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  Great to have you back! That last fit is off-the-charts, even by your standards.  I wouldn't set much store in the number of thumbs.  I'm certain they have only a vague relationship with the 'right'-ness of the fit.  They're more a function of your general likeability, IMO...  + reciprocity,  the amount of passing traffic, the tastes of that traffic, who else is posting, the alignment of the planets and other mysterious forces.
 Late reply, but too low, IMO.  Suit? 
    +3.  Hate it too. Dunno why.
[[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]
I cant tell from the picture, but If its a diagonal it's probably a twill or a pick and pick.  If not, probably eiter a plain weave or a hopsack (2 x 2 warp and weft).
 It also says 'I dig the Royal Artillery design'.  re tie design, this Richard James looks Post Imperial to me, or does the large soft squares design predate Tira?      The Moonbeam looks great. Have something similar on the way.
Yo!  Noice jacket.
 I genuinely like this David- I wear almost this precise combo (sans  patch pockets)  to the office quite a bit.  So it's not a typical 'Yes, but .."  when I say that IMO  a less obviously blue PS may work better.  I like the way you've paired a cream/ecru shirt (looks like, or is it white?)  with the  green shantung.  You take security guard to a whole new level.  That jacket fits u so well.   +  IMO this is the only odd jacket combo, apart from Summer linens, where a...
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