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Summery slubby Shantung silk
   Thanks for these awsm pics Anden.  Helf expecting a Troll to jump out at u it looks so Nordic. Those colors (greens and lite browns) really work for yr complexion IMO Damn, I thought these were Dovers. Can't quite make out if they have the pie-crust stitching.  They're a terrific take on the EG. Awsm fit.  CD, Seajen 
ctp120 dayum  
 mmm they nice.  I'm leaning towards these Moonbeams 
 Like the tie, love the shoes, dunno bout the cutaway tho-  I think it may be too formal for a navy blazer let alone one in mid-blue, patches and contrast buttons.  Fit looks perfect. In the office today.. 
  Tira's the bomb IMO-  flannel > w/s/l + feint deco > loud
 I see it now.    I have a grey SC I love.  It's a semi-bold POW in cashmere, and I pair it with mid-grey flannels.  
 geez that's a nice suit FWIW In the pic that's what I see-  a smooth solid grey jacket in a standard 2-flap + besom configuration.    I can't make out a zig-zag.  But I can see that it fits well. 
 More that grey jackets lack versatility -    cos grey is versatile  for trews and top/bottom contrast is important.   Grey SCs can look like an orphaned half of a suit if they lack standout SC features like texture, patch pockets, swelled edges, bold pattern etc Choc I generally love your fits, but to my eye this could be 2 mismatched suit halves.  IMO a good grey jacket is a b/w herringbone tweed, a heavy wt Donegal,  a cashmere or silk/woo/linen  large plaid etc   I...
  so yr a Proctologist as well as a teacher AAS?   Do i dare ask what's a PSAT ? [[SPOILER]]
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