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 You know,  inspired by Manton I did the Blazersuit TM  but now I'm dissatisfied with the concept.  What works as a navy blazer doesn't make me happy as a suit jacket, and vice versa.    Speaking as a noob of course.  It may work for you, but me- I'd just commission 2 different jackets.
 Beautiful blazer tchoy. FYI Aravenel this is the 579 Fresco II. Not midnight, more a true navy.   [[SPOILER]]
 very Kanye West there EFV that jacket 
 AAS that's prob my all time fav of your many great fits!     Killing it Chocosa 
 Well, sample of one.
  I have a suit in 579- definitely navy.  In the second pic above the 520 color looks okay for business, but in the first the color looks too casual IMO
 Let me quote u : 'I've heard bolts of that same Islay tweed have circulated amongst many SR tailors. I was in London last week and two of the tailors were talking about this very fabric, and how it's impossible to sell and everyone is keen to get rid of it asap. One of them even mentioned how the majority is now in Huntsman's hands, and he wondered how they'd ever get rid of it.'    Got u on the cashmere, love to feel it. 
 Doh!   You'd think we'd be able to faithfully reproduce color by now  The fit looked well put together, as ever.   That tie is a Kamakura.  Twas a disappointment -  narrow, thin, flimsy, lifeless and like many cheap ties it's made  in those unnatural saturated  colors.  I expected better after the shirts, which are stellar if u can get your size rite.  One of my Kamakuras is in a cotton that is just stunning.   Irons like linen.
  Reminds me of the story of the fabled  Islay Tweed    I'm a sucker for cashmere, but I would not know how to wear that color-  How is it done GC?
Hi gentlemen.  Tie is ... well, I'm not feelin it. 
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