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When u get in close it has threads and IDK 'bits' of different colors eg  i have a lite brown made up of brons, reds, yellows, oranges, blondes Look at these cloths Ive posted b4 top & bottom r cashmere;  middle 2 r a worsted plain weave and a worsted herringbone  Cash closeup se the mottling? worsted plain worsted hb cash- looks tweedy rite?
do u know what cloth Sander?    My bad!    White linen square's too formal IMO
 No expert, but Johnston's of Elgin, probably. Attolini's had dealings with them. Some of their cashmere, esp the heavier weights, is just unreal.  Richly mottled, like Harris tweed-  real character.
 Your trews r always the best noice view.  FWIW My thoughts on your fit: Your color choices aren't working  e.g. black tie and coral&grey square with blue/black/white country shirt.  The shirt is outta place, and a black tie demands white or at least high contrast shirt n square unless you're going to a nite club.  It doesn't 'fit' in a color mix like this.  The FU DB with contrast buttons warrants more sedate pairings too. 
 amazing almost identical to Vass OEII on the F last   lol  guy's on the wrong forum  Never had trouble with pilling.   Cashmeres about  warmth for weight
Challis pron
 depends if there's a lot of sniggering and laughter.  Or worse, commiseration
The fit looks good IMO nss +noice shoes- Carmina or Vass?
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