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 Is this SC BB from 5-6 yrs ago?  Kevin Spacey wore it in House of Cards IIRC season 2.      Noice, and how do u manage to look younger now than u did when u first started posting?
@Murlsquirl and he loves his mohair.   .. and who needs a tie when u can land a Boeing on your shoulders  
@Coxsackie  u missed someone..     [[SPOILER]]
 brilliant thanks.  apropos of nothing, I'd love someone to do a jacketing book in a 'conservative rustic':  subtle earthy solids, shoulder weight, with a focus on texture
Hey can u do me a fav..  is14804 a hopsack? looks nice
 I wouldn't rule it out. Not as durable as cavalry twill, but would it need to be?
 my bad, fixed.  FWIW @ThunderMarch   u won't regret going Phoenix
 Google image Prince Charles. He roks DBs like a legend. 
 Very nice.   My suggestions:  Puffed white silk square: that one is a little too matchy.Change shirt to an ice blueDarker socks (about same shade as trews)Bluchers - the Oxfords are a bit too formal, imo I like your color sense: those muted and textured combinations really click.
I liked Vox's Summery DB here: Not sure .. could be Fresco.  But navy hopsack is the more versatile choice
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