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 The  Belvest jacket I have is similar, maybe identical cut-wise.  They're well (machine) made.   I get a slight bulge at my sides under the arms because my shoulders are a little too slopy for the cut.   edit:    @1st Step  and @An Acute Style What the ?  I've got 8 shots in a row of Acute wearing  a neat tie, chambray shirt, a DB SC and fun socks  -   none of which should ever be seen with any of the others in the same outfit.    
  The black shoos r a little too formal there yjung, imo  Let's keep it clean  edit: sorry, misunderstood   They do a really high, square shoulder and razor-sharp lapel edge at Belvest-  'modern' looking.  Is HC retailing them?
 @diplomatic_lies  I love your urbane European style, however, I agree with AJL that the square is a distraction.  It's as much about the way you have it folded as it is about the similarity in design to your tie.  Puffed cream silk would be perfect.  
 I like that green.... I have a similar  jacket in a W Bill Phoenix
  Conventional open clothes racks are mostly single tier and don't fully use a room's vertical space.  I'm thinking double tier rack, one above the other, the lower dowel positioned slightly further from the wall the better to see and reach for jackets there.   Also  a 'tie horse', kind of like a longer horizontally tilted pommel horse, lined with an awsm hairy tweed to discourage slippage, and so that I see  ties  arranged along it in seasonal groups. Rolling or stacking...
  Shoulders look much better Mcobinad. Deets on the cloth?
    Hardy Minnis Alsport x KW Hober wool Rubinacci Kamakura Carmina
 thx Eric.  Rolling off the brands can be distracting imo in a 'it's Brioni/Rubinacci/Ring etc so it must be good' kind of way.  More so in SW&D, where brandname-checking can be a shorthand claim to good taste in the absence of any objective consensus. Carlo Barbera for H Lesser X Kent Wang KamakuraRubinacciHober cashmerVass    
New Posts  All Forums: