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  Shoulders look much better Mcobinad. Deets on the cloth?
    Hardy Minnis Alsport x KW Hober wool Rubinacci Kamakura Carmina
 thx Eric.  Rolling off the brands can be distracting imo in a 'it's Brioni/Rubinacci/Ring etc so it must be good' kind of way.  More so in SW&D, where brandname-checking can be a shorthand claim to good taste in the absence of any objective consensus. Carlo Barbera for H Lesser X Kent Wang KamakuraRubinacciHober cashmerVass    
     AAS at least u stick to your guns, even when you're spraying like a fireman halfway to Concord.    Sans tie and with sockless loafers I think I'd  like this a lot tho    Nota very Justin fit imo, but from what i can see the SC trew color combo is nice Has there been a 'loud paisley' challenge?  You have a winner. 
 Jacket's on the small side L2B. Love the shoo/trews combo    Snap on the tie today!   Of the dozen or so ties I've had from Jason only a couple have been duds.  The rest are outstanding, as good as as any in their class e.g. this Madder is almost as good as Cappelli's imo.. but the best thing is his variety.  Love the suit. 
 FU = 'Fuck you' = a stand-out item.  e.g.  saturated, non-canonical or tertiary colors;  high-contrast, out-scale or 'fancy' fabric patterns;  unseasonal, out-of-date or branded items; unconventional or cluttered stylistic details etc 
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