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Keep them coming Victor, I'm loving your stuff!
Misunderstanding.  I was referring to the black/white Noodles posted.  In other colors theyre for general use.
Just the history of common usage AFAIK.  I'd be afraid ppl would ask me, 'Getting married today?'   Not a hard and fast prohibition though, so if u feel comfortable I guess go for it.  
 Wait-  Navy/white tie better with navy suit?IMO navy/white tie better with grey suit and black/white tie better with navy suit.   But to me, Shepherd check, glen plaids and houndstooths in b/w or blue/white are wedding/occasion ties.  Wouldn't feel comfortable in them for day to day wear.
 Looks great; hell to live in. That kind of exposure's no joke 24/7
For a wedding?  ^^^
 Assuming u can predict what is going to be permanent, surely?  Using a suit analogy,   commission a fully canvassed suit in a durable cloth and u have to  accept  that the gorge height or lapel width might  look dated in a few years time-  long before the suit itself fall apart.  There is no 'essential' suit & no 'essential' house.  The one that endures could be today's compromised monstrosity.
   cheers David.  You know it's funny- a few days ago in the Whnay threak we discussed the apparently common manufacture of silk knits sold under different labels. I followed your link (thanks!) and one of the Lands End silk knit user reviews mentions the problem of the 'Made in Italy' label interfering with hte knot.  I have the same issue with my T M Lewin silk knits. 
Oh that's a chunky looking silk knit.  Who by?
 Oh I have that exact shoe.  Looks better on u
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