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hmmm, as an MC denizen who doesn't know the first thing about what u guys r trying to do here- my first impression is that  I like Neoinfinita and kindofyoung  for just being so out there.  Don't ask me for a rational analysis tho, because I have no frame of reference by which to judge any of you.  It's like trying to judge a bunch of aliens when you're not even sure what bit's the head and what bits ... whatever.   I wouldn't dress like this in a million years, but I...
  Upped the exposure Crusty?  looks good
   nice color combo     silk knits and knits in general have gone crazy lately, good thing too   love your retro vibe
  English cut, chalk/pin stripe  not sold on the Churchills/faux laces-style, but if anyone likes them there is/was a bargain pair for sale in UK9? on SF       master of texture       Having trouble taking it all in rite there Sotiris     but looks very  nice  @in stitches   that suede and suit color combo  
 thanks-  found another thread on this.. Boils down to either 1.  identifying unknown variables x and y in a function such that f(x,y)=w where x and y are the linen/wool percentages and w is the resultant wrinkliness coefficient.  or 2.  Neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee." -- Leviticus 19:19
  I wouldn't go the Commando myself-  too limiting.  Couldn't wear it with most suits, say.    In calf, a simple plain front derby like the Vass London looks awsm IMO.  I use it for suits and casual. I have these Tenterdens below- my first decent shoe-  very casual, but not as casual as anything with a Commando sole IMO-   http://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/99/cheaney-tenterden-in-hand-burnished-mahogany    Enzo Bonafé Norvegese Split...
no, but speaking of wool-linen blends, anyone have an opinion re whether this wool-linen 10.5 oz from HC would work as a suit?  for example, does w/l require a lot of pressing?  
  even Gianni would +1 sb I have an almost identical tie, but with red highlights.  from my beautiful daughter.  I don't know what the h.. to do with it. 
 no sorry I was referring to shoulder width in the 2nd part of my comment.  I think the tie width is good
 Purple paisleys, top coats, links, watchchains-  it's not that Crusty's clothes lack flair IMO. More to  do with the regularity of his  posting, seating position, pic presentation + the subdued lighting  the bow looks rite to me, nicely balanced.  I have an enormous head - so it makes me very conscious of shoulder width.  May be that u could go a little wider there.      Nice look CS.  The graph check's not optimal but if u want a correct look the angle of your square is...
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