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        They look great-  I'm having a suit made in a navy 13oz with a bit of cahmere, from the same source-  do you have any thoughts on lining for the trousers?  just the top front, or more?
It's showing up as yellow with a red and green? overcheck on my monitor.  It's out there, but fine for the track, or Fridays IMO.   So what about with a pale pink or cream shirt, no tie, and say fawn or khaki trousers and light brown shoes?
            Photo itself is strong in compositional elements suited to the purpose, and I guess that’s why you chose it? -  shallow depth of field and complementary colors blurred in the background draw the eye to you; perfect  for a shot that’s all about the subject's clothes.  Look-wise, the subtle mix of patterns and colors and the impromptu  way you’ve thrown things together-   messy collar,  throttle-cinched knot (at the table?)and shy PS -  is full-sprezz , yet the...
I love those shoes^^^^  -  they are unique, bold and without compromise.  As Gerd said, probably the sexisest shoos on SF-.     Vass was talking about  these-  (darker IRL than in this pic, dunno why)    
    oka thanks-  I'm surprised as I didn't think this was possible.
    I mean the way the lips of the leather at the split on the toe are pinched, sewn, then trimmed -  as opposed to ghosted the EG way or an overlap seam as seen on the 'lake' of the Demeter-Halmos.
    sorry man, jus messing around-  FWIW I def would go smaller          very 'Sir F/ Kalra' vibe,  agreed
  A-H of course?  the upper construction is almost identidcal with the Demeter-Halmos on previous page, including the back-strap and the kissing toe seam.  Must be a tradition?           amazing, yes Harrydog, but quite some time ago.  4.5 yrs!   that is a serious shoe-memory, esp for someone who is no EG fan.  Bought at a factory sale in 2008
well, just my own quirk, not saying anyone else feels or should feel, this . to my eye the 202 tends to look 'vintage' in a way that say the 82 does not. I'm not keen on vintage because it looks costumey to me.     Bengal, dumb question-  are you saying the leather is split to half its depth ?  like from 2mm to 1mm thick?   (altho the point is, as u already said, that the SC pictured was not Goiserer) .   I was told this 2nd shoe from bott is Goiserer, and the welt...
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