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  Clags now am I? I agree wit u in general LA Guy.     To be fair, this is WAYWRN, not a taste or fit-crit thread.   There's always been a ton of train-wrecks here (many of them are the offerings of regular posters who are completely impervious to advice, no matter how blunt ).    And you have to read between the lines, because although for the most part it's pretty civil it's also clear that many regular posters show a lot of forbearance in not  trashing every other fit.  
  I'll give u my opinion, but it's not pretty:    [[SPOILER]]     You are swimming in that.  Right call on the exchange     It's entertaining, Spectre.   Braddock's always been @menswear.  (That's how he and Sander and a few others make a living. ) I've posted lots of pattern fits like it-  not as successfully -  and I know that most of my 4-pattern fits have been more about visual impact than 'good taste', which you'll find more of in this  thread. Having said that:...
  Your BnTailor shoulders work better for you IMO Tchoy.  Would u agree? Not that this is bad.   u 2 wearing the same shoes ? I've gotta thing for the  C&J Cavendish   You're a Renaissance man Cleav- changing flats in a tailored fit. But judging by the hairy lawn rite there  I'm guessing that, like me, you're a Renaissance guy only when u have to be.   No judgement on Roy-  he's helping them out if anything. It's more  that there are bums in wheelchairs, probably vets...
  blu-tak's handy IMO .  Hold's the camera in place    Bums in wheelchair's?  Man that's depressing.     Whooooooaaa!  awsm.  This is  the definitive lite Summer linen fit for me.
 i'm really not fussed either way.  The unlined Vandas r made for hot climates, as u say, airy, but I haven't had any probs with distortion.  I'm happy enough with Cappelli's 3-fold + lined construction too.  I don't discern any functional or aesthetic difference between lines/unlined or 3 vs 7 fold, but I've heard it said that 'a  good, light lining has many advantages including knot shape, drape and recovery of the tie'.
 Well i lolled. I like it tho Kulata  and it worked too IMO- if ur going to wear an outraaaageous suit like that one those r the right kind of accessories I think Don, great colors.  Shout out to Kulata (previous fit), HF,RD &  EliodA  
Hi guys,  burgundy tie + guy on horse with burgundy saddle blanket      
  or Tarantino is a guest
 I happen to dress based on  mood.   Some people say I seem to wear the same thing all the time, but no-  within my basic framework there are many subtle variations, only discernible to an acute observer, that reflect the many moods, the many shades, the many sides   of George Costanza ... 
  Well chosen combo-  something about paisley ties that likes checks IMO    u got the DB fit nailed - noice
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