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Yeah posters like Holdfast and even Crusty never got/get the credit they deserve because their pics.  All the same, Victor's  an incredible dresser with his own sprezz that would look good anywhere.    
 Apart from the patterned trews, this is great IMO.   Edit  ^^ wrote that b4 i saw the bit loafers and socks.  oh well It bothers me you wearing a neat like that, but I think I'm too fastidious.    I really think it's fine, and you look good as always. 
[[SPOILER]]  I notice that shorter hems give me more air circulation.  Def feel cooler.  (Doh! 3000?  I wouldve said something awsm if I'd known)
 I vary by season more.  Summer suits both cuffs and hems r a fraction (~ 1.0 cms) shorter.
 Thanks!  (I think) 
 Very nice Victor.  I hope thats wodka in there.  I lost my filson last nite.  It fell off my motor cycle, but I went back half an hour later and there it was in the middle of a busy road still. totally squashed, broke two pairs of glasses    The Filson was fine tho.  indestructible .   
bring it Victor. got no complaints
 Again with the awsm tie lulz
 The principles and proportions r good IMO, even if the tie is about as frightening as they come.   Great!  What r those shoes? Awsm. Can't believe u posted !  only yesterday I was thinking 'What's Victor up to, I wonder?'
 This rox.  Dunno why I don't wear black grenadines/knits more often, they always look good   yeah it's kinda weird but i like it. @EliodATrue?  u don't wear grenadines cos they too @menswear?  (Nice fit BTW)Assuming u r serious, I think only ppl on SF and a few others would even know the difference between a grenadine and a challis/madder/repp/linen/wool knit etc
New Posts  All Forums: