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thanks, the SC is from Brooks Bros + Rubinacc PSi + Cappelli challis tie + Kamakura shirt  Yorkshire fabric sells it.   I love the cloth but purists bware it's not a tweed 
 Rubinacci   Dandy-to-the-max. Your combos r always well thought out imo AJV  I'd never wear a box check with that much contrast, but I like u in this one a lot.
Hi guys quick snap
I've been meaning to get a black grossa but what holds me back is  1. it's black  2. I have ruggosities on my fingers that snags on the silk
  fit and color r fine imo, if more English than American. (pink, green + navy) u didn't ask about styling, but imo the buttoing point is too high  & collar gap too wide.
 these aren't garza grossa, but black knit is similar if a bit more casual.I'm sure there a plenty more examples if u google. @EliodAnoice I'll wear a black tie if there's some black in the SC, as in these.  Shell #8 in a PTB would be a good choice  imo    
  IIRC were'nt u wearing all blue on top and all brown below?  Earth and sky..  You'll have to stop working out   [[SPOILER]]  looks nice
Fantastic &  awsm everyone       Jay Gatsby endorses this FC
  Who r u   and what have u done with Monkeyface?  [[SPOILER]]
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