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 If u think C's shoulders are oddly sloped check out mine     [[SPOILER]]   They r what they r  - not a flaw IMO Evolve
 no grays as of last Thursday, but I did get an awsm length of Johnston's cashmere from him.  Love to know how he sources it.
    I feel confident they would be awed by the dazzling effect of  my blue suede loafers and  popped collar. ...but for backup I would use my Rubinacci PS as an @menswear shield, and  challenge them to discuss the  relative merits of con rollino and spalla camica. 
      thanks guys.  Of the Challis, madder and  twill I like the Challis best.  They're substantial ties, and in the standard 3-fold construction the  knots they make are peerless 
re;  Lord Superb   but Fadi has no grays  
  Love it, CP.   
 Challis madder, twill
 Way to reverse the dark to light, jacket to shirt  color rule EFV.  fantastic     keep at it.  this rocks IMO.   dunno what uve got going on with the collar there YRR, but I like it in principle.   It's one of Simon (Permanent Style) Crompton's  fav looks- see his blog posts  The key according to Crompers is that the collar of the polo has to extend beyond the collar of the jacket, (and IMO the sleeve of the polo beyond the sleeve of the jacket)
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