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   Sorry, but u need to do more than just put on a suit to get thumbs up from me.  The look is incoherent,  IMO,    like an undertaker who decided to hit the track after work.    It's  hard to tell anything about the suit fit with the low camera and jacket unbuttoned, but it looks only so so.    The tie is execrable and I don't want to know what's dangling from your waist.
  You and AAS went to the same school of color mixing.   I think you could dial back the (color) contrast a little if you want to go for tasteful..  but on the other hand I'm guessing that you know exactly what you're doing, are not about to change and will stay with the dandy-   which IMO is great to see here.   Again, like AAS.   I do love every individual piece.,   noice    Wow that blue and that grey work so well together.   And is that a bitter choc tie? 
 it's not,  as YRR said.  Just looks like.
 Yes the Japanese have taken the craft to a whole new level- the finishing is just spectacular. I get the same feeling of awe in this thread as i did when I first saw high end (C&J) shoes
 u could land an F16 on those shoulders and don't get me started on the gorge .. wait.   You're spot on with your provenance YRR. That diving gorge searm is a 1990s Armani signature.  FWIW i think it works as a vintage loook. love the square
I'm getting "Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets, brass valves, fittings, showers, water pumps" but not twigging on the reference
 As orphans go the blue is quite nice and the better of the 2 IMO AAS  While we're not sympatico with colors and patterns i do like your shapes and proportions a lot.  Supine looks great ITg
sounnds like a great project Chogall.  What makes a toe plate English? And i guess youd want your own lasts plural?  depending on whether u want a chisel toe, or round, or a bigger toe box for certain styles like gunboat etc ?
lulz ..Was it the lack of saturation?-  the neat doesn't pop, true, but I'm happy for it not to e.g. with this low key POW &  I just love the incredibly soft hand on the silk- nothing else like it IME
Vanda unlined-  Japanese silk - stuff is amaze  
New Posts  All Forums: