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 Looks great if you want a 1970s  'body-shirt' (without the polyester).  imo if anything it's already too tight.  'Perfectly', when it comes to shirts, doesn't mean like a second skin.  You need a bit of space so you can move without popping buttons, esp at the belly when u sit.
imo ..  The tie throws the whole look outta whack.  a tan suit looks better without a tie when worn with a white shirt.      
 cheers, right. the horizontal hem can bisect the wearer. The SB is a gentler transition
  Nice work!  [[SPOILER]]    What's the reason for this, Journeyman?
 Burn baby burn(but the lapels would've been more aggressive in the 70s)   This roks like crazy
 Great gunclub,  White shirt (?) with cutaway tho is sub-optimal tho imo  Too bizness for the fit.  Love the trews.
 awsm thx, That thread seems to confirm my point about brand elitism in SW&D.  When asked "What r the SW&D essentials?"  CM got lists of brands (mostly) in response  e.g.  " 2008 version: BoO oxford, APC NS, Clarks Desert Boots.Or 2010: Margiela 5-zip, hanes tee, Dior 19cm, GATs"  etcor the Regis: Margiela viscose knit, virgin wool pants, SLP boots"  That wouldn't happen in CM imo Well, ur an affable guy EFV, that helps  
 That makes sense.  There r ppl here, I'm thinking Chocosa, blueinparis, Kulata,  for example, who IIRC don't post brands, just great fits, and get plenty of credit.I can see that a svelte figure, loose fit, casual stance, pensive expression and sombre monochrome palette helps, but beyond that  I  have no real  idea why some r good and some r not.  
  Not sure which one.  An SW&D thread I looked in on from time to time. The most thumbed fits had lists of brand-names attached. Checked some of them out.. Rubinacci-level prices.  I am SW&D illiterate tho, so probably misread the subtexts.
New Posts  All Forums: