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 yeah thx just those, atho i got a couple others for my children eg  KW's Ukiyo-e print below .  The printed silk seems to have more depth and vibrancy than what u get on paper.  And perfect for an @menswear tragic.
Hi gentlemen  
  Chelsea is the classic formal Oxford in the EG range.  82 last is longer in the toe than say the 202. I love it.  Everyone should have a pair of sleek black captoe Oxfords
 Ola, is that Russell from Alsport? (so about 18oz?) Tempting  for an  FU jacket
  Cheers, it's kind of in the middle.   Perfect cloth for Sicily, one of these days..
Just got this Summer jacketing from SartodiNapoli..Wool-silk-linen- mohair  in ~270 g  
 Noice EFV FYI SEH Kelly RTW DCs r the bomb  
  beautiful.   I know it's not your thing, but I would like to see you with a tiny bit of shoulder extension  I like this very much. Impeccable taste.  I have a few on-the-shoulder gorges, but I'm concerned they're looking dated.
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