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Nicely presented Brovsko.   Change pants (and socks)  to grey and shirt to blue and you're good to go.  Navy trews are almost invariably 'wrong' in the MC tradition, and that makes them look wrong.  White shirts are better used sparingly, and with some exceptions, for more formal fits. 
  It's not working.   Nice cuts though,and thanks for sharing. 
  That's fine I guess, Six, but I still find neats, even large medallions, out of place with SCs but particularly, as Claghorn alluded, with sporty cloths and patterns.   Take a look at  this shocker by Voxsart, tho not helped by the color scheme  (Prob the only fit of his I've ever really disliked, apart from the LL gun club worn with anything)  [[SPOILER]]
 Still mulling this over ..   
@TweedyProf  I've sinned dozens of times (medallion with SC) but now I'm redeemed and walk in the light of grace.  I posted this fit and IIRC Foo loathed it, and Manton said it's an Italian thing and not too horrible.  For the record, I don't like it now and would go solid knitted silk and puffed silk with that gunclub.
@TweedyProf  I twigged the color inversion .. Noice.  Agree that the 2nd square  is less defensible.  If I was to be really pedantic (who am I kidding? Guilty.) I'd mention that medallions and neats are suit ties & not for an SC, which again is a rule which, like @Claghorn, I've broken often, though more with solid SCs than patterned, and a flourish I've never really felt fully comfortable with. (Assuming the brown is an SC, and if not, wow, what an FU  suit!)   The brown...
Nice shoulders and colors ^^^  @lordsuperb 
  Nice chops TP.    I've done exactly this a thousand times, so let me say with a degree of humility and in a spirit of mutual enlightenment that the patterns and colors of the squares imo are competing a little too much with the ties.   I often find this a particular drawback with many of Drakes' squares when trying to pair them with a patterned tie.    I'm strongly committed to the one FU per fit rule, and particularly with regard to the bottom pic, I don't know where to...
On the other hand, not everyone's an hairy ape.  Some of us are very delicate.
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