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 I addressed u directly.  No sarcasm either.  Cute pics. @blekit nice, but for matchy square/tie
 pretty decent @anzar  +  @mcobinad  .. in case you missed @EliodA 's post, use spoilers for pity's sake
 Not commissioned by @GusW   then? 
@sebastian mcfox On the Row that cloth is reserved exclusively for North African dictators 
    Frank Underwood (SO2E7) endorses this selection.  Altho I think he's in BB RTW with a slightly less pronounced blue deco
Less is more!  That is pretty groovy  @blekit
@Isolation Yes, lined, but no structure.     A Shetland, perhaps. 
Here's a poser and I'd be grateful for comments...     If you were to commission an unstructured jacket  -  no padding at shoulders, no canvas  -  which wool would drape and hold its structure best?  I'm tempted by a 'cardi-jacket' for extra casual-osity, but don't want a limp rag.   I'm thinking a stiff or perhaps hairy tweed, like Harris.  Structurelss wears cooler, so I can go for weights ( > 12 oz)  I normally wouldn't consider.
  The Slewfoot is more 'saturated' than it is ruddy.   The  intensity makes it tricky to wear the trousers as odd pants.  The jacket not so much. 
   Bloody marvellous-  both your pic and my suit, thx.  Just the shoe color to match I find a challenge. 
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