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Wow - a metal mix fabric for this season! I wonder where that idea came from? Jcrew is such a whore. I can't resist her charms, but I feel dirty after the boxes have been opened.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher How long have you been together? 5 months.
Decided to let my girlfriend move in as of last week. As I've always fled from this sort of thing before, I don't know what to expect. Is it going to suck horribly at first then get better? Are the ominous comments about the number of coats I own a sign of trouble to come? Is my life over? Anyone care to give some advice?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alito i pickup the catalog today, at a miami store. Sorry, what they said exactly was that it 'should be in homes by Saturday' the 30th. Does the catalog have loads of 'new stuff' in it?
Website update will 'most likely' be coming on Friday. New catalogs should be received by Saturday.
That's really young. Was she in good shape? I hope I don't drop off the treadmill one day.
I wonder if anyone stateside will be stocking the tan field parka with the metal buttons?
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoo04 Would you object to just giving us the store's name and allowing us to call them and order them? Just as an option. If his references are good, just give him 20 bucks you cheap bastard.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Pushups: 100 (3 sets of "surfer ups", 3 sets of "man makers" w/ 25lb weights) So you do 16.6666666666666666 reps in each set?
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