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 Minnis Alsport- too light?  
 I'd stick with the navy.  That's more of a wedding tie.
 I cant answer your question but I do know that the LL Mistral drapes wonderfully Hope Tchoy doesn't me quoting him  [[SPOILER]]
 Minnis worsted Alsport-   HFW seems to have added quite a few to the selection online. e.g. 
 How pale is too pale in a grey? I was watching Dr No last nite and Bond was swanning around in a very lite grey'   Admittedly he's in the Caribbean.511 is fine for CBD IMO.  (pic below) Def go for the mid-weight rather than the lite. [[SPOILER]]
  There's always something ineffably SB about your fits.  Don't know whether it's your love of greys and browns, or of smooth matt cloths textures, or a that u always seem to look so relaxed    Like this a lot CD-  those slim upper sleeves seem to suit u
 something lite-  Huddersfield cloth Aimbry.      
Hi guys     [[SPOILER]]
  IIRC he effectively staked  Pierre Corthay to set up his shoe biz by ordering a bazillion bespoke  pairs a few yrs back.  Arca's still a grail shoo for me.
anyone following the  Pistorius brouhaha? - sorry for the derail, but this is priceless [[SPOILER]]
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