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 Lurv the jacket   hmmm  So would u say 'I took a Krapfen this morning'? or 'I had a Krapfen this morning'?
really really nice E      ID the tie?
    AWKWARD!!!     the occasional navy pent, grey odd jacket or a neat-with-an-SC can be forgiven but double glen check isn't cricket    
good decision Cox    I'm not fussed on DB SCs of any description.  Always look top heavy.
noice Gerry
  I found Flusser's advice confusing.  IIRC  it's contradictory: viz. the pic of a guy whose 'leonine visage' (ie. big long head) is balanced by a super long point collar. That didn't work either, in my opinion.  Collar has a lot of work to balance not just head but  lapels, shoulders and tie too.   
  while I love the gunclub FWIW I'd go a sky blue shirt and a textured solid tie - black, burgundy or navy silk knit, say, PCK.  The double bar on navy + white shirt looks too formal here IMO 
Hi guise, X mas vibe
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