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  what's confusing I think is that this shoe has 2 lots of stitching.  The stitching up high on the vamp is often associated with the Norweger, altho this one doesnt have a split toe.  The stitching down low near the sole could be called Goiserer, or Norweger stitching AFAIK.  Which one is it that you want to replicate?  Or is it both?
 the Goserer is the stitching down near the sole rather than up on the vamp.  I'm confused myself, so.. maybe someone else?
  [[SPOILER]]   I have a Vass Norweger (in the middle)  [[SPOILER]]   and the top stitching is quite thick and coarse compared to your pic. But it  doesn't have to be, it seems:  see Vox's city slip-on.   You can get the longer stich u see where the vamp joins the sole edge from Vass.  They call it Goiserer stitching.  'three-quarter Goiserer' is best IMO
 My guess is that Vox got them to Citifiy the stitching ther'es a few. Gooogle Vox closet More than a few of us have shed tears over Vox's closet. 
Vass doesn't do that kind of buckle either.  Pretty much everyone takes a punt on Vass sizing.  The U-last is a narrow fit, so for example if you're a 43 you'd prob be safer with 43.5 unless your fit is already quite narrow.    I'm tempted to get a U-last penny loafer in suede 
 In Vass, you'd have to MTO and specify single monkstitched uppertobacco suede I've never seen one on this Forum, but it's def doable.  You could even go the square toe by specifying U-last Here's a u-last single monk.  Imagine it in suede with a stitched upper and you're there.  
 @Cityplace No expert, but it's prob what u would call 'character' cloth rather than luxe... So it's well-regarded here.  I bought some on the strength of recs here.  like it a lot and have one in navy birdseye.  Manton recommends it, Vox uses it.
  +1  but I suspect there's camera distortion going on.  Foxtooth explained it once-  something to do with the lens distorting and magnifying  features at the periphery. @mconibad's head gets the same treatment in some of his pics, which hasn't helped his cause
  Fit needed a bit of grey for variety.
rockin a Henry Carter dot tie-  matt wool/silk    [[SPOILER]]
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