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 Reminds me of the joke about the Postmodern anthropologist doing  fieldwork with a 'lost' New Guinea tribe.  Twelve months in, sitting 'round the fire he says'So anyway, enough about me .. '
Vass and EG don't have such a great track record getting custom orders right either. IME Vass in particular would usually get something wrong, although fortunately never the size.  At StC prices I'd expect perfection.
 You seem to have a super-standard RTW physique: everything fits u so well. Nice blazer.  Damn that suit's nice, but square's too casual for me here + looks out of context with this otherwise CBD look    Did u intentionally match the band stripe repp with the wide top pocket? It works well IMO
 Doh.  that'll put jerybrowne's Shetland at a premium - no more custom runs then I'm guessing.
 that Donegal looks great
  I've heard good things about this as a Fresco alternative-   Dugdale's New Fine Worsted bunch  e.g. 8950, 8951 
  You're seemingly endless sand-bagging is wearing thin with me.  I feel like every time I make a suggestion to you, your response is 'Oh, I 've already done that/bought that'. 
  others mostly- Harrisons, ebay, Huddersfield fine worsteds,  from members here- special runs etc +  perhps u wold like to join the London lounge  fantastic cloth, heavy weights, just rite for NZ Winters
 Hey, it's too rich for my blood.  Here's what Kent sent me for aprox 40R. In metres, assuming 150 cm (5 ft) width   Jacket Trouser Suit Plain fabrics 1.9 1.65 3.25 Stripe fabrics 2.05 1.7 3.4 Check fabrics 2.15 1.8 3.6
  I'm going to try and get ahead of u here:  How many metres in how many designs of Harrisons Millionaire Cashmere jacketing have u got on order?
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