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 I don't really know what to make of that .   thanks for the info tho! I'm thinking of grey odd trews too..
 It's high- ish, true.  On the suit pants too, but that doesn't matter so much imo
 yes, awesome tailoring and immaculate condition. 
 It doesn't feel/look right to me, even tho it shouldn't matter given that either-a. the jacket covers it, orb. at work sans jacket it'll just look like part of a suit
I recently bought a pair of odd trews (in Fresco) from a member and was surprised to find (more fool me for not looking closely at the pics) side-adjusters rather than belt loops.  I'm not to comfortable with the idea of odd trews without a belt.  Anyone else feel that way?
Harrisons worsted flannel - any views?  thx
 Wonderful stuff Manolo.  I'm confused tho'-  it's probably my monitor, but r u saying that #7 & #8 are P&H GT?  Looks like Solaro to me.   Again, wonderful pieces.
Dimple-ification is a function of material, lining and cut.  Brand doesn't come into it.
 i saw your post in 10 Ties b4 it got nixed (temporarily).  Looking forward to seeing full tie/jacket fits.  The Sammy looks great.
  Lol I was just about to compliment him on those nice jackets and adventurous tie collection
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