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yes it's a wonderfully powerful metaphor.  Cloven hearts, cloven nature.  Simplicity + depth + timelessness-  in a thousand years, looking back, people will wonder.
I wonder how many of the grieving relatives would be happier with a public execution.
    nice work      color is    but damn u do that cut well        say what?   Fred's fit looks pretty awsm to me IMO nothing about it that can't be accounted for by body shape and movement.  
Hi guise, thanks for the votes in the challenge!   Henry Carter  BB SC Rubinacci Villa Lucia Kamakura  flannels Vass  
SC  not sure about lighter or softer.. That square does an ok job of filling the contrast gap between jacket and tie  IMO  + reasonable variation in pattern density, but agree, shades of gold and blue may have been more of a color complement than lemon  and lite green  Thanks Tibor-  kind of u to say so  .  Can't take full credit tho- 
terredirection                        ^^^^ pls post over here 
Spoo- that's the jacket that inspired Butler's blast into the sartorial stratosphere   I appreciate the Spoo-tastic TM qualities of this fit. 
 I take ur point on the roll, thought it was personal taste thing.   i checked it out tho-  every one of Manton's pics in this thread is convex.Not sold on collar stays tho
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