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  I think basic-ally very good Sander
  This is true.   Nobody has ever accused u of pattern disease (solidophobia?) Stitchy have they?      IIRC u  got quite a caning in Whnay's a couple of years ago for posting fits that  Spectre would probably have liked quite a bit....   Also IIRC the most recent multi-pattern trend in this thread (I can't speak for pre-2009)  stems back to the 'Fooniversity'  era in Whnay's:    that was all about complex dynamics of contrast, palette, saturation and texture; tone...
  Cheers all, I appreciate your input.    More or less equal spread between the three:  4 votes for #1, 3 votes for #2, 2 votes for #3.    The dark Choc at the bottom is already happening, and if Igo ahead with one of the others I'll post a comparison pic and ask for your input on the flipside.    Kulata, interesting u don't like windowpanes in blues generally.  I can understand your aversion to that particular sky blue, but blues in general of course tend complement the...
 I'm concerned about this too-  It might just work tho with mid-gray flannel trews, solid blue shirts matching the check + a solid darkish ties, no square.   Disclosure: I'm getting a jacket in 3, just undecided on the other 2. 
   fits u perfectly 
 Maybe your brown jacket's okay as an SC then, but the lapels are a problem IMO  I have a large-ish head, and from your pic it appears that u may too.  Narrow lapels, collars and ties don't do me any favors..  Thx for your opinion on the cloth .  I'm going to get that one.
 cheers!  poor pics.. 3 is a dark chocolate ground with navy check IRL I'm worried that 1 is a bit too bold, but at least it's bold that'll work into a fit okay
Quik poll.  Which of these  for a cold weather SC? I'm liking number 1      
  oh so what have u got against the Scots? bit hypocritical isn't it? [[SPOILER]]
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