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I think it's more balanced.  doesnt everyone hate everyone else?  Beware of Geeks bearing gifts  (an awsm geek of course)   dont hesitate to wear your merchandise.  Some of that is  OD/OT  never really got the kudos for greatness he deserved, IMO   Well, I stand corrected.  But we're all bigots in our way....  I retract that comment about Hessians.  Hell I even have friends who are Hessians.
   okay mebe there's a bit of a double standard.  OD/OT never used to invite or respond to comment tho, whereas u do, and I think because you're modest enough to value everyone's opinions, even when u disagree. And Spoo, well rightly established such an incredible reputation that he could have worn a hessian bag and got 50 thumbs.   huh?  I don't think Cox is trying to be offensive in any way.  And I certainly don't think he's bigotted.
 Anyone from China weigh in on this would be good - I'm curious.  Wouldn't there be contrary views? Surely ppl (edit, some/ a reasonable proportion of  ppl)  know when they're being propaganda-ated
^^   ls those lapels remind me a bit of boobs.     Then again, a lot of things do.
Alwaus awsm GMMCLFWIW I dont much like GW's loafer look either really. Sockless, they rally need a super cas topside imo, and not with high hems unless youre @ pitti
   A harmony of  blue/green.  Tie is such a great color
  I'm not a fan of Northern lites, and I'm hardly  a maverick as far as that goes:  not many are because it's just not part of the MC canon.. I invariably like your fits tho, largely because you do follow the conventions, and you do it well.   That one above is not one I like, sorry.  The jacket is smashing, and the tie combo too.
  Grey jackets aren't versatile because- 1. grey trews are  the most versatile trews2. trews should contrast with the SC and3  trews should be lighter than the SC. So it's difficult to find a pair of trews that is both sufficiently contrasting and  lighter  to go with a grey SC. I agree with Manton that  grey/grey combo that works  is a light grey plaid SC with dark grey trews.
 loving it Stefan. The SartPart looks great, love the shoulders.
 OMG shantung and  grenadine and  awsm repp stripe?  score
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