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 u mean NE Asian undertakers amirite? 
 Sheesh.. did u both get dressed in the dark?  There's no coherence or harmony in either of these fits.   Adiron, you're new, so keep trying, but  AAS you should know better.
Here's Vox in it too.  Not Steed.Love this color
 Fantastic.  Those are some wide lapels , but not crazy wide.  BTW u have an uncanny resemblance to former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans.     Always good Anden!  Be interesting to see this with med grey trews- even better, imo.
Nay.Too girly, fussy
 For that particular jacket you're in trouble.  A solid grey SC doesn't have a natural partner.  In general, a range of grey flannels from dark to light is the go, with cavalry twill, linen and corduroy for variety.  No worsteds.  Tweed if you're somewhere really cold.
  The only lapels I don't have, or like,  are super-skinny ones.   Imo, width of lapel is less driven by fashion (e.g. those crazy aircraft runways favored by Nutter or early RL) than by personal taste.   I  think of it as a bit like pleat or no-pleat, cuff or no-cuff i.e. largely a matter of personal preference unconnected with trends. I've just been flicking thru Dressing the Man,  and if Flusser's pics are representative, lapel real estate is if anything remarkably...
  Dammit, so good.  Love the repp
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