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Not advisable for fatties. Zip boots I mean. I like those personally.
I'll take the attachment jeans and the silent shirt if they are still around...
Over-trained last month and took a week off for the first time in about three years. Was getting serious anxiety/depression after workouts. Getting back in the gym now and it feels fantastic.
Any codes for Antonioli?
Anyone know how to buy uniqlo stock without a broker? Copped the bomber last night. Looks pretty good for costing 50 bucks.
From the affiliate thread -"We do ship worldwide and VAT Deduction is possible for Customers outside European Union (Excluding sale items), via the code:"VAT-OFF"
Lol @ a small w a 22 inch chest. Someone sell me one of those UU cardigans in a S.
I see stuff restocked but one or two sizes at a time, like they are just restocking returns.
That's the second bunk Corner code I've seen this week.
Think part of their business model is producing a set amount of product in advance, so when they run out, they're completely out.
New Posts  All Forums: