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  while I love the gunclub FWIW I'd go a sky blue shirt and a textured solid tie - black, burgundy or navy silk knit, say, PCK.  The double bar on navy + white shirt looks too formal here IMO 
Hi guise, X mas vibe
i-bro awsmness.  u look great in this pic Crusty, prob my fav of u eva   Jacket fits ur shoulders beautifully. I'd wear this fit any day. 
    thanks guys.  Had them ~3-4yrs but they're not often worn.  A captoe Bal (formal) in a light tan (casual) is a very strange beast.  All I can say is  I'm a sucker for bright shiny things.    I've got a tan suit in the works -  a slightly darker tone than the shoes.  I figure that might work.  
 yish.. pretty confident I don't want to know. 
thanks, yes.  Tricky shoe to wear IMO but I love the last and color
 wrong thread but cool pic  really?  So no selfies then     only the CoolestDude TM  denies his coolness.  ...Walk Off!!!
Lovely modern cut- who did the suit B?
wow that's a keen eye
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