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 So black  shoes n solid hank?  how does it wear SB?  Classic Tropical cloth-  According to a New Guinea expat i worked with they were de rigueur lounging wear Peaks and patches- meh on a guy but very nice here IMO  hate u and your job [[SPOILER]]
 Particularly with cordovan- produced by the friction of the cordo on the leather lining 
maybe its the suit,  looks svelte    
  Okay it could just be a cultural thing, but not feelin it, big-time, SS.  IMO those items are about as mismatched as it's possible to get, mind u I guess it would go down well in London..   I love the chalky tho.    Am I losing my eyesight, or are u wearing diff shoes in these pics?  in the first one I thought u and I have  the same cognac Vass Norwegers in our pics today. Nice look anyways.    really really good IMO  BTW What happened to more generously proportioned...
I like the way yr rocking the suits Don.   Sander whos your tailor, jacket looks great?
    Merry Xmas 
CB for HL, cheers to rrosals for the cloth. Tchoy posted a jacket in the same stuff a while back..  
Hi Guise,new Carlo Barbera for H Lesser gunclub  [[SPOILER]]
love it Gerry
blue n white neat on brown = great tie Cox.  Suit's out there but very nice
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