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  Neither of those is what u mean amirite?  If you mean the traditional Glen Urquhart check like this ..  then i would say steer clear for odds.  It's a suiting, and as u say, resolves to grey (or blue, or whateva). I'd particularly steer clear of it for pents.  Patterned odd trews r bad at the best of times, but glencheck pents remind me of 70s hipster-gangsters.  As for SCs  a grey SC in a glenplaid is probably the hardest to pair with anything because u have to rule out...
  Wow nice Gerry.  That looks like it was worth it.    BTW, does OH CMT?  And do u mind my asking how u would describe their cut, particularly shoulder and chest?    Always elegant Roy Al.  Yellow and brown? I can't quite tell.     I don't like the socks at all tho. 
  it's Vox
  'Aint nuttin' badder than tweed n madder.' (NWA)  [[SPOILER]]
 He's made it his sprezz and I'm getting used to it FWIWClags is so good at everything else, and so immaculately presented that imo he gets away with it.
  Yes, a cutaway is more formal.  Wearing one with an SC is a bit of a faux pas
  Yes.  Cutaway is a more formal collar.    Think of those winged collars from the Edwardian era.  I get a profound sense of dissonance when I see one worn with a sports coat. 
 Noice.  Collar is a bit too cutaway for a sports jacket fit imo, but fit is elegant all the same.  I generally admire and seek to emulate your sprez, but the white shirt really is the odd man out here, particularly with a casual red silk knit.   IMO Lose the tie or change the shirt for blue perhaps..  The saturated top block v the earthy southside worries me too, but I don't have a proper sense of the whole from the 2 pics.Damn nice SC
@Coxsackie  u truly r Mr Earthy tones.  What is the cloth in the 2nd one? nice gunclub
@Crusty that would be a great cas fit sans tie imo
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