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 loving it Stefan. The SartPart looks great, love the shoulders.
 OMG shantung and  grenadine and  awsm repp stripe?  score
 Way to keep the low profile AAS
 Must .. not .. kop.  Dammit.
 You're no slouch with the camera yourself, Victor.  That's pretty rockin, Noods, loving the tie especially.  Is that one Henry Carter's slubby silk's?
All about the twill
First Russia, now Oz.  Steinbeck meets Pitti Uomo. Love that jacket Cox.
@jrd617 like Belvest's 'Jacket-in-a-Box' ?  altho I think they stick to linen and cashmere   Not structureless, but I have one in a navy 10 oz Fresco, half lined, and with the thinnest of padding.  Any less structure and I be concerned about a 'collapsed' look, esp in the groove that runs from the middle of the collar bone  down to the armpit.     Anyone anyn experience with John Fosters Capetown 3-ply mohair? ~ 13 oz.   In comparison witt say Dormieuls Tonik.  I've...
 Better with tweed and darker imo @sebastianmcfox
   2nd one
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