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hi all -   blues, missed the challenge  Such great entries this time!    
covers are about to come off Fran Gehry's Sydney project-  320000 bricks        
 I'll check them out-  heven't even heard  of them,. altho' I'm not sure how a tie could be objectively better than some of the Vandas and Cappellis I've seen.Those loafers are IMO the perfect shape and color  for tassels.  deet?
I don't recall seeing a tie hierarchy thread, now u mention it, altho HC ties have IME been too varied to be lumped in together in a hierarchy.  I have a 7 fold repp from Jason I absolutely love for its materials and construction, altho not all are that quality.  Of the others  I've tried I'd put Vanda, Cappelli and Drakes about on par,  Hober is close to them, and so on down. Hober is ace for construction. I wish he'd get a better range of cloths e.g. his madders, wools,...
 don't forget modest too   very nice IMO   Monkeyface, Chocosa, Betelgeuse, SB  killing it.  (a'pink challenge'? -  pink is the most dandified color IMO )  Tweedyprof  
Hi guys    
 Very nice MF.   Is the SartPart the suit?  I'd love to see a full-length if it is, I've seen oldstock at reasonable prices on the Sartoriale site and often wondered about the general fit.          Now that's collar roll.  Nobody does Trad like u IMO CP  
  'Damn bird flew right into it'  (Seinfeld)    going a bit far isn't it?        very nice-  Don't tell me they're the C&J Weymouth, cos mine never looked that good.
 thanks man         Keep posting P/P -  your fits r cracking.   Great use of a BD-  u might even convert some of the  Americans.   re:  Tchoy's jackets:  I'm not speaking for you Tony, but I get similar comments, and it's because I've put on weight around the middle, making me pear shaped.  I am thinking of trying this Paleo diet as there are Paleo cafes everywhere now. 
Spread >  BD most of the time I agree, but for a bit of variety I think a BD is a groovy option IMO, especially with a more casual look where the shape of the jacket lapels and the tie allow it..  Agnelli loved them anywhere, anytime.           I don't follow the no tie with BD tho Musquy.   
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