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 Paisley ties r a bit of a PS challenge, IMO-  mostly because the scale of the common paisley pattern is itself perfect as a PS.  With a suit, I'd pair with folded linen or a solid color.  With an SC a puffed solid PS.  
 Maybe, a bit busy (PS/tie) IMO.  Nice texture on the jacket.  What trews with this one?    Nice fit.  Again, love the texture on the jacket.  Wish i could work out the mystery of the vol control on my [identical]  headphones. 
World class photography.    Cashmere + Donegal + silk
 Classic Cox.  Earthy tones r your sprezz.  Props to a young guy who wears bow ties.  Used to be that only consultant physicians wore them in these parts, but I'm told that even that is old hat.   Sleeping in your suit is a good way to run it in.
 There was a debate about this in Whnays recently.  Some were adamant that brown suit + black shoes is fine.   For me   brown + black =  cognitive dissonance.  Black's town, brown's rustic. 
Drakes seems to be tailoring their advice to their sprezzy clientele.   Shorter back blade is more common AFAIK      Your pic gives me hope.  Maybe I can  find a use for chestnut oxfords.   The bottom fit's spectacular, IMO.
 I have nothing to say about tie tucking, but your comments are well spaced.
 I guess I find pretty much all odd DBs a bit boxy.  That aside, FWIW this looks good IMO.
  Great to have you back! That last fit is off-the-charts, even by your standards.  I wouldn't set much store in the number of thumbs.  I'm certain they have only a vague relationship with the 'right'-ness of the fit.  They're more a function of your general likeability, IMO...  + reciprocity,  the amount of passing traffic, the tastes of that traffic, who else is posting, the alignment of the planets and other mysterious forces.
 Late reply, but too low, IMO.  Suit? 
New Posts  All Forums: