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Hi gentlemen      
 The only combo where navy pants work as well or better than grey. Noice.   Jacket looks a little short in the sleeves but hard to see properly. Adjust your tie, ditch the white shirt, matchy square, and the lapel pin and this would be terriffic, imo. 
   The shoulders and top of the sleeve make this worth the wait imo  Looking forward to the front-on shot.
dazed, it's Harrison's Oyster, cheers
yep, a little.  Puffed silk's more natural look.
Hi guys, great fits lately.
 back from hols yesterday 
 nothing.  persona preference.  If a 17" is like a towel it's because it's made from silk/cloth that is too heavy for the purpose
 oh yep, no it's Le Neptune François -  has awsm autumnal colors, and as I said earlier, the KW 17" squares are pretty impressive.. the stitching is more 'artisanal' than Rubinacci and the silk appears to just as good, if not the same.   
New Posts  All Forums: