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 That's Ned Flanders Ski-suit level figure-hugging, but I guess that's exactly what u meant to do.  And hey,  if you've got it, flaunt it.  Love the color.   The shirt looks great.   Awsm lifestyle pics Anden
Guys, Summery CBD #2           navy Fresco by Kent Wang, Kamakura, Panta grenadine, Rubinacci, Vass. 
Hi guys, Summery CBD  
Hi gentlemen      
 The only combo where navy pants work as well or better than grey. Noice.   Jacket looks a little short in the sleeves but hard to see properly. Adjust your tie, ditch the white shirt, matchy square, and the lapel pin and this would be terriffic, imo. 
   The shoulders and top of the sleeve make this worth the wait imo  Looking forward to the front-on shot.
dazed, it's Harrison's Oyster, cheers
yep, a little.  Puffed silk's more natural look.
Hi guys, great fits lately.
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