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 Shoeartist just mite b the new Victor SF dammit -   okay now the penny's dropping    noice   don't give up on us Stitchy    that gray (or taupe is it?) is super-refreshing on u
  Désolé,  Je tiens à vous rencontrer, vous êtes un gentleman... mais,  je ne vis pas à New York... Je suis Australien.Mais, Je suis certain que certains New-yorkais souhaite vous rencontrer.(pardon Mon Français est mauvais)
  le manteau, il est très étonnant!
Hi guize, thanks for the recent thumbs. loving the silk knits ..      
  Persuasive argument HF.    I'm someone who likes to see a variety of styles on the street.  If I saw someone dressed like Shoeartist in the wild my first reaction wouldn't be 'OMG he's violating the implicit sartorial norms of  WAYWRN.. I can't bear to look!'.  I'd actually be curious to meet him and ask him about his style.But this is about this thread in this site.    I wasn't around when Labelking and the like were posting, so I can't speak to that era, but what I do...
  C-   there's good rock star MC .. then there's just rock star 
 PM'd u
@Cox--  Not saying it's not a valid style, and not making a value judgement.  But that look can't be found in AA, or Esquire, or Flusser or Boyer etc.  and it's certainly not within the norms, to date, of this thread.  There is a 'Peacock' Thread./  It'd fit rite in there.
awsm  ^^  Navy doesn't pic well, but that 3rd one gets it.  Nice 
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