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 yep, a foo-ulard
 Searched-  the 2006 SF tie by CarloFranco was an unlined 7-fold, black & red stripes on Ecru field.  Then there was this: 
 it's a requirement on the StyFo member app isn't it?
[[SPOILER]]   I'm sure ur not crazy    Something Classic and versatile and  interesting and different enough that ppl with a lot of ties already would still want  and  exquisitely made and  with the best materials available. 
 It's a hard look to pull off well IME.    takes chutzpah       Shoes r smashin Cleav-  what make?   I know this isn't the place but .... Pattern on a grenadine?  r u crazy?  IMO repp stripes is about as much embellishment as a grenadine can take, like the unofficial StyFo tie in navy grenadine with IIRC brown and white stripes from Hober.   I'd like one in more or less that pattern, but a 7-fold super-repp.  Navy ground, 57 by 3.25 " available with brown and white bars in...
 +1  -  make it about the bragging rites not the $s   noice GN.  Don't see a micro-check cutaway every day
Hi guys, awsm up there ^^      
Color's not everyone's taste, sure.     I blame Obama.   Tempted by the dark grey also by Lesser in 9 oz
u read my mind. ^  I'm looking for an olive herringbone since the Green FC.   Got this 9.5 oz suiting twill by Carlo Barbera for Lesser on the bay.  v soft & dry Advertised as vintage so I'm hoping it's decent.   If anyone can tell me more about this cloth I'd appreciate it.     
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