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 yeah the dogtooths great but b/w  will be grey from a couple metres, and grey's tricky because u can't wear it with a whole band of grey trews either side of the greyness of the jacket (for lack of sufficient contrast)
^^ Nice coat. I agree-purple sportscoat is very 'last hangar in the closet' .  Even the b/w houndstooth is a difficult match  =  grey jacket.  Of the 3 the green gunclub would be most versatile  IMO
 The antiquing on those Bontonis really pops.   In Italian (RTW) these r just the best IMO.Awsm suit too.
A LoroPiana should last at least until the tailor's done with it.     IDK .. how often do u wear any one coat ls? Not really talking about a lotof use. .  FWIW I can say I haven't observed any wear and tear. 
about 200e/meter retail but u can get remnant lengths for less than that on ebay. I understand the Italian mills go for softer but cloth has less durability: Scottish= coarser + >durability
IDK I think the oxford wingtips work welll.  And I think theyre very DC.  Manton certainly doesnt mind a heavy shoe with his suits, for example.
very nice GMMcL!   (cept the trews eh?)  what I like most in that tumblr pic is what appears to be a super-repp tie.  the furrows
When u get in close it has threads and IDK 'bits' of different colors eg  i have a lite brown made up of brons, reds, yellows, oranges, blondes Look at these cloths Ive posted b4 top & bottom r cashmere;  middle 2 r a worsted plain weave and a worsted herringbone  Cash closeup se the mottling? worsted plain worsted hb cash- looks tweedy rite?
do u know what cloth Sander?    My bad!    White linen square's too formal IMO
 No expert, but Johnston's of Elgin, probably. Attolini's had dealings with them. Some of their cashmere, esp the heavier weights, is just unreal.  Richly mottled, like Harris tweed-  real character.
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