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@venividivicibj  they have 2 blues on the Dormeuil site- a navy and a royal blue.  Ethan's looks like the lighter.   I'm keen for a lite grey suit and would like to try the Tonik grey below as an alternative to a sharkskin in Harrison's Oyster.  
 that's a 60/40 mohair/wool isn't it.. I like the metallic grey-blue sheen in some of the pics.It's on the list to check out.  Bit wary of 8 oz tho.  The John Foster 3 ply is more my weight at 11 oz  Looks good, but that's more about the cut. I'm attracted by the blue-black effect.
Just received a swatch of the William Halstead 3-ply navy mohair.  I'm impressed by the body, and by the lack of shine.  Tossing up between this and the Dormeuil Tonik 2000, a 2 ply.     Appreciate advice/opinions. I'm looking for drape without shine. (okay, maybe a little  shine)
  this is terrific imo  Wonderful.  Just googled Pucci. Would have loved to have met the man who dressed Dino or Mason   [[SPOILER]]  I had a pair of Tetbury chukkas- the only shoe I've flipped.  Can't recall where I bought them, but it was online.  In my regular size (UK 9.5) they were really too big, Tried to make them work but eventually decided to cut my losses.  Chukkas r tricky anyway with MC.  Need particularly short trew hems.
i like it @Roy Al   wondering if u need to drop the shoulder a little in your next commission. u seem to have some rumpling under the arms/just above the hip.   very nice @Coxsackie
not enough contrast?  
Hi guys.     Henry Carter plaid wool, Kamakura, Fresco 511 (KentWang), Simonet-Goddard, Carmina Loden suede Chukkas
the brand of what? fantastic fit   lol about the pants
[[SPOILER]]  Had to race out the door without white linen this morn.Lesser plain weave (suit by Kent Wang)Fresco 512 (next shade darker to VVV's)CappelliRubinacciKamakuraVass edit: better top pic
 Well, again, suit looks great on you imo. Ditto the whole look.That cloth is like carborundum. When I fell off my bike my knee was abraded and bleeding, but knee of the trews was fine. Plus it takes a crease like nobody's buisness.
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