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 Ignorance is bliss.    great look I love your fits, and here the individual elements r fantastic (apart from patches on a pinstripe) particularly those austerity brogues.  See it a lot in these pages and I've done it too, but I'm no longer a fan of puffed, picture PSs with suits, esp with a patterned tie.
 try hfw -  there's bound to be something in one of their lines. Or there are some decent ebay sellers, like Quality English Fabrics, Yorkshire  Fabrics Limited, Harrisons (Burley)  or Huddersfield Fine Fabrics. be interstng to see what u come up with.  Had a hankering for a solid green textured wool for an SC ever since we had the 'Green jacket' FC.
this?  awsm look bar the white 
baller fits guys ^^   I'm starting to feel deprived without a pair of tassels/  So many lately. So plural is a 'prep' of tassels?
 Def on the bold side-but not unwearable in the right context IMO ..  7/10 where white might be 9/10, cream, 8/10, sand  5/10 and tan or wheat 4/10 I'm keen for this config in the wheat Fresco      Fittings for MTM?
  Wow, that's staking a lot on one roll of the dice. My daughter is getting married in 2016   re the comment about shoulders- I have some soft shouldered KW suits and get similar feedback from time to time.  You get the naked truth with a soft shoulder.  They're not forgiving to a small drop, but part of the big head effect is the pic itself imo.If the pic was taken from across the other side of the street the photographer would avoid the perspective distortion that makes...
wonderful lifestlye photos Seajen and Acrid.  The average cost of a wedding here n Australia is ~> AUD $50 k.  It's getting crazy.
Vanda tie, Hober raw silk square, Kamakura and suit in the Fresco navy 571      
 This is truly stupendously good imoNice silhouette, great tie choice and PS, the box check shirt is a nice touch, those shoes have a great toe shape , and the pic itself is .  LOve it.  The color of the trews is a bit "school grey" , and could be a bit lighter imo but that's a personal thing I think.
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