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 Yes, particularly with that tie with the blue neat pattern. I'd just taken delivery of a 300 thread white shirt and wanted to see what the fuss was about.  (Not a lot as it turns out imo )
 It's a man's cloth. I'm guessing you're referring to the proverbial Fresco scratchiness? If half-lined the trews can be a teensy bit prickly at the seams right out of the shop, but IME softens.
Hi guys
  Agree fit needs another color in there. That knit tie is black or navy. IIRC Shoos r what Vass calls 'Antic Cognac' + tobacco suede. Not tan, but posted as another exception to the unmatched tie/shoos = suboptimal   hypothesis.    [[SPOILER]]
 Liking your sprezz a lot Colco Love the suit    Keep going mcobinad. Jacket still way too small in the shoulders. The combo itself is quality peacockery imo
 Chestnut shoes have the highest degree of difficulty of all imo. EliodA does it well, but I struggle to wear them without feeling like a clown.sos about using my own pics, but here's another so-so fit that imo still shows that the tie doesn't have to match shoes as long as some other top element does. (shoos r not quite chestnut, a shade or 2 darker). sidebar: jacket is PRL  Angora-wool Moonbeam & unfortunately a litle small on me)
+1 imo the tie doesn't have to agree with the shoes, but it helps that one of the top block elements does. e.g. the belt Max contrast with tie.  This fit is far from great, but a chestnut tie wouldn't have worked with this SC.   
 NRA? The Hokkaidans call it Hara Hachi Bun Me
[[SPOILER]] Love hat cloth Sander, jus the shade of grey want to get. Provenance?
  You deserve it man. Your fits are always well thought out.  And that's a lovely tweed
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