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Sorry I missed your post, clarks are now sold.
^^ Disagree re: the proportions, as it seems to be part of the aesthetic. Like the look, although I am reminded of the banjo kid in 'deliverance'.
Someone was selling one recently, might still be up in B&S...
I go barefoot in the house all the time, and I have dogs. It does make my feet black occaissionally though.
Amazing!! I love these.
Bump - CLARKS ARE NOW $40. The natural distressing makes these look amazing.
I'll take D and E if they're not already sold.
I have been using the Daily Plate on Livestrong for about two years now, but after a lapse, I noticed that the new version is incompatible with my browser. Can anyone suggest a similar site where you can track calories and daily exercise?
Have some nicely beat up taupe DBs in 10 if anyone is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by a2_hennessy Yeah, those are J. Crew's MacAlister boots. The rolled jeans in the picture helps to give it away, lol. My question: where can I find a pair of tapered sweats of good quality like the following online? If those are the eg bike trousers you could call up the Nepenthes shop in New York or look into a proxy. I think some of the Japanese sites will take payment via Paypal as well.
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