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  Hope that's not wanky. 
   2 of the best posters making the same slip imo i.e. tie/square mismatch.   Neat squares want solid ties.  Worn with a neat tie, particularly in a similar scale, a neat PS  can look like you have a spare tie in your breast pocket. Love that gunclub RoyAl 
 thx.  The French look, if there is one, typified by say Camps de Luca, seems to be quite squareish and high shoulders, if not roped.  Weston's 598 demi-Chasse is one of my grail shoes.  I like the style so much I had something similar made but without the apron that runs from the quarters around the heel. .
 Summer jacketing in not quite Summer (9.5oz) weight.  Some of the designs are v similar to the CB for Lesser jacketing book
 i think you're right. i got thrown cos its lightweight jacketing (phoenix) and i associate barleycorn with tweed
Anyone tell me what weave here? thx
  Noice!.  Like 'national dress' day.Luger, couple things: r rope shoulders a 'thing' in France (I'm making assumptions, apologies) and r those Weston's on your feet?     
Terrific last couple screens here W Bill Phoenix (14829) x Kent Wang  Kamakura Hober linen in caramel  cream silk square Vass Norwegers
@Anden  so this is where the magic happens.  Very nice look.   
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