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From Maas and Stacks:http://www.maasandstacks.com/collections/all/products/stephan-schneider-coat-rock-night
Are the rock coats only available in size 1 and 2 at the moment? edit: I see, thanks
I'll second what Seijiro said about the SS-13 ma1. If you have the build for it and just wear as you would say, a sweatshirt and not as an all-weather piece, it is actually pretty nice. I find myself wearing it instead of jackets that cost 6 x as much.
So is it generally advisable to size up one on current season Rick leathers? I'm normally a 48 in euro brands, but my RO Worker leather is a 50 and is pretty tight. Looking at getting a stooges.
Someone (Kunk?) mentioned that they had handled these and they felt pretty flimsy.
These look great. Who's stocking them?
Great jacket. I have the black version from the same season.
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