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Cheers.     It's Carlo Barbera for Lesser.  How do u like the Premier Cru ? What weight?  Great fit too!
DR you should  Then you won't be interested in their shotguns. I do find them beautiful though. Love the teal in the decorative flowers. 
quick snap
Holland and Holland has just released some new 'Big Game' squares based on the work of Marcello Pettineo.      
WTF look at your shoulders.  Must have an incredible drop.  Very nice. Like the fit very much.  Got a Moonbeam in brown HB on the way.  So the shirt is Lesser?  Where u kop the Guards tie Cox? Again nice fit.
one for Spectre [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
good  I don't wear my jacket around the office much, so ..   My pref is belt loops for odd trews,  side adjusters for suits.  Don't be humble.  These are awsm! As nice as anything of yours I've seen.  Got the Warhol (or is it 'Jobs'?) down perfectly in the lower pic too.  Sugarbutch, Six-y,  Chocosa and others -  loving it  
 Beautiful tweed!   Wonderful Stitches.  Sander, IMO the width of the trews is in proportion with the rest of the suit.  A heavy cloth like this needs a bit of drape and fullness.
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