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  the fairisle, tweed + tie r nice   
 Wonderful.  I'm guessing the Blackwatch square is your Navajo imperfection in perfection?
 love it!  Something for my children's children, and their ...  You get the picture.    dit's London Lounge ,  based on a design someone spotted in a pic of the Duke of Windsor's wardrobe  
hi gents
 + ~ 1 .. depends on which cashmere too.  Scottish 'cashmere club' cashmeres like Johnstons of Elgin are superior to the thinner but shorter fibre cloths produced in Italian mills.  Italian cashmeres are softer (and maybe warmer)  but not as durable.  I have an SC in 280g (9.5oz) J/E and it wears warmer than 13 oz wool imo
Tonik ?  @Mr. Six     @Gerry Nelson .. 'circumferentially-challenged' -wa ?
 4"   4.25" @mossrockss always one of the most distinctive, and relaxed, posters.  Helps u show your face   
Hi guys  
 Not my thing, but imo you do Dandy as well as any on the board. re shirts-  I like ecru for warm, and of course a pale pale blue for cooler fits-  grey or navy suits.  I can think of a language/dialect or two with the opposite effect-  Scots English, Quanzhou Hokkien, Jersey English, Klingon
New Posts  All Forums: