the great virtues of glen check.. i.e.   I dropped a piece of buttered  toast onto my lap. The check is fantastic at disguising stains.
  thx impressive work, and now u mention it re Spandexter, they do look of-a-piece.  Not at all boxy.  They're a newish outfit AFAIK too, so I'm guessing if they survive they'll only get better.
 I'm Australian Ac.  You do see see quite of bit of glencheck suiting here.    BTW Fun fact from the wikipedia article-  Cary Grant's iconic ventless suit in N by NW was a gencheck.  Most famous suit of all time AFAIK 
  Neither of those is what u mean amirite?  If you mean the traditional Glen Urquhart check like this ..  then i would say steer clear for odds.  It's a suiting, and as u say, resolves to grey (or blue, or whateva). I'd particularly steer clear of it for pents.  Patterned odd trews r bad at the best of times, but glencheck pents remind me of 70s hipster-gangsters.  As for SCs  a grey SC in a glenplaid is probably the hardest to pair with anything because u have to rule out...
  Wow nice Gerry.  That looks like it was worth it.    BTW, does OH CMT?  And do u mind my asking how u would describe their cut, particularly shoulder and chest?    Always elegant Roy Al.  Yellow and brown? I can't quite tell.     I don't like the socks at all tho. 
  it's Vox
  'Aint nuttin' badder than tweed n madder.' (NWA)  [[SPOILER]]
 He's made it his sprezz and I'm getting used to it FWIWClags is so good at everything else, and so immaculately presented that imo he gets away with it.
  Yes, a cutaway is more formal.  Wearing one with an SC is a bit of a faux pas
  Yes.  Cutaway is a more formal collar.    Think of those winged collars from the Edwardian era.  I get a profound sense of dissonance when I see one worn with a sports coat. 
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