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  See, don't underestimate the power of negative thinking. Bloody hell, I'll never trust your fit pics the same again  FWIW Snr's fit is pretty marvellous imo, and Jr's suffers by comparison. (and it's a box check. No-one looks good in that lol)
 Dude, this is nice!  Hermes tie?    Awsm Stefan, love the peaks   u look like Nathan Lane, in a good way  u crack me up.  (i don't mid these ones, I think it's because of the navy in the SCs
  But what about the children?  They'll be drownded in that there pool.
  Yes thanks, it's a suit in a Huddersfield workhorse 10 oz with a Teflon like finish. Great spacing on those stripes there
Awsm fits lately gents. The standard here is getting better and better imo   Ye Olde POW. + suede bluchers.  If I know anything in this world, it's that no matter how clear the skies, it will rain when I decide to wear suede.  
 Cheers. Looks good there, altho I'm inclined to go for something in a grey somewhere between 511 & 546.  Pity the 501 is in the lighter weight.
  So @Sander is this the 546 ?    I would appreciate a link to your suit in that cloth. 
 Awsm. So, no link to the Smudge then?  That egg shell blue is really nice  Perfection.  I had Luxire make the same trews in that Minnis grey.  Was thinking of having a jacket made in the same cloth, but decided it would probably  be too lite for a suit.  Still not sure.
Path pockets are informal, pins are formal. Not about what people feel, it's a tradition.
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