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 Very nice Victor.  I hope thats wodka in there.  I lost my filson last nite.  It fell off my motor cycle, but I went back half an hour later and there it was in the middle of a busy road still. totally squashed, broke two pairs of glasses    The Filson was fine tho.  indestructible .   
bring it Victor. got no complaints
 Again with the awsm tie lulz
 The principles and proportions r good IMO, even if the tie is about as frightening as they come.   Great!  What r those shoes? Awsm. Can't believe u posted !  only yesterday I was thinking 'What's Victor up to, I wonder?'
 This rox.  Dunno why I don't wear black grenadines/knits more often, they always look good   yeah it's kinda weird but i like it. @EliodATrue?  u don't wear grenadines cos they too @menswear?  (Nice fit BTW)Assuming u r serious, I think only ppl on SF and a few others would even know the difference between a grenadine and a challis/madder/repp/linen/wool knit etc
Crusty I'll say it again, u look great in lites.
I don't think anyone's posted a black suit b4 - it is black no?
  Now that's an awsm post, cheers, and agree:  You get very little bang for your extra bucks splurging on expensive silk knits, IMO, altho I haven't handled the Charvet. For me the width is key, 2.5" being optimal for an average guy.  Cashmere, IMO, is not a great cloth for ties.  Too spongy and too light. 
Gotta beautiful sheen to it.  Love those gunmetal greys.
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