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This thread could use some fits
Can anyone who owns the lamium cardigan comment on fit? I wear a 4 in the Rock coat, but I generally take a 5 in shirts and sweats. Should I get a 4 or 5?
I am a 38 and have a IV and it fits fine. Think it depends on how you like to wear it. Kind of wishing I'd gone with V for the more oversized look though.
The good news is that you don't need a password.
Sales generally start when all items on your wish list have sold out in your size.
I have the grey one. The wool is soft to the touch. It's lined so I'd say it's pretty warm as well.
UJust get the Rock coat. I guarantee people will be hunting for them next year.
I thought for that style of jacket, it would be more wearable in black, as the cut is already pretty dramatic so you'd retain some subtlety at the same time by using a more subdued color (though grey is of course subdued as well). I guess it depends on your existing wardrobe/style though. Get either one, or both. That coat is cool as hell as is the rest of this collection. I especially like black leather jacket from this season as well as the work jacket, so I'm deciding...
Get the black one. I'm trying to decide if I want that navy chambray shirt from this season or to try and get one of the jackets. Loving that sort of oversized silhouette.
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