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@ portnoy whatre the odds? same dk brown scotch grains. Mine r on P2:fistbump: @FM thanks. Ill take that as a compliment. FWIW socks arent as saturated IRL
Thanks!Sleeves are fine IMO. Any narrower and they would throw out the balance with the width of the jacket.
Morning gentlemen- lotta win last few pages: Clags, CD, Spooky, Butch, AAS (nice jacket), Fred Grenadine ChallisOxford cloth Saxxon wool FlannelBluchers  [[SPOILER]]
Doin it wit da shoos Clags Is Hober an affiliate? Hober challis square, loving the challis rite now
Hi guise-  Tirailleur that image a ways back is    grey n pink         
thx man-  didn't wanta assume.  couldabeeen in the  'amazing look' or  'your style is unique' category 
  thanks I really appreciate the compliment.  It was a compliment rite?      Thanks!  Pings is awsm definitely.  + this here below is crushing it.  beautiful suit, reverse calf, blues n browns  
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