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 Gotta nice hand amirite? Well that's pretty awsm   definitely a joke.  You a Dad Cox?edit:  didn't c yr post
 I like the way u think.  
At the time it was vexing, to say the least.  Might've been 2-3 yrs ago.   edit:  Pity, as I love the HY flannels I ended up with.
My international return with HY took 3-4 months to process.  Had to send a whole bunch of reminders but eventually got what i wanted.  Guess they're super busy.
@AAS Not sue how to take that. .. but I'm going to go with the flow and say hell yeah thanks  
Hi guise, bitter choc from Ed.  Where is hi BTW?    
 Like the  colors-  tie, shirt and jacket have a nice harmony about them  Best thing u've posted IMO Iso 
 Always  so refreshing & positive AY
  Simmonet-Goddard's (cotton, but same diff) come in white/blue geometrical colorways and  they're meant for showin' not blowin', but I agree ls's hank don't look right.  It's the shade of blue-grey that doesn't work for me.
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