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Crusty, smooth as alwaysDiaz, great relaxed styleConrad that Shanty roxHC I can vouch for the grenadine. Got triffic dimplificationClags, love your knit alsoEjayl, good effortMust've been awsm to b there. His ties r magic if u like a pattern challenge.
 itsa nice tie. great hand.  what i really like about cappelli is the shape-  generous width at the neck; and the complexity of the patterns.  great playing with combinations
AAS that jacket fits u well.  Hi gentlemen,missed the challenge, but this is another homage to Luciano BarberaEG CappelliBrooks BrosDrakesVass monks      [[SPOILER]]    
Not cool. Here, or anywhere.
Thanks for the likes! + Conrad, u gotta another customer. cant wait to check yr shantung me - Madder from Cappelli wool, silk PS
 cheers mimo   Challis is  E G Cappelli-  their cut is  Drakes Kelim squareKamakura shirtBB SCHoward Yount trews C&J
Hi gentlemen,   sky blue royal Oxford  Challis tie silk-wool square plaid SC whole cuts      
Victor u rok
     i've commissioned some real shockers in paisley/brites, so i know your pain.
New Posts  All Forums: