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  u have a hell of a lot of latitude with your shoe choice there IMO AAS -  the fit is such a mish-mash of formal and informal - 'post-modern' if u will.   noice-  I like the cut and can't fault the proportions of the tie and  shirt Edti: just noticed YRR's comment-  IMO the shoes r fine given that the suit is so sporty.  I wouldn't go more formal.       monks and derbys together IMO-  the classic JL William DM in brown box would be less formal than a 3 eye blucher in the...
 even better  
just wonderful, thx EFV
  that's mad pimping
  think it might be a VBC sharkskin IIRC.  If you're after a casual, textured semi-solid u could try a sharkskin/pick and pick or a Fresco  like I'm wearing today. (WTF that crease in my tie?) 
 my bad- mixing my Seinfeld references: was concerned it'd look like George up there.^^^
 I'd be worried about the swooshing
 What's your opinion on the softness of vicuna relative to cashmere etc?
I just can't believe we're still on the pencil stripe thing..  IMO it's one of those rare purely subjective/consensual aesthetic judgements.   @heldentenor IMO WAYWRN partIV  is the best of the WAYWRN threads.  Naturally there's a few howlers but the  fits now are consistently better than they were back in the good old days. Makes sense that there's collective improvement over time.  
 Bond,  Chris Bond   You've got all the goods for some awsm fits    this one's terrific.  IMO
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