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That's spectacular! I guess it would be FU if u wore it with a smooth worsted suit, but it blends great with that nailhead.  Fresco.  I love it
An Irish wedding amirite?
  You've got me re-thinking...   but up close, those Donegals have prominent heathering in reds n blues etc Pretty loud IMO altho the charcoal would be spectacular with say a casual blue birdseye suit, or perhaps something like Stitchy's recent wintry DB
Hi Noodlers-  Opinions on  (ET's Cappelli) Donegal ties.  Too FU?   I'm liking solid ties ATM, and these r pretty close, but I def don't want something that's not versatile.   for example- 
 Generally, IME, Vanda ties r of light construction.  I prefer Drakes for non-Summer ties.
Keep them coming Victor, I'm loving your stuff!
Misunderstanding.  I was referring to the black/white Noodles posted.  In other colors theyre for general use.
Just the history of common usage AFAIK.  I'd be afraid ppl would ask me, 'Getting married today?'   Not a hard and fast prohibition though, so if u feel comfortable I guess go for it.  
 Wait-  Navy/white tie better with navy suit?IMO navy/white tie better with grey suit and black/white tie better with navy suit.   But to me, Shepherd check, glen plaids and houndstooths in b/w or blue/white are wedding/occasion ties.  Wouldn't feel comfortable in them for day to day wear.
New Posts  All Forums: