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 so hopsack at the extreme of informality.  I like the idea of a hopsack suit. 
 so on-song lately
 I was going to get an DB with this Harrisons Oyster but not sure whether birdseye is the right choice. As u can see, a lot of texture.  I'm liking Oyster, but maybe want a more formal weave. I'm thinking in order from casual to formal in most suitings it goes something like:   hopsack birdseye nailhead sharkskin chalkstripe herringbone plainweave pinstripe   .. all other things being equal.      
Moonbeam just in today. Can't speak for durability.
 Moonbeam SC, Cappelli Challis, Rubinacci, Kamakura  [[SPOILER]]
 +1Perfect for dirty deeds. 
 u mean the green and puple hacking jacket with contrast stitching and astrakhan collar?
 Love it FT This ^^^ could be the WAYWRN song. Tweaked it a bit.. ..   With nothing but his guitar and a pair of Iron Rangers  and that crazy Martin slung on his back.  And some perfume that probably smells amazing and this ashtray and a paddle  on a lonesome railway track.
thanks ! Thanks B. Coming from u that means a lot.   I was going to excuse my wearing a neat with an SC as an Italian thing, then u posted
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