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 Even as a non-German speaker I pretty much get his meaning, but then I hold him responsible for our soulless Modern cityscapes, so I don't much care for his aesthetics.   I like the way u think Ac, but I don't think the explanation for your distaste is physiological; .. it could be cultural cos  u associate  them with cheap biz shirts in clear hard plastic boxes overflowing the sale bins.  But I associate the navy pencil stripe (or green's a nice casual option Ive seen...
Ive had suits done by Kent and have been happy with the results too. I quoted measurements, but Murls way is prob as good or better
  +1 to navy pencil stripes on a white ground.  
well, doesn't get any better really. sartorial nirvana IMO
  So much awsmness!  Makes me want to live somewhere cold. Is this a one-off?   I'm on the Panta site and not seeing any deets.
I know I shouldn't, but I like that SS.
 Trews- I like that they've got some great cloths e.g. Minnis, Dugdale, Hunt and Winterbotham and u can try something out without risking a whole suit commission.   Had them make up some trews in a lite grey Minnis (I find that swatches don't give me a great indication of the overall color), and decided that it's just too light for a suit but great for odd trews. 
 sounds good.  Id like to try their replication service, the MTM trews they've done for me r great. Their block suits my physique, and I've not had the front/back imbalance as with other makers.
  My experience is that I tend to regret hurried orders and multiple orders more than well-considered one-offs. Have u got the perfect fit keyed in with the maker yet?   
 my bad, thought they'd stopped making it
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