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They are legendary, Delos particularly.  But there are literally dozens of Japanese bespoke masters (and mistresses) now.
 these r special: The 'seamless wholecut'  - cordwainers'  ne plus ultra.  An asymmetrical disc of hide with a hole for the foot.  If I had these I wouldn't ever wear them. 
 I'm seeing 'yada yada yada  strongly dislike wholecuts yada yada' .  That is all.   Oh, and there's this: 
Lesser 11 oz  like fine suedePanta twillVass on the P2  [[SPOILER]]
   That medallion's sexier than croc  [[SPOILER]]
  Them's fightin words  
 point collar
  @hedonist222  there's a thread for shoe/sock/pant combos
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