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 Oh I have that exact shoe.  Looks better on u
 Giving u the fingers again Victor.  Awsm.  Those CJs look like Dovers.  Which ones?
I'm no tailor. (caveat)The divot at the top of the sleeve may work itself out with wear as the jacket shapes itself to your body.  the looseness at the triceps is more of an issue IMO, possibly because you're right handed? (left arm is less developed, less voluminous). Not easy to fix. Tiny bit more waist supression may help, but IMO the fit as a whole is not bad.  Sleeve pitch is good. Collar is good too.
 someone pm FNB.  Stuff looks suit-worthy  ditto.  The cool dividend isn't worth the sacrifice in drape in <10 oz, even with legendary heavy-hangers like Lesser, in my  limited experience
 This is awsm. 
Shell loafers r classic, but  even shoe-treed shell develops distinctive beef rolls, so a very casual look.  With any loafer, particularly suede, buy them tight.  Once they stretch they fall off your feet. I suggest u take a look at the 2nd hand shell.  If they fit & they haven't developed the rolls, go for them. 
Please accept my other four digits in lieu of a thumb  This getting weird.
plus one.  That looks ^^^^ fantastic. Can see an unstructured Summer jacket with Spalla in my future.
 I agree with EliodA (surprise, not)  it's nothing special.  Also don't like metal buttons - too Thirston Howell III .   Ideal blazer/navy odd jacket is IMO: 1.  hopsack2. 3 roll 23. patch pockets4. swelled edges5. contrast horn buttons6. SB and twin vents
 They're classic.  I prefer the sleeker Tetbury, but those r more your style SB, IMO and will b awsm I htink my fav is the EG Cherwell in mink suede-  They're more of a 'George' boot. 
New Posts  All Forums: