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  The Prince Charles knot looks great-  I can't get many of my ties to do that-  I'm guessing u need an unlined ?And for the record that Groucho head is disturbing    my bad, I assumed that UC's was a button down.   For a non-BD that's a helluva roll then.  I have no ideas.    Those pleats? look great there IMO  (They r pleats aren't they?)  You don't usually go for them IIRC
  bewilderingly ....? T&T  the extreme collar roll is an i-gent conceit.  but cool.
  Madder is the  tie with tweed amirite? perfect combo   re: hanks and faces-  A gentleman wants cohesion .. nothing louder than anything else, so the fit doesn't distract from the visage  [[SPOILER]] pulling out the Blue Steel there Cox
 imagine some sunny boardwalk   [[SPOILER]]
   never has a pair of those cognac Budapesters been put to such good use. IMO  Sublime.  
    I need me some of that ^^^^^^^  real bad.   Suede loafers r classic-  the missing piece in my shoo collection. Those look awesome. What's the $ ballpark TBBW?  [[SPOILER]]
   Good call.   I covet that Panta.   CB's is a teal or turquoise.  Tricky to find.
That LL crimson on brown is unreal.   will buy.
 So the trews r Panta, or the shirt?  Perhaps white slacks-  the prob at the moment is that bifurcation  from top to bottom.  I agree that this is close to  to being very good/different
 Would grenadine work as a sock?  Grenadine silk doesn't work as a square, I'll tell you that much. Edit:  what is  grenadine cotton?  just a loose weave I'm guessing. What's your go-to for ties ep?  Side bar:  I want a tie like this: 
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