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Hendrix, does the Goiser stitch go with a welt?           Guys, I found this very interesting explanation of the 'Norweger' style.  Looks like it did indeed come from Norway to GB and the States     In the late 19th century, fishermen and farmers in Aurland and the Sognefjord area in Western Norway were known for making light moccasin style shoes, initially for their own use, but occasionally for sale, which developed into a cottage industry.In the second half of the 19th...
    +1  EG stopped producing shoes with willow, but AFAIK it's not hard to make-  something to do with the 'boarding' of the leather, which is the way the roll it.   Great news about the stash-  I'd like a Dover in Chestnut willow 
    Quote:  Bengal   'It's Norwegian construction. The upper leather is folded to the outside, hence no welt.'     Okay now I'm confused-  did a bit of digging, and have found that not only do people who should know use Norwegian/Goiser interchangeably, but that  the welt is optional in Norwegian construction, according to La Botte Chantilly.         'The Norwegian construction type can be made with or without a welt.The filling offers great comfort and good resistance....
    did not know-  r these the 'carter'-   with 3 eyes?             ^^  repost for awsmness-  from earlier in the thread             oh is this like when I was looking online for the address for 'Wet and Wild'  theme park  and had to tell the children to look away?       well-spotted!     on the 82, willow calf.
          yeah cheers-  had a feeling as i was posting that it wasn't. Goysering    Still, very  nice stitching 
very very nice- immaculate Goysering!   The ghosted split toe and pie-crust vamp are an ode to the EG.   buty hey, 4! kinds of stitching-  Gerd, avert your eyes
The Demeter-Halmos version is a nice variation-  no heel counter, but the longer toe, which to my mind balances the front of the shoe.   Those Vass in dk brown Cordovan are just amazing    
  true it covers yr ass-  it may be your muscularity +   long arms in proportion to yr body?             worth a requote 
  I don't find this David.   UK 9.5   Slickman-  FYI a google image search will get u most shoe pics u want, inc these    
  feeling 90% frustrated and hostile-  /autistic?
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