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 Not a dead loss  (as u imply) With casual features the tobacco jacket works 'odd'.    There was something in the Gentleman's Gazette about  a fresco and flannel combo popular in the Adriatic back in the day.   I got a suit cos the jacket to suit mark-up ain't enough to make no nevermind. Not sure if you'd include some of the  Hunt & Winterbotham collections like Sandringham, Ascot, Chatsworth in this, but what they lack in authenticity they make up for in lightness and...
Hi guys, from early week.  FU-osity is not off the charts but then the blue bands don't really shout in this pic  
u rok T  
  is there science on this Holdo? Not saying i don't believe you, just curious.  Flusser says similar + that the eye gets disorientated when it see two similar sized adjacent patterns, but I've wondered whether this is a physiological fact or a cultural thing. you're talking bewbs here rite? 
^^ overexposed-  photography 
thanks for the likespaisley #2     [[SPOILER]]    
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