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[[SPOILER]]  That is awsm. Nobody does rustic like u Swedish guys. +  AAS is going to lurv it
 Beautiful.  Nabilmust, in that first link to your tumblr you're wearing a pinstripe blue shirt- I've been looking for one like that - Mind my asking where u got it?
I like the cut of those shoulders Nabilmust edit: snap Helden- 
Well that's a first!  Green corduroy?  It looks good on you IMO   I meant to ask- is a green suit okay for hte challenge?
Are u American?  Brothel creepers have a dodgy history there.  Maybe it's a throw back judgement.   Personally I like them here. 
well don't keep me in suspense-  What was Vox's solution?
  oops-  sorry, meant Betelgeuse  (Seajen awsm also, and EFV, Cox)
 particularly like the silhouette here. just looks really relaxed and comfortable.  (jacket's awsm too)     I like this very much Institches  lite pents + Summery check SC  +1 Aaaand we're back.   So many good fits in the last 12 hrs after a long slow!  Chocosa, Musquirl (edit:  Beterlgeuse), Braddock, Clarinet Player,  AAS, GMMcL and more
 yes and yes. what about this tho?- say a Mystery Bespoke Tailor makes a great fitting suit and shirt in nice cloths-   add a simple no-name silk knit, a linen square and any decent Northampton shoe and bang, you've potentially got a stellar and 20+ fit.   Can u get 50+ thumbs (more viewers)  with no-name stuff in WAYWT?  How much is it dieworkwear's big3 and how much is it name-checking?
  What about  the cache associated with particular 'names' in WAYWT- Geller, CdeGs, Junya, SEH Kelly etc. -  dieworkwear puts it down to - Practicality: On some level, clothes are meant to be practical. Just things we wear to feel comfortable and look good (or at least look the way we want to look). "Craftsmanship": An overwrought term, but basically deals with how something is constructed. Conceptual design: How something contributes to the greater discussion of...
New Posts  All Forums: