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@Coxsackie   Joshua Smith no relation ?  @jcmeyer   that artist got into a lotta trouble for  caricature  of his sitters 
grenadine is Hober, and Yes S-G.  I was uncomfortable with the hank but couldn't say why
@bienluienapris   noice shoos-  What provenance?   BTW that color variance between pic #1 and pic #2 is phenomenal
 They don't take sauce from anyone, that's for sure.  A little wider (and the gorge higher) than my current preference . 
 u may not be aware that @Slewfoot did an earlier run (2011?) of tobacco Fresco with a little red in it that   @dieworkwear's run deliberately avoided, so u could rerun that.  Look for pics of Vox, NewYorkIslander.   I use the jacket  more than the suit.   Unusual colors and patterns are hard to get for a reason.  
 oh no, a solid green SC isn't FU imo  green is the third colour   Fit before that one tho, yes
    Henry Carter Challis
  I would've guessed twill from those diagonals, but I am not yet wise in the ways of cloth.
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