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Hi gentlemen  
  It's ye olde  Carlo Barbera for Lesser jacketing weedy stuff in about 13-14 oz IIRC
   @An Acute Style  I swear I was about to type 'You are the German AAS (with a bigger clothes budget)' under Dennis' fit when I saw your comment  
Hi Gentlemen      
 Yes, and the saturation generally... It's different than your usual 'low contrast' style.   @justinkapur   u always have stuff i would like for myself.  Great pieces.  In this case the repp stipes on the tie don't gel with the deco on the jacket.  Too similar spacing maybe.  That jacket is so out there that it warrants a solid tie anyway.  imo.
 Hi-   Are the tight hems an EG thing or a personal preference?  I don't like the way jacket and trews look too small (altho the waist coat doesn't help)  but  I'm ignorant where SW&D is concerned.The SEH Kelly cut is similar (soft shoulder, low gorge, narrow lapels, high buttoning point, tapered high-hem trews) and I like it, but I've seen their stuff worn much looser.    The Gordon Gekko -  flashy '80s throw-back imo
 If u think there's a possibility that you'll be sensitive, then to the knee is a good idea, although the scratchiness ime is more from thread ends exposed along the over-locking at the seams, and the lining doesn't protect u from that.
@mclassic101   that first last (black captoe) is elegant .  Looks similar to EG202, just classic. 
 Oh my bad-  nothing more useful than a cream  DB in Summer cloth.      However, found this: 
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