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^^ yep-  mid-grey plaid jacket
 On reflection most of my 2 fer and 3 fer projects have been failures eg my  buggy-lined blue herringbone Donegal blazer with brown and green overcheck, Pagoda shoulders, throat-latch, sports back and ticket pocket..
  should have been a little 'r'- I figured what with Greg being French and the fact that a lot of other posters r from 'classless' countries
sokay i got it-   but I knew Clgs was online and thought i'd ask
  thanks- I'm trying  to kill two birds with one stone really-  lite grey suit with useful odd trews.  Not sure I should go with the compromise tho, as I don't like belt loops for a suit, or side adjusters for odds.  (and I'm not ready to cross the bridge to braces)
^^ Does any online retailer stock a slimfit Tattersall?  that looks great.   (Looks like a wide spread collar too-  How'd u do that?
 SCs lean to the darker end of the spectrum. I think your fit illustrates the point that navy trews struggle to provide sufficient contrast for an odd jacket fit.  Dare I say that perhaps some color in the square would brighten the sombre tones?
good observation-  I've exhausted my knowledge at this point  ... there's more to it imo than  SF blindness 
  I still think 'busman' when I see Alan's fit, but this look (light colored and usually grey plaid jacket + navy underneath) is a classic exception because there's no plausible grey trew option,.   As I understand it, the 'no-navy trews' convention is class-based,  part of the 'blue collar/white collar' distinction.  Maybe it's hard for (ahem) classless New Worlders/Republicans to get to grips with a tradition that comes out of a  class-conscious culture like the Brits'.  
  Even when u sport something that ugly you still look prettty darn good.    It's wrong because it's so unconventional. You're free to dress that way of course.
New Posts  All Forums: