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  GOAT of Kung Fu movies     Thanks for posting, Vasiliev is the Man  I voted for all of you cos You're all Winners.     (ok, Sienfeld ref, but I really mean it )
 Wouldn't this be uncomfortable Kolecho?  Prolly too hot and heavy.  Lots of ppl say the mid-wt is best.
   I like a soft shoulder. It's hereditary-  I have a pic of my GGrandfather in 1870 wearing a suit with the same soft sloping shoulder.     (Apart from the very high buttoning point and low gorge it's not that different from the one I'm wearing in my pic)
Dandy done well   Reeeeeeally well.
  good fit on the blazer.  nice sprezz there DaD
  Example of what, exactly? (supposing it was actually white)
 awsm, thanks
Hi Jason -  would u describe the zigzag knits as substantial in weight and feel, compared to say a grenadine gossa or a wool knit in the same dimensions?  
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