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  IMO it looks pretty dang good Noodles, but for the slight bowing.  Fitzgerald?
  this is a fresh look Noodles. very nice     Crazy jacket there SB- looks like it'd stop bullets. vintage?   was there a memo on going loud today?    So you were just teasing me with the sedate stuff.  Spectre will be turning in his grave.
  that jacket cloth roks GMMcL
Well it's not bad IMO.  Tie's pretty out there, could use something to tone down I guess.
 thanks!   + thx to all for likes, it's awsm cheers TP -  wasn't my intention but it works  holy Toledo!   Lapels r Foontastic.  + I love this fit.  The 4 combo is wonderful- color, texture and proportion      killing it Don     No-one does a Fair Isle like you EFV.  My fav of all your recent great fits.    IMO it's the grey-  suits Crusty's complexion     sedate and classy
 yep, a foo-ulard
 Searched-  the 2006 SF tie by CarloFranco was an unlined 7-fold, black & red stripes on Ecru field.  Then there was this: 
 it's a requirement on the StyFo member app isn't it?
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