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 If u think there's a possibility that you'll be sensitive, then to the knee is a good idea, although the scratchiness ime is more from thread ends exposed along the over-locking at the seams, and the lining doesn't protect u from that.
@mclassic101   that first last (black captoe) is elegant .  Looks similar to EG202, just classic. 
 Oh my bad-  nothing more useful than a cream  DB in Summer cloth.      However, found this: 
My experience is that rolling leaves me with a tie that hangs a little lumpy.  The imperfectly flat surface of the tie due to keeper, lining, folding and cut, and the act of rolling itself, even done with the utmost care, creates an uneven tie face when unrolled.  If there's a downside to hanging it would be elongation.  Those grenadines  stretch like gum.
  Rhetorical Q'n I guess, but FWIW I question the logic of a DB in a lite weight Summer cloth.  You can't walk around with a DB unbuttoned, after all. 
 same here. plus some odd trews. All cut slightly differently; wear differently.  Some fully lined for cooler days. Unlined, with a breeze, it's like wearing gauze. It's not my fav Summer cloth, but  I live how understated Fresco is.  Opposite of Supers flashy.
Casual Friday
  That thing has 'in your face, Spring has sprung' vibe.  Could see it with a lite grey casual suit, a solid silk knit (neat squares don't like neat ties)  perhaps in a burgundy or shade of dk green, and as for SCs, definitely not a gunclub, probably not a plaid -  I'd go solid again
  Outstanding!  Something out of the ordinary for this thread.  I love the green linen for the suit.  I find the shoes and tie a little matchy, and the square seems a bit random-  say a picture square in spring colors would be better rather than a spotty 'tie' square    -  but otherwise it's fantastic.    Noice.  I've been wondering about Ed's cashmere ties.  I have a Cappelli that's if anything too soft and feathery.
I lodged an order for pants on Sunday, and received a note that they were dispatched yesterday.  Phenomenal.
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