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Shetland wool, cheers                   
+2 ...  I read a Jack Reacher novel that had a meticulous Brett Easton Ellis -level description of the titular character's bench-made Cheaneys.  The 'Tenterden' AAMOF. so i blame Lee Child.
There's no-one more photogenic than your better half, EFV.   + thanks for posting. 
 Nice jacket!  Read on if u will  _   I'm going to be pretty harsh with u.  [[SPOILER]]   redeemed     I'm not liking this one much C'horn.  Shirt, tie and square don't gel imo..  The rest depends on whether this is a suit. If not a suit, my objection would be the cutaway buisness-y shirt collar and the tucked pocket flaps in a casual fit.   If a suit, flaps and shirt are fine, but imo still a prob with the 3 FU elements (shirt, tie and square) together.  
If David isn't already moonlighting on Antiques Roadshow, he should be.
  Not you usual stellar standards IMO.  Sorry to pile on, but I think the pents are a bit too roomy in the upper thigh region.  The jacket's always going to be a tricky one to pair, but def needs to go with slimmer trews.   Nice deployment of pink.  
 AFAIK theyre often one and the same, underneath.
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