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 FU = 'Fuck you' = a stand-out item.  e.g.  saturated, non-canonical or tertiary colors;  high-contrast, out-scale or 'fancy' fabric patterns;  unseasonal, out-of-date or branded items; unconventional or cluttered stylistic details etc 
@bienluienapris  Your sprezz, for sure.   On a Dandy scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate that a '10'.    Doesn't just break the 'no more than one FU per fit' rule.  Smashes it. 
  Just to add to that last post, the Russia Calf from the sunken brig looks beautiful, but I recall one  purchaser saying that his was quite dry and had eventually cracked.   I guess u buy it for the historical significance and romance; for durability, not so much.  YMMV As to crust hides, there are  positives and negatives.  AFAIK EG uses them because they allow a deeper penetration of dyes and allows them to apply a wonderful variegated finish to all of their non-black...
  Them's fightin' words, and spoken like a true English expat in the New World (IIRC you're a Limey).    Unstructured, undarted, light as a feather, wears like a cardigan, good enough for JFK, made BB what it is today (??)  The list is long.
@bienluienapris  looove the suit   @robxznyc   in terms of 'Do you think it'll be noticeable or look strange if I just sew the buttons..?'  the answer is 'Not noticeable to most  -  if u sew them straight.'    But if u go to shake someone's hand and they recoil in horror, you'll know they care about style details.   NYC is a big place.  Aint there a trustworthy alterations tailor u can go to? Or am I being naive?
 noice  Jesus, Mary and Joseph! ... That's  matchy-matchy on steroids. Apart from square selection?  Awsm.  
Snap, Six Thanks for the thumbs lately guys.    
  That jacket is a stunner.  Shirt, jacket, tie color combination is nice too  imo.  I would change the buttons for brown horn.
  No.  I'd recommend the range from my limited experience of it.  Others speak highly of its character.
New Posts  All Forums: