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 Well, theyre a bit of an experiment.  A failed experiment based on he majority vote, altho Im happy that Kulata likes them. 
@Slickman Interesting.  I read somewhere tha mohair now is more brittle than it used to be.  Or maybe the other way round  Hence the need for wool in the mix
 theyre new lol
today   [[SPOILER]]
@venividivicibj  they have 2 blues on the Dormeuil site- a navy and a royal blue.  Ethan's looks like the lighter.   I'm keen for a lite grey suit and would like to try the Tonik grey below as an alternative to a sharkskin in Harrison's Oyster.  
 that's a 60/40 mohair/wool isn't it.. I like the metallic grey-blue sheen in some of the pics.It's on the list to check out.  Bit wary of 8 oz tho.  The John Foster 3 ply is more my weight at 11 oz  Looks good, but that's more about the cut. I'm attracted by the blue-black effect.
Just received a swatch of the William Halstead 3-ply navy mohair.  I'm impressed by the body, and by the lack of shine.  Tossing up between this and the Dormeuil Tonik 2000, a 2 ply.     Appreciate advice/opinions. I'm looking for drape without shine. (okay, maybe a little  shine)
  this is terrific imo  Wonderful.  Just googled Pucci. Would have loved to have met the man who dressed Dino or Mason   [[SPOILER]]  I had a pair of Tetbury chukkas- the only shoe I've flipped.  Can't recall where I bought them, but it was online.  In my regular size (UK 9.5) they were really too big, Tried to make them work but eventually decided to cut my losses.  Chukkas r tricky anyway with MC.  Need particularly short trew hems.
i like it @Roy Al   wondering if u need to drop the shoulder a little in your next commission. u seem to have some rumpling under the arms/just above the hip.   very nice @Coxsackie
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