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 I guess.  I just don't like them eva. too Gordon Geko
    contrast collar shirts r a pet hate, but this looks ok   . Aside fro the fit of the coat, the rest is clueless.
  The worst Foo is 'nice' Foo.   So Awkward.
  Can u name the trews cloth Spando?  looks good.  Always on the lookout for a light non-grey low-saturation odd trew cloth
probably, but it doesn't have to be. That's one of the charms of this whole thing here we're doing.  gros-grain is favoured to satin silk in formal wear e.g.  It's hard to say which of your hypothetical combos will look better without seeing them IRL. A matt square goes with a shiny(ier) tie, and a textured tie looks better opposite a shiny square.  But tie/square texture contrast doesn't seem to apply all over a fit.   In general, rough with rough, smooth with smooth. So...
 I think you'd have to have about a squillion shoes in order to do that. Formality relative to overall fit, and color relative to pents/suit and tie dictate which shoe for me. If at that point I had  shoes in that style and color  in different textures, then yes, texture might come into play.  But I see texture more as a subset of formality.  So suede, cordovan, exotics and scotchgrain are less formal than box-calf.  So if considering whether to use, say, a box or a suede...
Impeccable style, wonderful photography.  Looks like you're a lefty. Love to know the cloth here.
 fuggedaboudit.  Woven squares'r a big no-no Puffed cream silk is the  most versatile imo
 what sortof piano GN? classical? blues?  love the black tie fit earlier btw   so Google reveals ur a Dylan fan.  I wonder what views the Gen Y'ers here have of him...  'super-old phoney with incomprehensible lyrics'?  'nerdy-cool folk singer my grandfather used to like'?I'm a fan, for the most part.  That seems like the opposite of the conventional wisdom Cox.  Flusser advocates long points to balance a long/big head.  I agree it looks good on SVB altho I'll be damned if...
 That one's Johnstons of Elgin cashmere in ~11 oz.  Thanks.  @Coxsackie and @upr_crust  u guys look great.  So true what @EliodAsays about u crusty. IRL suits u
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