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well u saved a few bucks then
I'd say craaaazy long, sorry.
 Snap -  I like the way u think. Also in a navy suit, grenadine tie, white HB shirt + cream silk square today .....   
  Tie looks intriguing- great knot.  Which gunclub is that-  Carlo Barbera?
 That's key IMO.  No magic bullets.
 I'd love to get away with suits like this one. u rok       I take it this is the one you were eyeing thoughtfully in your previous pic-post.  We had a poll a while back - 'Who makes the best (non-bespoke) cap-toe Oxford?'   and IIRC this was the winner.   The EG Chelsea on 202 is very similar.       I like those shoes PoP
 1.   2.  3.
  Mafoofan never crossed your radar? (In a worsted 'city'  tweed: Minnis Alsport 12 oz AFAIK 
  thanks guys.  Congrats Cleav.  (youngster )  Wasn't sure about puffed silk PS with a wedding/formal tie. What's the deal there, anyone?
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