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   Is this Tonik GN?  The cloth looks great.  Kinda shiny, which works in CBD.  I would have gone for a white linen square, mainly because of the shoes, but YMMV  @Caustic Man  love it.  DB blazer fit is (acc to Google)  'unvergleichliche'  @dazedstate  also very good imo
Excellent, FOD
Agree TP, large scale paisley ties work in madder imo, altho this didn't get much love when I posted it in WAYWRN.  Needs to be no more than 2 major colors tho.  
  the fairisle, tweed + tie r nice   
 Wonderful.  I'm guessing the Blackwatch square is your Navajo imperfection in perfection?
 love it!  Something for my children's children, and their ...  You get the picture.    dit's London Lounge ,  based on a design someone spotted in a pic of the Duke of Windsor's wardrobe  
hi gents
 + ~ 1 .. depends on which cashmere too.  Scottish 'cashmere club' cashmeres like Johnstons of Elgin are superior to the thinner but shorter fibre cloths produced in Italian mills.  Italian cashmeres are softer (and maybe warmer)  but not as durable.  I have an SC in 280g (9.5oz) J/E and it wears warmer than 13 oz wool imo
Tonik ?  @Mr. Six     @Gerry Nelson .. 'circumferentially-challenged' -wa ?
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