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  Wow nice Gerry.  That looks like it was worth it.    BTW, does OH CMT?  And do u mind my asking how u would describe their cut, particularly shoulder and chest?    Always elegant Roy Al.  Yellow and brown? I can't quite tell.     I don't like the socks at all tho. 
  it's Vox
  'Aint nuttin' badder than tweed n madder.' (NWA)  [[SPOILER]]
 He's made it his sprezz and I'm getting used to it FWIWClags is so good at everything else, and so immaculately presented that imo he gets away with it.
  Yes, a cutaway is more formal.  Wearing one with an SC is a bit of a faux pas
  Yes.  Cutaway is a more formal collar.    Think of those winged collars from the Edwardian era.  I get a profound sense of dissonance when I see one worn with a sports coat. 
 Noice.  Collar is a bit too cutaway for a sports jacket fit imo, but fit is elegant all the same.  I generally admire and seek to emulate your sprez, but the white shirt really is the odd man out here, particularly with a casual red silk knit.   IMO Lose the tie or change the shirt for blue perhaps..  The saturated top block v the earthy southside worries me too, but I don't have a proper sense of the whole from the 2 pics.Damn nice SC
@Coxsackie  u truly r Mr Earthy tones.  What is the cloth in the 2nd one? nice gunclub
@Crusty that would be a great cas fit sans tie imo
  what's confusing I think is that this shoe has 2 lots of stitching.  The stitching up high on the vamp is often associated with the Norweger, altho this one doesnt have a split toe.  The stitching down low near the sole could be called Goiserer, or Norweger stitching AFAIK.  Which one is it that you want to replicate?  Or is it both?
New Posts  All Forums: