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the Wu (tie) looks waay brite in the bottom pic. It's not.  more a plum, so went B&W for the texture  
@Pings id let it out if anything. Jacket like that should b loose, casual IMO nice tho
hi guise- thanks for the recent likes.  Timo, that collar rox.  Compare it to my BB here  Henry Carter 7-fold repp-     [[SPOILER]]
say what? those charges were all dropped Ive moved on from the sock thing - after the intervention
Well, I have to admit thai Diaz .... on second thoughts.. nah, I got nuthin.
okay prolly 2 of the most similar dressers on WAYWRN wearing similar fits -  both Cappelli ties, Drakes squares, grey flannels  but srsly how can a humble  RPL SCcompete with a custom blazer?
 It's PRL's 'Bradford', and yes it seem to fit. good observation re the relationship between shoulders and sides-  now u mention it, that excess under the arm does happen a lot for me with RTW. I always thght it was cos i have no chest 
Hey I've got the exact same tie n square as u ^^ (tho not today)   I def have them made with sloping shoulders.  Wasn't aware you could get RTW adjusted like that tho-  not easily at least  nice fit BTW  
Hi guise-  HC, Beet, Rudes, Clap, Clags, Diaz all really great fits IMO Crusty that tie is old school   Angora SC- PRLMadder- E G CappelliOCBD- KamakuraKelim square- DrakesOxblood Oxfords- Vass      [[SPOILER]]  
Yeah it helps. The SC is genius, tie too.
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