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  Late reply sstomcat, my bad.  They're Dovers. cheers 
  A neat or even better a solid.  If u must have them go for band stripes  Also,  a Cuban is de rigeur      
   Perhaps you could have the legs tapered slightly -  lotta room from the thighs down.  Lovely jacket. Nice tie.     Those trews rok, but not with this jacket so much.  Calls for slightly more textured IMOYou're getting the DB tapered at the waist  IIRC?     Lapels + tie   Really nice suit.  Dig the texture.
 that's a beautiful pic in natural lite up top there.     
   That Fresco just keeps on giving, and everything here fits so well      id like  the same fit with light weight very lite gray trews like the ones you're wearing in your previous fit, but pref flannels.    For a more summery off-duty look.
 Lose some weight around the middle, sure.  Prefer a soft shoulder tho.
One of your best NYI 
Hi guise, navy is hard to pic             suit in Fresco 579 Kamakura Rubinacci  Cappelli  Vass
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