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 I really tht the PS was meant to be a checkered flag. still like it tho much appreciated
 And the winner isssssss .....   SugarButch.   PS is lulz, but that roll neck is really someting else.  Beautiful tie Cleav IMO, and the desert boots look great.  Who made them?  I'm in the market for the perfect pair and these look mighty close.   I'm thinking either C&J, Vass or Carmina.    Hey, bigtimer.  It's very nice in other respects IMO, but I agree that the sleeves are way tight - that rippling down from the sleevehead.  Do you think you'll continue to post on...
 Cheers! On the swatch it looked like a lite brown herringbone, but in pics it comes up much more green. IDK.I'll never buy another paisley tie as long as I live. This one's beautifully constructed and makes a good knot tho (Hober) so it gets a run on the odd Friday.
Hi guise, feeling green   
  Nice.  But see how they hang a bit loose and rumpled? And the tell-tale fineness of the crease suggests that it probably won't last past the first wear.  In flannel I like the  Minnis worsted -  has textural interest + wears well, hangs like steel, holds a crease   and falls cleanly. If only Luxire carried Minnis in lighter weghts..  be on them like white on rice. I like  belt loops for odd trews .. looks better when the jackets off around the office etc, but side...
 Gotta nice hand amirite? Well that's pretty awsm   definitely a joke.  You a Dad Cox?edit:  didn't c yr post
 I like the way u think.  
At the time it was vexing, to say the least.  Might've been 2-3 yrs ago.   edit:  Pity, as I love the HY flannels I ended up with.
My international return with HY took 3-4 months to process.  Had to send a whole bunch of reminders but eventually got what i wanted.  Guess they're super busy.
@AAS Not sue how to take that. .. but I'm going to go with the flow and say hell yeah thanks  
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