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Can we have less Sinnedk/moo bitching and more pics of shoes please?
Size 48?
Two scoops of isoflex, some flax oil and 1.5 tabs of xanax.
They were at 50%, then there was a half-off coupon in store on top of that. At least that was what the SA seemed to be telling me.
Yeah, I dig the reversed coat too. Almost bought it today , kind of wishing I had now.
Austin is pretty much picked-over now. The black boots are down to like three pairs in small sizes. I think there was a 40 and possibly a 41. Suit pants are gone. Edit: won't be in the area of the h&m in the next week so can't proxy for anyone. Sorry
Purchased the camo nike x gyakosou jacket. My niece thinks I look like this guy now.
I think I'm anosmic to Erolfa. I sprayed a ton of it on, but could barely smell it. Then an hour later some woman at the coffee shop said, "Your cologne is so good I almost swooned." I couldn't smell anything. Sounds like something that would be posted in the basenotes thread about 'panty dropper' frags (AKA the compendium of 'Those Who Will Never See a Vag in the Wild').
New Posts  All Forums: