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Anyone have an opinion on  Tonik versus  William Halstead's  Explorer- which is a 60/40 Kid Mohair/wool
 Noice CBD.   That color-  is it a steely blue-gray-  slightly shiny, maybe a touch of mohair?  There's a color that was popular in movies from the 1950s   (or was it just the film process? i dunno)  u don't see much anymore.  That slate-ish blue  that to me  is so adult. Kinda like the color of Cary Grant's ventless classic in 'North by North-West'.   I think SButch you've got one or two in that color?  Love it.   Awsm!  Those white? pants look great with that jacket....
  well then , when u put it that way  [[SPOILER]]   Crusty,  dayum
 Okay, no need to insult people you know.  I like the Ivy thing a lot.   awsm, and nice pic
Other than the wool and mohair there's a synthetic (polyester) component. 'Trevira' is a trademarked name for a bunch of polyesters- make in Germany I think. 
That's nice Cleav. Someone's gotta have a green suit with blue tie  amirite?  
  email them at info@huddersfieldcloth.com -   
William Halstead has a good looking brown & white houndstooth in 12 oz       PSA-  Huddersfield Cloth has a 20 pound p m  offer on a navy 11 oz Fresco... good deal     I like this-  from the Insee tumblr  
      For me it depends on the silk, but Kent I've definitely found myself wishing your  squares like the unicorn hunt and the wonderful Hokusai squares etc (which I have)  were 16" rather than 12".  The 16s in the pics above sit in my pockets more firmly, r more versatile in terms of positioning- + I can get more  color  options out of  them.
New Posts  All Forums: