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Lol yeah not the best choice. altho I think its the burgundy socks more than the shoes. The SC has a brown overcheck not showing in the pic
Hi guise-  Henry Carter aka JS, Chocosa & Monkeyface nice rigs  been mining this gray seam a bit lately black linen tie and white square from Hober BB SC H&H shirt Marcoliani  Vass              
thanks man.. Ihear u on the monotone. There's something about gray jackets, Acc to Foo 'they arguably shouldnt exist', and no doubt they hard to pair rite. Cant arguewith Buitlers incredible tailoring tho
Don C, Jazz, Spoo, IanGP nice.  SS I hope this aint gonnto mean that u won't be posting your out there fits yeah?   Henry Carter wool tie- don't judge me on the blade length + Navy Grenadine PS          
well back to the drawing board. That jackets high maintenance .green red and orange are a tough combo to match. Do love the tie tho.
yeah Diaz pity cos that cuts looking good   itstaken me a loong time to work out how I think I should wear this FU.   G&H Worsted Tweed   Drakes Macclesfield + Kelim H&H shirt (okay it's yellow) Flannel- flat fronts EG   [[SPOILER]]
Diaz this silhouette is excellent; shoulders are cut close; like the slope too; waist and quarters suit yr build perfectly. Wouldn't this look great in a Fox chalk stripe?  Or in say a light Fresco-style cloth perhaps with a little less roping.  
man I like that patch pocket  linen awsmness   special mention to Clarinet, HC, M-face, Crusty, Citan and Donuts for great fits, and to SB for bringing Xmas to July   and  thx for likes waaay back, Stitches for your comment especially   cashmere POW SC again, OCBD snap boysdontcry on the wide space repp tie  white linen square flannels and  black  Vass          
Urban C love the jacket DC-  nice tie above Clags- fantastic - that lite blue and lite pink   me- linen, poplin, shantung, wool n boxcalf           Deets- [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: