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Was good until the ridiculous party scene, then it was shit for about an hour until they fought the droids, at which point I'd long ago lost interest. Great actors though. Rourke is amazing, as usual.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Sup. I think this looks pretty good.
PRL fits well on middle-aged men with beer bellies.
Both the trousers and the outerwear can be pretty good in some cases. Still would rather buy the clothes they were originally modeled off of though.
There's really only one way to find out. Jump in. Then post the results here.
Went through the local mall today as I was buying the lady a gift and noticed that you can find three or four direct lifts from proper designers in both Gap and BR . Even same season stuff. Annoying when you've spent money on the real deal.
Spaceboots for the gay and disabled.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I think I may have found a use for that red shirt that no one here seems to like very much. Suit: J. Crew Shirt: Hemrajani Tailors Tie: Banana Republic Square: Who the hell knows? Shoes: Hugo Boss Sonic Accessory: Gibson U.S.A. Nice 335! How embarrassed were your kids when you were cavorting around the yard?
Quote: Originally Posted by rookieleague Received my Bird Shooter from eBay: (sorry for the crap webcam pic) Olive in medium, for £65 buy it now. Couldn't believe it when I saw it. Thinking of getting the sleeves slimmed a bit but pretty pleased. I am extremely jealous. Wish I could find one of these in this color.
I gained four pounds since I quit smoking and thought of this thread. Might have to switch over to sweatpants and thrifted concert tees until I'm once again fashionably underweight.
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