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 cheers. Neats r for suits, but I figure that the size of the medallions and the almost solid  SC mitigate the offence.
 Thanks! but I've had to rethink it.  Dragging that Baluchi around underfoot is really inconvenient.   What would u do with a well-dressed usher/ maitre d?   
Hi gentlemen. Life is short, so what the hell I'm wearing a neat with an SC.  Sue me.     Cappelli, Kent Wang,  Rubinacci, Kamakura, Howard Yount, Alfred Sargent
bejesus -  don't u guys have that one? Don't ask me what it means
 yeah but that sounds like too much work lol I don't mean steam the be****s out of it so it gets into the canvas.  Just a bit. Of course Fresco for the long-term.
McFoxy, for travelling I wear the suit/s that are-   a. most comfortable b. I feel best in.   Pro-tip:  Hang suit in hotel bathroom and put the shower on hot for a few mins.  Presto- the wrinkles disappear.
 +1  amazing inky blue
  okay,  bit random, but SVB have u ever thought about doing something about your body fat  i.e. getting more of it?
Envy of epic proportions of anyone going to meet BB
 True, I was fixated on suits, but I think the compromise is still there in odd jacket fits.  A shivering break covers the sock viewed from the front/in the mirror, but will expose an unsightly sickle of sock at the side, unless yr wearing chukkas or ankle boots, and quite a bit of sock at full stride, hence the 'same color sock' convention.  If u don't want that exposure u have to accept hem pooling when u stand still.  My fav sock for odd jacket fits is one that combines...
New Posts  All Forums: