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   'He was a tall thin silver man, sixty or close to it or a little past it. He had blue eyes as remote as eyes could be. His skin was smooth and bright and he moved like a man with very sound muscles'.  It's not quite the right quotation, but your pic is definitely Chandler-esque
  not stupid at all-  just ignorant of the history, which i won't bore ppl with
 It's a colloquial expression not meant to be taken literally.  Means 'formal situation'.  .. and yes, CM is ethnocentric altho not static.  It's provenance if not it's future is largely Anglo-American. Can't argue with your last point  
  anyone guess the 2 diff brands here?
love these things.  <2weeks between ordering and receipt in Oz. recommended
 +1 C'horn right suit, right loafers.   Not a fan of the European-gigolo-sockless-loafers-with-lounge-suit look, and don't see it much here, but a shapely pair of pennies or tassels on a decent  last (not long & square toed monstrosities) worn with socks will take you to the door of the boardroom if not inside.   imo in WAYWRN there's more censure for rule-breaking badly done (poor cut or fit or color-texture-pattern-material combination) than for rule-breaking per se
Tonik. yes
@Coxsackie   Joshua Smith no relation ?  @jcmeyer   that artist got into a lotta trouble for  caricature  of his sitters 
grenadine is Hober, and Yes S-G.  I was uncomfortable with the hank but couldn't say why
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