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 need a few more steps to get there I think.  PS can be a neutral or fill a contrast gap between SC, shirt and tie.  Dk brown wouldn't do this  +  it'd be matchy.  Re: the shoes- the tie's darkness isn't enough to balance the  dark bottom side.  A good cas fit will be coherent and balance all elements so the easiest fix IMO is lighter pents, blue shirt, non-white square .
  Another vote for Don-   I missed the brouhaha, but thread needs your fits! ditto Holdfast, FWIW
  Shoes? Need to be lighter. You're divided into 2 halves here .  Blue shirt (if it's OCBD with more collar roll)   patterned square and lighter pents would lift it too, IMO.  I love the jacket  AAS.
 yes it's a gunclub.   retro but it's the cut that really dates a jacket IMO   this true - c'est la vie then u say it like it's a bad thing lol  designs are a little dense aren't they yeah this is great IMO Anden  
 thanks for the input guys.  #3 is versatile and classic.  I have #3 in a RTW SC, but today I found I can buy it by the yard.  It's a good cloth: firm, matt, drapes beautifully and perfect SC weight IMO - 9-10oz. 
 thx ht.  agreed, IMO 1 is too dated, 2 & 4 will prolly  resolve to mud at a distance.
  Albert?:  which end of the torso r we talking about? either way Ed will know   Guys-  your collective wisdom ?  Which of these patterns do u like best for a jacketing?All about 9 oz.1234
[[SPOILER]] thanks yes it is the 511 mid-light grey AAS I think that's in good taste Stitches- awsm DB a few pages back love the color choice it seems to suit your complexion
 It's a feint blue IRL, but agree would look better with a true sky-blue say.  Too dark and the blue clashes with the green. IMO.  Kamakura fit me well but they don't make much in darker blue.  Japanese thing mebe?But never mind that, awsm that u commented!  welcome back    +1  love to know yr shoeshine secrets Crat
New Posts  All Forums: