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[[SPOILER]] Hi guise- new suit office action shot         [[SPOILER]]
  an important cuff factor is shoe bulk IMO  I have gunboats that look odd if worn with less than a  2.25" cuff, so i have some odd trews done in that width.    For a well-fitted suit with sleek shoes 1.75 - 2" is about rite iMO  I think so too, although in lighter weigh cloths the cuff seems to help with stability (less flapping about the ankle) if not drape.  Makes sense, as HC said, that overall  weight is more imp than cuff in lighter cloths when u think about the...
 don't feel too bad-  if it's at all like the earlier run (and it looks like it is but with less in the red spectrum) the cloth is a saturated color.  Odd trews should be a bit dull and secondary IMO .. Unless u have an equally saturated summery SC ul they'll pop too much. 
Fresco offers texture like no other:  a 15 oz is good for that if u don't mind being unseasonal.
 Impresionante !!!  those trews r the bomb  Frankly I think you're waaaay off the mark Roycru.  rules?  I see posters setting up a straw man and claiming that there's too many rules much more often than I see people insisting on rules themselves.   Nitpicking is the real problem  IMO     love the SC and the fit SJ u got it rite IMO keep everything else simple, monotone
 Hi Cleav, great look .. What're those shoos again? theyre a perfect dk brown Oxford. C&J?  noice!  superb colors.  How do u get that narrow depth of field GN?
  Do u know what cloth that is SS?  looks very much a Barbera for Lesser I'm having made up
  great jacket Don. Willkommen  
thanks CP!    I was a bit leery of the specs.
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