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Harrisons Carlo Barbera now.  I got the old cloth from an SF member, and this one in the 9 oz.  decent stuff
 So the square is Rubi?  If so, which one?re the trews  -  Was trying to say I think you could go darker grey with that jacket. YMMV  Liking your 1-2 pattern fits lately very much.  ?? Has never worked for me.   To be clear, we're talking about different books.  Mine was from an old and long-gone CB for HL.The new one doesn't really have anything I'd call a gunclub, but a few of the checks r nice.  The hopsack looks great.  movie. launched a bunch of acting careers.  Guy...
  AFAIK  Halstead is woven at the Dudley Mill, and John Foster at the Stanley Mill, both in Bradford, and Joshua Ellis' mill is halfway between Bradford and Huddersfield.  Dunno who does their finishing.  Luxury Fabrics is the merchant. Pepper Lee is the online site.  the relationships r complicated tho... it's hard to tell sometimes who's a  weaver, finisher, or merchant.  Some of the weavers don't actually weave but just commission others t.   
  lump's golden bale   lol  If u search 'best bespoke commission ever'  you'll find a thread with some useful ideas IIRC
I pretty much automatically like your fits. Jk.  Fantastic.  I have an almost identical sports jacket, and I like to pair it with darker grey trews, for a bit of contrast.  
Ed's Repp.  thanks CP  teriffic use of orange, and great all round CrustyThis is from the old book b4 Harrisons took over Lesser.I was as thinking about the Cru,  but went with Harrisons Oyster, which has a bit more texture. Also 13oz. Not saying its better, just a personal preference.i expect the arms will settle with a bit of wear.  
Cheers.     It's Carlo Barbera for Lesser.  How do u like the Premier Cru ? What weight?  Great fit too!
DR you should  Then you won't be interested in their shotguns. I do find them beautiful though. Love the teal in the decorative flowers. 
quick snap
Holland and Holland has just released some new 'Big Game' squares based on the work of Marcello Pettineo.      
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