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Compared to ?  That ship sailed looooong ago ..... 
 Gallery View       @mark voorhees  that's a nice cas fit imo
  Really?  Anyone who has bespoke JL Paris Oxfords (not to mention the Vass and that lovely pair of chestnut Oxfords from EG) has a bit of a clue imo  His issue is foot size rather than taste.
 You're questioning the Manton?    [[SPOILER]]
  Casual fit..  loose open weave unstructured suit, linen tie .. simple 3-eyelet PTB.  TBH it's a look inspired by Manton, who IIRC has this Vass model for casual suits.
yep, Kulata's fits r always outstanding, that's why I don't get what he says, as opposed to what he does.  FWIW I don't see anyone here being pedantic about rules.    Thx man.  That Minnis navy is beautiful cloth. a real inky navy with loads of character.
Hi guys, caramel linen & navy Fresco [[SPOILER]]    Minnis Fresco (suit by Kent Wang)   Hober linen   Kamakura   Vass on P2
 Love those movies ! Don't know that one tho. 
  my view:  Those Carmina chukkas rok like crazy. I got the Loden and love them.  I can see u wearing the tobacco with a lot of SC-type fits (not suits necessarily) but imo you'll need cuffless trews with high hems.  I found that I have only a couple pairs that work with the high ankle.
@kulata +  @VictorSFreturn  +  @Braddock all awsm      @kulata I think it's a matter of emphasis.  imo you three posters know what u r doing and do it really well, so who cares about little sins   What's frustrating is noobs posting outrageously bad stuff and saying  'That's my sprezz' when  called on it.  You seem to be encouraging them.
New Posts  All Forums: