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+1 imo the tie doesn't have to agree with the shoes, but it helps that one of the top block elements does. e.g. the belt Max contrast with tie.  This fit is far from great, but a chestnut tie wouldn't have worked with this SC.   
 NRA? The Hokkaidans call it Hara Hachi Bun Me
[[SPOILER]] Love hat cloth Sander, jus the shade of grey want to get. Provenance?
  You deserve it man. Your fits are always well thought out.  And that's a lovely tweed
 I'm happy I learned a new word tho.
 Yeah that's not pretentions.
 Hi Ac, imo a slubby dk brown Shantung would be nice, like pic below (navy Fresco).  Hober doesn't do Shantung, but his rough silk might do the trick.  There's no brown, but there is charcoal edit:  and a plum which would do navy well imo 
 Looks great if you want a 1970s  'body-shirt' (without the polyester).  imo if anything it's already too tight.  'Perfectly', when it comes to shirts, doesn't mean like a second skin.  You need a bit of space so you can move without popping buttons, esp at the belly when u sit.
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