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it's the purplenurple - i associate it with tacky. As a minor color in a square it's okay i guess.  IMO  I do love the coat, and the pics themselves.
  what weight?
Love the coat, tie's a bit .. scary 
 Luddite here- so  uploading 'small' 'med' or 'large' determines the size it looks on your monitor or the quality (pixel density?) of the picture?  cheers!
Meanwhile in the bathroom  
Damn nice Noodles
  I don't like, cept maybe #5.  #1 = ridiculous point collar, #2 = tonal dissonance, #3= shirt is too lite, #4= don't like mauve, #6 needs fuller shirt collar, #7 is a good eg of bad use of a bold striped shirt,  #8 = horrible PS  #9 = tie color doesn't work Loud jackets IMO take textured solids best .. neutral shirt, solid casual tie (textured, knit, that picks up on a minor in the jacket) and  plain puffed PS.  great post K
  That's very sad, I'm sorry. My Dad was stationed in Hiroshima in Sept 1945 with former POWs from the Burma railway, Changi etc. Terrible stories,  some were unhinged -  what's called PTSD now.   Every nite one of the guys would disappear & Dad sent a detail to see what he was up to.  They found him in a side street, in full-dress,loaded rifle, with a bunch of local civilians, herding them like they were on a parade ground.  Made them pick up 44 gallon drums and carry...
HT I didn't see those flecks-  maybe same square then with a solid tie.  It's the square and tie that don't work together IMO
 I don't think I've seen you in anything this good before Heldo -  love the shirt (make?) love the tie.  Square doesn't gel IMO  -  a little too casual and colorful) but otherwise really terrific.   Always enjoy seeing your posts MrC-  great taste    @Betelgeuse great fit-  what r those trews? I love to see shades of brown in fits
New Posts  All Forums: