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 err thought u meant 52 in USA.  As u were.  Dandy alert lol   Looove the tie  Clags that dark choc + grey pents combo back there is 
 gdl has a very nice SC in it.  AFAIK Scottish cashmere club is superior to that of Italian mills, who select shorter fibres for a softer but less durable cloth.
  52?  u must be a huge guy- never noticed it in yo pics  now that's  a collar.  nice fit
 need a few more steps to get there I think.  PS can be a neutral or fill a contrast gap between SC, shirt and tie.  Dk brown wouldn't do this  +  it'd be matchy.  Re: the shoes- the tie's darkness isn't enough to balance the  dark bottom side.  A good cas fit will be coherent and balance all elements so the easiest fix IMO is lighter pents, blue shirt, non-white square .
  Another vote for Don-   I missed the brouhaha, but thread needs your fits! ditto Holdfast, FWIW
  Shoes? Need to be lighter. You're divided into 2 halves here .  Blue shirt (if it's OCBD with more collar roll)   patterned square and lighter pents would lift it too, IMO.  I love the jacket  AAS.
 yes it's a gunclub.   retro but it's the cut that really dates a jacket IMO   this true - c'est la vie then u say it like it's a bad thing lol  designs are a little dense aren't they yeah this is great IMO Anden  
 thanks for the input guys.  #3 is versatile and classic.  I have #3 in a RTW SC, but today I found I can buy it by the yard.  It's a good cloth: firm, matt, drapes beautifully and perfect SC weight IMO - 9-10oz. 
 thx ht.  agreed, IMO 1 is too dated, 2 & 4 will prolly  resolve to mud at a distance.
New Posts  All Forums: