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  Moonbeam ls?
 my God man, the other way!  less square visible against the lapel.  s'posed to angle up to echo the angle of the lapel itself.  (really it's not that big a deal)    I guess to 99.99% of the population it means nothing that someone's wearing slubby silk with flannel, but to me it  looks.. suboptimal.  The   is strong in me, but I'm trying to resist.  
 swap out the buttons for a smaller dk brown horn IMO Maccimus very nice      The fit looks good, but is that a flannel suit with a silk or a linen tie? (beautifully tied)  tie looks Summery-  In this pic it doesn't seem work.  
    for Connery  there's no contrast -  one long line of  white.  less emphasis on the tuckedinedness.  
Oh the humanity.  The SF Gods - or is that the SF God? may yet strike me down for  attempting this, but here goes  (old pic, but jus putting it out there)      [[SPOILER]]   GMcL-  that post was  
     leave Gianni aloooooone   I like your casual fit here.  If I may say so,  your collar is slightly askew.    rock n roll!
hmmm, as an MC denizen who doesn't know the first thing about what u guys r trying to do here- my first impression is that  I like Neoinfinita and kindofyoung  for just being so out there.  Don't ask me for a rational analysis tho, because I have no frame of reference by which to judge any of you.  It's like trying to judge a bunch of aliens when you're not even sure what bit's the head and what bits ... whatever.   I wouldn't dress like this in a million years, but I...
  Upped the exposure Crusty?  looks good
   nice color combo     silk knits and knits in general have gone crazy lately, good thing too   love your retro vibe
New Posts  All Forums: