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Hi guys.  [[SPOILER]]    Henry Carter Challis, Kent Wang square.. as good as Rubinacci squares, and arguably better hand rolling.  Harrisons Oyseter birdseye. Kamakura 300, EG
  noice   welcome back Problem is  the neat square's lack of versatility. With a solid tie they work okay imo
  IMHO this is a little contrived.  A lot, really.    What r u, drunk?.. tho u do have a point.  NB the Duke's cig is a solid. I don't mind the coat in the Kiton pic, Gus,  but plaid on plaid on plaid  or 3 of anything-  stripes,  dots etc is too much. imo
 I guess.  I just don't like them eva. too Gordon Geko
    contrast collar shirts r a pet hate, but this looks ok   . Aside fro the fit of the coat, the rest is clueless.
  The worst Foo is 'nice' Foo.   So Awkward.
  Can u name the trews cloth Spando?  looks good.  Always on the lookout for a light non-grey low-saturation odd trew cloth
probably, but it doesn't have to be. That's one of the charms of this whole thing here we're doing.  gros-grain is favoured to satin silk in formal wear e.g.  It's hard to say which of your hypothetical combos will look better without seeing them IRL. A matt square goes with a shiny(ier) tie, and a textured tie looks better opposite a shiny square.  But tie/square texture contrast doesn't seem to apply all over a fit.   In general, rough with rough, smooth with smooth. So...
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