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Less is more!  That is pretty groovy  @blekit
@Isolation Yes, lined, but no structure.     A Shetland, perhaps. 
Here's a poser and I'd be grateful for comments...     If you were to commission an unstructured jacket  -  no padding at shoulders, no canvas  -  which wool would drape and hold its structure best?  I'm tempted by a 'cardi-jacket' for extra casual-osity, but don't want a limp rag.   I'm thinking a stiff or perhaps hairy tweed, like Harris.  Structurelss wears cooler, so I can go for weights ( > 12 oz)  I normally wouldn't consider.
  The Slewfoot is more 'saturated' than it is ruddy.   The  intensity makes it tricky to wear the trousers as odd pants.  The jacket not so much. 
   Bloody marvellous-  both your pic and my suit, thx.  Just the shoe color to match I find a challenge. 
Only a couple there going in the wrong (down to left) direction.   Not much to add apart from the obvious:  namely, that tie stripes need to be proportionate to the width and length of the tie, so a narrower tie will need narrower stripe and a longer tie a broader; and that tie stripes need to contrast with stripes, if any, on your shirt and jacket, so a thin-striped tie, for example, won't look good with a thin-striped shirt, or suit.   I hate reps with more than...
  Thanks. Looks fabulous   
  Love it!  Particularly the cut.  Nicest I've seen on you.  Grateful to know what weight & what cloth
@Caustic Man  likewise. I'm concerned it's exploitative of me
@Claghorn @Caustic Man   re 'Unless you grow, harvest and roast your own, you're full of crap and so is your coffee.'   That would be Kofi Luwak wouldn't it? 
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