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 Jacket's on the small side L2B. Love the shoo/trews combo    Snap on the tie today!   Of the dozen or so ties I've had from Jason only a couple have been duds.  The rest are outstanding, as good as as any in their class e.g. this Madder is almost as good as Cappelli's imo.. but the best thing is his variety.  Love the suit. 
 FU = 'Fuck you' = a stand-out item.  e.g.  saturated, non-canonical or tertiary colors;  high-contrast, out-scale or 'fancy' fabric patterns;  unseasonal, out-of-date or branded items; unconventional or cluttered stylistic details etc 
@bienluienapris  Your sprezz, for sure.   On a Dandy scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate that a '10'.    Doesn't just break the 'no more than one FU per fit' rule.  Smashes it. 
  Just to add to that last post, the Russia Calf from the sunken brig looks beautiful, but I recall one  purchaser saying that his was quite dry and had eventually cracked.   I guess u buy it for the historical significance and romance; for durability, not so much.  YMMV As to crust hides, there are  positives and negatives.  AFAIK EG uses them because they allow a deeper penetration of dyes and allows them to apply a wonderful variegated finish to all of their non-black...
  Them's fightin' words, and spoken like a true English expat in the New World (IIRC you're a Limey).    Unstructured, undarted, light as a feather, wears like a cardigan, good enough for JFK, made BB what it is today (??)  The list is long.
@bienluienapris  looove the suit   @robxznyc   in terms of 'Do you think it'll be noticeable or look strange if I just sew the buttons..?'  the answer is 'Not noticeable to most  -  if u sew them straight.'    But if u go to shake someone's hand and they recoil in horror, you'll know they care about style details.   NYC is a big place.  Aint there a trustworthy alterations tailor u can go to? Or am I being naive?
 noice  Jesus, Mary and Joseph! ... That's  matchy-matchy on steroids. Apart from square selection?  Awsm.  
Snap, Six Thanks for the thumbs lately guys.    
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