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 That's the first SF iteration isn't it? If yes, it's a super-saturated brown with a tinge of red and it can take an equally bright tie like this one imo  40R and 4.25"  Shoulder looks nice  + Love your choice of cloth.  I've been looking for a  light grey sharkskin in a Lesser or Harrison's or Minnis etc but that looks almost exactly what I'm after.   The birdseye is Harrisons Oyster    cheers @kulata 
u got a lock on it.  your own sprezz.   préciser ?
  Love the color of the suit Six, where from?  Noice combo B in P.   Again, u have your own style nailed down imo
Nutttin badder than birdseye n madder        
 In cashmere, definitely. Big thanks for the Oyster rec.  The navy birdseye is sweet
interesting.  Some ppl get it wrong nearly all of the time, and a lotta ppl get it wrong some of the time, but most ppl get it right most of the time   +1  No 'style' without codes.  Still a bajillion+ options entirely within established conventions.
  sprezzing it  GN.  
   true that both.  Havent made up the cashmere in that colorway.  IIRC u weren't too into that combo Kulata because of the lite blue. I guess I wanted someone to talk me out of another one. 
Thx. shantung can be uncooperative when it comes to knots 
Any thoughts on versatility of this jacketing CMers?   John G Hardy worsted Allsport 13 oz  
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