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 Wow all that advice has paid off!     @EliodA  beautiful tie  + Snap!  I'm wearing identical shoes today.  Oxford short-wings in a burgundy-brown with a medallion
.....  theres no point in asking, youlll get no reply. The women at my office hate my ties.  Bet theyd like that one tho.  
  Why don't you pin a trial button on in the spot u think it should be?   It's what a tailor would do. PS  that execrable tie- colors of NMTBs.  u gave it away wit your 'American version'
 you're the man AAS     Sander is an awsm poster, but if u think he or his partner-in-crime Braddock are  indicative of 'European elegance' you'll be sadly disillusioned going back thru their posts.     I agree with you, but fact is most of us ham it up for the camera here (AFAIK, I hope, tell me it's true!) .  Gotta puton a bit of a show.  No-one wants to see me or Sander etc in grey suits (my work sprezz)  day after day after day
can u link a pic Slickman?
  pink black and grey were everywhere together in the 80s.  I like the combo.  FWIW it does violate the 'only one FU element' rule tho. i.e. pink shirt plus red square.  Plain white linen hank here IMO
   Camera at about eye height and robo-pose would help .  I get the impression that quite a few of your jackets are squarish in cut.  You have nice slim figure and I really think you'd look great in something loose and more relaxed looking.  In this pic the waist is cinched but the rest is generously cut.  A slim figure will shine through even if the fit's not wetsuit tight.    Slim but not body hugging.  I could be wrong. 
 u live in Whisky-ad land.   Pants and waistcoat appear to be the same material in one pic.  3-piece?
  It's the tie  that you're not comfortable with?    A plaid pattern like that on a shirt in these parts here is most commonly found on a 'flanno'..   ie.  something u wear chopping wood in the great outdoors or doingother manly stuff.   Very un-MC if u ask me. 
New Posts  All Forums: