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  English cut, chalk/pin stripe  not sold on the Churchills/faux laces-style, but if anyone likes them there is/was a bargain pair for sale in UK9? on SF       master of texture       Having trouble taking it all in rite there Sotiris     but looks very  nice  @in stitches   that suede and suit color combo  
 thanks-  found another thread on this.. Boils down to either 1.  identifying unknown variables x and y in a function such that f(x,y)=w where x and y are the linen/wool percentages and w is the resultant wrinkliness coefficient.  or 2.  Neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee." -- Leviticus 19:19
  I wouldn't go the Commando myself-  too limiting.  Couldn't wear it with most suits, say.    In calf, a simple plain front derby like the Vass London looks awsm IMO.  I use it for suits and casual. I have these Tenterdens below- my first decent shoe-  very casual, but not as casual as anything with a Commando sole IMO-   http://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/99/cheaney-tenterden-in-hand-burnished-mahogany    Enzo Bonafé Norvegese Split...
no, but speaking of wool-linen blends, anyone have an opinion re whether this wool-linen 10.5 oz from HC would work as a suit?  for example, does w/l require a lot of pressing?  
  even Gianni would +1 sb I have an almost identical tie, but with red highlights.  from my beautiful daughter.  I don't know what the h.. to do with it. 
 no sorry I was referring to shoulder width in the 2nd part of my comment.  I think the tie width is good
 Purple paisleys, top coats, links, watchchains-  it's not that Crusty's clothes lack flair IMO. More to  do with the regularity of his  posting, seating position, pic presentation + the subdued lighting  the bow looks rite to me, nicely balanced.  I have an enormous head - so it makes me very conscious of shoulder width.  May be that u could go a little wider there.      Nice look CS.  The graph check's not optimal but if u want a correct look the angle of your square is...
          Not sure about putting Shantung and a Gunclub (even a lite worsted Gunclub) together. Same fit with challis below.
  Funny, the red in the full square pic looks a lot more ochre-y, less fire-engine. Agree-  PSs with mostly gold/fawn/tans+ blues   with  highlights in reds  r  versatile
  I know, these i-gents!  There's prob some crazy @menswear rule about this too    
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