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 I think this has been answered.   FWIW I can def see u in Solaro.  I've come to accept that I don't need another suit in that color, even tho it's prob my fav. I've been told it makes me look sallow.
 it's about the sheen.   Gives ur suit extra oooomph in awsmness.  and it does hang like steel, there's a stiffness about it. Hence why it can crack rather than fray bout the same as Fresco. 
 It's logical when u think about it, but it only really dawned on me when I had 2 suits made in the same cloth, one with the looser & shorter specs, and which feels considerably cooler. 
 AFAIK nobody has
 yes, there's a tradition IIRC British expats believed that having red on the underside of their garments would repel heat, because native garments were worn that way.  Sounds odd to me.   imo the cut of a Summer suit is as important as the cloth.  It should be loose fitting, with slightly shorter, and slightly  wider-than-usual legs and sleeves.  Increase the depth of the vents too.  Half or buggy lining, but don't forgo structure because structure helps the cloth to hang...
 Kent Wang sources Harrisons (which now owns Smiths-  Solaro is in the 'Luxury Flannels' book).  The Smiths is the one I'd go for (by reputation). 
 Have you considered Solaro?  
Oh that is unfair.  You forgot the Hoodoo Gurus.
@CaptainTohm  I vote for full canvas + soft shoulder.  
^^   I'm wearing black bluchers with a grey plaid SC rite now
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