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          Not sure about putting Shantung and a Gunclub (even a lite worsted Gunclub) together. Same fit with challis below.
  Funny, the red in the full square pic looks a lot more ochre-y, less fire-engine. Agree-  PSs with mostly gold/fawn/tans+ blues   with  highlights in reds  r  versatile
  I know, these i-gents!  There's prob some crazy @menswear rule about this too    
  +1   my understanding too.  In fact any color any season, for the most part.  Seasonal variations r about texture weight feel
  There's a season for choc brown ties?   IME choc brown goes great w/ Springy colors like sky blue and lite greens
 surprised this isn't getting much love.  without the square it's a nice fit IMO.  Gray suits r awsm... an-y tie at all. (except gray)    Rudals  'he' is standing rite next to u (in cyberspace)      But mind u, not too many posters more representative of opposite ends of the CBD - dandy spectrum than you and Shoeartist      That is a super-tough jacket to pair CD.  I don't think those trews have quite enough contrast.  What about going darker?  mid-gray, say   I've seen...
 yes it was a compliment Shoe artist- he's Russian, with great taste-  he's over here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/323059/victorsf-mini-blog
Don't do it man-  what Journeyman said 
 Shoeartist just mite b the new Victor SF dammit -   okay now the penny's dropping    noice   don't give up on us Stitchy    that gray (or taupe is it?) is super-refreshing on u
New Posts  All Forums: