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 It would- not that it would show in this pic.  I'm flaunting the no black tie with brown shoes, or is it no brown tie with black shoes convention?
 Thanks. i agree black would've worked.  Went with dk brown because I'm wearing an SC & the SC has a brown overcheck (hard to see in the pic I know).  And the shirt is blue despite the pic too.
  the shirt's a double white stripe on blue isn't it?...   Little bit  'fancy' but not crazy IMO 
Hi guise-  great stuff this page ^^  
 As I said, your fits (and your pics too) rok like crazy on a regular basis.  Shows the diff between a thought-out fit and one that's thrown together in a moment. 
 Your fits are usually stellar MR so when u hit a bum note ... ouch! The whole doesn't gel IMO .  Top half is wrastling the bottom for formal v casual supremacy; shoes and trew color need more contrast; jacket looks orphaned; collar needs roll; red-purple tie-PS combo is         You're the man GN
Nice jacket GN.  Is that a recalcitrant 3/2 or a hard 3 you're trying to coax into behaving like one?
 all of the above.  weight of the cloth + a cuff helps with drape, but so does having the hem a little high so the break 'shimmers'.  Also we're just generally awesome- it's a Styfo thing that other boards don't have.
 cheers. looks great.  
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