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You're both wrong, as u can't beat Granny Smith.   As for FC's.......  Again it's a level of formality thing.  It's not terrible in UC's fit imo, but not optimal. 
Compared to ?  That ship sailed looooong ago ..... 
 Gallery View       @mark voorhees  that's a nice cas fit imo
  Really?  Anyone who has bespoke JL Paris Oxfords (not to mention the Vass and that lovely pair of chestnut Oxfords from EG) has a bit of a clue imo  His issue is foot size rather than taste.
 You're questioning the Manton?    [[SPOILER]]
  Casual fit..  loose open weave unstructured suit, linen tie .. simple 3-eyelet PTB.  TBH it's a look inspired by Manton, who IIRC has this Vass model for casual suits.
yep, Kulata's fits r always outstanding, that's why I don't get what he says, as opposed to what he does.  FWIW I don't see anyone here being pedantic about rules.    Thx man.  That Minnis navy is beautiful cloth. a real inky navy with loads of character.
Hi guys, caramel linen & navy Fresco [[SPOILER]]    Minnis Fresco (suit by Kent Wang)   Hober linen   Kamakura   Vass on P2
 Love those movies ! Don't know that one tho. 
  my view:  Those Carmina chukkas rok like crazy. I got the Loden and love them.  I can see u wearing the tobacco with a lot of SC-type fits (not suits necessarily) but imo you'll need cuffless trews with high hems.  I found that I have only a couple pairs that work with the high ankle.
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