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  I revised my view a little the last time this was discussed just a few weeks ago.   I haven't always seen Formosa shoulders look good, but not going to name names.
 It pains me every time I see you or Gdl with that Drakes Kelim.  lost mine   I think this is what ppl mean by the 'squarish' Formosa shoulder.  Looks great on u, but not suitable for my ski slopes.     FTFY. FMI what's the cloth Spandexter?
  tres elegant!
  Well you're howling at the moon right there Spectre.  Mind you, it wouldn't be a Pitti thread without someone sayin so.    As someone with a long history of questionable wardrobe choices I feel validated by Pitti poseur-pics. 
 @justinkapur  Awsm! ..as usual all the elements r of the best.  I don't see a problem with the Cappelli here, but my own preference would be to drop one patterned element-  probably the square.  Nothing says 'dandy' more than a patterned square with a suit imo.
Great idea. ^^^^^^^^^^ and you're going to be hard to beat Chocosa.
Carlo Barbera   E G Cappelli  Rubinacci   Kamakura   HY   Vass
  Looks good. Love the jacket.   I read 'I got blood in my stool'. Terrific textures  Legend, particularly the tie/jacket combo
^^ Dangerous territory, but agree, complexion matters
  If I cared about the approval of the ppl around me I'd be permanently dispirited. I find that ppl r mostly indifferent. I love MC cos it's an end in itself for me, a hobby. SVB imo those hems r getting into Tommy Nutter territory.  Apart from that, awsm ! Tan on white =  
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