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   My comment was constructive, but I can elaborate.  Insufficient contrast between top and bottom.    It's hard to tell from your pics, but it looks to me like you're wearing your 'at home' clothes  +  a tie.  
 Not sure about that tie, but the square looks like a bastard at a family reunion.   Suit is bawse   I'm not sure what this is meant to be, Koala-T, but it's  dull, lacks contrast, and everything needs a press.  Collar needs attention too: stays are your friends. 
 .. so stylish Hippie rule-breachers, then.
Interesting observations AAS.    UC, for me it's not the scale but the color... of the square.  White linen would be best, imo.  i don't much lke puffed silk squares with a suit; this fit defies the 'no more'n one FU' rule;  + green and red is not a great combo (altho it's Xmas i guess)    Of course every item on its own is beautiful.   thx, yes, large lapels
Hi guys, warm here [[SPOILER]]  CB for H Lesser (Kent Wang)  Kamakura, TMLewin, Rubinacci, Berg & Berg, Howard Yount, Edward Green
 yes.  No
 TG the world is still a big place.  I went for a holiday in New Guinea recently FWIW and loved it.    BTW your mustard tie looks good there.  Silk?
 u don't see those words all that often   Looks good tho, if a little wet.  Great outfit.     u guys look awsm   ps killing it, TomMiler
  anyone know who Elkann's tailor was here?.... or a hand-me-down from grandad? He uses  Alessandro Martorana, Milanese tailor Caraceni, (who also made the suits that Lapo inherited from his grandfather) +  Huntsman and Anderson & Sheppard, but comparing the pattern matching on this and on his GD's I guess this is the original Agnelli tweed .........  so by Caraceni.   Personally, I prefer the less mannered styling.  The shoulders r great, particularly considering this is...
I have a feeling that the mitred-bottom knit is an internet-inspired compromise for ppl who aren't comfortable with a square ended tie.  Anyone know  the pointed knit provenance?  pictures in Esky or AA?     imo a proper knit tie must have the square end.  If you don't like the square end, consider staying with grenadine or woven silk ties.  
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