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 Carmina does one. 
  lulz-  and I thought I was the pedantic one.    You know Manton does it all the time rite?  I really think they're fine-  above, and in general.
 today -Vass London 3 eye  with mid-grey worted suit  Bond wore these C&Js in Skyfall   Craig's also wearing a white OCBD, a great mix of casual and formal that pairs with the black I suppose. I don't know why the black shoes in this particular context tho because this suit could've taken dk brown + lite blue shirt.  Maybe it's that even when Bond is informal he's still 'working'-  killing Spectre assassins, bedding the bad guys' girl-friends  and what-not.
  It's a reasonable point IMO.  They're both MTO outfits relying on email communication for orders,
 It's a casual tweedy jacket.  Depends a little on the weight and composition, but how about a solid knit, silk or wool or cashmere, in black or charcoal or blue.  Or a solid challis, or a madder, but if patterned watch the scale.  Something with a bit of texture but generally not pattern unless fine like a herringbone or puppytooth. Stay away from neats.  Repp or bar stripes at a stretch.
 So u mean a solid mid-grey wool/silk?
 Alden loafer in shell #8 would be perfect
I read some instructions by Crat IIRC.  Works brilliantly.  u build up a thick layer of polish by repeated gentle circular applications of wax and H20-  :  dip cloth in wax, apply, dip cloth in water, apply, repeat over and over, then buff with soft cloth.  Works like a charm.
 Reminds me of the joke about the Postmodern anthropologist doing  fieldwork with a 'lost' New Guinea tribe.  Twelve months in, sitting 'round the fire he says'So anyway, enough about me .. '
Vass and EG don't have such a great track record getting custom orders right either. IME Vass in particular would usually get something wrong, although fortunately never the size.  At StC prices I'd expect perfection.
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