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 There's quite a few Swedes posting here, and they're all pretty outstanding IMOThe minimalist aesthetic mebe
I think it looks pretty awsm entarte.  Lovely tie, nice collar roll, shoulders and sleeves loo good. Shoes too.  What's not to like?   And welcome.
 Perhaps it's a cultural thing.  I'm thinking about the traditional origin of repp stripes as club and school ties which while worn with blazers or suits are not usually worn in the same context as a slubby silk
 A slubby repp stripe seems to sned mixed message .  An otherwise  CBD tie trying to be casual.   Block or bar stripe at a pinch, but generally solid for slubs IMO-  not that i don't covet some of the Conrad Wu repp shantungs 
 It's so  you    .  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]]  thanks.  I was particularly into the unusual matted weave of the jacket.  How they do that?  they seem to work best super-cas AAS.  Definitely with no tie too, and prob minus any kind of structured jacket.  IMO BTW FYI  there's an awsm RLPL blackwatchy jacket in 38 + 40R  on the Malford site, heavily discounted rite now.  dunno the size
   Clags, Luxire has that navy tattersall.  They'll do you the trews for $225 (click for link) If u send them a pair of trews that u like they'll make you a pair to those specs.  It would make an awesome suit IMO. Kent Wang MTM also does decent trews CMT  IME
don't know that suit fabric weave RoyAl- looks interesting
   good sense here.  And I do know what I'm talking about, ask my local Goodwill   Linen? in Leningrad?  ..    Cox at this point u might as well go full bespoke.  All the time.
  I don't want to upset your plans, but first square is a 'neat'-ish novelty tie pattern  and I think it's better to stay away from those. Second square is more on the $ in terms of design, but the colors are  not versatile.  Light green and purple-mauves are super hard to pair, IMO     Cox, I've never liked peaks with patches.  And that suit in a linen blend already looks like you've been sleeping in it for a week.   The SC is a decent fit, but looks Odd. And a little...
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