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Cross post from Friday Challenge- the last one was so awsm we've got the likes of Butler and V le V  upping the ante.  Going for another Summery theme so hauled out the Fresco and linen - and yep  forgot to clean the lens Diaz been AWOL?  good to see u back                  
Hi guise-  once again a pleasure to be a part of this. So many good fits here.  My bad on the pic quality, but this is:   Fresco suit  Poplin  Linen  Grenadine PS Goodyear Wholecuts        
  thx -  district check is cool       yeah i know-  don't go down well with the ladies IME.  But useful on a boat. ...   big boat where they don't get too wet.
Hampton ^^^ lol   Mossrocks u rock- .  Kappelan - disco loafers man.      
Shameless plug for the new Henry Carter 7-fold repps.     +  Brooks Brothers Cordings Vass    
    well cheers, coming from you that means a lot.    hard to decide who to go with on this, so many great 4 pattern fits in so many different sprezzs.  Tirrailleur  stands out to me for his sheer audacious peacockery-    that works.   ...wouldn't dream of wearing a single thing in his fit but I still dig it.  okay, maybe the watch    congrats TTO on the comp and your outstanding fit .
Betelgeuse DerekS Pingson sugarbutch Claghorn     thanks a lot guys
Hi Guise-too early?   something Summery  BB button down pencil stripe BB District SC Henry Carter 7-fold Drakes Kelim  Vass              
^^^^^props on that- i used to play goal and there's nothing scarier thatn a striker pounding towards u with boots flying and a mean look in the eye
New Posts  All Forums: