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 Great combo, all nicely proportioned IMO   Always great to see u in this fit, but as others have said  it's the pics as much as the clothes.
  Who are you and what have you done with AAS?  That's at least 2 restrained and IMO elegant fits* in the last fortnight.    Congrats on the suit deal too.  * Socks aside 
 Wow that's a nice jacket.  I thought u were Gdl as I scrolled down, at first, but then I could see the mix of strong elements , and thought  'that's NYR/I-style' It's cool seeing u phase thru hirsuteinaciousness and back 
  Very nice.  You're confusing peeps Kulata.  The navy< grey principle doesn't apply to casual fits like this.
 good explanation, cheers    Fresco's like chicken wire in a breeze, and on a bike it's like riding naked (except u don't get the looks of surprise from passers-by or risk arrest for wilfull exposure.  That's different.)   The mid range is a little bit prickly when u first wear it, but it settles IME.  The attraction for me is more about character and drape than the way it handles temp. AL is spot on IMO-  the Blazersuit works better with cloths worn casually rather than...
Good choice IMO  
Looks good V1KTA222-  who makes the suit?
 So it's a 12 oz mid-grey merino twill -  sounds middle of the road albeit by a reputable maker. I admire his taste, so what is it about it that Greg likes ctp?
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