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  What was that  Ben Stiller line?  'At first u might flinch, but then in the long run, good things ...'I haven't ever found him offensive, more refreshing really, but it depends where the missiles r directed i guess. .  Posters like Mafoo, CM, Manton  and Ianiceman rok in the main tho imo
  I would neva do this
I would find it difficult to really trust someone in sockless loafers.  I find these people to be shifty, unreliable and louche. 
  Not too matchy imo, but of course u know that SC, tho beautiful, is the most difficult color for an SC.  I'd go for lighter flannels.   Tie is pretty long there.  Do u use the double FIH?  nice suit
+1  Alter a decision?  never, probably.  I mean, I like clothes, but I'm not crazy. And yes, all but a few ppl on these here boards know or care about correct deployment of suede loafers .  
  It looks great.  I have a similar suit in a reddish-brown Fresco and find I use the jacket more as a blazer sans  tie
@nabilmust  yay for brown.  deets on the cloth?
 Again with the dark trews + dark jacket RoyAl?  Lovely combo up top.  I particularly like an orange tie with a tweed.  But so much better with more contrast top and bottom. imo
  I'm not seeing how this is different AAS  [[SPOILER]]
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