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 SCs lean to the darker end of the spectrum. I think your fit illustrates the point that navy trews struggle to provide sufficient contrast for an odd jacket fit.  Dare I say that perhaps some color in the square would brighten the sombre tones?
good observation-  I've exhausted my knowledge at this point  ... there's more to it imo than  SF blindness 
  I still think 'busman' when I see Alan's fit, but this look (light colored and usually grey plaid jacket + navy underneath) is a classic exception because there's no plausible grey trew option,.   As I understand it, the 'no-navy trews' convention is class-based,  part of the 'blue collar/white collar' distinction.  Maybe it's hard for (ahem) classless New Worlders/Republicans to get to grips with a tradition that comes out of a  class-conscious culture like the Brits'.  
  Even when u sport something that ugly you still look prettty darn good.    It's wrong because it's so unconventional. You're free to dress that way of course.
 I don't really know what to make of that .   thanks for the info tho! I'm thinking of grey odd trews too..
 It's high- ish, true.  On the suit pants too, but that doesn't matter so much imo
 yes, awesome tailoring and immaculate condition. 
 It doesn't feel/look right to me, even tho it shouldn't matter given that either-a. the jacket covers it, orb. at work sans jacket it'll just look like part of a suit
I recently bought a pair of odd trews (in Fresco) from a member and was surprised to find (more fool me for not looking closely at the pics) side-adjusters rather than belt loops.  I'm not to comfortable with the idea of odd trews without a belt.  Anyone else feel that way?
Harrisons worsted flannel - any views?  thx
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