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 There was a debate about this in Whnays recently.  Some were adamant that brown suit + black shoes is fine.   For me   brown + black =  cognitive dissonance.  Black's town, brown's rustic. 
Drakes seems to be tailoring their advice to their sprezzy clientele.   Shorter back blade is more common AFAIK      Your pic gives me hope.  Maybe I can  find a use for chestnut oxfords.   The bottom fit's spectacular, IMO.
 I have nothing to say about tie tucking, but your comments are well spaced.
 I guess I find pretty much all odd DBs a bit boxy.  That aside, FWIW this looks good IMO.
  Great to have you back! That last fit is off-the-charts, even by your standards.  I wouldn't set much store in the number of thumbs.  I'm certain they have only a vague relationship with the 'right'-ness of the fit.  They're more a function of your general likeability, IMO...  + reciprocity,  the amount of passing traffic, the tastes of that traffic, who else is posting, the alignment of the planets and other mysterious forces.
 Late reply, but too low, IMO.  Suit? 
    +3.  Hate it too. Dunno why.
[[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]
I cant tell from the picture, but If its a diagonal it's probably a twill or a pick and pick.  If not, probably eiter a plain weave or a hopsack (2 x 2 warp and weft).
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