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  the black shoes r good IMO, but unusual. I think they work well cos everything else is sober + the tie's a dark solid. 
 I feel i have the 'one cut' and the 'one style' down, so in suits and SC's it's all about cloth for me now.   Been stockpiling, so 2015 will be about turning those liabilities into assets.   As to color (suits)  if I had to I'd be happy wit just greys and a couple tans.   Mid-grey works wit everything.     The 'green SC FC'  made me see the awsmness of a dk green probably large herringbone SC-  so one of those is a possibility in the near future.    My shoe...
 So black  shoes n solid hank?  how does it wear SB?  Classic Tropical cloth-  According to a New Guinea expat i worked with they were de rigueur lounging wear Peaks and patches- meh on a guy but very nice here IMO  hate u and your job [[SPOILER]]
 Particularly with cordovan- produced by the friction of the cordo on the leather lining 
maybe its the suit,  looks svelte    
  Okay it could just be a cultural thing, but not feelin it, big-time, SS.  IMO those items are about as mismatched as it's possible to get, mind u I guess it would go down well in London..   I love the chalky tho.    Am I losing my eyesight, or are u wearing diff shoes in these pics?  in the first one I thought u and I have  the same cognac Vass Norwegers in our pics today. Nice look anyways.    really really good IMO  BTW What happened to more generously proportioned...
I like the way yr rocking the suits Don.   Sander whos your tailor, jacket looks great?
    Merry Xmas 
CB for HL, cheers to rrosals for the cloth. Tchoy posted a jacket in the same stuff a while back..  
Hi Guise,new Carlo Barbera for H Lesser gunclub  [[SPOILER]]
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