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  great jacket Don. Willkommen  
thanks CP!    I was a bit leery of the specs.
I cuff acc. to the shoes size/style/mass:    Chunky shoe = broader cuff and hem ::  sleek shoe = narrower cuff and hem.
 thanks- IIRC it took a couple months.   Thru Kent Wang MTM.  That cashmere's about 11 oz but spongy and warm-  low density so a jacket length folded is twice as thick as other cloths the same weight.  The 14 oz is thick as a horse blanket. 
i get the same feeling when i ID a PS in someone's fit. u must be devo about Bennetts lane. i love the piano -  Wynton Kelly
yeah I got thatn one, but only for the writing
I don't have one with me, but IIRC they prob block or screen printed-  I mean, they're not ink-jetted. I think that's true of Drake's printed ties too.   I'd like to try Luxire's custom square arrangement- so many paintings I think'd make awsm squares Dali, Vermeer, Hockney, Freud, even Bacon
New Posts  All Forums: