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 oh very nice 
^^^ thanks man- nice
anyone have experience  buying  jacketing cashmere online? -  i only know of Johnstons of Elgin and HFW   looking for interesting patterns and color combos in 10 - 14 oz 
So far gotta be one of the best fields eva (#4 excepted lol)
 gracias    Really like the cut of this suit Timo-  has a Liverano look about the lapel/roll TMM.  Who made?   Amaze-  I have this tie but I didn't recognize it at first. Had to get mine and hold it up to the screen to confirm.  Looks diff (and great) in this pic.
HNY Guise.  Clags, that suit rox. tie-  Henry Carter 7 fold ReppSquare- Hober ChallisSuit-  WangSocks-  Malford onsell of something or other   [[SPOILER]]
 you too?    -  all good points.   ;a plain repp would be a great choice.  prob a lot more tasteful. BTW your brown SC would go great with a sky blue shirt IMO, love that combo
[[SPOILER]]   you're not wrong
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