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 I see this disjunct with u.  Judging by the fits u post in this thread u have your 'look' but u know and almost invariably follow the conventions.  On the other hand you advise others to dis them. I don't see rules as a barrier, but a structure to work with.  Take the Barbera quote with a grain of salt.    MC is in his DNA.  When he flaunts 'rules' he knows exactly what statement he's making.  Far cry from most of us bumbling around here. The bolded part is patent...
I think I have the old EG trees, but whichever, they're great trees e.g. he shallow scoop at the ball of the 'foot' with the hole thru for air circulatioon , and the 2 sprung metal rods (rahter than one).  
BTW nice suit!  I have one identical in the Slewfoot brown @DavidLane Here's a few shots of ppl in the earlier run -  Vox, NewYorkIslander and someone less exalted ..Your run seems to be a drier brown.  and imo it's a suit works well with difficult-to-pair chestnut and other light brown shoos.     [[SPOILER]]
   Hmm, hope this is only for the challenge.   Sorry David, don't think this is a good combo.  Levels of formality all ahoo.  Contrary to Kulata's advice, mine is that the city/country divide is relevant to anyone who want's to understand how to dress well and stylishly.  Kulata, Armstrong was a great trumpeter, but sartorial model? I think not.   DL, it's a casual suit, so imo treat it as such. 
   Can be a symptom of hepatitis.  See your doctor? [[SPOILER]]
 We're talking about Superman here tho. Not a fan of Pagoda, but I admit they do look good on a guy that well-built.  Agree the ticket pocket is an affectation (always r imo) but I think the facings are a nice touch.
Noodle comment.   In the new Guy Ritchie film The man from U.N.C.L.E.  Henry Cavill wears bespokke Timothy (Savile Row) Everest suits.  He looks fantastic. (It's a period film, 1960s I think).  I noticed that rather than displaying  unadorned horn buttons, the suit buttons appeared to be faced with the suit cloth.   You might be able to make it out here..    Looks cool.  
 Well,  any excuse to just keep ordering new ones  
   I just did something that reminded me of one of the great virtues of glen check.. i.e.   I dropped a piece of buttered  toast onto my lap. The check is fantastic at disguising stains.
  thx impressive work, and now u mention it re Spandexter, they do look of-a-piece.  Not at all boxy.  They're a newish outfit AFAIK too, so I'm guessing if they survive they'll only get better.
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