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   Clags, Luxire has that navy tattersall.  They'll do you the trews for $225 (click for link) If u send them a pair of trews that u like they'll make you a pair to those specs.  It would make an awesome suit IMO. Kent Wang MTM also does decent trews CMT  IME
don't know that suit fabric weave RoyAl- looks interesting
   good sense here.  And I do know what I'm talking about, ask my local Goodwill   Linen? in Leningrad?  ..    Cox at this point u might as well go full bespoke.  All the time.
  I don't want to upset your plans, but first square is a 'neat'-ish novelty tie pattern  and I think it's better to stay away from those. Second square is more on the $ in terms of design, but the colors are  not versatile.  Light green and purple-mauves are super hard to pair, IMO     Cox, I've never liked peaks with patches.  And that suit in a linen blend already looks like you've been sleeping in it for a week.   The SC is a decent fit, but looks Odd. And a little...
navy's a bugger to pic amirite? so nice job anyways 
 sos about the necro quote CD, but I didn't see this b4 and I think it's well-proportioned and really top notch.       r u wearing a black suit??  Again, nice proportions. Love that blue tie, and those shoes    Charcoal suit with dark choc knit and dark reverse calf is a cool combination.  The navy stripe shirt is perfect with the charcoal too, IMO.  Minus the pinstripes this is awe-some.
 AE nice loafers (and Summery fit) .  C& J Cavendish?  I'm looking for the perfect tassels.Rock on dads    JK-  Your pics never do you justice.  Great proportions, and that SC looks pretty awsm -  is it a silk/wool?  Just a thought -  lavender? +  brown and blue aren't ideal together IMO.  I accept that may just be my taste.
Of all the fits you've posted I like this the best AAS.    Simple.  two colors.  No tie.     Far out. kudos
  Yes !  
   yes- I mean the one where you're wearing a hat.  Took a moment to focus but that suit fits you pretty much perfectly, IMO.  and it seems to slim you, which isn't true for most DBs you see . BTW  is the color a kind of aubergine? Very unique.   You poor bastard you've gotta helluva high standard to live up to now after that awsm first fit-      IMO the white shirt looks too formal in this context +  what others have said re the jacket. Love those loafers.  You're an...
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