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 same here. plus some odd trews. All cut slightly differently; wear differently.  Some fully lined for cooler days. Unlined, with a breeze, it's like wearing gauze. It's not my fav Summer cloth, but  I live how understated Fresco is.  Opposite of Supers flashy.
Casual Friday
  That thing has 'in your face, Spring has sprung' vibe.  Could see it with a lite grey casual suit, a solid silk knit (neat squares don't like neat ties)  perhaps in a burgundy or shade of dk green, and as for SCs, definitely not a gunclub, probably not a plaid -  I'd go solid again
  Outstanding!  Something out of the ordinary for this thread.  I love the green linen for the suit.  I find the shoes and tie a little matchy, and the square seems a bit random-  say a picture square in spring colors would be better rather than a spotty 'tie' square    -  but otherwise it's fantastic.    Noice.  I've been wondering about Ed's cashmere ties.  I have a Cappelli that's if anything too soft and feathery.
I lodged an order for pants on Sunday, and received a note that they were dispatched yesterday.  Phenomenal.
  I  Roycru's top- bottom combo is more aesthetically pleasing imo, and - take it or leave it - is  consistent with the class prejudice against navy odd trews.  Agree with AJL- I think this would look great with lite grey flannels.
 I don't have either. Logically tho the answer is yes-  a lot warmer. It's heavier + wool.
@Coxsackie  I wouldn't say I'm particularly knowledgeable there.   Have u looked in at 'The Kerbau'-  a Malaysian site?   Those guys know warm-weather suiting... and cloth in general. The warm weather ideal is a dry porous ~8oz  with the drape of cloth twice it's weight.  If it exists, I don't know about it .  That's why, given I'm mostly in A/C, I'm happier wearing 12-13oz , and for that I stick with Lesser, Oyster, Smiths Botany.    I just posted  my 10 in the '10...
@yasu10s   really nice, very envious.   Mine are all solids (but for one POW) and as u can see, the climate here is pretty warm.  My fav suits are a light brown twill, a lite grey Fresco, and a navy birdseye - all comfortable and low key.   Warm weather 1. Lite Grey (511)  Minnis Fresco ~10oz SB 2. Lt Brown twill Carlo Barbera for H Lesser 10 oz SB 3. Light Tan Herrinbone Gladson 8.5oz SB 4. Mid-Grey Minnis Fresco ~10oz SB 5. Navy Minnis Fresco ~10oz SB 6. Dk...
  The 3-ply Michael-Caine-Get-Carter-Tonik would've been like wearing sandpaper... Which explains why he was so ornery in that movie.   But 2000 if fine for me, unless it's really humid.
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