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  That jacket is a stunner.  Shirt, jacket, tie color combination is nice too  imo.  I would change the buttons for brown horn.
  No.  I'd recommend the range from my limited experience of it.  Others speak highly of its character.
  nice Andres-  What shoos r they?   they look a lot like a crazy pair of Vass U-last u- cap Oxfords in red cognac i had made and have rarely worn.  look great on u in a Dandy sort of way. Dennis Walter-  styling as usual.  Not my taste but u do it well.
Hi guys.  More Henry Carter. Suit in Harrison's Oyster.      
@DiplomaticTies +1   for don't change   @justinkapur  looking good.  What cloth did u choose for the SC?
Hi guys love this Henry Carter tie.    
Tailoring is dodgy imo -  lapel button-hole stitching, spacing of the sleeve buttons.
  He's German.. unless there's an English Düsseldorf too, with a Dennis Walter, menswear nerd and blogger with the handle @kleidamtweets  Vintage AAS
i think he  stole it from Ma Fu Tze the ancient Chinese mystic
  Solid grey jacket.  They're the mirage of the menswear world.  You see them on the rack 'Hey, looks great  .. I know grey's pretty conservative, and it's a neutral, and it's so versatile!  It'll go with anything, too! Sold!'     CB supplies SuSu? That's impressive.  Love the suit itself.  I'd like to see such an FU item with even duller furnishings, say black Oxfords + navy solid tie, but then, that wouldn't be you.. 
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