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   The shoulders and top of the sleeve make this worth the wait imo  Looking forward to the front-on shot.
dazed, it's Harrison's Oyster, cheers
yep, a little.  Puffed silk's more natural look.
Hi guys, great fits lately.
 back from hols yesterday 
 nothing.  persona preference.  If a 17" is like a towel it's because it's made from silk/cloth that is too heavy for the purpose
 oh yep, no it's Le Neptune François -  has awsm autumnal colors, and as I said earlier, the KW 17" squares are pretty impressive.. the stitching is more 'artisanal' than Rubinacci and the silk appears to just as good, if not the same.   
Hi guys.  [[SPOILER]]    Henry Carter Challis, Kent Wang square.. as good as Rubinacci squares, and arguably better hand rolling.  Harrisons Oyseter birdseye. Kamakura 300, EG
New Posts  All Forums: