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  Cheers, his wikipedia entry tells an amazing story, particularly re his becoming 'human again' after Auswitz      thanks! Some grey hairs?  I wish.  But they do complement the grey socks
Hi gentlemen Northern lites- dk brown odd trews      BB cashmere SC, T Lewin silk knit, KW linen square, Kamakura shirt, Vass cordo brogues
320 k bricks in the Chau Chuk Wing 
@Dennis Walter  cheers, about as dandy as i get.  Very nice from u today. imo u run hot and cold, but you're surest when u dial it back
Hi gentlemen    
ls would've gone for your gunclub up there ^ but had this Minnis lambswool houndstooth on the way, just in. Plus some Worsted Alsport below  
  Good Lord    Yes.  The looser weave is more likely to catch on nails, loose skin, women's earrings etcSeriously.
  Shows u how saturated the world is with Americana.   Maybe I subliminally knew it from your sig, but as soon as I saw this pic I though 'Frisco'.  I've neva been there.    Awsm look jc    u made that tie, EFV?  I've been looking for something like that in a solid teal for yonks.  That looks beautiful.
grey trews. Some in this thread tolerate navy, but here it's flat wrong. Reserve those trews for a med grey SC. (but hopefully u dont have one of those)I like your conservative fits more Dennis .Thx, yes Cappelli. Shirts Kamakura, check their site for OCBD
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