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  Well you're howling at the moon right there Spectre.  Mind you, it wouldn't be a Pitti thread without someone sayin so.    As someone with a long history of questionable wardrobe choices I feel validated by Pitti poseur-pics. 
 @justinkapur  Awsm! ..as usual all the elements r of the best.  I don't see a problem with the Cappelli here, but my own preference would be to drop one patterned element-  probably the square.  Nothing says 'dandy' more than a patterned square with a suit imo.
Great idea. ^^^^^^^^^^ and you're going to be hard to beat Chocosa.
Carlo Barbera   E G Cappelli  Rubinacci   Kamakura   HY   Vass
  Looks good. Love the jacket.   I read 'I got blood in my stool'. Terrific textures  Legend, particularly the tie/jacket combo
^^ Dangerous territory, but agree, complexion matters
  If I cared about the approval of the ppl around me I'd be permanently dispirited. I find that ppl r mostly indifferent. I love MC cos it's an end in itself for me, a hobby. SVB imo those hems r getting into Tommy Nutter territory.  Apart from that, awsm ! Tan on white =  
  The shy dimple is his sprezz imo, Not regulation, but wouldn't call it a fault. The button looks to be at his natural waist, pic seems to be taken from slightly below centre.  [[SPOILER]]  perfect width on those stripes noice!  The latch, and the flap buttons r cool imo
 I look forward to your posts.  Always interesting combos. Hellova shame these r your swansong, cos they're some of the best pics you've eva posted imo.   the 0520 trousers too, surely? IMO they'd be versatile as odd trews for a SummerNorthern lights   fit. yeah Disneyland is all that matters in that context.  i.e. makes Holylwood seem real @Coxsackie terrific 3 piece.  My absolute fav shade of grey suit
New Posts  All Forums: