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 Like the man said... It's about tradition and aesthetic congruity .   How about Bourette silK.. Anyone know the seasonal association?
 1. I was sent it by mistake (long story).  I wanted the Primavera by Arcimboldo, mainly because it's a portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, who purchased the Voynich manuscript, about which a relation of mine wrote a book etc etc  I like the Francoise even tho it doesn't have a lot of blue.Great square for Autumn imo  2.  suit is H Lesser  ~11 oz plain weave wool 3. Shantung by Wu 4. . ....................................... No.
Yo dogs.  Suit is not actually khaki  (NTTAWWT) but fawn.  Kent Wang square called Le Neptune François based on an illustration from the atlas of the same name. 
 .. but thk God the wind didn't change direction
leffot for shoes, the Armoury, TiptopBrooklyn for cloth
 I love that tie of Vox's, it's so muted, but one of the reasons I remember it is that it seems out of context with that jacket.re your question.. it's an anomaly i think. Altho small-scale neat madders have that very flat matt look that marks them out as different to most biz neats .  What about small scale neat madders with biz dress then?
 Fit de Triomphe. Visited JL Paris today mcobinad?
 u mean go for less roll?  sacrilege 
 It's the tie space.  As in too much, and the leading edges of the collar r too stiff and don't wrap around the tie as they should ime. Also for me even their 'slim' fit in RTW still billows like a sail under the arms and at the belly.  That's Harrison's Moonbeam.  Nice cloth. like a soft tweed, and sweet patterns. hey @Coxsackie when r u going to post your Bn tailor? or have u?
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