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I don't think anyone's posted a black suit b4 - it is black no?
  Now that's an awsm post, cheers, and agree:  You get very little bang for your extra bucks splurging on expensive silk knits, IMO, altho I haven't handled the Charvet. For me the width is key, 2.5" being optimal for an average guy.  Cashmere, IMO, is not a great cloth for ties.  Too spongy and too light. 
Gotta beautiful sheen to it.  Love those gunmetal greys.
love the cloth Spando- deets?
 SF member @jerrybrowne  commissioned the Shetland cloth for this SC in a special run from Hunters of Brora.  Real hairy + great design IMO       [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
 Wow all that advice has paid off!     @EliodA  beautiful tie  + Snap!  I'm wearing identical shoes today.  Oxford short-wings in a burgundy-brown with a medallion
.....  theres no point in asking, youlll get no reply. The women at my office hate my ties.  Bet theyd like that one tho.  
  Why don't you pin a trial button on in the spot u think it should be?   It's what a tailor would do. PS  that execrable tie- colors of NMTBs.  u gave it away wit your 'American version'
 you're the man AAS     Sander is an awsm poster, but if u think he or his partner-in-crime Braddock are  indicative of 'European elegance' you'll be sadly disillusioned going back thru their posts.     I agree with you, but fact is most of us ham it up for the camera here (AFAIK, I hope, tell me it's true!) .  Gotta puton a bit of a show.  No-one wants to see me or Sander etc in grey suits (my work sprezz)  day after day after day
New Posts  All Forums: