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Dandy done well   Reeeeeeally well.
  good fit on the blazer.  nice sprezz there DaD
  Example of what, exactly? (supposing it was actually white)
 awsm, thanks
Hi Jason -  would u describe the zigzag knits as substantial in weight and feel, compared to say a grenadine gossa or a wool knit in the same dimensions?  
  Lame attempt at humour  There's a thing that looks like a smoking implement (so I'm told)  to the right of your fireplace.
 This is a green tonal u don't see evferyday.  Very nice! Monkeyface, Musqu-y    Doc, great trio,that second blazer fit is outstandingly outstanding IMO
 I didn't pick u for a stoner, Spectre.                           ^^^^^
 Mama always said 'Don't eat anything bigger than your head'.  Rocking suit T-man Y2k14? this is incredible pre-emergency prep.
New Posts  All Forums: