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ouch snowblind?  It's about establishing a range of formality in your fits. SB's bowtie fit above, for example, would be better with blue. imo the white is a clanging discord in an otherwise great look.  
 Namaste Roy Al.  I liked H&H too, but in the end it was the collars that put me off rather than the colors. (ok the colors r a little wild i mean purple and green stripes?).  WTF?  Have u learned nothing?   Extraordinarily fugly.  Terminate with extreme prejudice.
 Dont remember Im sorry.  This Vanda looks good tho
 I guess i dont. but definitely liking just the plain ol cream silk at the moment blue grey and brown u cant go wrong  thanks! @Lerglas that looks great.  Im not much of a fan of navy trews (yours are worsted?) but they seem to work well there.
  There u go again, setting up your straw man. Foo's hyperbole in that thread is an (over)reaction to the excessive and particularly  the indiscriminate deployment of white shirts by the non-discerning masses.  But he has a point. Blue is almost always better.  White signifies formality more strongly. But yeah, it's not about absolutes.
   (seriously tho.. do what he says Sc)   Well I could say that that shirt shouldn't be within a hundred miles of a tie, but I won't.  And BTW, what r u, Welsh?
  thanks, Sander.  valid point re PS
  charcoal? ooooh no, wrong look imo  It's more a warmer season jacket, eg lite grey lite weight flannel
 It's tweed in the city, a worsted tweed if u like. Casual jacketing. Bar yes, boardroom nope. 
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