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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum no measurements or own pics? Sorry about that. Will put up some measurements and pics tonight.
Sorry if this has been asked previously, but does anyone know where you can buy replacement waxed laces for Alden boots?
Half the people on this forum could use this advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin A western shirt in a nice mini windowpane fabric, really like this one: http://www.doo-bop.com/shopping/shirts/0266.php Usually don't like western shirts, but this one is great.
Parka is now sold. 19th century BD and CP Company trench still available.
I'm selling a parka and a shirt from SS10 if anyone is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by JRyder Not on me. So much of this season's offerings are over enginneered and over patterned. Have you checked it out in person yet? At least with the black one, the detailing didn't seem so over the top when I tried it on.
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