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  C-   there's good rock star MC .. then there's just rock star 
 PM'd u
@Cox--  Not saying it's not a valid style, and not making a value judgement.  But that look can't be found in AA, or Esquire, or Flusser or Boyer etc.  and it's certainly not within the norms, to date, of this thread.  There is a 'Peacock' Thread./  It'd fit rite in there.
awsm  ^^  Navy doesn't pic well, but that 3rd one gets it.  Nice 
 u should travel more often     it's not that bad u know - nice knot
  SS-  deets on that shirt?  like the collar (and the tie)
 That herringbone is something else Still not sold on the whole look, because I just don't see what jeans have to do with ties, but if I had to wear a trainwreck I'd like to emulate this one .      woops, quoted the wrong post, .. what I wanted to say is Tobias-  very nice trews! blue linen?  they look like gaberdine.  I'm inspired to try luxire 
  Terrific, very casual looking cloth B.   love that tie     Beautiful suit DC.   I think 3-buttons is not optimal for your build tho     ^^^^    Very  nice jacket CD-  if that cloth's source-able I'd love to know
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