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  Outstanding-   that's how to do a green tie, IMO.  And no hard feelings.  +1  Terrific jacket Wasn't sure about the linen suit and silk knit together, but I think its more that it's black that makes it unseasonal IMO   I like this very much EloidA-  those suede chukkas go with that SC  I wasn't aware of all that...  DC says he meant nothing by it, that's fine by me. 
Love the jacket St Crispy.  Very nice fit.
   I hope Southernstyle's biz isn't in trouble
 id like to try. any advice?  oh heres that thread
EliodA-  you're in the southern hemisphere right?    Nice look.
  Nice!  Your improvement from bottome to top is impressive.  There's a thread by JeffreyD where he discusses it all in detail -  u prob know it  -  and I thin he indicates that the make of the gimp is key
 If you're concerned about textural contrast and want something lite why not consider linen or cotton.  A smooth worsted's in danger of looking suity. IMO  
Maccimus I like your blazer.  IMO if u go for a worsted don't go smooth for odd pants. Light-weight flannel or a rough worsted like Fresco or similar e.g. one of these is better, more versatile and just as  comfortable in the heat.  Smooth-worsted Odd trews are .. odd.
  Nice.  The difference in saturation and color between pic 1 and the rest is extraordinary.  First one is out of whack?   Nice to see so many POWs.
New Posts  All Forums: