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Can anyone direct me to a US stockist who's carrying the parka in Navy? Sorry if it's been mentioned previously but I couldn't find it in the thread.
Sorry I missed your post, clarks are now sold.
^^ Disagree re: the proportions, as it seems to be part of the aesthetic. Like the look, although I am reminded of the banjo kid in 'deliverance'.
Someone was selling one recently, might still be up in B&S...
I go barefoot in the house all the time, and I have dogs. It does make my feet black occaissionally though.
Amazing!! I love these.
Bump - CLARKS ARE NOW $40. The natural distressing makes these look amazing.
I'll take D and E if they're not already sold.
I have been using the Daily Plate on Livestrong for about two years now, but after a lapse, I noticed that the new version is incompatible with my browser. Can anyone suggest a similar site where you can track calories and daily exercise?
Have some nicely beat up taupe DBs in 10 if anyone is interested.
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