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swoon!Barbera cloths. I just don't get how they do it so much better than others [not that I've tried every cloth out there]. Feel like cotton, hang like steel, wrinkle like hardboard.
 579 is your guy for a  navy, but I recommend 516 for a spectacular surface-interest cloth.  Still navy, albeit 'French', but in direct sun the cloth is richly variegated.  Pics don't do it justice. 
 not easy to pull off a suit like that.  You do it well imo. 
 I addressed u directly.  No sarcasm either.  Cute pics. @blekit nice, but for matchy square/tie
 pretty decent @anzar  +  @mcobinad  .. in case you missed @EliodA 's post, use spoilers for pity's sake
 Not commissioned by @GusW   then? 
@sebastian mcfox On the Row that cloth is reserved exclusively for North African dictators 
    Frank Underwood (SO2E7) endorses this selection.  Altho I think he's in BB RTW with a slightly less pronounced blue deco
Less is more!  That is pretty groovy  @blekit
@Isolation Yes, lined, but no structure.     A Shetland, perhaps. 
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