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FWIW at first it reminded me of an Omaha Beach bunker,  and still I feel uneasy about the practicality of it e.g. the pool's not one I could  imagine anyone spending much time around, or in. But I like it as pure visual statement. This image of it in the surrounding space makes more sense of the house to me         Baeza calls it a podium..  Nature on a travertine platter
Outstanding Don.  The saturation of the tie/suit is perfect.
 No hate-  .. certainly no Donegal hate.  I like the SC with those pants Rr
  Screams 'Doh. I threw my suit in the dryer with my  bathrobe'   Like the colors.  u r in danger of getting a rep as a full-on Dandy
   Both those fits are great IMO CD-  Your really have proportions nailed. Are those cream gabs in the first pic of the original post?     Fantastic fit, fantastic suit    Looks good Cox IMO. I think grays and navy r the only colors I'd contemplate a box check suit  +  low saturation +  checks that offer low contrast with the ground.    I like it- FWIW   
 cheers -  chocolate-y brown Fresco.I would really like to go with a color more like this tho-  from an earlier iteration of WAYWN
Hi all, wasn't going to post this, but 3 for 3 on black knits today ..written in the stars          
 I would never have guessed that, but the poker handle makes sense.  I belive spoo's is for a similar deal.  so  your religious affiliation  isn't hurting your dressing, .  
 ok.  well I think it looks great , particularly with the suede
 u r smacking it outta the park  lately L2b (  BTW what  L2b actually means?)     First,  fantastic.  the BD and knit is classic and looks great IMO2nd-  on my monitor youve got that odd pants/jacket thing going again.  It looks like it's not actually a suit.  Weird    Bontoni's?  theyre like EG chestnut Chelseas only they have 6 eyes.  Must be good Foxx I love that blue check SC
New Posts  All Forums: