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Similar look to yesterday, but different bits and pieces  [[SPOILER]]    Grey Fresco (Kent Wang)  HC wool tie  Hober linen  Kamakura micro-check  Edward Green
Rendering. Cornell's Fine arts library IRL
[[SPOILER]]   I know you're particular about ties, TP, and I commend you for it, but I have one of the ET Cappelli Donegal's and imo the knot  is a good size for my collar (16").  I also find that as I use the tie the cloth loses some of its elasticity at the knot, which diminishes a little each time.  YYMV
 I wish i could remember what it was.. as it's one of my fav solid Winter ties and I'd like to get it in other colors. IIRC I checked the Hober site a while back and they don't make them anymore.  If anyone knows any better I'd appreciate it.
just cashmere IIRC
Hi guys.  [[SPOILER]]   Navy Minnis Fresco 571 suit (Kent Wang)   Cashmere tie and linen square (Hober)   poplin micro-check shirt (Kamakura)   Oxford brogues, cordovan (Vass)
 Vass Italian-Oxford in antic cog.  hmmm yes the color is all over the shop.
 It drapes a bit beter than pure cashmere, imo, which, depending on weight & make, can hang like a litle shapelessly, like a blanket. 
 +1 good post. . I'm curious about the Foo quote.  4 or 5 years? No.  Speaking as an MC enthusiast rather than someone for whom tailored clothing is largely a utilitarian pursuit,a moratorium on purchasing would mean I'd miss out on the odd awsm cloth run or other one-off purchasing opportunities. I endorse the slow-it-down sentiment tho.  If I'd been less impulsive I would have fewer expensive mistakes.  Taste and understanding of what works/what I want has matured slowly...
  great suggestions.  I do like the idea of something between a grey and blue, so a air force blue, yes. Maybe no in a DB tho.  Perhaps a DB in a navy Tonik, would be boss.
New Posts  All Forums: