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  We all seem to go thru stages where we experiment and make a lot of mistakes.  I know that I  look back on many of my earlier items and fits and think 'what possessed me to buy that garish orange/spotty/shiny tie? why did I put striped formal pants with an odd tweed jacket? etc'      If I had my time over I'd start by acquiring a full set of  basics- cf the 'what a well-dressed man must have in his wardrobe' thread started by Manton a week or two ago.   Lots of plains...
  odd- r u sure it's not the polish rather than the leather ?
The leather on the Vass shoes I use most often is hardly worn at all-  I find a toe tap - rubber or steel  -  is enough.
    I would put black Vass down as an exception to the rule-   Vass leather, esp if u ask for the 'Italian Polish', takes an incredible shine.                   The leather on hand-grade C&J can be very good -   but the best leather I've see, by a country mile, is AS handgrade.   That stuff is flawless, heavy, supple.   In certain lights it even shimmers. (in my sample of one, lol).
      good post-  and this seems like  sensible advice -  Buying these kind of shoes is not the same as buying a purely functional item.     I buy really good shoes with my heart, not my head.    If you love paintings for example (and you can afford to buy em) you'd rather have one Freud, or Rothko, or Bacon than any number of well-executed pics by the dude selling at the local boardwalk market.     So why don't you try buying something mid-range, like a C&J Belgrave cap...
  Nice shoes!  I too have sized up in U-   to 44, whereas I go 43 or 43.5 in F and P2.  It used to worry me that my U lasts were a bit loose, and even looked largish on me, but I've solved the looseness with leather inserts, which make the shoe more comfortable.  As for the look of them, my attitude has changed since my daughter made an unsolicited comment one day that 'I prefer to see a man with larger feet in proportion to his body-  looks more manly'.   Since then I've...
i was under the impression that a POW (it has a fine light blue thread thru it bTW)  is about a '6' on s country-city scale, hence the surprise about the black shoes, which I think of as quite citified.   The oxblood's ok imo
I'm surprised- but now u mention it I can see the sense.  With a white shirt rite?
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