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Good to know ^^
 To Sir with Love ?      I like the square a lot.   IMO the jacket is really very loud with a strong 'pattern' and  it's rustic... so it wants to be paired with sedate, countrified partners.   A smoothish tie, say a solid repp for a little bit of contrast with the SC rather than that rainbow (bordering on)  novelty tie, or no tie at all,  and a solid shirt in a darker blue or even a yellow.  
wonderful; ^^^
 If u think C's shoulders are oddly sloped check out mine     [[SPOILER]]   They r what they r  - not a flaw IMO Evolve
 no grays as of last Thursday, but I did get an awsm length of Johnston's cashmere from him.  Love to know how he sources it.
    I feel confident they would be awed by the dazzling effect of  my blue suede loafers and  popped collar. ...but for backup I would use my Rubinacci PS as an @menswear shield, and  challenge them to discuss the  relative merits of con rollino and spalla camica. 
      thanks guys.  Of the Challis, madder and  twill I like the Challis best.  They're substantial ties, and in the standard 3-fold construction the  knots they make are peerless 
re;  Lord Superb   but Fadi has no grays  
  Love it, CP.   
 Challis madder, twill
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