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fugly, Darkside
  ohai Calypso.  Suit looks summery, and I find box checks pretty loud.  So a Shantung or linen in a solid imo
[[SPOILER]]   Love the vertically slatted screens,  and the modest use of stone blocks.  Little bit of stone goes a long way imo.
from someone who knows what he's talking about..'The blue blazer is a descendant of a jacket, (called by some a reefer jacket), worn in the British Navy. Sailors did not, and do not, wear French cuffs nor should anyone else. Sportcoats are descendants of outdoor hunting or riding jackets. One does not wear French cufffs while shooting, nor should anyone while wearing such a jacket.' Personally I think it can look affected.  YMMV​
+  links can be frustrating if you're in a hurry.  Takes me nearly as long to put links on as it does to put everything else on.  Particularly the right one (left-handed) which has a tendency to slip out and  roll into the dark recesses under the wardrobe, where it hangs with odd collar stiffeners and loose change. 
well that depends on what u doing with the apple
You're both wrong, as u can't beat Granny Smith.   As for FC's.......  Again it's a level of formality thing.  It's not terrible in UC's fit imo, but not optimal. 
Compared to ?  That ship sailed looooong ago ..... 
 Gallery View       @mark voorhees  that's a nice cas fit imo
  Really?  Anyone who has bespoke JL Paris Oxfords (not to mention the Vass and that lovely pair of chestnut Oxfords from EG) has a bit of a clue imo  His issue is foot size rather than taste.
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