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  IIRC were'nt u wearing all blue on top and all brown below?  Earth and sky..  You'll have to stop working out   [[SPOILER]]  looks nice
Fantastic &  awsm everyone       Jay Gatsby endorses this FC
  Who r u   and what have u done with Monkeyface?  [[SPOILER]]
 thx, but not 'more', only i wish. It/s  511 IIRC def the nicest grey imo
thanks Mco  it's Vanda, shantung.  Textured solids r the best imo  @europrep  Oh rite so it's  EG then.  couldafooled me.  That pie-crust stitching is really something  
 thankyou.  not extended. camera angle maybe   thx.  funny u should say that. have a look.   I took this pic with a Rubi Capodimonte    yeas, shirt is white @EliodA  interesting.  the horizontal repps
  Green, Hermes.  Tie! Hober?   That sux. Luxire 
 not bad imo
  @Darkside Apprentice collar looks good.  Standard? or your own design?
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