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   I'd like to hear that in a French accent, but I'd be afraid to wear the jacket out  -  could lead to uncomforatble faux pas  
not wearing black shoes with biz suits is largely an SF thing.  I do wear black PTB's (in  box)  with suits.
@jcmeyer  Altho I do have a pair of black oxfords in shell I wouldn't now recommend shell for any kind of formal shoe.  And a black shoe is inherently formal.  Black box calf is sleeker.  Shell has a tendency to 'beef-roll'.
 Tie is a bottle green wool twill from Sam HoberSuit is an 11 oz twill.  Carlo Barbera for H Lesser
hi guys,    
 good news -  they're restocking next week
Extraordinary. But I've noticed the same kind of inconsistency in two (harrisons) Oyster cloths ... One Birdseye (good). One plaid. (less body, more 'flimsy').
   thx, exactly what I'm looking for 
  Obviously if your planning to wear with jeans go fawn or green.  Otherwise, navy. BTW I recally getting an email from KW saying that he has access to cloth from some of the big UK mills and distributors, as well as what's listed on his site.  Can anyone confirm? Murl, u may have said elsewhere, so my apols if u have, but is that green?  Can't tell n my monitor.  I'm really keen to get a Summer jacket in a textured green 9-12oz 
  Beautiful style, C_N.  I'm kind of glad you didn't wear those yellow socks with  the pink roll-neck.  You changed into your tasseks to go outside?
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