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 id like to try. any advice?  oh heres that thread
EliodA-  you're in the southern hemisphere right?    Nice look.
  Nice!  Your improvement from bottome to top is impressive.  There's a thread by JeffreyD where he discusses it all in detail -  u prob know it  -  and I thin he indicates that the make of the gimp is key
 If you're concerned about textural contrast and want something lite why not consider linen or cotton.  A smooth worsted's in danger of looking suity. IMO  
Maccimus I like your blazer.  IMO if u go for a worsted don't go smooth for odd pants. Light-weight flannel or a rough worsted like Fresco or similar e.g. one of these is better, more versatile and just as  comfortable in the heat.  Smooth-worsted Odd trews are .. odd.
  Nice.  The difference in saturation and color between pic 1 and the rest is extraordinary.  First one is out of whack?   Nice to see so many POWs.
 nice tie!  aaah, I see the gray now. But IMO it's the melange that's the x-factor that makes it great    and I'm guessing the weight helps. I hadn't heard of the extended canvas like that, makes me wonder why more don't do that. 
 Would you mind telling us what cloth tchoy?  I can't be the only one that suddenly wants to get a suit in that stunning blue! (and BTW nice combo of green and blue, that's tricky IMO) Extraordinary the way the  shoulder seam runs back like that-   is that a Liverano influence or their own innovation?     So it's not the rain then?  Really interesting HF.  I think as a NY'er FNB perhaps misses some of the subtleties of class in the UK.  A digression: I always had trouble...
 true that.  wonder where that look came from?   I def remember something that made a lot of sense re the shirt  starting out as linen underwear, and  collar and cuffs were detachable add-ons. I'm getting a POW w bloe overcheck myself soon, pretty excited about it.  Second try, didn't like the cut of the first one.
EliodA, the POW with blue or red over-check is a dead-set menswear classic, so there's a lot of precedent re: what works with it and what doesn't.     Seem to be a number of schools of thought on it, which u can really boil down to 2 at either end of the spectrum:    1. The greats of menswear 2. Ed Morel's  (err, not mutually exclusive, so no offence Ed)     1. Like Cary Grant here, the best pairings  are solid (blue or white) shirt, solid or repp-stripe tie (neat...
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