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@jerrybrowne  have u seen  Vox's latest post?  Looks like your Hunters.  
 IMO white's okay, perhaps ecru or yellow would b perfect at an All Blacks game 
A suit that sporty wouldn't take a white shirt ordinarily, but blue and green together? not for me.     re: alteration-  your tailor can't do much about the collar, gorge, lapels, shoulders, drape or pockets i.e.  the foundation of a suit's  'style', so not sure what u mean (assuming you're talking about alterations)
  u have a hell of a lot of latitude with your shoe choice there IMO AAS -  the fit is such a mish-mash of formal and informal - 'post-modern' if u will.   noice-  I like the cut and can't fault the proportions of the tie and  shirt Edti: just noticed YRR's comment-  IMO the shoes r fine given that the suit is so sporty.  I wouldn't go more formal.       monks and derbys together IMO-  the classic JL William DM in brown box would be less formal than a 3 eye blucher in the...
 even better  
just wonderful, thx EFV
  that's mad pimping
  think it might be a VBC sharkskin IIRC.  If you're after a casual, textured semi-solid u could try a sharkskin/pick and pick or a Fresco  like I'm wearing today. (WTF that crease in my tie?) 
 my bad- mixing my Seinfeld references: was concerned it'd look like George up there.^^^
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