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hi guys,    
 good news -  they're restocking next week
Extraordinary. But I've noticed the same kind of inconsistency in two (harrisons) Oyster cloths ... One Birdseye (good). One plaid. (less body, more 'flimsy').
   thx, exactly what I'm looking for 
  Obviously if your planning to wear with jeans go fawn or green.  Otherwise, navy. BTW I recally getting an email from KW saying that he has access to cloth from some of the big UK mills and distributors, as well as what's listed on his site.  Can anyone confirm? Murl, u may have said elsewhere, so my apols if u have, but is that green?  Can't tell n my monitor.  I'm really keen to get a Summer jacket in a textured green 9-12oz 
  Beautiful style, C_N.  I'm kind of glad you didn't wear those yellow socks with  the pink roll-neck.  You changed into your tasseks to go outside?
 Not a Sienfeld fan, then, Andy?  Morty and Helen ring a bell?  Condo committees?  Cadillacs? Impeachment? Stellaaaaaaa ....  Takes me back.
Hi gentlemen  
on the basis of what I already know about the reputation of the manufacturer or distributor, largely from what I've read hereabouts.  If it's a good line from an Italian or British top tier like CB or HL or J of E, Harrisons, Lovat Mill or Fox I wouldn't hesitate if it's in a weave, pattern and weight that I'm after -  provided it's vintage or 'last of' and reasonably priced. Having said that, my fav cloths have nearly all been bought from other members here. 
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