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  so true... if getting compliments from the ladies was the  raison pour habiller we'd all be getting round like these guys 
Tom Miler life must be a grind u poor bastard-  whisky & bespoke. Today-  Panta escorial neat [[SPOILER]]   
  Ever since the green FC I've been looking for a med weight solid  green jacketing that isn't too..... green.  I  bought this Minnis online thinking it was blue, and in the pic above it still looks like an low saturation aqua/teal on my monitor. but in person under a magnifying glass there's pure grass-green threads.
Minnis lambswool
  my bad.  
 Very nice if rather sombre look RoyAl. I woudnve gon for a mid to dark grey with that terrific g'club      I love solid herringbone jackets.   Looking good imo @sugarbutch      +   @Claghorn
@Mr Knightley  I'd not heard of Tootal.  Great scooter pic on their site   @cezinho  all of that rocks, particularly the challis lol
  Your Dad looks sharp there Mr K     @Sander  i would choose more textured & less saturated furnishings for that jacket.
 I think it's pretty amaze that the same frames suit u both.  I dislike box-check suits, particularly where the contrast is strong, as it is there.  As an SC tho that cloth rocks.  Lovely restrained look all over, and the puffed solid square is spot on imo.
New Posts  All Forums: