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  or Tarantino is a guest
 I happen to dress based on  mood.   Some people say I seem to wear the same thing all the time, but no-  within my basic framework there are many subtle variations, only discernible to an acute observer, that reflect the many moods, the many shades, the many sides   of George Costanza ... 
  Well chosen combo-  something about paisley ties that likes checks IMO    u got the DB fit nailed - noice
  navy on brown, my bad.   I particularly like brown tonals.  remember this?  + navy/black knit too 
 Love jackets in this kind of check.  Have to be worn with a lot of sprezz tho, to avoid looking 'old bloke'.  Nice look overall SVB IMO (square is well suboptimal tho).\      Brown on brown  +  black on brown  = Jacket buttons look wrong to me.
  +1-  even a 20 mp camera takes poor pics in poor light
     Hey EliodA-  who did the POW?   I'm loving it, and most of the gray POWs posted here recently.  Thery're so versatile-  suit most complexions, dress up and down, and pair with any accessory u throw at them
  For the love of God jk take better pics!   It's frustrating cos your fits r pretty awesome .....      
  maybe-  but isn't too close in color to the SC?  You could try something in the color of the Deco.  
  Shanks it is, then  .    Solid silk knit would be perfect IMO,  burgundy or navy, say, depending on the color of your shoes  + no square, or maybe linen or plain ivory silk jammed in there.  Be a cool look.
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