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 Yes.. First time I wore it.   Well I guess u mean Cappelli, but I hope u don't mind my spruiking Vanda. Imo just as good in the same class of tie, and unbeatable  in their speciality i.e. the light-weight Summer tie.  Here's a brown neat in 6 fold, 36 oz printed Macclesfield silk.
   u mean the cat that's simultaneously there and not there?
 FWIW my suit is a navy (poor pic ).   Navy suit, dk blue tie, white shirt, white square, dk blue socks and black oxfords. The departed was an academic/engineer, and most of his colleagues, friends and other loved ones at the funeral were wearing sombre tweeds and odd jackets.  Engineers aren't known for their snappy dress sense AFAIK.  Only the sons of the departed wore black suits, so this funeral pretty much conformed to Eliod's comment.
  Not much to add to Claghorn's explanation.  re matchy-  The polka dots on the square roughly repeat the regularity of the shirt design. If elements are going to match it should be subtle.  For example, a minor color in a square could pick up the same color in a tie or the shirt (have a look at  SYCSYC below your fit) but a mainly blue square with a solid blue tie looks contrived.   re the shirt-   That one is far too casual for any tie, even a knit. A solid blue would...
 Wore this to a funeral (not a close friend) on Tuesday.  White linen is always appropriate for funerals, weddings etc imo 
   The take-away here is 'rules r cool',  amirite? With respect Roycru, post what u want, but part of the purpose of the thread is for people to share their understanding of tasteful tailored clothing. Tilting at straw-men like matching beverage to clothes is borderline sneering at people who post here imo   Apologies if you're not looking for feedback.  The tie looks nice, but not with that shirt.  No tie with that shirt, period. Apart from being matchy, the square is a...
Similar look to yesterday, but different bits and pieces  [[SPOILER]]    Grey Fresco (Kent Wang)  HC wool tie  Hober linen  Kamakura micro-check  Edward Green
Rendering. Cornell's Fine arts library IRL
[[SPOILER]]   I know you're particular about ties, TP, and I commend you for it, but I have one of the ET Cappelli Donegal's and imo the knot  is a good size for my collar (16").  I also find that as I use the tie the cloth loses some of its elasticity at the knot, which diminishes a little each time.  YYMV
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