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thanks, yes.  Tricky shoe to wear IMO but I love the last and color
 wrong thread but cool pic  really?  So no selfies then     only the CoolestDude TM  denies his coolness.  ...Walk Off!!!
Lovely modern cut- who did the suit B?
wow that's a keen eye
 like it a lot nc   So the tweed suit did it amirite?       consistently top notch IMO CP
 I believe it was St Augustine who said that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.    No offence.    [[SPOILER]]  non-canonic colors again   up against AAS Im thinking 'yeah, CBD fit!'.  Love the tie and jacket together.   Barchetta's beautifully set and stitched.  Navy pinstripe's cool too.      No comment.
You're a conundrum AAS.  If 7's the answer what was the Q'n?   I like your palette in this fit tho.
No worries.   weell, the 'batch' part worries me  (I was just reflecting on some old Hobers I don't wear much now.)
  Kudos to you for being open to other people's opinions, Isolation, it's a rare (and good) quality IMO.   So here's mine:  Take a breath and stop commissioning clothes.   I'm certain that you can do so much better. (speaking from experience. cough)    But u have to b patient -   observe and absorb.    If you're in  the grip of a buying frenzy, stick to classic ties  +  squares and decent shoes for the moment. You have a tricky morphology.  I'd look for and settle on a...
New Posts  All Forums: