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  re Summer jacketing:  How bout lighter blues and/or yellows, less dense pattterns, slubbbier textures
 I love it, yeah..  Great with jeans sans tie
  Too much FU , that's the problem. Cream flannel is FU in any context, and so's this SC .    Each element on it's own is great tho.  
 Totally on-board with your quest for versatility, and I commend you for it, but let me be frank and tell you that for a few reasons this is an extraordinarily bad idea. First, nailhead is not a good weave for odd jackets or odd pants.  It's primarily for suiting.Second,  a worsted finish isn't right for odds either, unless it's got a lot of character, like, say, Fresco.  Third, navy odd trousers are for bus drivers, garbage collectors or, at a pinch, people who love grey...
  perhaps not that tie with that spread collar.  With a BD a thinner tie looks better imoFautless otherwise ..
I value no @menswear opinion more than Foo's but for me this is an unexceptionable combo I'd be more than happy to step out in. - tasteful rather than dull.
 Sick jacketing!  ... as in, would make me look sick.  I thought about that ^^ one but decided it wouldn't work with my complexion. I do have jacket lengths of these I'd consider parting with.  
Yes actual square
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