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Great looking cloth, drapes well.
I'm seeing that ^^ as an argument against ls.
yeah non a fran of  big decos on a fuzzy ground 
  IMO  #1 = horse blanket, #2 = awsm and versatile, #3 ditto, #4 meh, #5 cool, #6  got one like that and IMO it's awsm
  Holy Toledo that's a jacket.  Be interesting to compare how it looks with southern lites.  Anyway I think the key with that monster is to keep everything else pretty sedate.  always love this look from u Betel.  I guess uve said b4 but what are those trews there?
just to be clear,  don't mean big as n something else .. for either of you.    big statured, not circumferentially challenged Really nice top block Don C.   Pck1 also terrific
thanks, they're Vass U-last, single sole, tobacco suede and antic cognac. I got lucky with these. Promotional samples from Vass' foray into the US market.  NYI just killing it.
 Looks great.  .. was wondering about u and the siege.   Edit: I mean, Im glad youre okay
Hi guise,   angora/wool PRL silk knit TM Lewin MJ Bale herringbone shirt Rubinacci PS HY  Berg and Berg  Vass  
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