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Cheers for the thumbs up          ^^^^^   David R that's a mega-outstanding DB.  Dunno how u manage to make the shoulders IMO so structured-but-not-blocky.  Is it because u cut them narrower than the natural width? -  the sleeve in that pic appears to begin at the tip of your clavicle rather than out at the end of the shoulder.
      ILLs  - really interesting, thx.  There was a Northampton insider who posted  a while back, and came across as unbiased in his views. He had some interesting insights. (but i don't remember the thread sos).  He and his father had been in the trade all their lives,  had worked with nearly all the makers at some time or other, and IIRC he nominated C&J when pushed on which factory cut least corners and had the highest standards overall.   - so altho I had no idea til...
Hi Guise, some fantastic fits here lately. sos about pic quality below   FU Worsted Tweed (G&H) Henry Carter wool  Rubinacci PS Shirt is H&H C&J             
^^  Green would be too Xmas.  Diaz, I think, had a similar jacket and wore a tie with a red/maroon ground with a blue neat pattern that seemed to work.     On another note-    Manton   /  Victor   is this detente now?
  I'm not following u?  C&J handgrade finish can be good tho IMO.  Of the RTW and MTO brands and styles EG is good for instant results, because they use semi-crust skins and do their own antiquing, which i like.  But the Vass patina deveops with time and is hard to beat.
IMO u should go with the style you think you'll wear over the longest time.I like the thought that Vass are hand welted but that's not so important to me when I'm deciding what goes with what in the morning. The look and fit matter most. Doesn't matter that a shoe is well-constructed if u don't like the look of it.AS handgrade are better finished,sure. They concentrate more than a hundred yrs of artisanal skill and know-how into the hand-grade line and the materials...
  affected? cmon, tell me this aint classy   my bad -  forgot the  
    point of clarification: do the size 8 oxfords look anything like this? -  
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