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 my bad, thought they'd stopped making it
 The willow calf is a connoisseur's detail anyway IMO .. and not visible until you're holding the shoe in your hand (not to me, at least).   Maybe that's why they haven't continued with it.  
A semi-cutaway casual plaid is a strange beast, but apart from that all good. IMO   @jfrater  I was referring to the longevity of the styling of clothe and specifically suits in general (not a Poole customer).   It's a challenge to make stylistic selections that will pass muster in 20-40 yrs time. 
 Held up well IMO  Closed quarters, downward sloping gorge maybe a couple of cms more off the shoulder, but still presentable after 30 years.. 'classic and timeless'.  I hope my latest commissions last like this.  
   So Henry Poole bespoke? What year jf?  The gorge doesn't look contemporary to me.
  u really r an Academic  -  so analytical.  I'd call that a little bit fancy, so a little bit of an outlier, because the lines appear to have a shadow effect, or maybe a secondary, feinter line running alongside the main-  can't quite make it out.   The larger and more complex the plaid pattern the less business it is IMO  .. so the smaller, finer and simpler (e.g. a micro-check or a graph check with fine lines)  the plaid the more formal/biz it is.   
 lulz  -   'Suit' is the one where the jacket and the trousers are made in the same cloth. If you use the spoiler function when you quote an image it saves other users from having to scroll through the same pics again.
@Cox  it's a 'bad thing' because it draws the viewer's attention away from the face towards the chest- so instead of clothing framing and drawing the eye to the face it draws it downwards. ... Flusser IIRC   The dull suit/bright furnishings is a London look. I read an explanation which said something about City men constrained by a narrow suit palette liking to break out with some individuality in the shirt and tie. 
 shoos r cool Loudest gunclub eva, and worn nicely IMO.  Who's the maker?
 for 1  I wanna throw in a wild card and recommend a RTW Cheaney model with a Dainite sole, hte Tenterden.  It's a brogued captoe in burnished scotch grain and smooth box (on the cap).  They're a classic heavy gunboat and indestructible, and they look great with a more casual fit, even jeans.    If you like Jack Reacher novels ull know its a cool recc when I say Reacher wears them.  IMO u cant beat Cheany for value in the mid tier of Northhampton GYW shoos 
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