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Snakeskin looks awful no matter where it's used. That jacket should be burned asap.
Don't smoke. Stay out of the sun. Get sleep. Do yoga. Eat veggies and fish. Don't eat fast food. Green tea, resveratrol, blueberries are all good things to consume. And drink lots of water.
Men in short denim shorts. Awful, awful trend.
Did you check what kind of leather it was? If you're expecting calf, something like lamb can feel thin and cheap.
will take 650 shipped
price reduced
That ZB is gorgeous. Agree about the red lining on the pockets, but it's otherwise perfect. Love the side zip pockets as well.
Do you guys size down one on uniqlo jeans? I feel like my normal size is a bit looser than it should be.
That stooges is great. Looks brown in the pic to me though. edit: nm guess it is black
New Posts  All Forums: