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  Love it, CP.   
 Challis madder, twill
 Way to reverse the dark to light, jacket to shirt  color rule EFV.  fantastic     keep at it.  this rocks IMO.   dunno what uve got going on with the collar there YRR, but I like it in principle.   It's one of Simon (Permanent Style) Crompton's  fav looks- see his blog posts  The key according to Crompers is that the collar of the polo has to extend beyond the collar of the jacket, (and IMO the sleeve of the polo beyond the sleeve of the jacket)
  Pretty cool comments doc   I gotta flannel suit with patch pockets too.  I'm still dubious about mine -  this looks great tho.   What the hell- you're wearing a suit at the beach? 
  you're one of a kind Tibor   Nice look Citan-  this cut would look great on u IMO- B & Tailorshop    stance under license from Clags there CD?Great look!
  this just in, will be a jacket.  I have  POW in cashmere and love it.  
mm they look great Jason 
 There's quite a few Swedes posting here, and they're all pretty outstanding IMOThe minimalist aesthetic mebe
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