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 Legendary StC.  That collar is bangin.  Did I ask u b4-  what loafers ?     I love those suedes.   re:  the saturation -  the SC appears to be mustard on my screen. Do I need a new one?     Only u could pull off that fit with those black bad boys down low.    Yeah well this horse ain't drinking.  Props on the suit tho.
cheers. next one perhaps
 Love the SC   Academc and P/P awsm  Musqurl-  one thing about the Fresco-   advise go wth a dark lining
 a bit of shirt cuff balances a look IMO Have to be in the mood for the full suit, but separately they're nice casual items
  Helmet's cordovan thanks  nothing permanent
 That sounds awsm.  The new run's going to have less of a red cast to it rite?  I find that I use the trews and jacket as separates more often than together.  Had the jacket done as a 3 rol. 2 + patch hip pockets partly for this reason, tho in retrospect I would have got the pants made with belt loops.
 +1  I get mine half lined and sure, a little conscious of it for the first few wearings but  then it's fine.  All cloth gets softer with wear. Fresco fact:  Had a motorcycle accident in a Fresco suit (10 oz) recently.  Busted up my knee.  Apart from a little blood that washed out the pants were undamaged. 
 I was lucky enough to be part of Slewfoot's run:
 good to know FM.    I can imagine a suit cut in R&T but in a modern style would really rok- high gorge, low buttoning, open quarters,  flat front
  Man I would love to get me some of that old Reid & Taylor stuff-  in a solid, as lite weight as possible, but with  that signature  R&T hatching  -  'drape beautifully, wear like iron, feel like silk'   That's really nice SB, IMO.  Thanks for the comments about the tan suit   I'll invest in some tan colored socks.  I like the fact that that one is not a very saturated color-  which works best for my skin tone. I'm thinking of getting another in the wheat or sand Fresco,...
New Posts  All Forums: