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One of the nicest grey jacket/navy trew looks I've seen.  But it also highlights why it's a look that has never been popular and really doesn't work. I'm assuming the trews are worsted? .. which odd trews should never be.   It mixes up the levels of formality.  The contrast sleeve buttons work with that tie, I guess, but probably not with any other color.  I would have them changed. 
    I love the suit RoyAl, and your style.  Is that brown, red and lilac together tho?  I'd lose one of those colors:  too 'seventies.     Thank you, I do.  You're one of the most knowledgeable posters here, so why u post this sort of fit is beyond me.    ?  What I said was:  "dull, lacks contrasteverything needs a press.  Collar needs attention too: stays are your friends."   So I don't understand what you mean. It's honest and imo not impolite feedback, which this thread...
   My comment was constructive, but I can elaborate.  Insufficient contrast between top and bottom.    It's hard to tell from your pics, but it looks to me like you're wearing your 'at home' clothes  +  a tie.  
 Not sure about that tie, but the square looks like a bastard at a family reunion.   Suit is bawse   I'm not sure what this is meant to be, Koala-T, but it's  dull, lacks contrast, and everything needs a press.  Collar needs attention too: stays are your friends. 
 .. so stylish Hippie rule-breachers, then.
Interesting observations AAS.    UC, for me it's not the scale but the color... of the square.  White linen would be best, imo.  i don't much lke puffed silk squares with a suit; this fit defies the 'no more'n one FU' rule;  + green and red is not a great combo (altho it's Xmas i guess)    Of course every item on its own is beautiful.   thx, yes, large lapels
Hi guys, warm here [[SPOILER]]  CB for H Lesser (Kent Wang)  Kamakura, TMLewin, Rubinacci, Berg & Berg, Howard Yount, Edward Green
 yes.  No
New Posts  All Forums: