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 IME it's the opposite.  Go to sites lke the Sartorialist and u will see hundreds of comments like ..'love her stylish look', 'so cool' 'gorgeous' 'owning it' 'etc etc but pretty much nothing in the way of critique.  Color's the problem.  Red, yellow and purple/mauve r probably the least liked on the forums because of the associations with badly dressed pollies and celebrities. 
 thanks, Kent Wang CMT the cloth is a vintage Lesser plain weave.  nice jacket
Hi guise, new suit in a Lesser 8/9 oz dark grey.    [[SPOILER]]
 this is key
  ??  edit: oh ok just saw above
  I'm raining on the parade here, but this isn't a good fit. IMO.   Looks like you're wearing  separates from 2 suits-  a blue and a brown.  The jacket needs more SC features to define it as such-  say contrast buttons.   The pants appear to be worsted, so really  should  be part of a suit, never worn odd.  The tie is a small patterned neat, a quintessential suit tie and not  for an odd jacket fit either ...   Likewise the semi-spread collar. Finally, there's not enough...
Not yet.  Undecided on configuration.  Vox's looks great but IMO the larger scale on the Shetland is even better..
@jerrybrowne  have u seen  Vox's latest post?  Looks like your Hunters.  
 IMO white's okay, perhaps ecru or yellow would b perfect at an All Blacks game 
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