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 thx for the link.  pretty cool
  Not that there's anything wrong with that. I have friends who r dandies.
 1. Good to see u back.2. I like the collar roll, but the rumpling along the front edges not so much.   Whoa, I'm not sure I really wanted to know what sapeur  means. And not sure u should be recommending that Mconibad should take sapeur  as his sartorial grail.  This is what came up in an image search.  (Spectre would be rolling in his e-grave)           Nice shoes, nice suit. Not together tho imo.  No one who spots u strolling  downtown Sydney, Melbourne or Shanghai...
 My bad, got carried away.   great batch tho
 i love this shade of grey Sander.  Can u name the cloth?@crusty looking good 
  Cloth is Harrison's Moonbeam, CMT'd thru Kent Wang  Nice watch Don.  With respect,  'defunct' makes your grandfather sound like he was a company that went out of business.    'Deceased' perhaps.  
[[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]  
  Originally Posted by Murlsquirl If you don't like loafers, close your eyes. I'm closing my eyes. [[SPOILER]] Ring/Proper Cloth/Hober/Luxire/Carmina  
It's not a competition, but.. Urban Comp + Chocosa 
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