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maybe it's that contrast collars have a bit of a Wall St (the movie) OTT eighties stigma.  still popular on Jermyn St tho so mebe not so across the pond
these are reasonably priced and justly well-regarded if you like a classic English style. On special now too http://www.cordings.co.uk/menswear/trousers/corduroy/wine-corduroy-trousers.html
          thx guise         lol -  didn't put a lot of thought into the socks.   How bout this for a thread?   'Stuff u bought and decided u didn't really like,(musta been drunk-crazy-manic-stoopid)   then rediscovered and loved  months/years later'   gotta couple suits and especially ties in this category
  Demeter-Halmos Norweger-  270 Goyser + DkB Freudenburg calf RL cords   Couldn't decide how to wear these so they've been gathering dust for a couple years.   A solid heavy 'manly' kinda shoe (one for you, G) seems to ask for a solid countrified pant with a wide cuff and low wale count.            
1st one for versatility without a doubt. Very nice
Which leather is this JB?
linen           wool    
okay cheers- abomination removed (:
amazing -  better-  such a fine line   ^^^
My dry cleaner's premises burnt to the ground last week.  First time in months I haven't had something in.
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