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 Perfect yet elegant EliodA.
You've got a lot of options with a grey suit and that tie. Can't go wrong with dk brown, but maybe because it's a celebration you could go crazy and wear something lite.  I wore this to my daughter's engagement party recently.   [[SPOILER]]
+1 to Braddock, I'd like to see that jacket worn as part of  a suit Newcomer
Wunderbar conversion
 Every i-gent should do this.  If you look good in burlap, well.....
  It was this one    Lovely tie.
 I thnk the suede really lifts this above the run-o-the-mill security guard.  Well done! CP, SB, Jk,  Stef all awsm.  Braddock, the neat doesn't go there IMO.. too biz-ness-y.  AAS  BTW I like that fit u posted a couple days ago very much.  You prob know the one I mean
+1 Better than a cold concrete bunker, I'll give u that.  Nice sense of warmth.  Timber floor would b nice.
 Explains my confusion.  I was a little shocked that u looked so white, and that you had commissoned such an eccentric  get-up.  All good now.
  IMO keep this jacket, it's a beauty.  Discard the grey SuSu.  Sup with your wife's horns rite there Roycru?  (No offense, I'm sure she's a lovely lady. 
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