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Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Some pics in afternoon sunlight: Alden Cigar LWB: Alden Ravello PTB: Droooooool
Yoox had some FW09 blue chambray workshirts, but it looks like only size large left. http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/ENGINE...P/sts/sr_men80
Price drops
EG Parka is now SOLD! C.P. Company SS'09 Teflon coated trench with lightweight nylon inner vest. Still have tags with a price of $1175.00 on them. Will take $360.00 shipped for this one. A sick coat from an innovative company that's under-appreciated on this side of the pond.
Quote: Originally Posted by Casual I wonder if they'll carry the other Nepenthes brands like South 2 West 8? I certainly hope so - I've been after a Carmel jacket for ages...
I would like this thread better if there weren't any sockpuppet replies in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by arrow White socks...
Went into Context this week to buy a jacket and some shirts, and ended up on a whim trying on some of the 'Roy' boots. Ended up buying them on the spot. I'm already thinking of getting another pair! Quick question: is polish OK on chromexcel leather or do I just use leather creme?
Checked out the bike jacket today in person. The annoying details (placket, back pocket) on the black one are far less glaring in person. Thinking I might get one now. As others have said, sizing is wayy different this season. I could barely fit into a medium in the bike jacket or a wwm stream jacket and I usually can pull off a small w either brand.
Heading to Chicago for a few days, was wondering if anyone on here has any recommendations for a first-time visitor? Anyone know of a good place to pick up some Barbour outerwear while I'm there? Thanks in advance!
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