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 Not saying its not fine, just dated.   factor in that AAS' camera is lower I'd say gorge on right is pretty low. 
  hmm I think you may have a point-  damn you !I need to check this out.
 They did a nice job IMO  Is that a mohair?   I'm lazy- it's not just the (lowish not crazy low) gorge that dates it IMO but the combination of the cut and features including the gorge:  flapped patched, brass buttoned, closed quartered, swollen edged, square shouldered blazer that just looks a little dated.  I like the notch to point to just below the shirt collar gap.  Low gorge accentuates my sloping shoulders.
 you too? thread's going waay upmarket    relaxed nothing louder than anything else kind of fit  -  like NYRs   Mostly solids in a mix of textures, so grown up.    I'm really glad you're back posting.  I love the jacket, and would be happy to know the provenance of the cloth. That gorge dates the jacket a little too much for me.  I've got some like that and I figure if I wait long enough the right combination of gorge, lapel, back and shoulder'll come back in style. 
 whoa awsm.  Absolutely love everything.
 It is!  good spot.  Hober, thx After Gianni's fit i feel like a minimalist.
yo Dawgs
thx Dave.  trews at a 2000 pounds discount -made by Brioni ..with gold thread perhaps?
Does anyone have experience of Avi Rossini gear?-  in this case made by Brioni or St Andrews and a few others.  Malford's selling AR stuff at discount
 I haven't seen them but I'm guessing it's that they're not in a  Blackwatch design. Would throw the your whole fit outta whack. 
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