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Hi guys.  [[SPOILER]]   Navy Minnis Fresco 571 suit (Kent Wang)   Cashmere tie and linen square (Hober)   poplin micro-check shirt (Kamakura)   Oxford brogues, cordovan (Vass)
 Vass Italian-Oxford in antic cog.  hmmm yes the color is all over the shop.
 It drapes a bit beter than pure cashmere, imo, which, depending on weight & make, can hang like a litle shapelessly, like a blanket. 
 +1 good post. . I'm curious about the Foo quote.  4 or 5 years? No.  Speaking as an MC enthusiast rather than someone for whom tailored clothing is largely a utilitarian pursuit,a moratorium on purchasing would mean I'd miss out on the odd awsm cloth run or other one-off purchasing opportunities. I endorse the slow-it-down sentiment tho.  If I'd been less impulsive I would have fewer expensive mistakes.  Taste and understanding of what works/what I want has matured slowly...
  great suggestions.  I do like the idea of something between a grey and blue, so a air force blue, yes. Maybe no in a DB tho.  Perhaps a DB in a navy Tonik, would be boss.
Advice on a number 10 please guys?   POW 10 oz,                                    Tan HB solid 8 oz Brown solid Slewfoot Fresco,           Navy Fresco solid 10.5 oz Navy fox flannel solid 13 oz,                     Dk Grey Fresco solid 10.5 oz    POW 3B13 oz worsted                        lt Grey Fresco solid 10.5 oz Tan plain weave worsted solid 10 oz
  tan + white (in case it's not clear from the appalling photography)
 Sartodi is this a sharkskin?  +  light grey?  (Looking for a real nice lt grey shark suiting)
  That would work with dark grey flannels, sure. A light (color) grey odd in a plaid is fine with dk grey trews imo  I think I (and other more eminent  SF members) have said it elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: