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 all of the above.  weight of the cloth + a cuff helps with drape, but so does having the hem a little high so the break 'shimmers'.  Also we're just generally awesome- it's a Styfo thing that other boards don't have.
 cheers. looks great.  
  Looks great.  would appreciate a link to a pic of said igent.   Love the color but yellows make me look sallow and sickly.   re your question- Crown Classic or Rangoon 
  Nabilmust, first, great fit   Second, I'm going to have to get me some of that sweet shallow depth of field action that's going on with u and GN.  And third, that lavender roks.  I've never thought it fits my skin color but seeing yours makes me want to have another go        I'm feeling a little bit misled by 'Prince of Paisley' which u hardly eva seem to wear (good thing too I guess).   The jacket is awsm.  IMO>
 Betel's green jacket was outstanding, and  I voted for him, but I also think Anden could equally have won.     For my $s Anden's pic was not just the best in the challenge but one of the best eva on Styfo  
 Well it's very nice.  Always dig your style which is unique to u
 I think you're looking good in that pic GMMcL  I like the combo of the lite grey with the lite tan shoes.  Is that a Prince Michael at your throat?  What with the shoes, the peak lapels and the knot it's a Sprezzy fit   Classic summer combo NYR - Fresco and flannel? or r they smooth worsted?  The neat's the only thing I'd change.     look like a young Dr Freud EFV.  Fantastic with the browns    Seamaster you're the master of green IMO.  I really like your colors, much...
 that whole tumblr is a trove of awesmness 
  Cheers GN.  Awsm pieces-  I would love to have everything there.    Is the tumblr pic accurate?  top/bottom look like similar shades of blue.   Love your photography. 
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