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 Puffed with this, imo.  You're  wearing a neat with an SC   That shirt doesn't take a tie or jacket.   This.  I like your style DT, but the trousers bother me. The only SC less cooperative than that  grey/taupe jacket is the same color in a solid. 
I have a jacket in the brown/black herringbone - which resolves to brown at about a yard.  I bought a PRL jacket a few years ago that I swear is in Moonbeam, solid brown.  Same proportions of Lambswool/Angora and weight.  
@sprout  Yes, and Yes.  Glad I took the plunge on that one.. Ebay's a crapshoot.  But this cloth wears like feather-lite suede.  Dry as dust and more body than other cloths twice the weight.
Shantung, Fresco   Grenadine   not particularly Summery, but nuthin' badder than Carlo Barbera for H Lesser plain weave 10.5 oz & Madder   Linen     Silk knit   Bottle Green   Royal blue     Navy     Linen Linen   honourary Summer Madder
I like that fabric a lot  @Sander, and your style is usually impeccable,  so  it pains me to say that imo you should go with side adjusters on your  next pin or chalk stripe commission.  The brown belt looks like the odd man out there.     @An Acute Style I like everything above the ankle about as much as I loathe what's on it, and below it..
   'He was a tall thin silver man, sixty or close to it or a little past it. He had blue eyes as remote as eyes could be. His skin was smooth and bright and he moved like a man with very sound muscles'.  It's not quite the right quotation, but your pic is definitely Chandler-esque
  not stupid at all-  just ignorant of the history, which i won't bore ppl with
 It's a colloquial expression not meant to be taken literally.  Means 'formal situation'.  .. and yes, CM is ethnocentric altho not static.  It's provenance if not it's future is largely Anglo-American. Can't argue with your last point  
  anyone guess the 2 diff brands here?
love these things.  <2weeks between ordering and receipt in Oz. recommended
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