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@Anden  so this is where the magic happens.  Very nice look.   
 I'm OCD about not wearing a neat tie with an SC, too, so yes, I guess I'm a Mafan fan.  Someone's got to promote decent standards here.   re pilling, you can purchase a little roller with disposable adhesive tape for that.  There's an electric version that slices the excess right off. 
  Unconventional, cockeyed and optimistic, but promising.  Like Crusty Jr.     SC in blue sacking?  Don't see that everyday!  Love your combinations, Potzetka.  Square could be better tho imo.  Puffed cream silk, for example.  That mustard is bursting outta your pocket.
thread needs pics.. Here's a Winter cashmere tie with Fresco.  Seems a shame that such a uniquely textured cloth has to be reserved for Summer.   
    Hober KW Rubi Kamakura Vass
 Fantastic!  I love the cloth You doubt me? I'm deeply i-offended.  As to origins, AFAIK it's lost in the mists of sartorial antiquity.
   Neat ties r for suits, not SCs.  Surely you know that.   Sadly it's getting to a point where this is a convention more honoured in the breach than in the observance, particularly in these pages, but to me this is an instant red flag. A navy DB with brass buttons is quite formal, as u acknowledge, and a chambray is not: too casual for a suit, and too casual for a neat or imo any tie.  Fun socks don't go with anything. I could've included those bit loafers, which are both...
 The  Belvest jacket I have is similar, maybe identical cut-wise.  They're well (machine) made.   I get a slight bulge at my sides under the arms because my shoulders are a little too slopy for the cut.   edit:    @1st Step  and @An Acute Style What the ?  I've got 8 shots in a row of Acute wearing  a neat tie, chambray shirt, a DB SC and fun socks  -   none of which should ever be seen with any of the others in the same outfit.    
  The black shoos r a little too formal there yjung, imo  Let's keep it clean  edit: sorry, misunderstood   They do a really high, square shoulder and razor-sharp lapel edge at Belvest-  'modern' looking.  Is HC retailing them?
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