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What?  Demolition? HFW's not closing is it?  
Actually I think they r now only producing for a RTW brand.  This may have been woven by Johnstons of Elgin.  It's maybe not the best tweed eva, but it's definitely comfortable.
 Thanks Don't know.  This was a cloth bespoken by jerrybrowne.  Still available from him if anyones interested. Look forward to seeing yours
I like that tie with that jacket.     Hunters of Brora Shetland tweed again  
Yeah, you're not supposed to do that EliodA.  The Prince's fit is country, but you've got no excuse. 
 Right, cheers.  Nice   Nice looking cloth ..Do u know what this is ML?
Damn.  For my money best batch ever.  I'd be proud to wear any one of those fits.     Hey Noodles, love that cloth. (The suit.)
 Forgot to say that IMO this is just beautiful here, the harmony of the brown, blues and yellows.  The brown check shirt doesn't take a tie at all IMO.. + Lose the (awsm, I love it)  tie, sprezz the square, and it's a great fit.  The jacket cloth (Hopsack?) is perfect for a blazer. Great fit on top.  Not sure what u mean by POW.  I'm seeing a box check. re: the bottom fit -   IMO it violates the one FU item rule.  The tie alone is shouty.  The square cranks it up to...
  wonderful lighting
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