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 the 3-piece trees rok
 okay-   terminological confusion.  I like your choice, but it's not the Vass Budapester-  it's 'budapester -style' but on the P2 last, a great last for a caual shoe.  Enjoy in good health. 
  The top-down view doesn't give the real sense of it MO. Here's the side view: Franken shoo
  Would the Marlow and the Vass Budapester lie in the same category? The Budapester is a monster, a real shoe-nut shoe.  I don't mind a solid shoe; I'll even wear a blucher with a suit, but I wouldn't wear the Vass buda with any kind of fit.  You could fit a Mack truck in that toe-box.
 A tan Summer suit's a great idea but didn't Gdl point out that birdseye's note rite in lighter e.g. <11 oz fabrics, or some such?  There's always a wheat Fresco if u want texture, or  Dugdale's New Fine Worsted bunch  has some pinheads and textured beiges. I haven't tried it but have heard good things. 
 I feel like this is always going to look  'Not a suit but pretty close'.  I'm trying to moderate my bigoted gorge-ist attitudes.
  Really digging your fits lately.  It's not just your new svelte silhouette tho..  you're going for more understated combos too.     I like the jacket AAS but I'm getting same color top and bottom on my monitor here.A contrast collar isn't really appropriate with a an SC either.  Mind u I hate them with a passion so I could be making that up.  
awsm GN   [[SPOILER]]
So just to recap, there's 8 seersucker and purple jacket-hating white guys on the board, and something's gotta be done about it.  oh, and SB.
Great looking cloth, drapes well.
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