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 Love it FT This ^^^ could be the WAYWRN song. Tweaked it a bit.. ..   With nothing but his guitar and a pair of Iron Rangers  and that crazy Martin slung on his back.  And some perfume that probably smells amazing and this ashtray and a paddle  on a lonesome railway track.
thanks ! Thanks B. Coming from u that means a lot.   I was going to excuse my wearing a neat with an SC as an Italian thing, then u posted
Carlo Barbera, Cappelli, Rubinacci, Kamakura ...
 Isnt Boyer a legend?  How many of us would casually slip in references to the Marshall plan, bloodshed, TS Eliot, Auden and Alfred Kinsey in a post about clothes?
Another neigh-sayer here.   The horse  really bolted when Shia wore them in Wall St II   I like his outfit (and Douglas' for that matter) but only in a 'Italian bistro wine waiter'' kind of way
 I found some of his other bespoke beauties online.  Guy's an amazing crafts-person.
I think the collar suits you Don.   Very nice Stefan & superb shoos.  How did you arrange the Marquess's? I mean,  r u in Japan?
 damn  looks like Minnis, a Fresco AFAIK   have a look at 0571
 cool.  the gunmetal-ly blue of that suit is awsm. reminds me of Cary Grant in North by North West 
 noice So many fits I love today, Anden, Six, PoP, Choc, Stitches
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