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 .. think Mariano Rubinacci 
 @SYCSYCVass might be in that price range and are your best option construction and appearance-wise imo  Hand-lasted and hand-welted.   F last is their easy-fit round-toe. This is their 'London' 3-eye derby in F last and box calf, on the right.You can go to the Vass pron thread for more info.  Seamless back C&J also has the 'Highbury' below-  3 eye derby in black calf, but not quite whole-cut.  James Bond shoe.  
@Patrick R  the colors rock.  Printed on a Twill?
 I don't intuitively or by tradition see why similar shirt and jacket deco color are necessarily a problem-  or for that matter, why a secondary in the tie shouldn't be the same or similar in color to the principal color in a jacket.    Too many other factors come into play imo.  For me, the prob with the fit above is the brown tie/brown jacket combo.  That's not optimal.
  +1 on CM   May not sound like it, but  I'm a fan too, AAS, and apologies if I came across as harsh.    You push the boundaries, and imo that's fine in this thread.  It's not Whnay's, after all.  I don't understand the Mother Nature reference tho-   Women haven'tt got a clue about menswear.
  The shirt is purple and orange?  I'm seeing red, white and blue +  a blue cardigan + dk grey trews.   Anyway, if harmony is 'the combination of simultaneously presented colors to produce a pleasing effect', this is a dissonant presentation.  Cacophony not harmony-  like someone opened the piano lid and started randomly banging away at the keys.    I see yellow, red, green, blue, purple, white and orange.   There's no shame in frugality and discrimination.  After two or...
 u mean NE Asian undertakers amirite? 
 Sheesh.. did u both get dressed in the dark?  There's no coherence or harmony in either of these fits.   Adiron, you're new, so keep trying, but  AAS you should know better.
Here's Vox in it too.  Not Steed.Love this color
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