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  Me too.  u rok this.  i have a few metres of dk brown Lesser 11oz that's calling to me rite now Dandy done well, imo.  There's dandy that looks like a guy went into a Goodwill with the lights out and picked the first things on the rack, which unfortunately we see a lot of here, and there's dandy that's well thought out, if not to everyone's taste.  imo you're the second category. The plaid of the square is a little jarring, but the rest is pure gold. 
[[SPOILER]]  It's the Savile Row/Timothy Everest/ 'Mallory' pedigree I'm picking up on, I guess.   If I can look like Ralph Fiennes as Mallory  in my old age I'll be happyDormeuil got the sheen just rite in Tonik, imo.
   u look like u just stepped outta Bond movie  Love the width of the pins on that Lesser.  I read a post of yours about your love of Dormeuil fabrics, particularly mohair blends, so had a suit made in Tonik.  Im now a convert, so cheers.   Good weekend to you too.  That jacket is too small for you.  Needs more width in the shoulders and waist, and length in sleeves and back, imo.
@Coxsackie   @Anden   I'm just lazy.    Noice fit today Anden.
 cheers.  @Eustace Tilley  did u ever get the gold windowpane made up?
Anyone vouch for the awsmness, or not, of Minnis lambswool? thx
Whoo hoo   D'oh  
   nice look!  What do u think of the Vanda shirt?  decent?
  I quite like these, 360116 & 7, but I'm guessing u don't.
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