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@Coxsackie what a surprise u went for something with earthy tones.   that barchetta creeps up the armpit a bit doesn't it?  still it's all very nice,  mazel tov
   Outstanding!  I love a jacket with subtle contrasts. @doncologne  also really reallly nice imo your best eva
 #1 is 'other people's opinions' I've tried to pick 'which fabric is which?' with my eyes closed, from a selection of worsted suitings, but while I can discern some by weight and by coarseness (a coarse open weave feels different to say a wool + cashmere suiting) I can't tell most worsteds apart. imo it's a bit like blind wine tasting or, really, any lay person's attempt to discern the quality of an aesthetic object is more about what we know about the label than any...
 eeeeew.. brown n pink together?Just kidding, looks good   Nice combo -  apart from that outraaaageeeoooouuuus tie it's a smashing look imo  
thanks man. not new tho i c what youre saying but Ive tried wearing the trews from the first lot as odds and they wash out the other items imo @doncologne master of 4 @seamaster  very nice
Cashmere and a neat...not madder tho. [[SPOILER]]
 I don't have cashmere $ either.  Just strikes me that 20+ oz cashmere would be stifling unless.. see below ls I'm not seeing your pics That HB looks great.  TBH I think the metal buttons would make it look like a disposals store army surplus coat.  for the full effect, wear it inside out against the skin
  AFAIK Manton's view is that grenadines should be reserved for suits, but I don't see a lot of difference between a garza grossa  and a silk knit in the same color. I think a grossa  is fine with the right SC.   A black grenadine goes well with a brown suit and black shoes imo, bridging informal/formal.
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