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Quote: Originally Posted by Berlin Atze Anyone else here into the NT Parka in green? I quite like it on pictures - the length and cut is a welcome breathe of fresh air from the usual parkas that EG makes. Has anyone seen it in person? I hope the material isn't too technical. I have no idea how plastic-like coated nylon feels. I'll be getting one next week. Will let you know what it's like.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonxking thanks for the fitpics tonio. I rely on your fitpics alot of times, because i'm about the same height, and weight as you. curious, what size did you purchase? I'm curious as well. Is that the xs or the s workshirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty "It probably won't attack" is not really good enough for people who have small children who play in the backyard. How about it will *definitely not* attack if unprovoked. No snake is going to chase down your kids. Unless they smell like mice.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric and that is somehow racist? I don't know, I was guessing.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric I'm not sure what you considered racist about my post...but ok... You mentioned that the people pictured were Asian.
Good for you for not killing it! Cottonmouths put on a defensive display (opening their mouths to reveal the white lining thereof) in hopes of scaring you away. The word 'aggressive' is a real misnomer when you're talking about snakes because none of them (I don't care what your redneck uncle says) will make an effort to attack you unless you've stepped on them or nearly touched them (reached into a dark place etc.). Water moccasins, btw, don't have 'nests' and they don't...
SOLD! Thanks Jeff!
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