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 point collar
  @hedonist222  there's a thread for shoe/sock/pant combos
Spring here   [[SPOILER]]   Vanda kimono silk, Rubinacci, Kamakura point collar, Brooks SC, Vass Norwegers in cognac
  Has there eva been a harder one to pick?   For ballsy beautiful tweed I like Manolo's orange Donegal.  Crusty and DW's orange checks are worth a mention, and bold HBs by Chulillo, Academic  and Orgetrix.  + a shout out for Butler's impeccable old man style..Every contestant looks great, but for sheer Tweedy-osity, and a look I'd happily wear-   Anden.
  u should be happy.  Planned obsolescence .
 Incorrect.  It's 6 suits, or 4. Navy in Fresco and flannel. Dk grey in Fresco and flannel. Thrown in a lighter grey in Summer and Winter cloths, and/or go for birseye, nailhead, HB, or patterns for variety..  @Monkeyface  looks great
  Me too.  u rok this.  i have a few metres of dk brown Lesser 11oz that's calling to me rite now Dandy done well, imo.  There's dandy that looks like a guy went into a Goodwill with the lights out and picked the first things on the rack, which unfortunately we see a lot of here, and there's dandy that's well thought out, if not to everyone's taste.  imo you're the second category. The plaid of the square is a little jarring, but the rest is pure gold. 
[[SPOILER]]  It's the Savile Row/Timothy Everest/ 'Mallory' pedigree I'm picking up on, I guess.   If I can look like Ralph Fiennes as Mallory  in my old age I'll be happyDormeuil got the sheen just rite in Tonik, imo.
   u look like u just stepped outta Bond movie  Love the width of the pins on that Lesser.  I read a post of yours about your love of Dormeuil fabrics, particularly mohair blends, so had a suit made in Tonik.  Im now a convert, so cheers.   Good weekend to you too.  That jacket is too small for you.  Needs more width in the shoulders and waist, and length in sleeves and back, imo.
New Posts  All Forums: