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@justinkapur  .   I hate to be pedantic .. who am i kidding, pedantic's my middle name, and that ps should be angled t'other way-  Up towards the shoulder.  Otherwise, awsm.    @Prince of Paisley    I thought someone would bring that up.  In my original comment I was  paraphrasing someone else/s.  I liked your bar stripe shantung in purple and green etc  Those colors are a natural fit, as are red spectrum and greens.
 If only they would
 Peter Jackson behind the camera?
My Dad loved them (cravats) but I for one don't have the Je ne sais quoi to pull them off.    Here's Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.   Looks good, Cox. 
  Not a good advert, BOTOH (and I'm no great judge) but 1.cotton Solaro  explains the wrinkly arm  and 2.  he may have put on weight since he cut it, assuming he did cut it,  and can't afford to make another.
  Bet they smoked it all.
  Holy   Way to keep a low profile, my friend.  @lordsuperb will be beside himself.   My 2 cents?  'Whoa? That button-placement's outta whack!' is not going to be anyone's first thought, or second.
No experience of Drapers.  Harrisons Saltire is good cashmere at 12oz. Harrrisons Millionaire @ 11oz and Multi-Millionaire @ 11oz.   Also Moonbeam (wool + angora @ 10.5 oz) 
  Hope that's not wanky. 
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