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  Just be discerning.  I've picked up -a. Vintage cloths by reliable manufacturersb.  'Last of' cloths at good prices from Yorkshire and a few others that sell on Ebay.    For example, I picked up a  10.5 oz fawn colored Barbera for Lesser suiting.. so dry it's like a fine fine suede.  Probably impossible to get from a tailor.    What I don't do is buy cloth on the basis of online thumbnail and description alone.    That's asking for trouble.
  A little bit cleaner in the chest (Vox) + a lower buttoning point + more extension in shoulders. Also Vox appears to have short arms which accentuates the broadness across chest and shoulders.   [[SPOILER]]  The latest Permanent Style has a bit about different national styles
 yes,  Oyster  Wish i could see this better, it's such an interesting combo  Very nice.  I'm more partial to the cut that Vox gets from Steed, but imo it's easy to see that this jacket is made for you alone,  Fits your shape in a way that RTW or MTW probably never would.
Hi gents  [[SPOILER]]       Fox- which Hober is that? love the color
^^ yep-  mid-grey plaid jacket
 On reflection most of my 2 fer and 3 fer projects have been failures eg my  buggy-lined blue herringbone Donegal blazer with brown and green overcheck, Pagoda shoulders, throat-latch, sports back and ticket pocket..
  should have been a little 'r'- I figured what with Greg being French and the fact that a lot of other posters r from 'classless' countries
sokay i got it-   but I knew Clgs was online and thought i'd ask
  thanks- I'm trying  to kill two birds with one stone really-  lite grey suit with useful odd trews.  Not sure I should go with the compromise tho, as I don't like belt loops for a suit, or side adjusters for odds.  (and I'm not ready to cross the bridge to braces)
New Posts  All Forums: