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Parka is now sold. 19th century BD and CP Company trench still available.
Reading the article, it seems like it should be a question of taxonomy. Two closely related species living in different habitats, having evolved differently. I wonder if they've done the DNA work to verify that they are indeed the same species. It's not unheard of for reptiles in the same genus (Echis, for example) to be both oviporous and oviviporous.
I'm selling a parka and a shirt from SS10 if anyone is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by JRyder Not on me. So much of this season's offerings are over enginneered and over patterned. Have you checked it out in person yet? At least with the black one, the detailing didn't seem so over the top when I tried it on.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrUnicorn my new jumpboot got it off factory seconds from theshoemart modified last in black calf Love these!
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete This jacket is growing on me.
*BUMP* SOLD SOLD SOLD $200 for the NT parka now. It is in like new condition.
Does anyone know if Odin is going to be getting WWM this season?
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