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 Kinda like a cross between the Yeti and Bigfoot, with a taste for fine wine.  He's big around the middle and he's broad across the rumpRunnin' ninety miles an hour takin' thirty feet a jumpAin't never been caught, he ain't never been tree'dSome folks say he looks a lot like me I saved up my money and I bought me some beesAnd they started makin' honey way up in the treesCut down the tree but my honey's all goneOle Slew-Foot's done made himself at home. Posts on here...
  You've got no silk or wool knits, man!  How do u cope? Otherwise, nice collection.  I'd cull some of the lighter colors, e.g. the 2 yellow foulards, the purple shantung, the yellow grenadine, and most of your 'checks',  but there's few there that I wouldn't be happy to have in my collection. 
 On this like white on rice. Greg's impeccable taste  +  12 oz +  Minnis flannel.  What's not to like?
  One sweet sweet combo.   I just bought a length of WA dk brown houndstooth with red deco, but I like yours better.
thanks, they're Vass London on the P2 last, tobacco suede
@Butler sorry, no can do, was one of a job lot from Huddersfield Cloth.
 ~ 2"  above navel.  That's where my waist is narrowest, so makes sense.
   shame u got that  negative impression. Only a few days ago someone was lamenting the lack of meaningful critique.    Its a tension between friendly encouragement and honest, dispassionate expression of judgement. Too cosy here, imo, over the last few months: relativism and a proliferation of 'great fit' 'you look fantastic'  comments without justification.  I'm one of the  offenders I guess.   Nobody learns  + it can be repetitive and boring.   I'd like to  see more...
New Posts  All Forums: