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+1 Better than a cold concrete bunker, I'll give u that.  Nice sense of warmth.  Timber floor would b nice.
 Explains my confusion.  I was a little shocked that u looked so white, and that you had commissoned such an eccentric  get-up.  All good now.
  IMO keep this jacket, it's a beauty.  Discard the grey SuSu.  Sup with your wife's horns rite there Roycru?  (No offense, I'm sure she's a lovely lady. 
 Smacking it out of the park.  Great tie too.    Channelling Fred49 Those AEs look fine IMO. 
 Awsm thread.  I've been pondering  the birdseye/hopsack conumndrum and I do at least feel confident that in birseye no=one will mistake me for a garbologist. (No offence to garbos).
  FYI  Cox.  ^^^^^
New Posts  All Forums: