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 cheers -  chocolate-y brown Fresco.I would really like to go with a color more like this tho-  from an earlier iteration of WAYWN
Hi all, wasn't going to post this, but 3 for 3 on black knits today ..written in the stars          
 I would never have guessed that, but the poker handle makes sense.  I belive spoo's is for a similar deal.  so  your religious affiliation  isn't hurting your dressing, .  
 ok.  well I think it looks great , particularly with the suede
 u r smacking it outta the park  lately L2b (  BTW what  L2b actually means?)     First,  fantastic.  the BD and knit is classic and looks great IMO2nd-  on my monitor youve got that odd pants/jacket thing going again.  It looks like it's not actually a suit.  Weird    Bontoni's?  theyre like EG chestnut Chelseas only they have 6 eyes.  Must be good Foxx I love that blue check SC
 oooooh love the Vanda    
Looks great, IMO. Beautiful shoes.  Like the tie too.
@Institches, @Sander  @Cleav  u guys are smoking it up today
would u call the tie red-ish?  I was thinking more of the tie and the green in the square., which is pretty nice.
 I'm sure yr rite about Flusser.  IMO tho, collar size has to be done on a face-by-face basis-  play it by ear   Serious tho, I think it's about balance and proportion.  Some of his ideas about slimming fits and so on r whacky   tru that  this was it i think-  the Italian look 
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