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 Sartodi is this a sharkskin?  +  light grey?  (Looking for a real nice lt grey shark suiting)
  That would work with dark grey flannels, sure. A light (color) grey odd in a plaid is fine with dk grey trews imo  I think I (and other more eminent  SF members) have said it elsewhere.
 imo even a HB jacket in jc's shade of grey isn't going to be all that useful.  It would work with none of his grey trews (which would be most of his trew wardrobe if he's anything like me).  And that leaves only those trews he has in those other shades, and then only ones which are either very light or very dark in those shades (to provide contrast) and which share the relative formality that would go with a 2 button 2 flap + besom pocket jacket.  Eliminate the darker...
 blue herringbone, even green imo.  Charcoal isn't all that useful    Seems to fit u nicely.  How often would u wear it tho? Hard to find trews that would work with it.  That fit ^^^ doesn't really work, for instance. Not enough contrast imo Many are the @menswear enthusiasts who have been lured by the Siren song of the grey odd jacket - the one that hangs forlorn and unworn at the back of the closet.
 It's an English thing AFAIK Tutti-frutti socks and shirts.   Love the suit Sander.  Tie is too casual for the rest tho imo.
 I dunno, I think the waist is fine. Not a fan of too slim a waist, I like to be able to breathe.  Your fits look great!love the Vanda, and the Cappelli I have ... and the 'nacci  lol
 From what I see of the suit, nice, b in P, but couple things.  Would avoid the fancy stripe shirt and go for a pale blue solid, and perhaps a linen or Shantung silk tie .  The square desperately needs taming.   (altho its a nice one.)
 Well, theyre a bit of an experiment.  A failed experiment based on he majority vote, altho Im happy that Kulata likes them. 
@Slickman Interesting.  I read somewhere tha mohair now is more brittle than it used to be.  Or maybe the other way round  Hence the need for wool in the mix
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