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Please accept my other four digits in lieu of a thumb  This getting weird.
plus one.  That looks ^^^^ fantastic. Can see an unstructured Summer jacket with Spalla in my future.
 I agree with EliodA (surprise, not)  it's nothing special.  Also don't like metal buttons - too Thirston Howell III .   Ideal blazer/navy odd jacket is IMO: 1.  hopsack2. 3 roll 23. patch pockets4. swelled edges5. contrast horn buttons6. SB and twin vents
 They're classic.  I prefer the sleeker Tetbury, but those r more your style SB, IMO and will b awsm I htink my fav is the EG Cherwell in mink suede-  They're more of a 'George' boot. 
  thread idea- high res outside action shots
Yeah posters like Holdfast and even Crusty never got/get the credit they deserve because their pics.  All the same, Victor's  an incredible dresser with his own sprezz that would look good anywhere.    
 Apart from the patterned trews, this is great IMO.   Edit  ^^ wrote that b4 i saw the bit loafers and socks.  oh well It bothers me you wearing a neat like that, but I think I'm too fastidious.    I really think it's fine, and you look good as always. 
[[SPOILER]]  I notice that shorter hems give me more air circulation.  Def feel cooler.  (Doh! 3000?  I wouldve said something awsm if I'd known)
 I vary by season more.  Summer suits both cuffs and hems r a fraction (~ 1.0 cms) shorter.
 Thanks!  (I think) 
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