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Nay.Too girly, fussy
 For that particular jacket you're in trouble.  A solid grey SC doesn't have a natural partner.  In general, a range of grey flannels from dark to light is the go, with cavalry twill, linen and corduroy for variety.  No worsteds.  Tweed if you're somewhere really cold.
  The only lapels I don't have, or like,  are super-skinny ones.   Imo, width of lapel is less driven by fashion (e.g. those crazy aircraft runways favored by Nutter or early RL) than by personal taste.   I  think of it as a bit like pleat or no-pleat, cuff or no-cuff i.e. largely a matter of personal preference unconnected with trends. I've just been flicking thru Dressing the Man,  and if Flusser's pics are representative, lapel real estate is if anything remarkably...
  Dammit, so good.  Love the repp
 Beautiful fit.  Shoes don't look quite right to my eye -  how about specs or spats?
  I was loving this  (well, the square's not ideal, and I wouldn't know what to do with a non-plaid grey SC, but apart from that ..)  until I scrolled down. Box check trousers make u look like a character in 'Gangs of New York'-  only thing missing is a Shelagligh.  Top proportions are great. edit: I see CMs made a similar comment, but it's worth repeating imo
Hi guys, nothing says 'Winter' like Challis ...with a faux tweed gunclub     Same tie, different colorway, + faux tweed    Ancient Madder neat,  with a fully lined Fresco   Henry Carter wool   Full winter.  Challis medallion + Johnstons of Elgin cashmere      Paisley Madder     Straight up wool solid tie, cashmere POW SC   Solid wool, HC again    Challis neat, Moonbeam herringbone    Madder neat Cashmere- love this from Sam...
 AFAIK  it's only/mainly @Sander  who hates whole cuts.  If u go into the shoe-lover parts of the forum e.g. the shoepron thread, the bespoke thread, the Vass thread, the Japanese makers thread  -  you'll find plenty of love for the wholecut.      The truly seamless wholecut  (made from a single circular disc of leather. . Bespoke only...)   is one of the Holy Grails.
   Is this Tonik GN?  The cloth looks great.  Kinda shiny, which works in CBD.  I would have gone for a white linen square, mainly because of the shoes, but YMMV  @Caustic Man  love it.  DB blazer fit is (acc to Google)  'unvergleichliche'  @dazedstate  also very good imo
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