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I gained four pounds since I quit smoking and thought of this thread. Might have to switch over to sweatpants and thrifted concert tees until I'm once again fashionably underweight.
Anyone know where I can get a green chambray in a size small?
last drop...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil ...That's about it from the SW&D side of things if I judged your tastes correctly from the EG sale in your sig. Thanks to you and everyone else for your help so far! I am deffo more into the streetwear side of things. I like WWM, MHL, EG, Garbstore, Cabourn etc. Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo The Cities are a medium-sized metro area (about 3 million) with a few lively...
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada I mean the first one They did a scarf in that fabric. Steven Alan and Bureau both have it I think.
Might be going to MN for a few months this summer for work. Is there anything to do in the 'twin cities'? Good places for seeing bands or buying decent clothes? Any help would be much appreciated.
DROP $600 shipped!!
Size Small ss/2010 Engineered Garments 19th Century BD shirt Got this a few months ago but the color doesn't look right on me. Willing to trade for other stuff from EG or WWM of similar value in size S. Been rinsed once then hung to dry. Still has tags from Odin.
Save your money and just keep using the boots in your avatar. They're sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by MockProper I would totally cop...but i am normally a small or a medium in pretty much everything by Sportswear Company SpA Yeah I've shrunk out of the size L range into a size M I think. $625 shipped. I'll probably close the thread if it doesn't sell for this price soon.
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