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 u amaze meMy understanding is not that it's ever been considered inappropriate -  just that its symmetry looks studied and lacks sprezz
loving it Victor
Looks similar but diff fit from yesterday.  10oz Carlo Barbera for H Lesser twill, silk knit + Vass Oxfords in Oxblood      
 I agree they're a bit of a hippo-griff or what not (2 diff beasts mixed together)-  one formal, one casual.  But I think as long as the cut is good it's all good  Coming u as a bit lighter than navy on my screen.  Looks really good. 
 Thanks man, too kind. @AAS -  Who r u ^^ and what have u done with the real AAS.  Loving your restraint in your recent posts.
 Nice Victor.  Love your sprezz.  That's the awsmest suit in the Slewfoot Fresco Ive seen.   Braddock, Clags & Crusty also killing it.
  oh okay, I was so taken by the pic I didn't read the caption, but yep I've heard of the ancient thristy looms hand shuttle-ing silk or some such.  I meant the Riviera type scenery.
  What is this?  Don't know what I'm looking at here E, but it's pretty weird.    Love this, altho a fit that IMO would be better sans  tie,  especially considering where u r.....   .or perhaps a feather-lite  slubby silk, or something less neat and buisness-y,   Very very nice! Blue box-check blazer FTWEspecially like that you went for the blue rather than white deco. White can look showy if there's too much contrast, IMO thumbs up  to AAS.    IMO u've stepped everything...
   OD/OT-  he had/has sprezz.    Just need to have one hand bridged on a desk, and a painting in the bk ground.  For my money, Clags pic stands out. 
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