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    Henry Carter Challis
  I would've guessed twill from those diagonals, but I am not yet wise in the ways of cloth.
@justinkapur  Noice!  what cloth the SC?
  OMG you're onto us.    It's a mystery in a celeb worshipping  culture like the States, but maybe agiffy (unintentionally) is onto it with that aversion to male vanity, peacocking and style-for-it's-own-sake.   In Oz too it's about rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done, bugger what u look like.    Maybe if Vox was European he wouldn't bother with anonymity.
  I wouldn't wear that tie, but it's not execrable imo MWS.  Compare your fit to these below.  Needs  a little more contrast .  Your other 2 r better. 
 @Murlsquirl has impeccable taste in cloth.  I prefer it to Worsted Alsport, for example.  Very luxe.
 It's nice stuff- kind of tweedy, Phoenix by W Bill.  Kent Wang's factory made it.
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