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The rock coat is amazing. So glad I got one. Don't think the pics I've seen do them justice. I also got the peddlar trouser in V this week, haven't had a chance to check measurements but the fabric is really nice.
Damn 30" waist on a size m? Would that be the V or IV? Seems like it should be a 32" on the medium and a 34" on the large, no?
Other has another trouser called 'Peddler' as well.
mo'hair mo' problems.
The clover one looks great. Poa looks too short for my taste, would prefer it if it hung a little lower.
You're so tough bro.
Been wondering the same about footwear. Not many available dress shoes that aren't made of leather and still look good.
I'll buy a SZ 4 in the merino if someone gets one and it doesn't fit.
The retailer isn't responsible for customs charges, it's all a matter of your country's customs dept. Retailers can mark a lower value on the customs form, but if your parcel is lost in the mail etc. they have no means for recourse, and it's also illegal to do so.
Got the rock coat from nmwa, bark sweat from Other and also got my wife the long trench (hirsuta) from this season. Stuff is so sick. Thinking I need to cop some of the trousers from this season too now.
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