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 4"   4.25" @mossrockss always one of the most distinctive, and relaxed, posters.  Helps u show your face   
Hi guys  
 Not my thing, but imo you do Dandy as well as any on the board. re shirts-  I like ecru for warm, and of course a pale pale blue for cooler fits-  grey or navy suits.  I can think of a language/dialect or two with the opposite effect-  Scots English, Quanzhou Hokkien, Jersey English, Klingon
 thanks I was particularly curious about the drape, the big prob imo with 8/9 oz worsteds.  The nailhead has loads of character.
 I for one am not going to judge  anyone for shelling out (or asking) big bucks for clothing.   @kolecho  can u say a few words about your Rangoon as an option, as opposed to, say, sticking with a Fresco or similar in same weight & color?
  Don't know much about flowers, but willing to bet they not shrinking violets.
 Yeah! but No!
. re the discussion in Unfunded Liabilities .. This is where LL holds up- rarity + quality, particularly in jacketing & suitings like yr Agnelli
Nelton u usually do better IMOShirt collar is too narrow. The kindest thing I can say about that badly tied tie (re colors) is that it's very English. I'd consider widening the trew hems. Square is all ahoo . - crisp white linen TV fold prob best here. With that navy suit (although some here can pull-off that look) I'd go for darker shoes.Thx! Yes a Shetlandthx! But I'm not really a fan of white shirts with tweed.Shout to @HenryCarter for the 7 fold twill repp -...
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