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Huddersfield Fine WorstedsHuddersfield ClothHarrisons of Burley ebayBritish Fabrics EbayHarrisons of Edinburgh will have a US distributor listed on their site u can prob useJohn MolloyPepper LeeKevin and Howlin there's lots, but AFAIK SF don't have a single list anywheres
^^ FYI just a few pages back someone (JRD? ) posted a list of mills, and online sellers
  it's the combination of relatively formal elements up top against the trews IMO... and  I think a worsted navy blazer needs some or all of -  patch pockets, contrast buttons, swelled edges and at least to be in a roughed worsted like a fresco or a hopsack.  From that pic, and i could be wrong, that blazer wants quite formal partners.  I love those tassels FWIW
  you're so consistently good, I don't think I've really disliked anything you've ever posted SB   Linen trews?-  I don't think this works Seajen, not up to your usual outstanding-ness.  the jacket looks Odd, and trews that casual aren't tie-worthy IMO.  The shoos (cordo?) have a gravity not matched by those flimsy pants   I dislike contrast collars Braddock, so maybe that's prejudiced me, but this fit's a bit all over the place IMO.  Top block's too busy-  such an...
  as others said, around US $90 a metre so depending on ur size prob about US $300 for a suit.      +1 but u know if u get a lite grey worsted with patch pockets, contrast buttons and belt loops u can get a whole lot more use out of it as a suit + 2 odds
 nice   limited use IMO- costumey, and hard to keep clean.  lite gray is versatile
   FYI  good article on Fresco just released on the NMWA sitealso FWIW-  Fresco pro-  presses beautifully, like linen almost so nice crisp look off the board Con-  i find the pants slightly scratchy, so don't rec going tight with them
 Minnis 511 with the jacket half lined it wears pretty cool
     Those chalk stripes (that's how HFW describes them)   look much more subtle than I expected them to be from the  thumbnail.  I think  they're perfect for a suit, but I'm still attracted to this cloth  for a conservative SC if that's how you intend to wear it too Claghorn.   The pattern matching is superb -  e.g.  the back of the collar.  The  sleeve head is beautifully even and I love the way the collar rolls over the  shoulder.    From those shots you've got nothing...
 aah cheers, useful answer, better get a swatch then.  Have been wary of mohair for its rockstar connotations but this looks tempting. 
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