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Its a lot compared to a medical degree, I know.
  Frater u may not know that Kent Wang does CMT, which opens up the whole world of jacketings and suitings to you instead of just the ones KW offers himself.    There are some very good online sources for jacketings -  Yorkshire Fabrics (great range of H&S), Huddersfield Fine Worsteds (Minnis suitings including flannels and Frescos, the best of their kind) or for more mid-range stuff, Huddersfield Cloth distributes very decent jacketings like the 'Aimbry' range, English...
 I would like nothing better than to swan around Napoli and Europe  in pastel yellows, greens and lavenders.  Makes me nostalgic for our friend ShoeArtist when I see fits that throw the color around like that.   I agree that yellow doesn't go with some complexions-  mine, for one- makes me look sallow  -  but yellow 'goes' with navy just fine IMO -  and lavender or pink with mid-lite grey, and red with both.  But IMO the cultural association with politics and CE, esp...
Nice!  I lolled  ^^^   Edt:  AAS what about a pair of Swangerman's Church's 'Grizzedales'?-  sounds perfect for a Gryffindorean.     Thanks for the thumbs guys!  I really appreciate it, made my morning.  +  Some great fits here lately, I love this thread.  
I for one liked Unbel's @ Pitti fit
 IME it's the opposite.  Go to sites lke the Sartorialist and u will see hundreds of comments like ..'love her stylish look', 'so cool' 'gorgeous' 'owning it' 'etc etc but pretty much nothing in the way of critique.  Color's the problem.  Red, yellow and purple/mauve r probably the least liked on the forums because of the associations with badly dressed pollies and celebrities. 
 thanks, Kent Wang CMT the cloth is a vintage Lesser plain weave.  nice jacket
Hi guise, new suit in a Lesser 8/9 oz dark grey.    [[SPOILER]]
 this is key
  ??  edit: oh ok just saw above
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