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    Shoefan-  (very belated!) cheers  for the thoughtful reply.  What u say about G&G is intersting because it means that when i buy say Lobb Paris (RTW) or even Lobb Ltd I might actually be buying a shoe substantially made by a guy who also makes for G&G.  I guess the quality control buck stops in the end with head office, but it's def something to remamber when comparing relative quality of the top makes.
    Naturlaut I would like to extend my condolonces -   Bemer's life and work lives on in the people that loved him and worked with him and in those  that share the products of his craft.  What a good life-   to carry on a great practical and artistic tradition and  to have taken that art into places it has not been before.       If I'm not mistaken the great Koji Suzuki apprenticed with Bemer, along with Daniel Day Lewis of course.
shout out to David for the tobacco Fresco-  rich colour- kind of a burgundy shimmer      
Special order (cheers Slew) Minnis Tobacco Fresco, cashmere tie, grenadine square, Peal & Co shoes                
  like these- Can anyone tell me about them?
    Did his tailor confuse inches and metres?     next he'll be rocking a green leotard. wait
      +1  -  I've been sent a single monk when i ordered a double, an Oxford when I ordered a Blucher, and the wrong color a couple times.  c'est la vie mes amis-  c'est la Vass
  'human flesh search'  WTF?
    Black shoes tend to be more formal-  IMO cordo beef rolls are casual and so's the cordo 'glow'.   Nothing like good box-calf for an extreme sparling shine. But then again the cordo's got a kind of gravitas that I like.   Vass cordo OEII    
  yeah a good read what with  the pics and all goes thru the whole hand making process.  
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