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    Merry Xmas 
CB for HL, cheers to rrosals for the cloth. Tchoy posted a jacket in the same stuff a while back..  
Hi Guise,new Carlo Barbera for H Lesser gunclub  [[SPOILER]]
love it Gerry
blue n white neat on brown = great tie Cox.  Suit's out there but very nice
 the 3-piece trees rok
 okay-   terminological confusion.  I like your choice, but it's not the Vass Budapester-  it's 'budapester -style' but on the P2 last, a great last for a caual shoe.  Enjoy in good health. 
  The top-down view doesn't give the real sense of it MO. Here's the side view: Franken shoo
  Would the Marlow and the Vass Budapester lie in the same category? The Budapester is a monster, a real shoe-nut shoe.  I don't mind a solid shoe; I'll even wear a blucher with a suit, but I wouldn't wear the Vass buda with any kind of fit.  You could fit a Mack truck in that toe-box.
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