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2 + 3  too.  Darker is more versatile; green is tricky against a blue (shirt) ground but everyone should have one or two green ties IMO. beautiful ties!
 Not too boxy IMO.  Blackwatch is a Highlands regiments, but u knew that.  Music and art, eclectic.  But I've said b4 and I'll say it again, I love Cecilia Bartoli   Newsflash:  AAS-  this just in. You prob already have one, but just in case-   Blackwatch brolly with whangee handle at Drakes
AAS is a cool dude
 Cheers. I don't rag on AAS because he's/your a good sport and helps keep the thread interesting, even if I sometimes think that he/you looks like he got dressed in the dark at a vintage thrift store in the Scottish Highlands.  I liked the restrained color here, but it's still  Postmodern IMO - a camel DB SC with leather buttons + lapel pin is FU and casual;  a white shirt with FC's is unequivocally formal.  The matching tie/PS looks studied.  AAS isn't going for 'good...
 In what sense, Synthese?
 Ditto. Nice fit. rickytt -  the jacket's too-square shoulders are causing that slight rumpling on the sides at the level of the top button.  .  Like me, you have sloping shoulders, and I don't think you'll find much in RTW that works for them.
FWIW he has said that he has exceptionally sloping, narrow shoulders and wide hips.  
u didn't like my Cappelli suggestion CP?   On 2nd thoughts it was too close in color to the SC.   With that jacket I'd say 'go safe, go solid'. Maybe something that picks up a minor + with texture.   What about one of the Capppelli donegals on ET?. 
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