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Last question - can anyone suggest any good thrift shops?
Thanks again for all the suggestions. Went to Intoto, Len Druskin and Blackblue over the last few days. Will definitely be picking up some Rag and Bone trousers from Druskin and some of the Woolrich John Rich and bros shirts from Intoto. Everyone has been really friendly so far, especially the owner of Blackblue who seems to be a really cool guy. Going to check out Mall of America in a few days to see if there's anything other than Calvin Klein and Hilfiger at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jkennett Ashland- that is obviously ridiculous... Bad Brains and Fishbone are establishments in the punk and rock scenes. Fishbone came out in the same Cali scene that brought Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. One of my favorite bands Bad Brains basically invented hardcore punk, and yes... they're black. I hear there's a ton of black metal bands in Scandanavia as well.
Was good until the ridiculous party scene, then it was shit for about an hour until they fought the droids, at which point I'd long ago lost interest. Great actors though. Rourke is amazing, as usual.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Sup. I think this looks pretty good.
PRL fits well on middle-aged men with beer bellies.
Both the trousers and the outerwear can be pretty good in some cases. Still would rather buy the clothes they were originally modeled off of though.
There's really only one way to find out. Jump in. Then post the results here.
Went through the local mall today as I was buying the lady a gift and noticed that you can find three or four direct lifts from proper designers in both Gap and BR . Even same season stuff. Annoying when you've spent money on the real deal.
Spaceboots for the gay and disabled.
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