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@CaptainTohm  I vote for full canvas + soft shoulder.  
^^   I'm wearing black bluchers with a grey plaid SC rite now
  I'm aware of that thread.  I stand by my comment.   Have a look thru the principal fit threads, old and new, like Whnay's,  WAYWRN, CBD, and thru shoe threads like Shoe Damage, Vass pron,  Alden -  black shoes appear rarely.  While I hesitate to refer to 'SF norms' this is one of the most obvious and enduring.  
 You've posted some nice fits, imo,  Theoprof, but not this one.  The tie, obviously, is a burner, jacket sleeves too long, BD shirt collar needs more roll-  see UC's pic above.   I dislike patterned odd trousers, but the design is small enough that it seems to resolve to solid at any meaningful distance.  
 FWIW I meant in the CM context.  Can't speak for SW&D, other than to say that if u want to wear them SW&D I think the cordovan would be a good thing because it would emphasize the informality. 
   I'd like to hear that in a French accent, but I'd be afraid to wear the jacket out  -  could lead to uncomforatble faux pas  
not wearing black shoes with biz suits is largely an SF thing.  I do wear black PTB's (in  box)  with suits.
@jcmeyer  Altho I do have a pair of black oxfords in shell I wouldn't now recommend shell for any kind of formal shoe.  And a black shoe is inherently formal.  Black box calf is sleeker.  Shell has a tendency to 'beef-roll'.
 Tie is a bottle green wool twill from Sam HoberSuit is an 11 oz twill.  Carlo Barbera for H Lesser
hi guys,    
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