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 cheers.  @Eustace Tilley  did u ever get the gold windowpane made up?
Anyone vouch for the awsmness, or not, of Minnis lambswool? thx
Whoo hoo   D'oh  
   nice look!  What do u think of the Vanda shirt?  decent?
  I quite like these, 360116 & 7, but I'm guessing u don't.
 thanks/  Ive been known to use a tissue when a square wasnt to hand. Yeah the mohair (blend)  wears about the same as Fresco.  Its not a 'soft' cloth tho.  The sheen, which isn't over the top like some mohairs, gives the suit a bit of biz-ooomph, which I really llike.
Hi guys, thx for thumbs recently.   Tonik (Dormeuil Mohair) suit, Hober cashmere, Kamakura, linene square, Vass OEII Oxblood      
 Tasteful.  It's not just that you get your fittings rite: you're a master at understated taste imo    
^^  I seem to remember the first pic as the spot where a trucker capped doco maker bailed Heston up about Columbine. ... i felt sorry for both of them.  
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