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I'm always shocked at the amount of seething right-wingers populating the board. I would assume you'd be out hunting, rather than staying in and reading about clothes.
Free bump. I just got some of the other shirts that afranzheim was selling and I can confirm they are in great shape. If this was a small I'd take it.
A new world order doesn't sound that bad, imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl maybe but you might not get them nom nom I hope that's not true! I just got a message from Simon saying he's shipping mine today, so everything should be fine...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Of the movies I've seen in 2010 (not too many, the list dwindles every year because most movies just fucking suck): Toy Story 3 (goes without saying) How to Train Your Dragon Despicable Me I'd agree with the first two (more so the second one), but I thought Despicable Me was nearly unwatchable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Cant find a decent torrent for Winter's Game yet. Winter's Bone is probably a better movie. Animal Kingdom was probably my favorite this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by floors to go Both of these members were excellent buyers: larlev monkeypunch I sold to these guys as well. Prompt payment, friendly communication.
Love the black ones. I'm between 10-10.5, do you think they'd be a good fit?
I'm surprised people were defending him. You don't wait two weeks to ship something you've been paid for, you ship right away.
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