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 I've never used a shoe bag-  what for GMMcL?    open quarters look more rakish IMO ....Liverano, BnTailor
I'm mystified -  what do u mean by 'the MC uniform'? 
  I haven't tried it but Luxire offers to print any design u want on a blank silk square. IME decent squares don't come cheap tho.    yes contrast IMO
  Flannel DB ls?  very nice.  agree re different square (less similar to the tie, less messy, shinier)
 Great question.  I have x - 1 pairs, where x is the optimal number of shoes..  IMO it's good have shoes to accommodate diffferent trouser hems and fits in different 'weights'.  Winter = heavier looking fits; Summer = lighter fits so lighter less bulky shoos.  Had some time to think about it, and I'd be happy with something like this:  (more or less what I have too) 5  Oxfords in browns from dk to mid brown (inc 1 wholecut, 1 dk suede +1  tobacco suede brogue)1  Oxford in...
 No worries Cleav. At the risk of raising GC's hackles I'll mention again that it's from Drapers. Is there a perfect (light weight) gunclub? .. Dunno, but this is close IMO.                                                                                                                                                                                   Probably can't order from them personally but I expect your tailor can.
 Victory +  Vanda Shanty ?  snap!
 great choices and tough to make.  IIRC  a lot of outstanding fits in the past week or two and to my eye it's getting better in WAYWRN.   Props for not including yr own  ... one of my favs -    
Summery slubby Shantung silk
New Posts  All Forums: