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Dimple-ification is a function of material, lining and cut.  Brand doesn't come into it.
 i saw your post in 10 Ties b4 it got nixed (temporarily).  Looking forward to seeing full tie/jacket fits.  The Sammy looks great.
  Lol I was just about to compliment him on those nice jackets and adventurous tie collection
Hi guysmohair/wool, wool (tie), linen   [[SPOILER]]
 .. think Mariano Rubinacci 
 @SYCSYCVass might be in that price range and are your best option construction and appearance-wise imo  Hand-lasted and hand-welted.   F last is their easy-fit round-toe. This is their 'London' 3-eye derby in F last and box calf, on the right.You can go to the Vass pron thread for more info.  Seamless back C&J also has the 'Highbury' below-  3 eye derby in black calf, but not quite whole-cut.  James Bond shoe.  
@Patrick R  the colors rock.  Printed on a Twill?
 I don't intuitively or by tradition see why similar shirt and jacket deco color are necessarily a problem-  or for that matter, why a secondary in the tie shouldn't be the same or similar in color to the principal color in a jacket.    Too many other factors come into play imo.  For me, the prob with the fit above is the brown tie/brown jacket combo.  That's not optimal.
  +1 on CM   May not sound like it, but  I'm a fan too, AAS, and apologies if I came across as harsh.    You push the boundaries, and imo that's fine in this thread.  It's not Whnay's, after all.  I don't understand the Mother Nature reference tho-   Women haven'tt got a clue about menswear.
  The shirt is purple and orange?  I'm seeing red, white and blue +  a blue cardigan + dk grey trews.   Anyway, if harmony is 'the combination of simultaneously presented colors to produce a pleasing effect', this is a dissonant presentation.  Cacophony not harmony-  like someone opened the piano lid and started randomly banging away at the keys.    I see yellow, red, green, blue, purple, white and orange.   There's no shame in frugality and discrimination.  After two or...
New Posts  All Forums: