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 something lite-  Huddersfield cloth Aimbry.      
Hi guys     [[SPOILER]]
  IIRC he effectively staked  Pierre Corthay to set up his shoe biz by ordering a bazillion bespoke  pairs a few yrs back.  Arca's still a grail shoo for me.
anyone following the  Pistorius brouhaha? - sorry for the derail, but this is priceless [[SPOILER]]
This challenge is inspiring.
   I absolutely love that SC, and I'm saying that as someone who doesn't like - hacking pockets or  ticket pockets or   lovat or lowish gorges  I think  the lowish gorge here suits the rustic/olde worlde look, and the box check is a thing of beauty.  Pattern matching really matters on a check like that.   IMO If it's wrong it stands out like t*** on a b***.   And tht lite blue 
 I'm no great judge of SW&D but this is really nice IMO-and can I say you've totally got the WAYWN angsty look down in this one-     +1 I'd also pay good money for a Flusser-style compendium -  only SF pics (mostly Vox would b awsm)  words by Manton, Foo and a few others
[[SPOILER]]  That is awsm. Nobody does rustic like u Swedish guys. +  AAS is going to lurv it
 Beautiful.  Nabilmust, in that first link to your tumblr you're wearing a pinstripe blue shirt- I've been looking for one like that - Mind my asking where u got it?
I like the cut of those shoulders Nabilmust edit: snap Helden- 
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