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  Not sure which one.  An SW&D thread I looked in on from time to time. The most thumbed fits had lists of brand-names attached. Checked some of them out.. Rubinacci-level prices.  I am SW&D illiterate tho, so probably misread the subtexts.
  My impression is that SWD is more snobby & elitist than MC.  Here, fit and cut matter-    provenance notwithstanding.  Post a decent pic of a well-cut mid-grey suit with a solid tie and linen square and you'll get props.  No brandnames needed.There's no equivalent in SW&D. 
Apart from the symmetry of the tie knot I like the suit fit...  I like it best of all the SVB fits I've seen.Can't think of a context where the other fit would not be 'old-fashioned' and costumey, but I'm not from the US. 
Owners of Lumbs Golden Bale.  Anyone got an opinion on comparative quality ATM, particularly drape & character?   GB is $4 X,  say,  Harrison's P&B Fine Classics  and 3$X P&B Universal  or Oyster, cheers
 Gee that's a nice color tie I follow the logic of purple + green, but imo the square is just a bit too IYF (in your face) for an otherwise stellar look.  Good old cream (puffed) silk would be golden.
 Any of the Minnis Frescos in dk greys or dk blues (i.e. navy).  Or other Fresco-like weaves, like Dugdale's New Fine Worsted, which has a smoother finnish, so is slightly more formal/buisnessy
 Moonbeam (Harrisons)    Thanks, theyre Vass 3 eyelet F last dark Cognac
Hi Gentlemen [[SPOILER]]
  No DFIH? The double wouldn't work with a donegal or other wool tie, but a lite-weight silk..
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