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About to put some size 10s up on the FS forum if anyone is interested. They are in taupe and nicely worn in.
Tan BDUs 501 STF Jcrew brunswick cargo
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Wasn't there also some cargo pants made for SI (part of the articulated anatomy project ?) that commercialized ? Yeah, I was just thinking of adding acronym to the list actually. What was the jacket on yoox like ? It seems to be gone. It was the modular anatomy, I think. Whichever one that is posted up there. The black one looked pretty decent.
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang there's still the CP company and Stone Island collabs but Throup touch is very very diluted since it's more or less reinterpretations of existing pieces from the brand. Neither the modular or articulated anatomy jacket were existing pieces. They're essentially original projects designed for SI. SI shadow project is a good suggestion. Errolson Hugh's(sp.?) other project, ACRONYM might also fit the bill.
Yoox had one of his jackets on there for awhile... bet it's still there.
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora http://www.fredsegaltrend.com/Search....x=71&join.y=9 Do they not stock anything smaller than a size M?
Get a pair of these. Only in grey.
Did you mean 'spit roasted'?
Bump. Good luck finding this one. Let me know if you find those yuketens too.
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