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 Better with tweed and darker imo @sebastianmcfox
   2nd one
 @bienluienapris, who made those amaze semi-brogued U-cap Ghillie Spectators? They look like quality work -  Gomez or maybe Suzuki is my guess  [[SPOILER]]   laaaaaawlz   Victor I think you've out-grown that jacket in the chest n shoulders   damn, that is six-y as my Kiwi friends would say-.
  Scrolling down, I thought this was me for second.  Have the same tie, square, and a suit in the same shade of grey. Looks good.    Nice!  Can't imagine u wearing this 2 years ago. 
 yes, TM Lewin, Kent Wang suit @jahwhyy yes, Ive considered it. but the he-man thing just isn't me. @institches awsm
  because you post more close-ups?  Stitchy's pics tend to be more middle ground.
 just had a look at some of your pics, and OMG HW's everywhere. I retract all of my reputations   [[SPOILER]]
 u amaze meMy understanding is not that it's ever been considered inappropriate -  just that its symmetry looks studied and lacks sprezz
loving it Victor
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