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EliodA  Yorkshire Fabric on ebay has nice grey H&S sharkskins, pick and picks in 10-12oz and a nice birdseye   I like 2 cos it's got more visual interest and you're in Indo, so the lighter the better
  I didn't want to put u in the red shirt of death-  those operational guys were expendable  & clearly u are not. 
 2060 Roycru?  
 yes, only suits tho. I've experimented with the 4 combos and I like one pocket right side best.  No pockets is just a little bit too feminine IMO  -  not that anyone other than work colleagues is likely to notice -  and 2 pockets feels like more of an odd trew thing.   edit:  I''m assuming u mean no back  pockets.  No pockets at all would be off.
  IDK I think the brown looks too saturated for odd trews.  too dominant for most SCs.  There's a reason why greys and beiges and buffs work best. On the other hand, as an odd summer jacket with lite wt light grey flannels  
 Love the shoes!!   DWF ?
 FWIW I think u look better with a softer shoulder, but then I think that about everyone.After all, yr a surgeon & you don't wnat to power-dress, it might scare the patients.
amaze, thx
 Do u mean 'Pepper Lee'?  http://www.pepperlee.co.uk/index.php/jacketing.html They do have some awsm stuff.  uh huh.  If anyone knows a better way I'd love to know, (altho Harrison's Oz guy is a good dude).  Another rec:  Fadi Kabbani on ebay gets his hands on some good stuff too.  Very random, but real quality.  http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/6767fadi/m.html?item=291161963061&ssPageName=ADME%3AX%3ARTQ%3AGB%3A1123&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
New Posts  All Forums: