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 u live in Whisky-ad land.   Pants and waistcoat appear to be the same material in one pic.  3-piece?
  It's the tie  that you're not comfortable with?    A plaid pattern like that on a shirt in these parts here is most commonly found on a 'flanno'..   ie.  something u wear chopping wood in the great outdoors or doingother manly stuff.   Very un-MC if u ask me. 
 You may be right; time will tell.  Gorges already seem to be dropping. 
 thanks, they do look wide there, I think they're 4.25".    IME the wider lapels appear to make my shoulders narrower and head bigger (not necessarily a good thing).  Can't decide if it's an optical illusion or not.
 phew. cos  there's only one body part less desirable to see for us heterosexuals Well u nailed the decor IMO
 Cheers, It's jerrybrowne's.  
 quoted for awsmness. (I'm aghast at seeing your shin tho) Looks like a still from a Kubrick movie.     So yellow ties can be good! IMO it's that pale yellow with no redish warmth that works best with navy.  
    Couple of recently funded cloths from members-  CB for H Lesser gunclub  +  Hunters of Brora Shetland
Every so often u just waltz in and smack one right over the scoreboard (I love tan suits, got one coming AAMOF)
 terrific all round.  Shoes r outstanding IMO   Snap on the solid twill in a tertiary. Or is that secondary?  Anyway, have said b4 that IMO u look great in lite grey solid suits.  And I like it when you throw in some sprezz.
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