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 yes it's a silk knit from T M Lewin.  u can get it online.  I can't fault them.
   Crusty, you look great in those grays and taupes.  That's just beautiful all over. Shoe color choice is perfect IMO
 More?  When I read that I processed it as 'less' because I noticed  the pull on the left waist (but i think that's holding the arm up for the pic).  My most recent commissions have another 2" on the waist up from that gold suit pictured.   You know, I'm not a fan of waist suppression.  I like to have quite a bit of room, and to feel comfortable.  And it's a trick of my sway back, but if I have any waist suppression at all it translates to nasty big pulls across my right...
someone got me thinking about bottle green ties, so giving this a shot   [[SPOILER]]    
 Shout out to Eliod-  your game is up 10 points of late 
  Great post!  I took on a diff perspective of you when you pulled out that awsm set of combos in the last FC-  u r a poster wo clearly knows what he's doing.   Sadly, I think u may be rite that there's a bias to slimmer looks.   But having said that, there's quite a few posters here who I won't name obviously who are circumferentially-challenged and whose fits absolutely rok- .     oh the irony.    (I don't mean u in particular Clags)      that is an awsm color for u IMO...
  Late reply sstomcat, my bad.  They're Dovers. cheers 
  A neat or even better a solid.  If u must have them go for band stripes  Also,  a Cuban is de rigeur      
   Perhaps you could have the legs tapered slightly -  lotta room from the thighs down.  Lovely jacket. Nice tie.     Those trews rok, but not with this jacket so much.  Calls for slightly more textured IMOYou're getting the DB tapered at the waist  IIRC?     Lapels + tie   Really nice suit.  Dig the texture.
 that's a beautiful pic in natural lite up top there.     
New Posts  All Forums: