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 Brooks ... maybe 6-7 yrs ago
Hi guys, Bit unconventional , but mehh  
 Stone??  Nothing like it on my monitor. putty, pewter, or an oyster, maybe.  Classic look tho
Hi gentlemen
 Second @CrimsonWave I have 2 ply mohair in ~10 oz (Dormeuil) and altho I love the lux look of it, I would go for a soft-wearing wool in that weight over mohair on a hot and particularly a humid day.  Suspect the Halstead would be quite uncomfortable in real heat & humidity but YMMV.
 Not sure the square jibes with the rest of this (outstanding) fit @An Acute Style .. There are cool paisley ties,  there are fugly paisley ties...  and then there's this one.     @ThunderMarch  noice.  Light to mid-weight for jacketing then.  FWIW  I'd wear it with a light-weight light grey flannels. Go patch pockets + 3 roll 2 and nobody'll mistake for a suit jacket!
  That'd rok as an SC, imo.  I'm seeing a lite-mid brown, which u could pair with dark (if u must)  or lite grey trews.   What's the weight and fabric?
Welted flap for me.  Easy to tuck when your flap width goes passé +  to access. I use my pockets a lot.   Anyone tell me why I shouldn't use  a Lesser's Super 120s & Cashmere suiting? Want something really lux.
Hi gentlemen       Fwesco, Grenadine, Vass pebbble-grains
 lame   [[SPOILER]]
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