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 thanks, Kent Wang CMT the cloth is a vintage Lesser plain weave.  nice jacket
Hi guise, new suit in a Lesser 8/9 oz dark grey.    [[SPOILER]]
 this is key
  ??  edit: oh ok just saw above
  I'm raining on the parade here, but this isn't a good fit. IMO.   Looks like you're wearing  separates from 2 suits-  a blue and a brown.  The jacket needs more SC features to define it as such-  say contrast buttons.   The pants appear to be worsted, so really  should  be part of a suit, never worn odd.  The tie is a small patterned neat, a quintessential suit tie and not  for an odd jacket fit either ...   Likewise the semi-spread collar. Finally, there's not enough...
Not yet.  Undecided on configuration.  Vox's looks great but IMO the larger scale on the Shetland is even better..
@jerrybrowne  have u seen  Vox's latest post?  Looks like your Hunters.  
 IMO white's okay, perhaps ecru or yellow would b perfect at an All Blacks game 
A suit that sporty wouldn't take a white shirt ordinarily, but blue and green together? not for me.     re: alteration-  your tailor can't do much about the collar, gorge, lapels, shoulders, drape or pockets i.e.  the foundation of a suit's  'style', so not sure what u mean (assuming you're talking about alterations)
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